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Literate Chaotic / Re: Show Me Everything
« on: Today at 03:50:55 am »
If you are interested in human error, I could compile a pretty good reading list that could help give you some insight into how and why we are so prone to self-delusion, error, and generally doing terrible things to each other while believing with all our hearts that they are right and good.
I really, really want this for myself, if Fernando happens to be uninterested.

No intention of threadjacking, just a bump and an expression of interest.

This is discordianism. We dont dabble in conspiracy theories about crazy people.

Though tbh. Think I'm in the wrong.  My bad, Nazis are a problem.  Though what people like ipunchnazis call a nazi isnt a Nazi. I'm defending the term because it gets thrown at fucking everything now and days.

I'm pretty sure that IPunchNazis guy is one of Them anyway, pretending to be one of Us People.

Fortunately, it's pretty easy to tell he's not Us People. He hasn't eaten enough of his own species to have gotten off his knuckles yet. The stench of scorched ass hair is lacking in his vicinity. The secret messenger gnome doesn't whisper his name in a hushed tone of reverence and fear. He doesn't have his own holiday. I bet he doesn't even know why Enrico Salazar died for his sins.

In short, you should treat him like you would treat Them and not like you would treat a potential future biped. He's meant to be an ideological trojan horse, except we tear apart our gifts so we can shit in the boxes and mail them to world leaders, so he was never going to succeed.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: a new project
« on: Yesterday at 04:31:33 am »
It's cool man I'm newb here. don't trust anybody, I always say.

I just see this shit going on and it's EXACTLY THE SAME as Nazi Germany and I can't understand how everyone is just sitting around and LETTING IT HAPPEN ALL OVER AGAIN. Fuck these people, something needs to be done. And it needs to be done now before it's too late. We can't wait four years.
You should make this a "no".

Aneristic Illusions / Re: a new project
« on: Yesterday at 03:26:33 am »

I have a lot on my plate ATM but I'm working on clearing it.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: General Trump hilarity free-for-all thread
« on: February 10, 2017, 09:43:19 pm »
Yeah, he's a bit like a walking Dan Brown novel now. :lulz: :horrormirth:

Aneristic Illusions / Re: General Trump hilarity free-for-all thread
« on: February 10, 2017, 07:18:42 pm »
I'm not Cain, but I'm well aware of Evola and his "fans". I've read a book or two of his.

Basically Evola was a dyed-in-the-wool fascist, specifically a fan of the Italian form (strict fascism, so to speak). He had a belief that the occult (specifically esoteric traditions) was the reason the world was "better" back in the day, and that all culture stemmed from nationalistic impulses being acted on by "nations of heroes" in the form of warring nations, etc.

It was clear he knew some of what he was talking about, e.g. he obviously had read actual Buddhist and Hindu texts in their original languages, but that just made him more bizarre: he was convinced that war and "nations of heroes" were a common theme of all "successful" cultures and as "evidence" essentially conflated all variants of the Indo-European "dual pantheon, there is a war between one and the other, the newer weaker guys win" story as talking about a clash between a nation of powerful but corrupt and unheroic "foreigners" and weaker but honorable and heroic "settlers".

He was connected to Nazi theosophists and other groups that combined fascism and the occult, and until the day he died he espoused fascism as the One True Political System of the World. He wrote thousands of books on a wide variety of occult subjects. To this day you cannot actually learn very much about some classical esoteric systems (e.g. Hermeticism) without picking up an Evola book or a book written based on his hopelessly tainted work. So among occultists and people interested in that sort of thing, his views have slowly gained ground.

Now, I don't know much about his actual background or why he wasn't, say, killed in his sleep at the end of WW2... For that, you'd definitely need to ask Cain. But his philosophy is familiar enough to me that I can spot it at a distance -- the world has always seen conflict and the culture with a "nation of heroes" always wins, and this will always be the case. Martial worship, the myth of the divinely appointed leader, all the stuff that makes me want to stomp on Nazi heads.

Apologies if I stole your spotlight, Cain, I was also hoping that if I was wrong on any points you could correct me though.

I don't disagree with that at all, in fact it's actually a fairly good point. I just think that there's good reason to aim higher than that in the long run.

Not saying you weren't aiming higher (I'm fairly sure you've thought this through in depth), primarily bringing it up in case that point (opt-in is better and worth aiming for) was non-obvious to others.

Social pressure alone, however, might be enough to spur Google to either modify its targeting, or to make an easy and obvious way to turn off targeting.

The bolded strikes me as insufficient.

Arguably we don't get the societal benefits of removing targeted search results if it's an opt-out system unless you can "opt out" on a per-search basis. Something like Google having a button at the top of search pages, "Show untargeted results". People will play with it just to play with it, and that helps, a /little/ bit. Unfortunately, it still reinforces a sense of "Here's the real world, and here's the world THEY want you to see" -- with the two being swapped from their real order. After all, why would Google by default feed them biased information? Especially if it happens to perfectly fit their contrived worldview! Bias is something that happens to The Other Guy -- you might be aware of bias on your end but the average person convinces themselves that awareness of bias is enough to counteract it, according to my research and experience.

Another issue is: if it's opt-out, most people won't bother -- it's extra work, even if it's minimal extra work. Witness how few people (outside the scientific community, of course) will bother using something like libgen if they want an article that's paywall locked. Slight inconveniences are sufficient deterrents for the average individual, there's a lot of evidence of this.

