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Bring and Brag / Re: WEIRDOVERSE
« on: June 19, 2017, 04:11:31 pm »

                   Is the question to which life is the answer


This series is rocking

Literate Chaotic / Re: Consistently Overcast Skies
« on: June 13, 2017, 11:27:55 am »
Plants that grow in shade are not a completely fair comparison. It wouldn't just be the overcast but also the lower temperatures that would cause a problem. If you can handwave a reason for the temperature to stay within similar ranges as now then you could use shade loving plants as a baseline but plants are in shade because the sun which generates the heat to enable plant growth isn't falling on them directly, not because it is permanently blocked. Just a thought.

Well one bright spot today:
Katie Hopkins sacked: LBC staff broke into ‘massive cheers and applause’ when controversial radio presenter fired

and the Mail online are refusing to comment . . .

Quote from:  newsfeed?
If we could figure out how to make butthurt turn a turbine, we'd never have to worry about powering our cities again.   

Last SNL made me think about this [turn off at 3:53 to avoid commercial bullshit]

Actually it looks like the Japanese solved this problem years ago

edit: fixed quote

Of course, it's worth noting that under May, 17,000 police officers have left the service, at least some of that due to budget cuts and the general Tory attitude towards the police.

We've seen this before, with the Environment Agency, "let's use the Army to plug the gap in vital services we've underfunded".  The Army itself is underfunded, btw, but since they have to follow legal orders...

Anyway, all I'm saying is that we wouldn't need to call in the Army, at a time when we're debating going back into Afghanistan in force, if we didn't cut police budgets.

There are other things you can do with your police and Armed forces though, Katie Hopkins just said so:-
‘We need a final solution,’ British columnist tweets — then deletes — after Manchester bombing
Katie Hopkins of Mail Online later said the tweet was a “typo."

So here's a cute and compact PSA delightfully linking Agent Orange with Dunning-Kruger -

The UK is truly divided. Not only are we not terribly 'united' anyway, being a cobbled together amalgam of four, yes four, nations into a land mass slightly smaller than Oregon but there is increasing exidence of the disturbing  divide that catapulted us into Brexit; the current exemplar of this being our relationship to the Eurovision Song Contest.

YouGov ran a poll on whether UK people wanted to leave the Eurovision Song Contest and the results were telling
"Broadly speaking, the Brexit dividing line runs through the results. Those groups that were more likely to vote for Brexit were more likely to want to pull out of the Song Contest: 81% of those who intend to vote UKIP, 78% of 65+ year olds and 76% of Leave voters. Likewise, those groups most in favour of staying in Eurovision are those who intend to vote Liberal Democrat (70%), 18-24 year olds (69%) and Remain voters (65%)."

YouGov didn't ask the important underlying question of whether people wanted to leave the European Broadcasting Union but it would have been interesting to know since the EBU is the premier cheerleading group for public service broadcasting in a large part of the non-american world. [Yes Australia competes in Eurovision]. I would suggest that Brexit voters are likely to also be the sort of people who want to see the BBC turned into the Imperial Broadcasting Service, showing film of the coronation on loop, patronising documentaries of the happy, smiling, faces of our colonial workforce [in their own damn countries, of course] and interminable re-runs of George V at the Delhi Durbar in 1911. Yeah, the thought of the IBS makes my bowel creep, too.

All of which, however interesting, is a pretext for this silly graphic that made me snirk this morning

and I can't even complain to my local MP because he is the Master of the Local hunt!

This made me chuckle. Very short, short story by Chas Stross. Topical. Amusing

As far as I can tell, trident serves the following purposes:

1 - Jobs in largely labour areas.(The main reason orbyn got so much grief from his own party is down to this)
2- Allows the UK to keep feeling important as a "nuclear power"
3 - Err, that's about it.

1 is a little silly as you could easily turn the workforce to other much more productive things at a fraction of the cost.

2 is pants on head retarded as there is nowhere on earth that you could justify deploying a nuclear strike at. Russia, China and North Korea are not awake at night in fear of 3 submarines. I would doubt that ISIS or similar even know about them and wouldn't give two shits about them either, even if they do. So who does it keep in line? Argentina? Pakistan? Iran? The EU? I'm seriously asking, what nation or group are they supposed to deter?

I think the historic answer to that has been "Anyone the Americans want us to deter", because it isn't as if we really have any genuine level of control over the damn things anyway.

Now the BBC is asking if Corbyn is a pacifist. 

Never mind Theresa May affirming a first strike nuclear policy, and thus batshit insane.

I remember that. What's worse is that every other pm, including Thatcher, directed that there should be no retaliatory strikes in the event of a nuclear attack on the UK that resulted in a loss of command and control. Mainly because nuclear weapons are barbaric. Which leaves trident as an utterly pointless waste of resources.

Yes, what is the point of having a weapon which you can't use? [/notTrump]

Never mind Theresa May affirming a first strike nuclear policy, and thus batshit insane.

I bet the po'buckers ate that shit up.

Like your boy Donnie said - what's the point of having them if you don't use them? Am I right?
Made my gut curdle; she smirked while she said it


Never mind Theresa May affirming a first strike nuclear policy, and thus batshit insane.

mutter mutter zeitgeist mutter mutter

Objection, it's closer to a stab in the face. It's not like she's ever pretended to be anything other than despicable.

I think her snide slap about people thinking of the Tories as the "Nasty Party" was an attempt to position herself on the more acceptable wing of that discussion. Sadly as soon as she got a sniff of power that was straight in the bin.

It felt more like a stab in the back to me. Slimy political animal.

Techmology and Scientism / Re: Milgram Redux
« on: May 11, 2017, 05:55:15 pm »
Hey, don't be so impatient. We are damn nearly there. Just give us a bit more time, we'll "Make America / Britain Great again" get there soon enough.

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