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Fernando Poo I suspect, in a speculative entertainment only capacity, that you have a nutrition deficit of potassium, but going to a doc is a must because it could be a congenital muscular or neurological problem. That you've experienced those symptoms for a long time implies that you either eat very poorly on the regular or you're not able to utilize potassium properly for some reason. If you're not inclined to go or the cost is prohibitive you could consume a banana with each meal for a week and 2 before bedtime and see if your symptoms persist. If they do persist AT ALL after a week or don't improve in the slightest after a couple days go asap.

Yea, this.  Potassium, magnesium (I think they compete), and hydration.  Then doc.

Fwiw, I was thinking this too.  If you've had it this long and it hasn't killed you yet, it probably won't kill you any time soon.  And, if you've had it this long, and it can kill you, its probably too late.  But, what do I know? I'm no Dr

What would really tie it up is if the turtles all the way down was a Hopi story ...

so, I recently learned there's a lot of RAW stuff on YouTube and have been thoroughly enjoying it.

Anyhow, last week I was telling my girlfriend about one of the interviews (she's very into language) where RAW was talking about how what language you speak influences your thought processs.  Specifically, his example about how it is very difficult to speak about Einstein's relativity in english, but native Hopi is a much better language for discussing relativity.

Skip forward a day, and I see my girlfriends daughter coloring a bunch of turtles - it reminded me of the "turtles all the way down" story and I told her I liked turtles and that I wanted to tell her a story about turtles (the turtles all the way down story) but for reasons I can't recall I didn't get to tell her the story.

Skip forward another day - no school and complicated work schedules and stuff means my parents are babysitting my gf's daughter.  they just got a little fishing boat and the weather is finally nice enough to play outside, so they take her out on the boat.  My mom posted pictures of the boat trip and i see that they saw some turtles on the lake which reminded me to tell my gf's daughter the "turtles all the way down story"

skip forward a couple more days - my GF invited her sister and my parents over for mother's day (she lives with me, I was at work).  After I get home, she tells me that my mom was telling her about how she's been studying the history of the Hopi Indians.  I was like - that's weird - and my GF was like, I know right?
skip forward another day - I see on facebook that one of my friends has sort of realized he needs to (and has pledged that he will) be changing a lot of things about his life.  Since I'm on a RAW kick, I start thinking maybe I should send him a copy of Prometheus Rising - I always felt that book had a tremendous effect at showing you how powerful your mind is and ways to go about changing it.  Anyhow, I knew I had read it but didn't have a copy, so I figured I must've read a .pdf while on midnights or something and sure enough - a google search turns it up (on nonetheless).  So I send him a link and start re-reading it myself - where I'm delighted to see the very first part of the very first chapter is the "turtles all the way down" story.

maybe putting some tape or something over the rivets would reduce the snagging?

I've found that work has become a much more enjoyable experience now that most people no longer wish to talk to me and those that do are never sure if i'm serious or not

I wish so bad that someone would show up at a Cruz/Fiorina rally or town hall or whatever and when there's an opportunity for questions, that someone would say, "uh, yeah, hi - um, this question is for Carly - PC Load Letter? WTF Does that mean??"


Pessoptimism:  the glass is half full... Of despair

Think we're off track.

I'm looking for dicks that enjoy being around. Like you guys.

Plus I'm from the mid west. Their dive bars are pretty bad and their warehouse raves have cops prebuilt in.

Where's the best gay bar in america? That'd be a good place to go on vacation.

Can't say for certain, but there is a good chance it is in Minneapolis

I like the opposing perspectives on the rock tumbler analogy.

can one conclude, that what makes you beautiful is also what kills you?  (or something to that effect - it reminded me of a bukowski quote about finding what you love and letting it kill you . . . is what i was getting at i guess maybe)

We already know your head will fit


I voted for Bernie, you know. 

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