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We build a statue, 300 feet high with twin watercannons firing acid from the tearducts. That's your fucking altar right there. All shall kneel and perish

:dies:  :eek: :aaa:

So as I mentioned before, my cousin is expecting twins in January. Now, I know nothing of babies or what sizes of things I should buy, but since we do not know the gender yet, I was thinking of starting to buy packs of white onesies as I see them in various sizes, and drawing on them with fabric markers. She has rich Long Island doctor friends who are going to buy her fancy schmancy shit. I'm crocheting the blankets, but I can't be one-uped by the rich folk when it comes to utilitarianism.

Babies are full of gross and make messes, they will be in onesies and diapers more than pretty clothes. What better than onesies covered in obnoxious artwork by yours truly? "My cousin is a poor grad student so all I got was this fucking onesie." And such things.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Spagbook
« on: August 16, 2014, 01:49:28 pm »

Pixie, may I just say that you are just a bit cuter every time I see your face?
Those eyes. They have plans.


Police have searched a Berkshire property belonging to Sir Cliff Richard in relation to an alleged historical sex offence.

No arrests have been made and Sir Cliff, 73, who is abroad, said the allegation was "completely false".

Police said the allegation involved a boy under 16 and dated from the 1980s.

The BBC understands it relates to an alleged sexual assault at an event where US preacher Billy Graham appeared at Bramall Lane, Sheffield.

Back later, can't stop laughing.
funny me and payne and HouseMatt were saying the exact same thing 3 weeks ago.....

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Spagbook
« on: August 14, 2014, 09:10:14 pm »

So, working on the next short story.

Bad guy (girl, actually) needs a schtick.

Weaponized sex toys?  Yes or no?

double dildo with ball bearings embedded in that shiz. also separates in the middle, add chains, nunchucks.


so this happened to my room today.

it used to be urban concrete grey/battleship grey and it was horrible and depressing.

Look at that turquoise. I dare you to feel shitty looking at that. CANT BE DONE!

I went to Brighton Pride, and bought lots of tea. I ended up not doing the pride party proper, because money, and then we went to eat pho.

I've started actually writing on my tea blog, and am embarking on a project to do 50 reviews of different teas, one a day. The title of this is Fifty Shades of Tea. If anyone is interested in reading it I can link it when I'm at my PC.

Today this happened and I thank PeeDee for my ability to relentlessly prod someone in the cognitive dissonance until they seem utterly unreasonable, and poke massive holes in all their arguments.

goddamn bootstrappers and their massive blinkers.

i believe it was a 50 post rule back in the seas of time.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Unlimited "Israel, What the fuck" thread
« on: July 22, 2014, 02:31:06 pm »
Ah, the horror at tweens in padded bikini tops article next to the sidebar of shame.

I have an extension  that blocks the Mail Online for Chrome. It shows me tea and kittens instead.

I got a free ikea sofa with 2 covers today.

And then I found out from her current human that Eris, the stray who showed me her bum in 2005 and got bundled up and taken home, had feline leukemia and had to be euthanised. She lived with most of my family and Payne, but she always had a bipedal can opener who loved her and treated her well, and that's all a cat really needs. She was approximately 9 years old and semi feral.

I have a weird feeling of happy from finally making progress on the lounge and having somewhere to sit that actually deserves to be called thus. (it's starting to look like adults live here, finally!) and grief about Eris Missymoo, Princess Stinkybum.  :pax:


"GEROFF, Fuckers, he's MINE and I'll drive him around however I like."


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