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... and aside from the fact that she and I are still friends and the ambiguity of my invite (matter of number and invites, plus groom's comfort)....

She asked me for input on the musical selection. I made some facetious as well as some serious input, but at the end of the day, I realized that a lot of the music I listen to, is, well, ambiguously appropriate at best.

This left me with the odd realization, "what the hell are we going to listen to at my own wedding, when it eventually happens?"

Irish music is like country music in this regard. Starts off good but, goddamn.

Heavy metal?

lol, you gotta work with Motorhead at best.

I guess this is coming up because all of the hurdles that were in place between Villager and I getting married are now gone, excepting me finishing college, since I'll probably propose to her not long after I get my bachelor's. We've even figured out the where to live. Massachusetts, just not Boston.

Has there ever been a moment in your life where music no longer mattered?

I kinda noticed it in the past couple of weeks. It was in Villager's car. Here's the thing, I'm a metalhead (with untapped flexibility because what you listen to inherently sucks) in his borderline mid-30s. Villager was born in 1984, so she is 30. Her next best friend who isn't me is in her mid twenties. She also, on an objective level, has poor taste in music. I say this as a musician, rather than an old dude. Her secret boyfriend seems to agree. Of course he would, he listens to, as she would put it, "angry white boy music" never mind that she listens to valium dosed white girl music. What does any of that mean? I don't care about the folk, I've played it for money and loved it. I don't care about the color of the skin of the musician, if you guitar, you guitar. I don't care if he or she is angry. If it's targeted to boys, I'm honestly not interested. There's a very good reason that I grew up in the 1990s and want to beat the whiny shit out of Jonathan Davis. He sucks. His band sucks. I didn't know at first, but I still figured it out before the year 2000.

I guess this is a defense of the get off my lawn, but a strange twist on it. You're welcome on my lawn, but stop pretending that your grass is greener Your music sucks as much as the music from my era that I now recognize as sucky.

The difference is, I'm willing to give your music a shake. A fair shake.

I'm just not going to give it a free pass. I may be older. But I'm going to put myself in that position of listening to it as a 13 year old and then fast forward myself 20 years.

There's a reason why a Twid likes a bit of Nirvana. It's not because Kurt was good. It's also not because Kurt was shitty (he had some chops, if you listen to Bleach). It's because Kurt happened to be at the right place at the right time. And I'm a better musician than him, so fuck his ashes. So I like crap music from the 90s. That's a challenge. I'll listen to it one way or the other. Most of it is going to suck, much like most of what I liked back in the day also sucked. What's going to stay though? What are you listening to that you'll still be listening to in 2030? Because that's the kinda shit that you're listening to now that I want to hear.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Twid writes your obituary
« on: November 05, 2014, 02:54:11 am »
Part of what I do at work is to see if our respondents have died or not. So I read my share of obituaries in a day (and try to figure out if it's the same person at all). It's occasionally morbid and bummer work (The worst I saw was yesterday: "[redacted]: [DOB]-[DOD] [redacted] was a resident of [redacted]. She was DOD minus DOB years old." That's it.) but it's also an occasionally, unintentionally, funny genre of writing. Volunteer, and I will ham up your life (and death) to celebrate your existence and its abrupt, and possibly, unseemly, end.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / ATTN: Musicians
« on: August 12, 2014, 11:36:54 pm »
I've got a bit of an idea that I want to work with. The genre is pop music, so, the main thing I'm asking is how best to go about doing synth. I have a shitty Yamaha keyboard, but I want to figure out how to make a convincing pop music sound on the cheap. What sort of equipment and/or software should I be working with?

After a series of somewhat difficult conversations with Villager, who is adamant about leaving Boston, and quite likely, New England, we're eventually going to have to figure out where to go. Time frame is basically after getting my BS. Grad school will be elsewhere. Ireland and the United Kingdom are on the table, but it should be noted that those are options because if I'm going to be far from one side of the family, I want to be close to the other. I would prefer to stay west of the Atlantic, east of the Mississippi, and north of the Mason-Dixon. Areas outside of that are negotiable, except for California, and most likely the southwest in general. Place needs biology career opportunities, obviously, but large cities discouraged. And no, I don't want to leave Boston, and never have. So, help me figure out where I would be willing to go.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Calling all nerds
« on: June 10, 2014, 02:15:25 am »
So, I have this friend, who's recently come back into our lives, and he's a hardcore Star Wars fan, which is fine, but he thinks that he is somehow betraying George Lucas if he even entertains the idea of liking Trek.

