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Or Kill Me / Re: e/n
« on: March 27, 2015, 09:56:56 pm »
The big 30 seems intangible to me, even if its only a few months away.
Your writing brings up emotions and fears that I realise are there only after they are pointed out, but in a good way.

Every year I find myself an even more ridiculous parody of my teenage self, its what he would have wanted, the carnival mirror.

It sounds like a a scene from some horrific snuff anime.

Stonehenge was constructed in 1953 in fact in an effort to cover up an minor imbalance in the earth's distribution of mass which if investigated would have revealed that the moon is a hologram.

Think about it.

Yes we accidentally broke the original stonehenge while restoring it, Jesus get off our backs the one we put in looks practically the same.

And yes we accidentally blew up the moon. Jesus get off our back it was barely used by a dozen or so people anyway.

Illuminati™ Spokesperson,


I think my total time logged into Dark Souls 1 exceeds 400 hours.
Wow, onto your third or so new game +?
I packed it in at 70 hours on Ng+ after kicking Lutrec of the cliff, it felt like  good place to step off.

boodborne is unlikely to be ported as it is a collaboration between from software and Sony, but hopefully this is not the case.

Timed exclusives are ok, but I cant stand permanent platform exclusives in this day in age.

I've been mainlining souls for over a month.

Finished dark souls 2, finished dark souls one and played it again up to the point where I could kick Lutrek off the cliff. And I've started into Demon's souls.

I have a problem.

For the very worst cases - serial killers, paedophiles and so forth - I don't think they should be able to return until a panel of criminal psychiatrists are convinced that they won't reoffend. But in all these cases, it is very easy to undo the damage caused by the sentencing if it turns out they are innocent.

From an entirely reptilian, questionable ethics stand point I think that the death penalty for those kind of cases is one of the most scandalously wasteful answers possible. These people are incredibly valuable, to neuroscientists, to psychologists, even to insight for criminal investigation (Ted bundy was an excellent resource to be tapped).

If rehabilitation or preventing further danger to society is what is desired then destroying these commodities in the name of revenge masquerading as justice is counter productive.

Happy Holidays Potato Fuckers!

Wait.  Is that TODAY?

Yeah, we sent off Fearless Leader to you guys for a couple of days. Check that you have the cutlery when he's leaving.

Once again told that troubleshooting isn't necessary, that <insert absolutely irrelevant factor> will work, stop the job, they're going to run THE LAST OF THE MATERIAL WE HAVE FOR OUR BIGGEST CUSTOMER.

(once you run it, it's done.  It can't be re-ground.)

 :lulz:  <--- Dok

This sounds like it is going to be a very expensive lesson to lilly that the universe doesn't have to do what you say even when you really want it to.

Give em the cruelest open book exam you can.

Our lecturers hated having to do open book exams, and were often forced to if it said there would be a certain amount of them scheduled in the syllabus from the previous year.

We had a networking exam that suffered from it so he gave us the meanest thing he could:

We were handed an A4 sheet of ASCII chars and all the question stated was "decipher as much information as you can from this"
Most of us got it, it was an encapsulated http packet and all we really need was source IP, port destination, that it was http and that it read "Hello world"

But the first 10 minutes of that exam were horrible, just sitting looking at this scrambled mess without a clue what it meant and a sinking feeling that we were going to get 0%.

If a compressor is drawing the right number of amps and is at pressure, it is delivering its rated SCFM (flow).  Period.  BUT NOT HERE.
Flow too high or too low?

Flow too low -> Flow is being redirected into the REAL tuscon, the one only visible in nightmares and from the corner of your eye

Flow too high -> you are getting more out of a closed system then you put in. You can get away with it for now, but one day They will come and they will be looking for payment.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Folk with Steam
« on: March 02, 2015, 08:11:20 am »
Cheers guys.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Folk with Steam
« on: March 01, 2015, 08:29:20 pm »
also my steam account is peachsiren if anyone wants to add me.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Folk with Steam
« on: March 01, 2015, 08:28:18 pm »
My friend is approaching the launch of his second game, a platformer called Systematic Immunity

It's a fun, hard and well made (I've gotten to play test it).

He's currently in the green light queue, if the game gets enough votes it will get into green light (I think).

His previous game Plasma Being got accepted to steam recently:

I know this is pimping but I believe in the project and would appreciate it if anyone who is interested clicks the "Interested" button on steam.

I just stuck my head in facebook, and wow, are the punishment freaks out today.

Oh, no.

Even by FB standards, it's bad today.

The logic of the pro-kill 'em all people is as such:

1.  Trials are a favor granted to obvious criminals.
2.  "I was raped, therefore people should be shot at dawn".
3.  Appeals are unnecessary, and
4.  "Those People don't understand anything else." (No shit).

Trying to have any kind of reasonable debate with people who believe that is impossible. But then, it's not REALLY about crime, punishment, prevention or even justice for them, its the body on the pyramid. At the mere suggestion that there are alternatives and they screech the sun wont rise if they dont cut this guys heart out.

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