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Fuck yeah, man. I've given up whole weekends of my life for this company which is what I call it when I finish something friday lunchtime but don't roll it out til monday morning  8)

I'm lucky in that the default PD screen looks remarkably like one of the screens we use at work.

Plus, I politic'd my way into getting a corner cube so no one can see my screen.

High School rules apply: So long as I'm showing results, it doesn't matter what I do with my time.

This is why I work with computers. What I do is pretty straightforward and, as time passes and tech develops, increasingly easy. It also appears like magic to people who don't understand it.

The upshot - nobody has even the vaguest conception of what I do or how long it takes, with one exception - me. An honest mug might say "half an hour max" but then they'd be expected to do stuff that isn't fuck around on the internet for the rest of the working week.

Every now and again I'll throw them a curveball, shake my head and say "This might take a while" then I spend half an hour on it, hit youtube for another couple, then bound into the bosses office three days ahead of schedule and proceed to blow his tits clean off.

I'm sure gainful employment could also be fulfilling in some deep personal-growth sense but it'd be nowhere near as much fun  :evil:

Fuck yeah - keep me in the loop. I really miss having a gaming PC when I think about skyrim mods :cry:

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Financial fuckery thread
« on: Today at 12:04:21 pm »
I think it's high time we start robbing their IP. Anything life saving or offering a better quality of life should be open sourced. Entertainment industry IP was kinda cute and kitchy and it's vaguely amusing to see them piss and moan while they price themselves out the market but pharma IP is downright fucking evil.

Or Kill Me / Re: Burgers?
« on: Today at 11:54:45 am »
On your first point, I totally agree but, since the whole power and control structure hinges on some kind of prehistoric version of Pokemon, surely it should have totally evaporated by now.

The church no longer has the military clout to just say "fuck you, we aint proving nuthin, believe or die" All they got is circular logic which was disproven years ago. I can see the leaders not wanting to give it up but what I don't get is the followers insisting we respect their right to get fleeced.

On the second point, it makes a lot of sense in the context of the church originally saying "Fuck yeah, lets use science - it'll prove god"

Of course what ended up happening was science proceeded to debunk most of it.

Fuck yeah, Skyrim! Think I'll fire up the PS3 and give it another playthrough when I get home. Should keep me amused until I realise how shitty alchemy is compared to Oblivion  :cry:

Or Kill Me / Re: Burgers?
« on: Today at 09:21:29 am »
But why? Why does it want to "remain relevant"? If it's essentially just the cave-painting version of the Harry Potter series, do we really need it? Was it ever relevant? Why do people still have to dress up in silly costumes and mumble in cold buildings? Not that I have a problem with this, it's more the demand that I take them seriously and respect their beliefs. I've tried, fuck knows I've tried but I can't bring myself to do it. How do I respect something so retarded?

People whom I respect saying they believe it goes some way to addressing this but I'm leaning more towards those people have fallen, hook line and sinker for a shaggy dog story than the idea that they are possessed of some insightful wisdom that I'm not.

Well there aint much in the way of dragons kicking around these days so, yeah, good job St George!

Or Kill Me / Re: Burgers?
« on: Today at 08:37:41 am »
I'd guess it to be partly an ego thing. It's difficult to admit you are totally wrong about something, it's much more palatable to think that you were mostly right, just slightly off on a few things.

Again, I may be being somewhat harsh here but I've associated organised religion with stunted science so that idea clearly needs revising in some regards.

Me too. I still can't bring myself to completely accept it's not, given that the two things seem diametrically opposed. On one side you've got rigorous testing and review and on the other side you have guys living inside whales and building boats big enough to house the entire animal kingdom and when it's proven, scientifically, to be horseshit, they "change the interpretation" How does that even work? The 6000 year old universe still revolves around the earth, it's just that terms like "6000 years old" and "revolves around" have to be reinterpreted?

I am unable to see this as anything other than really really dumb and really really unscientific.


There is research on this, and this is not correct.

That's about par for the course.   :lulz:

I am constantly amazed at the sheer quantity of incorrect information I have stored.

Incorrect information abounds. I'm constantly finding things I have always thought were true that aren't, too. For that matter, as research progresses it's constantly disproving earlier ideas that were once thought to be true; for example, the idea that new neurons are never made after birth.




The only possible way to catch up is to pick just ONE THING.

Sad but extremely true :cry:

Or Kill Me / Re: Burgers?
« on: Today at 07:00:48 am »
Why is it so important to believe in people with superpowers, marching around the planet, zapping people with lazor vision or turning them into newts and shit? This is the bit I just can't fathom. Why is it so important to so many people that, rather than just saying "okay it's a bunch of crap" and drop it, they have to "reinterpret"

Like how come saying "Okay we know Jesus didn't walk on water like it explicitly states in the book but now we believe he maybe stood in a puddle or something and that's what it means", is somehow valid or useful?

I'm really not trying to be inflammatory here, I just can't wrap my head around the value that a lot of people seem to place in this stuff.

Or Kill Me / Re: Burgers?
« on: Today at 05:12:08 am »
What happened was science started disproving large chunks of biblical myth?

Nope. The Church has always been fairly flexible on that point. Catholics and Lutherans aren't literalists, like Fundies are. And, there is little "Biblical myth" that can't work around scientific knowledge.

So proving people can't walk on water, come back from the dead or bring people back to life. Or how about pretty much every single other word printed? At which point do they hold their hands up and say "Ok, yeah, it's pretty much all bullshit" cos I'm patiently waiting.

Or Kill Me / Re: Burgers?
« on: Yesterday at 09:18:07 pm »
What happened was science started disproving large chunks of biblical myth?

Or Kill Me / Re: Burgers?
« on: Yesterday at 08:51:07 pm »
The more we learn, the less water primitive superstitious ignorance holds. Newton and Einstein and whatnot were fine because they stuck to belief in a non-defined abstraction of god, a creator. This is not mutually exclusive with science since there is no data before the big bang, it may very well have been some giant invisible dude just suddenly popping into existence and deciding he was bored.

Belief in religious texts, however, is almost completely incompatible with scientific method, since the vast majority of most of them is demonstrably gobshite. Rabbits being merely the tip of the iceberg.

You might consider looking into the early history of scientific inquiry.

You mean back when there were only four elements or when the earth was flat, not long after the theory was put forward that some white guy with a beard walked on water? You taking about that early? Or a bit later when they'd worked out there were a few more boxes on the periodic table, or the earth was actually a ball of rock, hurtling round the sun or that the surface tension of water was nowhere near strong enough to support a free standing Caucasian?

Somewhere in between?

I'm not even going to try and explain this to a Texan.

Sooner or later he's going to try and explain this theory to a drunken scotsman and then he'll be enlightened

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