I have no idea why. I like both. I like Trek more, but I like both.

So I want to troll the shit out of him and bonus points if I turn him into a Trekkie.

Help a nephew out.

So, before we do the lab we have to do a lab skills test prior to. I don't want the answers, I just want to know how to set shit up, because, I'm really not getting it. I've got half the answers and have no idea if I'm correct, so if you can tell me if I am and if I went about it the right way, then bully. It's all molarity shit, so I imagine it's pretty basic for someone who has taken chem, but I have not taken chem.

1. Calculate the amount of Tris [Tris(Hydroxomethyl) Aminomethane] needed to make 500 ml of a 1 M stock solution. MW=121.14.
Answer I got: 60.57 grams. Formula: MW*mol*volume

2. Calculate the amount of EDTA (ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid, disodium salt) needed to make 500 ml of a 0.5 M stock solution. FW=372.2
Answer I got: 93.05 grams. Same formula as above.

3. Calculate the total volume of  solution needed to get an 80% solution from 100 ml of 95% ETOH (Ethanol). [Note: Use absolute (100%) ethanol, but be aware that shortly after the bottle is opened, absolute ethanol becomes 95%. If a bottle has been opened, calculate the total volume of solution needed to get an 80% solution from 100 ml of a 95% solution.]
118.75 ml (I'm thinking this is wrong, whereas I'm pretty sure about the above two). Formula: Concentration of stock agent/final concentration needed=Final volume needed/volume of stock reagent. Which is a formula given in the lab manual.

4. You have 300 ul [sic. I'm assuming microliters] of DNA solution in TE buffer. You wish to add salt to precipitate your DNA. You have a 3M NaOAc  solution. You wish to bring your DNA solution to 0.3M NaOAc.
No clue.

5. How much solute is required to make 300 ml of 0.8 M CaCl2?
I imagine I use a variant of the formula in 1 and 2.

6. How would you prepare 500% (w/v) solution of NaCl?

I want to make a picture.

Problem is I don't know what to draw. Give me something to draw, and I will draw it, and put it in this thread.

Techmology and Scientism / Yo Pent, genes and biotech
« on: May 14, 2014, 10:52:20 pm »
Also a convenient place for me to drop stuff specifically relating to genetics rather than biology as a whole, since I'm taking genetics in two weeks.

So, just as a quick run-down of how DNA and RNA work together before getting deep into the protein bits:

-DNA and RNA are strands of genetic instruction, the main difference between them being that the sugar molecules in their bases differ by one oxygen atom.
-Both use 4 nucleotides (bases), Adenine, Cytosine, and Guanine for both (differing only in that one oxygen atom, natch) and DNA uses Thymine where RNA uses Uracil. Cytosine always pairs with Guanine. Adenine always pairs with Thymine or Uracil. This is basically due to whether or not they can form 2 or 3 hydrogen bonds on the center of the double helix.
-Nucleotides are made up of a phosphate group, a sugar (ribose/deoxyribose/other- more on that in a bit), and a nitrogenous base. The phosphate group of one forms a phosphodiester bond with the sugar of the one next to it, this creates the strand, and nitrogenous bases, which determine what nucleotide it is, forms weaker (and therefore, easy to unzip) hydrogen bonds with the nitrogenous base of its counterpart.
-There are more than one kind of nucleotide, and more than one kind of nucleic acid. ATP, for example, which is the fuel our cellular processes, is basically a modified adenine molecule with three phosphate groups. Further, there are nucleotides that form XNA- nucleic acids that for some reason or another, life on Earth decided not to bother incorporating, but can be used it the fields of synthetic biology and biotechnology (creating exotic nucleic acids that won't interact with ours if it got loose, or even in capping off replication early in biotech). XNA sounds intriguing to me and I think I'll read about it more in my own time as well.
-DNA is an instruction manual, genes are particular tasks in the instruction manual, RNA is the instruction being read outloud, and proteins are the end result of the instructions.
-Triplet sequences of nucleotides code for one of twenty amino acids, or tell you to stop coding. There are 64 possible combinations for codons. Only one sequence codes for "Start" and "Methionine." SIX code for Leucine, and three code for "stop". I'm not exactly sure how these redundancies work, or why Methionine gets no redundancy. Most get 2 or 3. The redundancies help mitigate the chance of damaging mutation. If a syllable can be coded for in a couple of different ways, spelling errors don't have to be that nonsensical.
-DNA unzips, messenger RNA gets grafted on to the exposed nitrogenous bases, and makes a mirror copy. Since most DNA doesn't actually code for anything, the mRNA needs to get edited. The edited mRNA then gets paired with transfer RNA. tRNA is what ends up going on to synthesizing amino acid sequences, which then fold around and create 3 dimensional proteins.

