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Apple Talk / StFu!
« on: November 13, 2009, 11:32:27 pm »
Just so that everyone know that I really am that retarded.


"No! Your doing it wrong anyway."
"No, You're doing it wrong."
"No! you shut up!"

     Just watch your box, there is nothing better. It keeps you safe and warm and smug. As long as it's around you know you will feel better. There is death in the box, you're not surprised. As far as you know, that is what it's for. Death in the news, Death in the weather. Is that a peaceful protest? Oh wait, there goes the gas. Pouring from the box, it fuels your rage and warms your soul. Why try to change anything? Why combat the Natural order? Are you too afraid to fend for yourself?
     You start your day as every other, through the same doors that you have always been pushed through. Where does it end, or when? Why can't you just take another doorway, another path? They don't care, they just push you through. You're just a means to what they think is the end. Another ten years, another bomb. The raise and fall of computers will doom us all. Now it seems the planet itself wants to finally be rid of us, who knew? Just let them lead, it's better that way. Casually stroll from door to shiny door. Ignore the dark pathways, follow us to the light! You don't want to be alone in the dark do you?
     It keeps you safe, how could you hate it? Oh look, more death in the box. No wait, Is that the window? Don't be afraid just ring your bell. They will be right there to clean up the mess. Who are they that make this world so much better? So comfortable in this quilt, these patters so pretty. But who are they? They think like you do, so you like them. They don't like them? Great, neither do you! They think it's great to think independently, but who wants to say, "your right"? Maybe you are, but nobody wants to hear it. It's just so damn contrary to what they think, so lets just burn it. Stop that refractories foul mouth, we wouldn't want anyone to believe it. Keep them blind, deaf and dumb. Then no one can think it.

Or Kill Me / Spicy Quesadillas
« on: November 08, 2009, 11:57:55 pm »
I was making a Quesadilla today and i thought hey, I could use a lil spice in my life so i go into the refrigerator and find some hot taco sauce in a glass jar. So i get all my other quesadilla supplies in order, like the cheese and the onions and the tortilla. Now i turn on the stove and tenderly place a cast iron skillet on the heating element and wait for the iron to warm up. then i put the tortilla on and well, you guys know how to make a quesadilla. so i get to the part when i want to add the spice so i open the glass jar containing my sweet hot taco sauce when
the entire top of the jar, not just the lid, the whole top twists off and slices my second right metacarpal just beneath the first knuckle nearly severing my tendon. I decided that stitches may be necessary so i visit the local doctor where they make me fill shit out bleeding from the finger that i use most in writing, before they tell me that i have to give them $200 before they even look at me because i dont have insurance. so i pony up my plastic, which they hold on to, and wait for three hours watching whatever ridiculous program they happen to be showing untill they call me in and have me lay down on a gurney, "incase i pass out," for another hour untill they finally got me stiched up.
If i was going to pass out i think it would probably have happened while i was sitting bleeding in the waiting room for three hours... So when are they gonna fix health care, and are they gonna fix all the stupid bureaucracy or are they just gonna ease up on the $200 i had to pay up front?

Aneristic Illusions / Ft. hOOd
« on: November 06, 2009, 12:03:05 am »
Does anyone else have the news on? do you see the hype about the Ft. Hood shooting? My Inner chao is very curios if this is really as the media would have it seem or if this is all just some grayfaced conspiracy?
Could this be extremist grayface? Or perhaps the political grayfaces want you to think that its extremism. Or did that shrink really just loose his cool?
I would love to hear your thoughts, conspiracies, theories. what ever you fnording think.

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