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I find the quote:

I am frequently disheartened by all the Discordians I mean who seem to miss this aspect of the PD completely, and interpret chaos as solely meaning disorder, when the book tries so hard to dispel that interpretation. Order arises from disorder, and disorder from order; this is chaos.

Most interesting - anybody care to add?

What's the scientific angle?

To's fundamentally about entropy

Everything - from atomic matter to human society - seeks to return to a 'chaotic' state

Within every organism there are factors that resist this movement (the aneristic principle if you will), and we can all appreciate their efforts - take organised religion or corporations in the human realm

Discordia is about pointing a finger at said obstacles

And laughing while you do it

I think the key question is: was the universe born from order - and is this inevitable declination toward disorder part of a pre-conceived 'blueprint'

In Qabalah/Buddhism etc. the thinking is toward man (and those lovely ladies) gradually moving toward the Godhead through continual reincarnation - is this a movement toward disorder - I personally think so


Principia Discussion / Re: What ever happened to the counter-culture?
« on: September 03, 2015, 09:52:07 pm »
Interesting comments

So give me hope for where Discordia is mutating...

Others remain caught up regurgitating tired cliches such as:

The counter-culture that you can find is not the true counter-culture.

Extend loyalty to individuals, but never organizations.

What seems clear to me at this present time is that yes, the individual can choose to tune in and drop out etc. That's a fine and dandy decision. You, me, anyone can choose to trust or not trust, run with friends, or alone.

But to tie yourself up with points of view such as "you want a counter-culture - go start one" is missing the point a little

As for denying any form of collaboration or confederacy - a convenient way out if truth be told

But how will that help the world being crafted for my kids...

Kesey didn't work alone - and neither should the rest of us

I release you...

Principia Discussion / What ever happened to the counter-culture?
« on: September 02, 2015, 09:22:25 pm »
Ladies and Gentlemen

Members of the jury

As a new poster, I have to start with a simple question: what ever happened to the global counter culture?

I've just finished reading The Prankster and the Conspiracy, where Kerry Thornley is described as the inspiration behind the 'counter culture'

It is with great regret that I was not alive in the late 60's to experience the energy and spirit that existed in those days

Yet to me, the vibes that fuelled such thought is needed today more than ever. Having had to force a career in and around the corporate world for the last 15 years, I've been exposed to a world lacking in character, humour, in fact even basic humanity. A world of conformity, ass kissing, and a shameful (read slavish) pursuit of profit - even at the harm of 'progression'

I know that communities of thought exist around the world dedicated to a different phase of thought (though I have generally been unlucky enough to find one), and have dabbled with the left and socialist parties.

All seem to be devoid of a practical spark. All seen, ultimately, resigned to their fate.

Of course technology is both a saviour and a curse. On the one hand, it's a wonderful medium for meeting like minded individuals. On the other, the most complete tool for monitoring undesirables.

So, with the forces of order seemingly triumphant, I humbly ask once again - what ever happened to the counter culture?

Does it exist, and where can one sign up

Yours in frilly underpants

Sad King Billy

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