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Principia Discussion / Re: Anti-antiism
« on: December 18, 2017, 04:23:54 pm »
Pata-Anti-atiism with paranormal holographics. That's what I'm all about, write that shit in my grave, m8

Propaganda Depository / Re: Open Source Zine Project
« on: December 15, 2017, 05:38:14 pm »
haha, yes.
I forgot to post it here. I even forgot that we created this shit, tbh, lmao.

Principia Discussion / Re: Neoism
« on: December 15, 2017, 05:37:19 pm »
Oh hay, my time to shine.

Hi, I'm a Neoist connoisseur. And by that I mean I'm bullshiting ya. But yeah, I like neoism.
I first discovered Neoism by Timóteo Pinto (the one above). In Discordia Brasilis, we have fetish for multiple identity names (multiple use pseudonyms, shared identity, or how we call it: multividual). Timóteo Pinto is a Multividual created based on Blissett. And Saint Luther Blissett had ties with neoism, because of Monty Cantsin. Then, Timóteo Pinto started digging the movement, and showed me.
The easiest way to describe neoism is: dadaist punk.
But it's a lot more. It's a avant-garde anarcho punk movement. When Timpin showed me, I went to the internatiol discordian society (est 2015), and asked if someone digged a link between neoism and discordianism. Brenton said "similar symbols, but nothing concrete".
The symbols, who we shared have a simples explanation: tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE, one neoist artist, is a subgenii. He held the "world subgenius congress" in 1983, where he danced around a fire with two dead dogs he found, in an abandoned metro railway. You can read here:
He was a friend of Stang, and from what he told me, Stang gave him the address of Thornley, since neoism is a mail art movement. He sent some zines to Thornley, and it had a meme (an image mocking a magazine ad, rather, but a meme), and Thornley was like "man,you find this funny? wtf", on this note, tENT told me "Thornley didn't seem to have a great sense of humor", lmao.
But that isn't a link with disco.

We could say that neoism is linked with discordianism by the KLF. The KLF bois were friend of Stewart Home, who was a neoist. They became friends after Stewart Home tried to distance himself of neoism. BUT HE'LL NEVER DISTANCE HIMSELF OF NEOISM.
As themanwhocreatedjazz said, he asked with Home's Neoist alliance had something to do with neoism. The Neoist Alliance, came by the 90s, after Home left neoism. He being a trickster as every neoist, decided to use neoism as a way to confuse people. In his book, "Neoism, plagiarism, and praxis", Home talks a little about KLF. Even though he doesn't consider himself a neoist from that time, and his book is a little critical about, he's a neoist at heart, that lil basterd. <3 <3

Post-Neoism, and anti-neoism and neoism doesn't exist. AT ALL. The name was coined by Timóteo Pinto, but I think it's funny, that's how Home talks about his work, when he left neoism. But he doesn't talk as if "Post-neoism" is a movement in itself (which is not), he talks like "this shit is my post-neoism work". Two different things. Post-Neoism is Neoism with Discordian characteristics, which is different from Meta-Discordianism, which it's discordianism with neoist characteristics. I identify myself as a Meta-Post-Discordian Grayface-ist Post-neoism.

My sincere opinion on Post-Neoism: it's raw.
It's not like neoism at all. While neoism has a raw energy of crazy dudes just doing their art, post-neoism goes beyond in rawness. Our recognition of memes as an art expression, and shitpost as a viral memetic pratice, makes it look like we are a bunch of shit posters. Which is not true, we do glitch art... sometimes. While I do enjoy shit-post as a way of expressing myself, I think it could be more focused. We do have created our own mythology, as many shitposting groups do.
Also, the way Timóteo Pinto tries to coopt 4chan mythos, like #thegame23 and cicada 3301, is something I don't like, 'cause it gets more raw, and more distant from what neoism was/is/will be.
In anyway, if you want to joins us, you could find us at telegram:
It's, primarly, a discordian group, with some post-neoist. and memes. and markov chain bot spamming. and sometimes mariachis. yeah...

With all that in mind, I would like to spam Sarah Gulik in here. She's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay funnier and waaaaaaaaaay cooler than Timóteo Pinto (multividual). She's the abortion of Gulik. She's Gulik feminine part. She's Gulik accepting her gender as a female. She's a creation of the Oscar Wildean Society, a group of iconoclasts anarcho-avant-garde neoist discordians. You could read our rip-off manifesto, where we stole some manifestos from Monty Cantsin and Timóteo Pinto:
Go out and enter in contact with yourself, become a Sarah Gulik today!

I would like to thank first my goddess, then my family, without them I wouldn't be bored to death and decided to write all of this non-sense feeding shit to you. Also, join Discordja!

