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The southern dildo cross returns home.

When people bitch about the lack of fresh content around these parts, look to the shitneck herein and know.

Chef places the pot back on the stove and flails manically at the door, gesturing for me to leave. This is going to be a good job.

Motherfucker, I'm not done yet. Snort some Xanax and fuck off.

This thread had zero content when I replied. Write your shit in notepad first and eat a bag of dicks.

Because that's doable at a bar on my phone.

Sitting at a bar and kinda buzzed so I imagine and plan and depend on this post getting updated later today. With more feels. And stuff.

Today marks the one year anniversary since my last shift ever in hospitality. And damn freedom feels fucking amazing. Herein will be all of the trivial bullshit that I do not miss. And also, why getting the fuck out was a great choice.

Let's start with the things I do miss. Since that's a much shorter list. It's cheesy as all hell, but I miss the magical pseudo happiness that lingers over a tourist resort. It's surreal. It's vacation. And living in it on a day to day basis can confuse and bewilder. Actually, the vacation magic is what made the fantasy shattering shit so much worse. Outside of this vacation eutopia world you'll live in, the miserable fucks in the trenches with you make up some of the best coworkers you'll ever have. Because you're completely in it together. Hell or high water, you're helping your team get through the shit, and now that I work in IT from home, I really miss that comradery. There's nothing like a smoke break or a back office bitch fest about the unreasonable family that expects 5 star treatment at a 2 star rate. I miss the views. Being able to stop during any work day and just take it in. I haven't smoked consistently since I was 17 but the times of high stress at that job that led to my buying a pack of camel Turkish silver resulted in bliss. There's something about a late night cig in the silence of a snowstorm watching the kats groom for the next say that is just perfect. I miss that the most I think. Huehuehue Eris blah blah but honestly I miss the unpredictable chaos the job had. The fact every night some totally fucking off the wall situation could give me a bar story for life.

Deposit made on boulder apartment. Shits as good as mine.

Down there today it was perfect - mid 50s overcast. Came back up to Breck and it was 25 and snowing. Again.

Now just to survive until August . Need to buy a decent road bike. Because boulder. Why the hell are road bikes 1k?

Got accepted to CU Boulder because OH FUCK YES.

Going down to look at a god send apartment on Sat & probably cutting them a check for an august pre-lease. Finishing out this fucking piece of paper.

Never fear, all sorts of old and boring things will soon become criminal acts to help shore up the numbers.

I'm guessing alcohol related offences to get a big sentencing boost soon. Or possibly 2 ton of shit for the "legal high" market. There's no real reason to protect that any more anyway so there's a whole fresh set of kids ready for the jail.

I'm not sure about alcohol related offences. That's how the counties in CO get most of their free labor that pays money to perform community service. Start putting DUI's in jail instead of "workenders" in Larimer County, for instance, and the 100-200 people it takes to get the Budweiser Center ready for a monster truck rally would become prohibitively expensive. Also, that would put for-profit prisons in direct competition with for-profit probation agencies.

So I'm not sure what the answer to this crisis is, but I'm sure the board is meeting to discuss the issue as we speak.

Technically we do sentence a lot of our DUI offenders to jailtime (at least in Summit and Idaho Springs from what I've heard) for 30 - 90 days. Typically our judges will reduce this to something like 72 hours or a week (which can be served on weekends!) given community service and classes are part of the probation sentence.

We are also extremely lenient toward offenders who will shell out the 1k+ for a blow'n'go


Well, it is the SW, sorta, where they tend to attack illegal immigrants even more than most.  I could see them as another source of bodies for the for profit prison complex.

You shut your whore mouth. We're the west. And CO, though it does occasionally have massive ICE raids, is extremely tolerant of hispanic individuals.

You can't compare this state to "papers please" institutionalized racism like Arizona. So don't. It's far more progressive than you're giving it credit.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: underwater snow
« on: March 15, 2014, 11:36:44 pm »
That's what the lake looks like here when we get the late may/early june spring storms.

I'm bored and restless and decided to comb through old threads for something to talk about.

I got about 15 pages in, stopped, and then just thought about the OP.

I think some of the "believer-bashing" you see coming from atheists can be chalked up to insecurity. You can say that about any kind of mocking and derision, though. Nothing special about it in this case.

