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What the hell are you talking about?  Wait.  Is this that "there is only one quanta" bullshit?  Feynman was stoned out of his gourd when he came up with that one.
I have not read what Feynman said about it, but I don't think that is what i mean.
I mean that things on the level that quantum mechanics deals with are definitively identical, not just interchangable. You can't 'exchange' one electron for another, it is a meaningless concept.
Not so in tires, you can replace one tire with another and the car still works despite having one of its parts changed. The tire has been changed.

With electrons there is no slight difference in functionality, there is no change at all. And I mean that in the absolute way, I'm not just saying that there is no detectable change.
Electrons (and their siblings) don't exist outside of their context: They are patterns of interaction, nothing more. Being patterns they are pure abstraction, unlike the objects on the scale we are used to think on.

Argh. Again, I can't tell if i am communicating effectively.

Discordian Recipes / Re: Cooking with LMNO
« on: July 24, 2014, 11:01:10 pm »
I made empanadas!
I started out not knowing what that was, but now i want them.


Dwarf fortress changelog
:lol: I love dwarf fortress a lot more as a concept than as a game. Though maybe I just never put enough effort into it.

Brainfart: The difference between interchangable and identical becomes important when you deal with quantums: There are no mecha-gazillion protons in the universe, there is only one and it has mecha-gazillion instances of existence.

A proton ain't nothing but an instance of a probabilistic interaction.

Incidentally, the same occurs with theoretical coin-flips.  :horrormirth:

I did check for DLC requirements, and disabled the parts that do.

I'd put money on one of them requiring them but not stating it.

Good luck figuring out which one, I'd guess one with minimal info/documentation but I Cain's already covered the best fix.

You may want to try a couple of different weight fix mods, trying to recall the one that worked well with hunterborn.

Just passing level 12 of the setup i'm coming to think of as "living hell". No significant accomplishments to report beyond crossing the map. Twice. For a pittance. Not occuring again in the near future. Based out of Markarth currently raiding Forsworn camps because fuck the Forsworn. I've had to go back to heavy armour/2h sword to survive. Which is incidentally the style I ended up using for Goldenglow. They weren't impressed with my subtle approach. We're still cool though.
Heh, I'm NOT using your setup. Too depressing :P

I'll try Cain's fixes.
So far the CtDs only happened twice, on melee kills. One Elk, and one Bandit.
Now I know it is not Hunterborn because that only deals with animals.

It is neither weather or one of the other minor aesthetic changes so it is either RealisticNeedsandDiseases (unlikely) or one of the ACE mods regarding combat.
Unless one of the mods has a serious flaw and influences something it shouldn't.
DLC related requirements could be an option if the slain creature spawns loot that isn't. (in existence)

This modding thing is a lot more entertaining than i expected!
Thanks guys, for putting me onto this trail.


So, for those of you looking to synergize your core competencies while leveraging mission critical turnkey solutions to do a solve, Weird Al has the song for you.
*twitch*  :horrormirth:

I don't see any obvious conflicts...that I know of, anyway.  Did you sort the load order with BOSS or LOOT and clean all the plugins with TES5Edit?
Uhm, no?
I don't even know what BOSS or LOOT is, I'll look it up next time i play.
I only just found out what MCM is and activated some of the mods i thought weren't working, that should have solved the ones that weren't working right :P
TES5Edit, another thing to look up.
I did check for DLC requirements, and disabled the parts that do.

Hunterborn is great fun in combination with Realistic Needs and Diseases, looting animals becomes quite a bit more immersive.
I've added SkyTEST-RealisticAnimals&Predators. It gives the wild animals ecological roles.

On the road to Whiterun I spotted 3 wolves hunting and killing a hare. I heard that wolves usually don't attack humans when they stay at the proper distance, they merely growl at you giving you about 8 seconds to leave. This time was different though, the wolves were protecting a fresh kill.
Three wolves is a bit much for a recently escaped convict with almost no gear so I run away. I didn't notice that the rock I tried to hide behind was a bear until I almost stepped on it's cub. Understandably, the bear was a bit upset. The bear didn't react fast enough to hurt  me, but it did attack the wolves that were following me.
Terrified of the angry mother Bear, I quickly left for the tundra to the north-west. There I quickly spotted a herd of Elk. Thinking that herbivores are better prey than wolves or bears the decision to kill one was easy and I was getting quite hungry. Something needed to die so I could live.
It turns out that Elk don't like it when you set one of their herd on fire. With all my mana spent I have this Elk headbutting me and doing quite a lot of damage. Using my sword and half of my healing potion supply I manage to kill the Elk.
Finally alone and with a fresh kill begging to be butchered I start cutting off all the useful bits. The 30 Venison steaks make me the happiest and from one of the large bones I carve a talisman giving me the blessing of Hircine. I have no tinderbox so can't start a fire to cook this meat so I eat it raw. Not the best decision I ever made, now my sight is blurry and I stumble and fall over all the time.
I can see a giant's camp nearby so I try to steal from his treasure chest, hoping against all hope that it contains a cure disease potion. I did manage to rob the chest without a problem but there was no potion in sight. Oh well, time to stumble back to Whiterun and get cured. "Oh would you look at that!" there is a Sabretooth Tiger corpse just a bit closer to the giant. Sneakily I pick it up but now I'm carrying too much and that Giant is looking straight at me. I back away and luckily he leaves me alone. I quickly drop the Tiger and start butchering it. Wow! This thing gives 100 pieces of meat! Wait, now I really can't run anymore. Oh well, time to ditch most of it and head back to Whiterun, it's not worth the effort of dragging all this with me. Stumbling and falling I get 100 yards closer but then I fall over into a little stream and get killed by some Mudcrabs before I can get up.

Discordian Recipes / Re: Vote on this weekend's special!
« on: July 23, 2014, 04:57:59 pm »
I voted Halibut, because i like the sound halibut makes in my head when i read it.



Like all things, I half=assed it, I have got:

Unofficial Skyrim Patch.
Unofficial High Resolution Patch.
Run For Your Lives.
Supreme Storms - Cot Version.
Supreme Fog - CoT.
RBB Long Boats.
RBB Row Boats.
Drinking Fountains of Skyrim.
Realistic crime report radius.
ACE Archery.
ACE Armor.
ACE Enchanting.
ACE Magic.
ACE Melee.
ACE Realistic Fighting.
ACE Smithing.
ACE Speech.
ACE Synergy.

But some don't seem to work right, also, sometimes it crashes when i kill something.

That was seriously annoying.

I thought the irony of having a quiet place, while still being 'online' was pretty funny.
It almost worked for me but then i got distracted and wandered off, I think i missed a bit.

Today's near miss brought to you by forklift driver, carrying a load, going backwards...WHILE TEXTING!!! This is my third near miss with this same dude. The other two were backwards around a corner with no horn. Kind of at the point where I can't not report this one. I fucking hate that.

Reporting the fucktard is a hell of a lot better than someone getting killed by him.
Or yell at him or mock him loudly. whatever has the highest chance to solve the problem. If reporting fixes it, do that asap.

Somewhat annoyed at being nagged at for the third time in two weeks by my friend that i'm taking too long to give my turns in his Pathfinder campaign. Fuck me for not taking this GAME seriously enough.
That sucks.

A different perspective: Your friend may see this game as a symbol for your friendship, or maybe it is one of the few things that keeps them sane.

I stayed up all night on caffein and Robocraft, now i want to go to sleep but i have plans today.
It's preparation for my vacation and i won't put it off anymore!
Now if i can only keep my eyes open.

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