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Apple Talk / 80,000+ people try to play Pokemon simultaneously
« on: February 18, 2014, 04:18:21 pm »
So this is ridiculous:

They've been in the same area for 36 hours now, by my count. It was working just by first type first serve but they just added this anarchy/democracy thing which is interesting but I don't know how it works. I guess it was in desperation to try to get these fucks out of the basement and stop them from releasing their best pokemon again, lol. I also notice that start spam has lessened.

Bring and Brag / Discordian SoundCloud Group
« on: December 23, 2012, 06:12:33 pm »
Join up! I can't wait to hear what you guys come up with:

Bring and Brag / Lucidet - Kill Music Dead [noise / free shit]
« on: August 18, 2012, 08:46:39 pm »
Because fuck real music.

Kill Music Dead is a noise album about the destruction of music. It is a love letter to the noise genre.

You can check it out on Bandcamp:
via the YouTube:
or grab it from MediaFire:

As the Lucidet website is down, you should contact if you need anything.


So, I've been making some pretty fucked up games for a while now. At first they were fucked up because I was, like, 11 and didn't know what the fuck I was doing. Then they were fucked up because I knew what I was doing but I wasn't so great at it. Now they're fucked up because, well, it's fucking hilarious to watch people play extremely fucked up games. Recently, I began working on a new game that would make up for the critical failure of my previous game (Fap or Trap, the game where you must guess if she has a penis or a vagoo). The new game would have a storyline and be super deep and mysterious. It's entitled "Chronicles of Buttopolis IV: Oglaboot & Yrsty" and will be one of the greatest games of all time.

So far, I've completed a few basic things. A menu, a screen to introduce the controls, a cool "story" thing which shows you a bunch of random bible verses and quotations tha make no sense but are deep, and the first four levels of the game. BUT NOW IT'S TIME FOR YOU GUYS TO CONTINUE IT  :mrgreen:

Here's what we'll do, everyone interested will:

a) post that they're interested in this thread

b) download Game Maker 8 (I guess I should mention that if you don't have windows vista or higher you can get the fuck out)

c) learn how 2 maek gayms

d) when it's your turn, the game maker file will be uploaded for you to and you'll be given a month or so to do what you gotta do (we can change the time limits if we need to, a month might be a little to long or short, depending)

Q: Tell me about this game.
A: Chronicles of Buttopolis IV: Oglaboot & Yrsty, is a sprawling epic that at this point doesn't really have a strory, but hopefully one will be made up as we go. I can't say what type of game the other people will make it, but the first four levels are your basic platform adventure.

Here are some screenshots.

Q: So who are you anyway?
A: I'm tjg92, I'm, like, the coolest person ever.

Q: I want to do this, but what exactly should I do?
A: Anything, really. The main guidelines are as follows:
*Pick up where the last person left off.
*Put in new story shit at the beginning of your bit.
*Explain new rules/controls.
*Keep it interesting.

Q: What exactly is Game Maker?
A: It's this program made by some dude. I started using it when I was a wee lad, and version 5 was brand spanking new. Basically it allows you to program games without having to actually program. For example:

It's so easy, a caveman could do it!

Q: What should I draw sprites with?
A: Whatever you want, but I recommend Graphics Gale.

Q: What music should I use?
A: Preferably really weird music. midi music is nice because it saves on the filesize, but as you'll notice, I used mp3s. The first two songs on the menu and story thing are music I wrote myself, and the songs I put on the first four levels are real songs that I recorded through a voice changer so that they would sound horrible. They are:
Slowdive - Dagger
Anathallo - Dokkoise House
Earth Wind and Fire - Shining Star
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Puppet Show

I'd rather not use any copyrighted music, but I figured since these songs are horribly disfigured nobody would mind. I have a shit ton of this voice changer music if anyone else wants to use them as their background music. Or you can get creative and make your own shitty music :) Also, here are some of my albums which you can feel free to use:

El Troojg - Ze Chronicles of Beartato
El Troojg - Ghost Disco
ANGRY >:( FACE - The Avantest Garde Metal Album

Q: Why do we have to use horrible music?
A: It adds to the psychological warfare element of the game. That is, you're literally driving the player insane.

