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Or Kill Me / Re: Kesha's yelling timber
« on: July 12, 2017, 11:00:20 pm »
6 weeks and change since my fall. 4 days into cold turkey quitting the opiates I've been on 24/7 for 6 weeks straight. No cravings, so not addicted, but absolutely experiencing withdrawals. Been sick since Monday. Lost probably 10 pounds. This sucks. Not being able to sleep had been the worst part.

Unfortunately, I tried other methods for pain management and none of them worked until last week when it had a major change.

Follow up appointments next week. We'll see how it goes. Have maybe 80% range of motion in right arm back. Can't reach directly above head.

Have tickets to see Garbage on Sunday. Kinda worried concussion has made me unable to handle multidirectional noisy crowds. I really hope that isn't the case, but some restaurants have given me immediate onset headaches.

Or Kill Me / Re: Kesha's yelling timber
« on: June 20, 2017, 08:32:02 am »
Just read for 2 hours, which the brain doc told me was a really good sign that my concussion  healing properly..if only my fucking shoulder and ribs would follow suit. Shoulders gotten worse the past week, which hopefully means this is the crux, and ribs still hurt like fuck anytime I cough - coughing fits bring me to tears especially.

Mostly at this point im just going fucking stir crazy from my newfound worthless slothful lifestyle.

Fuck this shit. Like, I want to climb again when it's safe, but fuck me this recovery is awful. Going to be over hella cautious about all danger. At least that's my current outlook.

Tried remembering more and more and more of the fall and the icu days, but it's just hazy. Really wish they hadn't given me ketamine. I understand the benefit, but I fucking hate the memory gaps it's caused.

Or Kill Me / Re: Kesha's yelling timber
« on: June 09, 2017, 01:58:38 am »
Any landing you can walk away from, right? Sheesh.

I really wish there was a vid of the fall proper. I so would've made jerryoftheday with it if there was. There some other pics on other news articles - Google "Boulder Canyon climber fall 30" and my nameless story should be the majority of the hits - I specifically remember telling a reporter they couldn't  use my name, and I'm very glad I was coherent enough for that one.

Been like 3 years since someone called me dags. Still not that long gone stranger.

Or Kill Me / Re: Kesha's yelling timber
« on: June 09, 2017, 01:54:25 am »
I was assuming you'd had cracked ribs before. Seemed a bit extreme for a first sporting injury. Might I suggest snapping an ankle or two and then building up from there. Take it slow til you get a good feel for it :lulz:

I probably fucked my knee up my 2nd or 3rd winter living on resort, but never got it fully checked. Mostly just bruises, scrapes, and general aches. Never had to ride the sled of shame until this one. First real sport injury, and it was a hell of one at that.

Trauma doc today regarding ribs, xray shows them mostly healed with right lung still only at about 80% - doc said some more breathing practice should address that.

Or Kill Me / Re: Kesha's yelling timber
« on: June 08, 2017, 04:10:36 pm »
Interesting, a lot of that sounds similar to cracked ribs?

Well, I have 3 broke ribs, and top right rib punctured right lung as it broke, so it's possible I'm only feeling the ribs and can't tell anything from my lung itself.

Or Kill Me / Re: Kesha's yelling timber
« on: June 08, 2017, 03:09:47 pm »
Morbid curiosity -- You said you didn't really notice when your lung got punctured.  What's it like now?

I've never had the chance to talk directly to someone to whom this has happened.

Feels like a side stitch from running everytime I breathe in fully/deeply. Deep breath exhale feels winded, like trying to catch your breath after a sprint.

Hurts sharply like a cramp anytime I laugh.

You mainly just feel like you're in after-running winded and trying to get your breathing to normal constantly. Only really noticeable on deep breaths

Or Kill Me / Re: Kesha's yelling timber
« on: June 08, 2017, 01:56:46 pm »
Good job not being dead yet!

Please accept this friendly reminder to count this incident as a major concussion when considering further risks in the future. Most brains can handle a few, but you don't want to go around falling off horses or getting beat with blunt objects if you've already got half a dozen doozies under your belt.

Actually had brain doc visit yesterday, have a follow up with her end of July for test and final confirmation of no lasting damage. First concussion and first time being knocked unconscious that I can remember, have snowboarded in a helmet for years, so pretty optimistic of my outlook at this point.

Today is trauma doc to cover my punctured lung and everything that isn't my shattered shoulder blade.

Or Kill Me / Re: Kesha's yelling timber
« on: June 08, 2017, 01:51:30 pm »
That awful, I'm so sorry and glad you didn't die!

On the other hand, for the rest of your life you get to tell people you're really bad at falling to your death. So, that's a win.
I dunno. I'm so bad at it that I've never come even near as close as Da6s.

I think the caveat here is that you have to actually fall. To be worse at it than Da6s, you'd have to fall at least 51 ft without dying.

I don't openly endorse this new measurement of badassery

It's either this, or back to the oranges.

Or Kill Me / Re: Kesha's yelling timber
« on: June 08, 2017, 07:21:11 am »
That awful, I'm so sorry and glad you didn't die!

On the other hand, for the rest of your life you get to tell people you're really bad at falling to your death. So, that's a win.
I dunno. I'm so bad at it that I've never come even near as close as Da6s.

I think the caveat here is that you have to actually fall. To be worse at it than Da6s, you'd have to fall at least 51 ft without dying.

I don't openly endorse this new measurement of badassery

Or Kill Me / Re: Kesha's yelling timber
« on: June 07, 2017, 10:29:34 pm »
Thanks for goodwishes all. Posted an update just now with some more details and ranty style KERPLAH.

But for real, i'm a lucky SOB.

