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I don't even know what I did that was so bad that time...

I know.

Also, it's worth noting that Meunster doesn't have an unlimited thread.

I don't like him on account of no social filters, but he isn't flooding or anything.  One is just my opinion, the other fucks the board up.

I mean, jesus fuck, we put up with TTM for how many years? Funny buys a lot of slack.

TTM made me laugh on occasion, but I haven't been friendly with him since 2005.  He was too much of a dick, and I'd just as soon not be around him.  I even remember the post that did it.

Funny buys something, but I am an irritable son of a bitch these days, so it buys less than normal.

I am anticipating similar results. 

there's so many damn flavors, it's hard to decide where to even begin.  i chose three different ones to start.  a normal "tobacco" flavor, a chocolate/coffee and a vanilla/caramel type thing if memory serves.

Flavors don't always work out well.

I use unflavored.  Less chance of inhaling blueberry fucking bubblegum that's been in someone's pants.

Old school gamers:



You guys know how I always yell about dumbasses walking in Arizona without boots or shoes on their feet?  How I call them slack-jawed monkeyfuckers who deserve what they get?

Guess who has no thumbs and figured he could just hop out and get the mail barefoot?

Guess who managed to step on a hornet?

Slack-jawed monkeyfucker at large.

e cig paraphernalia has been ordered.  if i did my research right, and i can successfully get off "analog" cigs, i'm gonna save a fuckload of money so i got that going for me too

It costs me about a buck a day.

I think what you guys might be trying to say is, "You wouldn't like it if we came to your super serious forum and just went around breaking unspoken rules and being a jerk to everyone, would you?"


Jesus fuck.. No. We aren't complete hypocrites. What we're asking is that if you come to our super serious forum and just go around breaking unspoken rules and being a jerk to everyone, at least be funny.

He an Meunster have one thing in common:  They view "friends" as "circle jerk".

Yeah, the whole deal is that we never actually silence anyone. We just give them a little quarantine thread, and if they decide to stop posting like dickbags, they're free to do so. We, however, are also free to ridicule them. As a result, usually they leave after a bit.

Note that no longer posting like a dickbag doesn't necessarily entail any grovelling. It's exactly what it says on the tin. If you make a post that is helpful, funny, original, or at least doesn't consist of perpetuating your bullshit/drama, it won't get moved over here. At least, that's my understanding of the practice. I'm not a mod or admin.

I have in fact allowed a non-dickbag post outside of this thread.

Everyone here is so circle jerky. I like you Acosmicist. You're autistic, but a different kind then these twats, and if you ever post I will be there to reply. In a snarky encouraging way.

Why doesn't anyone like Meunster?  :(


Have you considered acting like a human being?
What does this even fucking mean?

Problem isolated.

Enjoy your ecological madhouse, lowlanders!


So is this forum. Can we just delete the new Unlimited guy? He's boring and sad. But more boring than sad. But still sad.

That would be a question for Cain or Faust.  I'm outta that biz.   :lulz:

I believe that is what he wanted. That's he only way they "win".

Yep.  But at least the splatter is contained.  So it's win-win.

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