(I think there's something to be said for the other side too, though -- people who are used to digging for information feel like information they get "easily" is somehow worth less. I know I've noticed this tendency in me, and I think it's something that could backfire in a world where this sort of thing manages to get pushed through.)

I've thought about this, and I think I'd prefer default untargeted search results with opt-in targeting on a per-search basis. That's the best of all possible worlds, I think -- it gives P3nt what he wants with a single extra click per search (reducing the work of hunting through untargeted results despite the minor increase of work to bring up targeted results), forces no extra education, and says "This is the real world. Here is the fantasy world we have prepared specifically for you" -- which raises awareness of how prevalent the echo chambers we live in really are.

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: Potatoes, Snakes, and Armor
« on: February 05, 2017, 05:07:24 am »
Going to sleep on this. It speaks to me, but then I'm not exactly right in the brain either.


Ink as mind-stuff is good. There's so many reasons it's good that it's hard to describe. Need to work out the exact reasons and look for possible flaws.
Potato/Snake metaphor is IMO unintuitive, but the details sing truth. Definitely a divide between blunt/dumb and subtle/smart sorts of evil, even outside of the personal/mental realm.
Noting that evil is just badly applied neutral is an IMO important thing that deserves deep thought and may even be applicable outside of the personal/mental realm.
Armor metaphor might be considered as camouflage? Ink, mindstuff, etc. -- implications of avoiding nonsense instead of weathering it. May not apply, need to think on it more.

What a grand disappointment. I gave him a chance to be a biped.

At least he didn't shit on the carpet on the way out.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: General Trump hilarity free-for-all thread
« on: February 02, 2017, 03:48:22 pm »
Burning bridges with Australia, for no reason whatsoever, it worries me the amount of damage that can be done before 2020.

To say nothing of outright threatening to send armed troops to Mexico without declaring war or even having cause to go to war according to traditional international law.

I'm sure Trump has "alternative international law" on his side though.

I can tell he's gone through some pretty wild changes in belief system from his past. I might be giving him a bit too much credit, though, by thinking hes fixable.

Either way, one more chance can't hurt. Either we get to bash a fascist or he stands the fuck up on his hind legs. Both options please me.

@Faust, yes, agreed. That's why I'm thinking a chance for him to re-examine where he's coming from is worthwhile. If he fucks up and goes all puppet-like, we feed him to the wolves. And the wolves are no doubt hungry, it looks as though they haven't been fed in almost three years.

If not, we get another functionally decent person. Seems like a win to me.

I'm not sure he's an alt-righter judging by a quick internet dig I did. I'd share but there's nothing incriminating and he's tied his username to his real life identity pretty well. I feel a little dirty for doing it.

I think he's genuinely ignorant of how he looks. Normally I'd want to smash him anyway but the digging I did makes him look like he wants to learn, which is not what I expected to turn up. In fact, that he engaged us at all makes me feel like he's interested in learning. As far back as the 13th other people told him it'd be best to dismiss anyone who says "racist" as unworthy of chatting with. Near as I can tell, he never said a word on that forum again, but he's engaged us. He doesn't seem like the trolling type, judging by his history, so I've got no fucking clue why he's acting the way he is here, but I don't think he initially came here in bad faith.

I'm going to give him a shot to get off his knuckles and act like a biped on that basis. Just the one shot, though.

So, man without a Subaru, lay it out clear and succinct, one at a time:

What do you not understand could be taken offensively?
Do you understand that the source you gave is bad?
Do you have any references from people who don't have an agenda to sell you (e.g., random people who live in the countries you are talking about)?
Do you have statistics?
Are you aware that ideologies are independent of intelligence, and that you are not immune to being co-opted by someone else's groupthink just because you're a member of
Have you examined your beliefs and what you think you know is true in detail?
Have you checked the opposing side?
Have you validated the sources of them both?
Have you seen if either side has an agenda that might drive them to lie?
Have you looked at the data from independent non-agenda-driven sources and seen which side is closest to that data?

RPG Ghetto / Re: Players Trouncing Foes
« on: February 02, 2017, 08:34:23 am »
Oh wow, 20,000.... I thought you meant, like, 25.  :lol:

The goblins is just really small, and wearing the skins of people.

You give me the temptation to stat up a minigoblin swarm monster that can collectively hold and use up to Large weapons. They can also wear the armor of their kills, and attack after the players bring down a party of hobgoblins or gnolls or something else with some gear, so they come in armed and armored.

"You see what appears to be moving moss gathering around the bodies of the slain. Suddenly they rise from the dead, or so it seems. Every one of the bodies is swarming with bug-sized goblins, armed with tiny knives. With a collective, high pitched, "heave-- ho!" they clumsily pull back the arm of the gnoll pack leader and swing it forward at the nearest member of the party."

When the bodies are minced beyond usefulness the party can attack the goblin swarm itself, which retreats into the breastplates and helmets and uses the flails like tank turrets. These microfortresses are knee height and absolutely terrifying because they don't go down until someone finds a lot of fire to throw at them.

All the fun treasure is, of course, gone. While you were fighting the horde, their worker caste dragged all the real goodies off to its nest. You're left with the busted up gnoll armor, the flails, a couple thousand toothpick-sized shortswords and a bunch of smouldering leather armor sized for pixies.

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