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I landed a paid internship that involves Python, pays more than my previous job, and has a beer fridge in the office.

As someone whose workplace is mostly Python and a beer fridge, congrats. In my experience, it is exactly as sweet as it sounds.

This recent burst of Holies™ is fucking marvellous.

I'm almost disappointed you've not installed some kind of self destruct device.

What kind of future is this?
It was poor Signora's device, but we may do this on the replacement. Sadly the remote-wipe is conditional on the device being reconnected to the internet, or the error-prone dead-man's switch approach.

Hope you get your shit back.

I doubt the cleaning lady was in on it, but it does seem fortuitous they chose the day she would be there and that the camera was turned off for their robbery.  I assume you've considered the possibility you were surveilled before the crime?
Yeah, have thought it through a bit. Cleaning lady changed the day she was going to visit at the last minute though, and intruder seems to have been caught off guard by the security system, so they seem equal parts brilliant and stupid. It may just be that they know our daily routine, in terms of our leaving early every morning, without knowing our weekly/alarm routine.

Grats on your grade, by the way!

The cleaner also took photos before cleaning, in case we complained about the work because it was so bad to start with, so we got some kind of idea of what was messed with. Despite the obvious not noticing something was amiss with the open front door and turned-over house, I am impressed that she thought we left it like that and STILL cleaned it.

Definitely keeping an eye on sales, gave police serial numbers and will share those with relevant stores. Thinking of configuring a few of my devices to listen out for the MAC address of the missing device, in case it's still trying to pair with our WiFi access point when we drive past the house it's in, if it's local.

Our house got burgled, so that's kind of shit.
It looks like they ransacked the bedroom/hall areas, piled everything on a blanket ready to carry it out, then walked into the lounge and realised the house is full of cameras and door sensors (turned off due to a cleaner visiting today). They seem to have freaked out, broken a camera off the wall and stolen it, stolen one MacBook (among a pile of other MacBooks and more expensive electronics) and bolted.

No images captured due to disabled system, but we do have a timeline of their movements through doors for all the good it does us. I don't imagine we'll ever see the MacBook or the security camera again.

Fantastically, our cleaner then turned up, presumed we were slobs and unransacked the house, polishing all flat surfaces and likely destroying all forensic evidence.

Author of it wrote this: and Part II seems to deal with that video in the OP, however from what I gather the URL to the draft version was leaked before intended release, so it was taken down temporarily.

That... wow that is something.

It almost reads like at attempt to establish a document trail for a reframing of the story which makes boss seem more favorable. Like "If I can just sneak some criticisms in there, some unrequired reminders of basic job requirements, subtly enough that I'm not called out, I can refer to it later as a pattern of issues", if the boss was actual capable of subtlety or scheming at all.

Fuck, Roger. Just saw this on FaceSpace. Hoping for the best, man.

I finally was gonna migrate all my shit from my old mac to my new mac, and my old mac is now unresponsive. Grrrr.

In less frustrating news, I learned a new word today, which I think I will have a LOT of use for. "Hoon".

Can confirm, New Zealanders regularly "go for a hoon".

RPG Ghetto / Re: Unified Vidya Games thread
« on: March 06, 2016, 10:37:57 pm »
Bears in Requiem do have a warning distance (they had one in vanilla too, but it was never properly implemented).  So long as you don't threaten it by drawing a weapon or moving closer in its threat zone, it should just stroll on by.

Sabre cats, now...that's a different story.  They will be actively stalking you through all that grass.  They have a delightful knockdown attack, btw.

Funny story: just before quitting I turned away from that bear and there was a dead Sabre Cat behind me. Following Faldrus from Rorikstead to Whiterun paid off as a survival strategy.

RPG Ghetto / Re: Unified Vidya Games thread
« on: March 06, 2016, 10:43:49 am »
Gradually toggling how pretty I want things to be. Have settled on depth of field being on during play, although getting used to focusing it on any particular thing.

That last one is where I saved for the night, with a bear sneaking up on me. I'm rather concerned.

RPG Ghetto / Re: Unified Vidya Games thread
« on: March 05, 2016, 02:50:59 am »
Unless someone else has already done it, I'm going to need to put together a simple Campfire/Alternate Start patch because it pisses me off that I start next to a vanilla static campfire and immediately have to build a new Campfire grade campfire to do campfire things on.

RPG Ghetto / Re: Unified Vidya Games thread
« on: March 04, 2016, 10:01:12 pm »
I am dying so often. It is awesome.

That does sound like Requiem at work.  Mage = arrow to the face experience.  Warrior = magic to the face experience.  Rogue = all your sneak attacks failing because ROBOTS AND UNDEAD AND ALIENS DON'T HAVE DISCERNIBLE ANATOMY and then getting rekt experience.


Walk out the gate, Fire Mage. Two fireballs ded.

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