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Techmology and Scientism / Re: The Tech Forum
« on: Today at 05:13:00 pm »

Bring and Brag / Re: As of tonight...
« on: Today at 04:11:01 pm »
Wales. Bitches. 9 knots of tide with a seven meter range. Like Falls of Lora but massive and mellow

Freezing my nuts off in a cave in Wales, for a dare.

My mate nailed the best pose

Tomorrow I leave for a week, to tell the country of Wales what. Apparently their coastline is HARDCORE!!! We'll see about that. I'ma make The Bitches my bitch. Plant my feet in the Witches Cauldron - a beach you can only stand on by floating in a very small boat, swimming or abseiling in through the roof. Cliffs, caves, tiderace playspots. One week of my idea of heaven.

Jam packed with the welsh :argh!:

Pics when I'm back online/out of jail

High Weirdness / Re: The Faith of a 21C Maintenance Monkey
« on: April 10, 2014, 07:35:57 pm »
I tend to not believe things without evidence. However, the possibility of there being some kind of intelligent creator behind this "simulation" or whatever the hell you'd call it are non zero. Very non-zero, in fact, if you do the math, so I'm not dumb enough to say there is no god. However, I do not believe there is a god because the possibility of no god is also non-zero (albeit significantly less, statistically speaking) and there is absolutely and equivocally zero evidence of such an entity.

In my mind concrete evidence trumps statistical probability, regardless of what the statistical probability has to say about it.

So my faith is thus constrained - I don't believe and God is just going to have to learn to deal with that. I'm confident an omnipotent being won't be too psychologically scarred by the disbelief of one sceptical Scotsman.

For the record, while I'm willing to entertain the overwhelming statistical probability that God exists, I am willing to go right out on a limb and state, categorically, that he's absolutely nothing like any of the characters described in various prehistoric literature. If the best scientists and philosophers of the twenty first century can barely get a handle on the phenomenon. I find the notion that the ancients did about as likely as them also having a great handle on server load balancing or particle physics.

Do you even lift critically bro?

Haha, yeah. They've been reading some of the same scifi as I have. Can't remember where but attaboys and frownies was mentioned somewhere. Look for "down and out in the magic kingdom" by Cory Doctorow

Reputation economy has a nice ring to it. We already live in a world where more people trust celebrities than scientists and where your past group memberships can haunt you 30+ years later. More than a few companies have tried a version of Blizzards "Real I.D" linking your actual real life personage with game accounts. For the exact reason of reputation, amazingly enough.

There are possible up-sides, such as scientists being able to endorse other scientists for example but for the vast majority of people, making your personal information this accessible is probably unwise.

I've been looking at various post-scarcity models and reputation seems pretty feasible, once you detangle all those - money is an actual real thing - memes you've grown up with.

The penny didn't really drop for me til I looked at Kickstarter in that context. Strikes me that one site is already perverting the capitalist model in this direction. I'm guessing it'd end up kind of democratising economics

I posted this on another site. Sort of explains my thinking so far (still very woolly)

I have a very vague, fuzzy, impression of where I think this is going but what I do see suggests that it would work best if currency and digital democracy became a new hybrid organism, akin to likes on facebook. Say you could invest 1 like in as many ventures as you wanted, with the ability to unlike for whatever reason at any point in the future.

I think for big stuff this would work if we could apportion available resources by human headcount. eg – the rights to all the platinum mass available was (in theory) divided equally amongst everyone. This would mean that I held title to x-pounds of platinum.

So some projects come up that require y-amount of platinum. We “invest” our platinum rights by liking the projects that require it. If these projects become feasible (enough likes) we can then determine, how much platinum is required, and then divide that by the number of likes and remove that from the accumulated pot.

Whilst I realise that the management of this quickly becomes inconceivably complex, nowadays we have Amazon or Google for managing inconceivably complex datasets so I’m confident the implementation is possible.

I think the main thing that stands in the way right now is this concept of “profit” which neutralises resources. All those diamonds in the vaults of de-beer’s doing nothing useful. This is a throwback to competing for resources. This really needs to change. It got us where we are but now it’s holding us back.

Hell yeah, it's a good thing. It also appears Google left Yahoo out to dry a bit, pointedly informing a few tech giants a week or so  before they went public but leaving Yahoo off the mailing list. Don't be evil but, y'know, fuck Yahoo :lulz:

It really does seem like the batshit retarded contingent have a much louder voice in the US. In the UK it's almost at the stage where if you admit you so much as believe in god, small children will gang up and kick the shit out of you. Creationism isn't even a thing here. Other than something we laugh at america for. :eek:

Please note - This is not the situation for the whole UK.

Round here, they still pray for the sun to rise perform all manner of arcane sporting and lottery rituals.

Small children still attack people but it's more for fun and profit than ideological differences.

Yeah, I have to admit the small children round my neck of the woods mainly attack for lulz/profit/trip to jail to visit their parents. Nobody takes religious wingnuts seriously, tho. Imagine someone started a campaign demanding they teach intelligent design in our schools? It's not like the fucking anglicans wouldn't publicly mock them along with the rest of us.

Something about America. Too much wide open space? It seems* like the psychos are encouraged to make these mental demands and the establishment has some sort of duty to consider them, rather than just point and laugh

*this is how the situation appears over here, at least. I have been reliably informed that it's not really true but then I hear another headline about my little unicorn theory of whatever  :?

It really does seem like the batshit retarded contingent have a much louder voice in the US. In the UK it's almost at the stage where if you admit you so much as believe in god, small children will gang up and kick the shit out of you. Creationism isn't even a thing here. Other than something we laugh at america for. :eek:

And so the reputation economy begins. Bye bye capitalism, the last great bastion of 20c. From here on in, it's going kickstarter and facebook likes!

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Random News Stories
« on: April 10, 2014, 11:36:00 am »
The sooner pharma is open sourced the sooner - fuck the pharma industry  :argh!:

Was wondering about this angle too but not from the "NSA breaking the news cos they no longer give a fuck" angle. Is it possible only the NSA knew of the flaw? Is it possible they somehow infiltrated the dev project and wrote the glitch in themselves, either as one of the team or by hacking the project repo somehow?

Maybe Google did just find the exploit and released it, in the interests of security? Maybe the NSA are suddenly pissed off as motherfuckers  :lulz:

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