I'll address some of your questions in the next post.

Techmology and Scientism / Video recording question
« on: May 08, 2014, 03:17:20 am »
So, when the bedbugs reemerged (they seem to have been deemerged again) I of course, avoided going over to Villager's place for 3 weeks. During that time she bought me a webcam and had it shipped to my house. I finally installed everything and got it to work (and have yet to find a proper angle for it where I can look sort of at it without being a disembodied head due to black tee shirt and dark background). Problem is with the software is that I can only record for 99 seconds at a time unless I go through youtube, which presumably gives me no editing capabilities. So, what I'm asking is what can I do for the balance of recording for 100 seconds+ for minimal editing? Especially because I might like to record songs here and there (different can of worms, audio-wise. Will cross that bridge when I get there)

My webcam is a Logitech QuickCam IM run on Vista.

Or Kill Me / Burgers?
« on: April 22, 2014, 04:13:00 am »
Dear Uncle Roger,

     I've been debating theists and atheists alike on Yahoo News. The annoying part is that I'm starting to sound like an atheist. Now, I know that I'm going through my own spiritual doubts, but they only apply to me, my immortal soul and the grace of God. But dear God, man. How is it that our fellow theists have totally missed out on the idea that our holy mission, aside to fuck with everyone, is to actually figure this shit out? What happened to the likes of Newton, who, while dead wrong on matters of chemistry, was dead right on physics because he wanted to know what God was up to? When did we become dumb, and when did the infidels steal our academic thunder? It's offensive unto our LORD(or LADY) that a bunch of smarmy asshats would take up our sacred cause.

     I may be a humble Nephew, but I am also a Doktor, and this heresy on both sides makes my firebrand itch. You are a Holy Man, and I a mere monk. How can we make this itchy brand a beacon for all to see? How can we bring the Shut The Fuck Up to the masses? How can we bring the flag burning hippies, and the gun toting preppers, to the same BBQ? What must we sacrifice, by fire, unto our LORD (or LADY)?

    Genuinely curious, because it is grilling season now, even here in New England.

Your favorite Nephew,

I know we all have to sell out from time to time, but really?


Warning I'm a bit wired because I drank a bunch of coffee to get my biology report done and it's almost 2 am, but this has to do with the Big Bang and the asymmetry of matter and antimatter. The question of what happens before it is irrelevant because there's no before but could it work out that the other side of the Big Bang is the antimatter Big Bang, doing the same thing that our universe is but, from our perspective, backwards in time and never the twain shall meet? Here's a stupid graphic I'm about to make to illustrate my point:

Such that, it's not a Big Crunch on the other side, it just happens to be a roughly identical universe expanding in the other direction through time from our perspective. It's still not really before because the Big Bang is more of a pinching off point. Chegolas' thread and tiredness got me thinking about it. I don't know, I feel like I can't quite get the idea out correctly. It's probably wrong anyway.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / New phone
« on: March 28, 2014, 07:38:29 pm »
Got a new phone. Text me your name if you have my number or PM me if you want me to have your number.

So, one of my cousins just posted this one on her facebook. I'm not sure what to make of it. Some of the phrasing in the article is setting off my "suspect content" radar. Paging Faust and Cain because I'm not sure how trustworthy the Irish Examiner is. My news consumption when I am over there is limited to RTE and occasional trips to the Internet cafe. I am also immediately suspect of a news piece in Irish media about a vaccine to guard against a sexually transmitted virus. I've not heard about this otherwise.

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