Or Kill Me / Kesha's yelling timber
« on: June 07, 2017, 06:07:02 am »
I fell off the goddamned mountain.

Like, I fucking fell fell

So I'm writing this. Well. Starting to write this. On 4 pillows, 10 MG oxycodone, some muscle relaxer, 3 broken ribs, a punctured lung, countless scabs and bruises, and a shattered right shoulder blade or scapula if you prefer. There were a few brain contusions too, but I think those are mostly healed now, because fuck yeah helmets.

We'll see how deep it goes.

I've always been into man vs nature sports. Hence why I snowboard, hike, am into cross country/trail running, and had the itch to dabble in sport bow hunting and mtn biking for years. In high school, I briefly got into climbing with a friend that had all the gear. Loved it, hella fun sport. After I moved to Boulder prior to the navy mistake, I joined a climbing gym, bought all my own gear sans rope and some route setting equipment. Did it for a few months, then the navy made quit because I "could get injured". Horseshit I thought. I think they were onto something.

Moved back to Boulder last year, joined climbing gym again, got back into it. Made some climbing friends, and had been going outdoor climbing with them a few times. They were more experienced than I, but helped me to learn a ton and improve a lot more.

We went climbing in boulder Canyon the Sunday before memorial day. It was my last climb of 2017.

We started out pulley hanging ourselves across Boulder creek (river). First time for me, I did it fine. Found our climbing area, which was this awkward belay anchor area partway up a cliff face with sketchy footing. We climb a few routes. I do my first rope swing route which was a lot of fucking fun.

I break to eat. I eat a wrap of Boulder hippie food kind overlooking Boulder falls. I take a pic of said falls. My phone case, galaxy s7 edge, is magnetic. It slides off and drops onto an outcropping ledge 5 feet below me. Shit, I better get that because leave no trace. 5 foot scramble, no big deal. Fuck I was wrong.

I get to the ledge where my phone case rests, and it fucking gives way under both my feet. I slide, roll, tumble, claw, grasp, and flail down a roughly 50 foot drop. I'm stopped by a tree thwacking me across my back near the river. I stop. I lose consciousness at some point - multiple concussions will do that I hear. I'm rescued and evac'd by a rando hiker tourist and my friends. I have brief spans of memory from Sunday. I don't remember the ambulance ride. I don't remember the start of the emergency room. I remember being told they were giving me ketamine, my first time, which would explain the memory loss.

Edit 1: So I went to retrieve the phone case, ledge gives way, and I fall. from this point (Sunday around 3) until Tuesday, my memory is hazy from the multiple Ketamine IV's. I remember repeatedly being asked if I was ok, what's my name, who's the president. I was held steady, hoisted, ferried like a loved martyr, and then sherpa'd across the river onto a black ambulance. I don't remember the ride to the hospital. I don't remember arriving at the hospital. i have blurred memory sections of being in a hspital bed, being told I'm being given ketamine, asking my info, being told I had brain bleeding and 3 contusions. I remember the sensation of the first morphine IV they gave me that took all the pain away. I remember being told I had a punctured lung and being surprised at how I couldn't tell.

All things considered, I'm really fucking lucky. It wasn't an insignificant distance that I fell. Walking away from it is pretty damned bad ass. I'm realizing it's pretty fucking rad that I'm still alive. It wasn't really an accident out of gross negligence or fucking around - I was off belay, had just finished lunch, and was still in the "base/belay anchor area", just unnclipped, scrambled down an easy 5 feet to retrieve gear litter because leave no trace, ledge gave way, and i took a tumble. Arms and legs covered in scabs, body in general pain, shoulder and ribs sore as fuck, and it REALLY goddamned hurts to laugh.

Butttt I'ma be fully recovered with no last injuries in another 4 weeks, because im a hard ass motherfucker like that who don't take no shit from gravity and measly 50 foot falls that only serve to cull away the genetically inferior. I also spec'd into luck, as you naturally should do when starting your playthrough.

I'm now grounded from climbing and snowboarding for 6 months.
I'm in hella pain recovery for. 5sh weeks. Not paralyzed, full recovery expected, just lots of pain.

I may compound on this moreso later, but meds kicking in and I'm sleepy.

Or kill me. Because gravity is a bitch and couldn't do. It.

warning: auto-play video

Anyway, turns out young Mr. Harrouff was a Donald Trump fan, and while biting chunks of his victim's face off, the teen was wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Rio 2016 shitshow thread
« on: August 19, 2016, 02:40:00 am »
This Ryan Lochte situation is actually worth discussing, especially if the gas station tapes are true. Reminds me of some entitled douchebag athletes that went on rampages in breck/keystone.

Latest is Brazil let his 2 homies go.

In the video, released by Brazilian police, gas station employees observe the athletes, then escort them out of the bathroom. In another clip, from a different camera angle, the athletes quickly seat themselves on the ground and raise their hands, as if ordered by a person with a gun. Veloso confirmed that one of the security guards produced the weapon to “contain” the swimmers so they could not leave without paying for the damage. “The firearm was used in a situation in which they were contained. When they were contained the firearm was put away,” he said.

So they were held at gunpoint briefly by security guards, giving some validity.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Rio 2016 shitshow thread
« on: August 18, 2016, 04:54:25 pm »
Ryan Lochte's a liar fugitive for attention, not surprising.

Corruption abounds with boxing medals. That was the last thing I paid attention to. Burnt out on the perpetual mess. Volunteers quitting and striking over work conditions & lack of provided food. Paralympics scandal where all the budget money was used by corrupt officials & not put towards events. Some other shit.

Apple Talk / Re: High Altitude Hell, part 9: I got nothing.
« on: August 15, 2016, 01:43:15 am »
I read the title & had bad flashbacks to spring break texans in Breck.

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