Q: What kind of game should I do?
A: It's really up to you, you can keep doing a platformer, or you can do a shooter or some kind of racing game. Or puzzles, or maze games, just whatever. Or you could create a whole new kind of game entirely.

Q: Do I have to use the same character sprite?
A: Nope.

Q: Can I reuse sprites other people used?
A: I guess.

Q: I'm not sure I can do this, it seems hard.
A: I believe in you :]

Q: Do I have to pay for game maker?
A: Hell no. There's a light version and a registered version, and we're all going to stick with the light version.

Q: It's asking if I want to use advanced mode.
A: You definitely want to use advanced mode.

Q: What are we going to do with this game when it's finished?
A: Well among us discordians, it will hopefully be considered a Discordian Holy Game, the completion of which will result in enlightenment. As for the rest of the internet, we're going to put it on every independent gaming website we can find. I also like to burn copies of my games onto CD-Rs and give them to my friends. They all think I'm insane, but I think they think I'm, like, genius insane, you know?

Q: How do I make sound effects?
A: Download Audacity and record your own, then edit them with effects and whatnot.

Audacity is also how I record all of my bizarre music.

Q: I want to learn how to use Game Maker, and fast.
A: A good thing to start with is just messing around, and whenever you have a specific question, look it up in the manual. This will only get you so far, though, so check out this stuff as well:

The tutorials section has some helpful stuff. Please, though, mess around in a NEW GAME FILE, not in our lovely game. You can do that after you know what's what. You can, of course, ask questions in this thread or message me on MSN at 2ndplayer @

Q: When will this game be finished?
A: I guess whenever we all decide it's finished.

Q: Can I modify part of someone elses' section of the game?
A: I suppose if you ask them nicely and explain why you're changing it and what you want to do.

1. People don't like shemale porn in their video games. If I've learned anything in my years as a game creator, this is the most important thing.
2. All game creators will have to post, in some detail, what they did to the game and explain what everything is. You will be responsible to answer any questions the future designers may have.
3. The game can be fucked up, but it must be playable.
4. Post your game in .exe form and in editable form, so people can play the most up to date versions of the game without having to have game maker. Also, .zip that shit.
Upload it to any of these:
5. Screenshots are nice :)
6. If you have a registered version of game maker, don't be an asshole and use any registered features. Then the rest of us cheapskates can't do anything >:(

Now, this post is just the introductory post. I'll have to make another post later that will pass the game on to you guys and explain what everything is. Until then, feedback, questions, and people who want to sign up, post!

Bring and Brag / El Troojg - Ghost Disco
« on: May 24, 2010, 06:15:13 pm »

1. Gaytheist/Fagnostic (I am a) - 2:33
2. The Enlightened Take Things Lightly - 1:53
3. Incense & Eyebrows - 1:48
4. Annihilating the Toothbrush - 3:09
5. Gods Die - 1:31
6. Ziggy's Magic Staircase - 0:57
7. Ghost Disco is Undead - 3:58
8. Next Level Shit - 0:24
9. 16zu - 2:46
10. Eyes Love No - 4:38
11. Dyatlov Pass Incident - 2:36
12. Benadryl Overdose - 2:27
13. God Kills a Kitten - 2:26

Running Time - 31:12

GASM Command / MazeGASM
« on: January 29, 2010, 02:00:54 am »
This is a bit of a repost, but I posted this thread in the wrong forum initially and then I tried to have it moved by the mods. But if you want to get something done right, you got to do it yourself. So the original thread is here:

Anyway, what I'm doing is basically posting up a bunch of these maze posters:

It's very similar to PosterGASM, but it's got sort of an interactive component. If anyone does respond, I'll post about it on the Maze Blog:

Of course, this won't be very epic unless some of you take up the cause as well. And you are of course welcome to make your own maze posters, as long as they are of about the same difficulty as the ones I did (can't make things too easy, or hard for that matter) and have the right instructions. Hopefully I'll get a response or two before the end of the week!

Propaganda Depository / Mazegasm
« on: January 22, 2010, 03:29:33 am »
I don't know if this is really all that discordian but I got the idea from you guys. Anyway, I'm posting up these mazes with instructions to solve the maze, scan it, and email it to

Here's the blog I'll post responses and updates at:

And you can feel free to post them around yourself. I'll be posting them around campus and stuff but I could use some help!

What do you guys think?

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