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from what ive seen the best course of action is knowing the law to the letter, being calm and polite. 
Then when you know they are breaking the law, tell them.  start to rant a bit in a calm polite manner.  Because when you are right, you're right...  the offender will know it, which will cause them to start second guessing their self, if in fact they don't already know they are a douche bag...

I didn't click the link or anything, but, if you have nothing to hide, there should be no big deal right?  well apparantly there is... One day you're opening the trunk for the officer and the next you're opening up your asshole for the officer, someone has to make a stand!!!!


Roger, you were a police officer before right?   A high stress job right?  You dealt with a lot of fuckos, right?  They're under a lot of stress, no?  especially when they're dealing with the mexican drug cartels... ???

*shrugs*  Maybe that innocent minister should have simply complied?


Spiny, you should request that the biggest meanie receive a 2 day ban for being mean to you. it's happened before.


Russ Meyers: Apple Talk / Re: Nightmare fuel
« on: April 18, 2009, 05:32:04 pm »
My cousin and I used to torment his little brother, little brother freaked the fuck out and finally gave us some of what we deserved, in return (again) my cousin, (the one I was helping torment his lil bro) grabbed a big fucking steak knife and started to chase around his lil bro...  It was scary...  I started to run away from him too.... :|

Aneristic Illusions / Re: UNLIMITED financial fuckery thread
« on: April 12, 2009, 05:52:59 pm »
buy ford...

Fair enough.

uh, ok.

"See the ridge over there?"
"Reference that big fuckoff tree, @ 2 o'clock theres a ridge..."
"Ok, now..."

In your case, I have seen what it is you've found fault in within myself.  I'll try not to do it again. 

Why else would you criticise me if not to make me see my folly?


Who gives a fuck what you've seen? 
people who have given me orders, people who have instructed me on certain things, someone criticising my self?

I see.



*shrugs*  I was taught to go after someones weakness. *

Oh, yeah.  It's someone else's fault that you're a prick.


You know, TDM looks like an undernourished teenager who doesn't get outside much.

I can see how the police, in doing their duty to protect the public, might have thought to themselves "Shit, if anyone's going to be a threat to public safety, it'll be that young kid who looks like he needs some soup and an outdoor sport!"

Come on, Wade, you were solely doing something you have an established track record of, which is trying to hurt the feelings of someone who is already upset and in an emotionally vulnerable position. It's an incredibly dishonorable character trait. A decent person doesn't even kick their worst enemy when they're down, let alone random people on a board.

You think we haven't all gotten our share of hazing in this place? Every single fucking one of us has had our rash of shit, sometimes many times over. The difference is that you can't take it, you're not quick enough to return it, you can't get over it, and you retaliate at "us" (read, the whole world) by throwing dirt on the next kid you see who's fallen and skinned their knee.

You completely lack honor. You're the kind of person who shoots an unarmed woman in the back.

In my mind I was being motivational.  In everyone elses mind I was being insulting and trying to hurt him.  I wasn't.  not according to me anyway.  also, you pretty much just agreed with the point I was making.

*shrugs*  I was taught to go after someones weakness. *economy of effort* excuse me for holding grudges on a message board and hitting back when it was the easiest for me...  I'll try and cut it out...  but it is hard when people are constantly giving me diggs for no other reason then my past. meh

I haven't really seen a reason to let it go.  And.  the next kid who falls and skins their knee is a kid who in the past thought it'd be witty to throw in a digg at me at one point. which usually means, I'll be mean to them when it is the easiest.   NOW I kinda don't care anymore, whats the point when afterwards everyone apparntely gets sand in their vaginas...

LOL I'd shoot an unarmed women in the back...?   well, yeah I have before. I unloaded my "gun"....

I do not understand how you can compare message board postings to physical confrontations.   If I'm fighting a person, I will strike their weakness.  Why the fuck would I go after their strenghs? for honor?  w/e.

When Georges St. Pierre fights, his strategy in the ring is to attack his opponents weakness, in the case of his last fight he targets Penns weak shoulders.  Are you trying to tell me Georges is not an honorable fighter for dong that?
w/e lady.  My point is, you can't campare physical fights to message board bitchyness.  even though that's how I use my message board bitchyness, I use it like i'm in a physical fight..  ha.

I'll let it drop now...try to anyway.



suddenly it all makes sense...

good ones.

lol 1/3 people didn't really deserve it.

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