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Literate Chaotic / Re: ITT: Original Story Ideas
« on: Yesterday at 12:39:14 am »
An acappella heavy-metal album. No electric guitars, no drums, just deep-voiced shout-singing about mutilation and the devil.
Jud Jud

this is the new counter culture

what's worse than finding a worm in your apple?

the holocaust

2 weeks as of today.  after 1 week i had one real cigarette to see if i was torturing myself - cuz it felt like i was.  it didn't taste very good and was not satisfying at all.

a few days ago, my battery died and i had one more real cigarette with the same results - i just don't like them much anymore.

i've found that i miss the smell of regular cigarettes, but that's about it.  every other aspect of the e-cig is better.

i ordered some "lower octane" e-juice and another battery and tank as i think i may be getting too much nicotine with the stuff i have now (or at least more than i really need) and i don't want to be caught with a dead battery again.

thanks, everyone, for helping me decide to give it a go.

while camping this weekend with my 5 yr old son, we came up with what is quite possible the world's most difficult tongue twister:

purple gerber gurgle burgers


My knees already bend lots of ways.  How bout a headbutting contest?

But, seriously, I'd be willing to put about 1000 miles or so on my motorcycle in order to fight you.  Not because I hate you or anything, but in the sportsman-like sense of it.  I would be trusting that you don't beat me so bad that I can't ride home, too.

Mainly, I just replaced a leaky fork seal and when I entered it into my maintenance log I noticed I've only rode 200 miles this year and that's fucking pathetic.

1000 miles puts me near Colorado or maybe Oklahoma.

I'm a fan of boxing with big soft practice gloves.

What say ye?

Sorry man, but I have yet to sample a spicy brown thstctadtes better than "meh"

I'm pretty sure you're bigger than me. But I don't mind bleeding.  Just please don't knock my teeth out - dental work is fuckin spendy

My girlfriend got this "el diablo" jalapeņo mustard - its fucking great. 

Beaver brand horseradish mustard is pretty damn good too - approaching mighty fine.

Quote unquote spicy brown mustard is fucking bullshit and is for housewives and little girls.

Give me a solid yellow and I'm happy.  I prefer plochmanst. 

Humans can stop thinking

Mustard is the superior condiment

Day 4 with no regular cigs.  Still not great but easily tolerable.

I have gone from missing and craving old school cigs to thinking if I had one it would be "dirty" and "uncivilized"

So far have opted not to "prove myself right"

My battery is 1000mAh and seems to be taking about 12 hrs before the battery meter drops away from showing fully charged so I don't think I'm "chain vaping" too badly.

T5 juice started giving me a headache but after going back to the flavored stuff I started with I'm feeling much better. 

Shit makes me thirsty though - drinking more water is a plus, right?

I've also been able to not "vape" in the places I never smoked.  I think that's an important boundary to maintain.

The biggest hurdle, which I find terribly ironic, is that "vaping" feels "silly" and is a little embarrassing - you know, cuz smoking cigarettes just makes so much more sense  :lulz:

Separation of church and state?

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