HOWEVER, I think much more of it is actually coming from a place of....YOU'RE NOT DOING IT RIGHT!

When I get up my own ass about people who take Genesis literally, for instance, so much so that I may actually roll my eyes and scream ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? It's not coming from any insecurity. It's coming from frustration--specifically the frustration that arises when WE'RE TRYING TO DO VERY IMPORTANT WORK HERE AND YOU'RE FUCKING IT ALL UP!

Frustration, piled on frustration, wants release. There are productive ways to get that release. But if you don't happen to have a fifth of tequila and any railroad tracks within walking distance, then you may get your release by making snide cartoons, or getting really into Bill Maher. You may even find yourself seeking out people who will encourage you to do that shit, "It's okay. Let it all out. THEY'RE DOING IT WRONG. We understand."

Not, really...but not exactly insecurity, either.

Or they're just from shitneck backwoods places in NE TN where it's perfectly fucking normal to dance around with snakes and OBAMA IS THE ANTICHRIST!!!

Also, Leviticus is far fucking worse in literal translations than Genesis.

Over 2 million so far in tax revenue. All your states are drooling after mine like she's some cheap tramp.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Red, White and Green
« on: March 15, 2014, 12:06:34 pm »

God Bless America!

Our first Green Job Fair has gone smashingly, with thousands of willing participants anxiously seeking a place within Americas new Kush Rush.

wait, do you live in Denver?

After reading this thread, you're batshit, and kindly stay the hell out of my state.

Or Kill Me / Re: How to Survive a Ski Resort Town: 2013/2014 edition
« on: March 15, 2014, 11:50:55 am »
Forgot to mention that we're in weekend 2 of spring break and fuck everyone.

Or Kill Me / Re: How to Survive a Ski Resort Town: 2013/2014 edition
« on: March 15, 2014, 11:49:51 am »
After years of the same topic I feel like anything I bitch about in here is tired.

But goddammit, there's a lot of shit here that just fucking pisses me off on a god damned daily basis.

I was almost hit again in a crosswalk the other day. Fucking signs. Fucking stripes. No flashing lights like the crosswalk of killing tourists in Keystone. But still. No fucking reason for it. Oh, and the tags on the fucking SUV? TEXAS. No big surprise there. There's actually been a lot of fucking idiots from Illinois here this past week too. I'm not sure why. Must be this crazy fucking amazing snow year we've been having, complete with the beast staying open until almost May.

Snow's awesome, but have I gotten to really enjoy it? No, because last season sucked and in the summer I was of the mindset that "hey, a M-F 9-5 wouldn't be so bad and would be hella better than working nights!". Which it is. But the downside is I have only been able to get out on Saturday or Sunday, like some fucking Denverite. In addition to that, we've had snow literally every 3 - 4 days since Jan 1st, which caused my car to be stuck inside of tire-molded ice for almost a month and a half. But I got it out on Wednesday with kitty litter and 2 others helping me push it, so there's that. Oh, and others had tried to help me push it before and it did NOTHING.

Car's currently possessed too. Battery died because it gets fucking cold here and the battery was 4.5 years old anyways, replaced it and it fried my alarm system. Unfortunately, it didn't fry it so that it stopped working, no, quite the opposite. Now any time my drivers side door is opened the alarm goes off for 20 seconds. Every. Fucking Time. Day tripping to denver in a few hours to hopefully get it fixed. If not, I'm ripping the fuse out because I honestly don't give a shit about the alarm system. I wanted to replace that car this November. As a result of Jan-Feb, I can't. The fact I'm moving to Boulder in July/August doesn't help with the finances for that either.

If one more person asks me where they can buy "legal pot" i'm going to shank them with my goddamned scraper. At least they're giving us a shitload of money for our schools.

Flying to DC on Thursday for a few nights of sinning and visiting some friends, one who's about to move to the UK indefinitely/get hitched. I need to start forcing myself to sit down and post these as soon as I get home from walking in/through town. That's when I'm angriest. This post was just kind of killing time before daylight donuts and then first chair after staying up all night. Hooray.

The Last Day On Earth

I do admit I like this song a lot and do listen to some others here and there.

Give Great Big White World a listen if you haven't. Last Day on Earth used to be my favorite on that cd, then this one got stuck in my head and never left.

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