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: The Black Iron Prison (v 1.0)- Translated
« on: September 03, 2015, 09:12:35 pm »
How do you do, fellow discordians?

I would like to know, if (by any reason), someone has saved this translation of the Black Iron Prison. I was talking with some discordian mates from Brasil, and I reached this topic. I tried to talk with Peterson, by facebook, but he deleted his blog (and all the docs).
I would like to know if you guys have the translation of 'A Prisão de Aço Negro', so I could share it with other mates. Because it's a fine piece of book, I'm willing to translate it, but If someone already did it, it would be much easy to share it.

PS1: Yeah, I tried the wayback machinen didn't got shit.
PS2: Was the best console I ever had.

Safety and Peace.

Like Parents? Oh Goddess, wait, no. Shit. Aaaaaahmmmmm. I mean. Yeah, yeah, that would be great too.
Like All Souls' Day, we celebrate that we are alive, and then drink a lot for the guys who are dead? That would be on 14 of Aftermath (at least here on Brsland).

Safety and Peace.

@Edward, como tu sabia que eu espirrei?
@Mesozoic and Dok Howl: If the child is a little discordian, you can teach then to ask for apologie, and you can drink a lot, because you're a parent, if you think that's irresponsible, you can walk with your child and thank the goddess that you're mother/father of a child, that will spread caos in some point of their life. The idea of this thread, is exactly discuss this whollyday, I don't know if that was clear, I think it wasn't after all. :P

@Choppas: What hot-dog joke? Huhuhuh.

Sorry if didn't started so well, lol. Wasn't my intention. The Lady showed me something, and maybe I was looking only for my context, and not the others context. The basic idea is to drink a lot and be happy, even if you don't drink a lot, or don't even drink, I think. I sayed people should drink 'cause some of us failed in the mission of not being a father, but I didn't consider the name of Sri Syadasti, well fuck.
Anyway, what could we do to do not and do celebrate the Father's day?

Safety and Peace, sis and bros.

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / 'Thank the goddess I'm not a father' day
« on: August 10, 2015, 06:14:21 am »
Note: I don't know if this is the correct board, though, I don't really, but if the mods care, they can move to the right place, if this please them.

Hi, my dear discordians friends from all around the globe. I'm Anderson Victorious Molotov Dias, the lunatic. But you can call me Dias (pronounced as Di-ass). I'm a delegate from Brazilian Illuminati Cabal S.H.I.M.O. (Sociedade Hermética Iniciática da Mão Onanástica).
I'm a writer and also the guy of the calender, I mean, not the guy who poses for the calendar (It would be funny, though), but the guy who translate the Whollydays from english to portuguese. My name is Dias, if I didn't took care of the calendar, what would I be? - Dias is the portuguese word for days.

Yesterday was 2 of Bureacracy, and in Brazil was what the catholics call "Father's Day". And since I was drinking, grateful that I'm no child's father, Our Lady gave me the idea, that we should celebrate that we're no parents! We should drink in name of Eris, for we are not fathers, and we should drink in name of our comrades, that failed in this mission and are fathers. Every "Father's Day", we should apologize to our fathers, for being born. Womens can drink in honor for their friends, that became fathers, and they should apologize with their fathers too. People can tell Dad Jokes, if they want. As we brazilians celebrates in the second sunday of august, the north americans should celebrate on the third sunday of June, just like people from spain shoul celebrate on the 5th of discord, and people from Seychelles on the Confusion 21st. It would be a mutable Whollyday, though.

In Counterpart, women could celebrate the "Thank the goddess I'm not a mother" day. It would be almost the same thing, everybody should apologize with our mother, for being born, and women should drink, because they're not mothers, or drink in honor of they comrades. Men should apologize with their mothers, and drink for their friend who are mothers. Plus, we all should apologize with Eris, for we are all born from Her will, I think. And drink a lot too, well, everybody should drink in every fucking day, and use tons and tons of drugs too. Brazillians celebrate Mother's day on the 2 sunday of may, just like Nort americans. People on Spain would celebrate on the first sunday of may, I don't know about people from Seychelles, though.

That's a proposition for discordians all around the world, we from SHIMO will celebrate it anyway, though, 'cause we like to drink. The problem I see, with the 'Thank the Goddess I'm not a father' day, in Brazil, is that is too close from the Multiversal Undergarment Day. I will basically close my eyes, and hope to people not to apologize with their father in their undergarments, it would be something-I-can-describe.

Be thankful that you're not some kid parent! (Or how we say in portuguese: "Tire a batata do cu e jogue pela janela, quem sabe assim nasce uma árvore de cachorro-quente".

Safety and Peace, brothers and sisters.

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