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I've decided to delurk and apologize for my immensely shitty behavior directed at Nigel and Roger.

I don't have much to add to the Coyote thing besides the usual MOMMY AND DADDY DON'T FIGHT.

Ya, not going to happen.

I didn't much appreciate being woke up in the middle of the night to be told that Roger is acting like a shit again.

I actually was posting sporadically, but fuck it, Roger and Nigel can freely post without ever having to think about me coming in and shitting their shit up again.

I don't even know what the fuck Roger is going on about me "think he was a bad guy from the start" kinda shit he is spouting.

So peace out. Everyone can pretty much reach me in other ways.

roger can suck cold shit from an abandoned Iraqi portoshitter.

Roger's my friend too, so, yeah, not going to back you up on that.

You know, maybe we need a different approach here.

my approach was not dealing with people I dislike that I don't have to.

I don't really need to know if roger is talking shit about me.

roger can suck cold shit from an abandoned Iraqi portoshitter.

Literate Chaotic / Re: The Parable of the Starship Rental Agency
« on: December 05, 2013, 05:14:56 am »
This sounds like a plot point for some SF show.

The OP or the Melancholy Demise of Speedy Jack?

Dude, The Melancholy Demise of Speedy Jack sounds like some surrealist anime title.
I need to remember that story so I can use it somehow in the future for a DND in SPAAAAAACE game.

Literate Chaotic / Re: The Parable of the Starship Rental Agency
« on: December 04, 2013, 07:43:51 pm »
This sounds like a plot point for some SF show.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: No war with Iran? LETS FIGHT CHINA
« on: November 27, 2013, 11:38:48 pm »

>And we know how much value Asian societies put on face.

This seems flawed. Sure, there is "face" at stake, but in the all-in-all, there is also, oh, I dunno, their whole fucking economy.

wonder what percent of their manufacturing sector would collapse if we decided to say fuck it and engage a full embargo on them tomorrow. China would go from a "almost relevant" to "shit tier" nation over night...

Are you actually serious here? What makes you think that the USA wouldn't end up in a way worse position? For a start, China would call in ALL THE DEBT. How do you think that will end?

Poorly for everybody.

I haven't been ignoring this thread due to discomfort but rather due to academic obligations (for reasons that are about to be clear).

I've been expecting this, and, weird as it is, I've decided to be honest and give my interpretation of it.

God said, "You are God."

I interpret this to mean that the panentheist model is correct (or that I was just loudly talking to myself on a subconscious level), and that I, as an individual have a self-determined destiny to see about, and I'm not seeing about it, and God had to tell me flat out to stop worrying about me and start worrying about me. If that makes sense. I interpret it as "there is work to be done. You alone can determine what that work is." It was, however, a loud and clear voice that fell silent after is spoke.

I had similar things happen to me over the years.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Rand Paul finally commits the ultimate sin.
« on: November 16, 2013, 08:24:45 am »
Personally I'm ok with plagiarism. To say otherwise would be to support the concept of intellectual property, and that is something that I absolutely will not do.

You're a fucking idiot. plagiarism isn't even about ip.

RPG Ghetto / Re: Official D&D 5E Announcement
« on: November 14, 2013, 09:40:41 pm »
you guys tempt me to write out my opinions of 4th ed... but then I realize we already did that earlier ITT, and it's generally a waste of time trying to convince people on the net that your favorite RPG isn't trash.

I tried GURPS for the first time this summer... LOVED the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle RPG. Aside from that, didn't like the system much. Probably wouldn't play it again unless we revisit TNMT. I didn't realize tabletop combat could actually move slower than 4th edition.  :p

Anybody actually tried the D&D Next rules? Would be curious to hear people's reactions. We played with it a bunch a few months ago at a variety of levels and everybody in my group seemed pretty satisfied. I will be happy if they can hold back from repeating their 3rd edition mistakes.

I'm not opposed to 5e, but I will not be giving WotC my money for a game product that as as I have seen does nothing new or interesting enough to warrant supporting WotC and Hasbro. I'm much more inclined to give them my money in exchange for reprints of modules and supplements for older editions. But more importantly I'd rather my gaming dollars go to support smaller companies that are producing much more interesting things, or at least things I find much more interesting.

well I think I'm definitely to be going to leave.
since I can't be pissed over someone's shitty tactics without being called fragile, insecure or a fucking sexist.
like how the fuck do you make a defense against that kind of shit.

so the reason I stopped really calling Roger out on being a shithead on the few times it looked like he was being one, evidently it gets forgotten that I did long ago because I give as much shit about him bein old white man as I do to Nigel being a little brown woman, that I did used to do that.  I stopped because I couldn't tell when he was being a braying shit sprayer on purpose or becaue his he'd was full of fucked up shit again. The reason I called Nigel out and got so pissed is precisely becaue I expected more than fucking trollish behavior as she is well aware of how bleeding easy it is troll pd. so excuse me for having some compassion for a man who had a head full shit that may make him act like a shit.

so thanks for bringing sex into the discussion.  I've been sharing this shit storm with my wife, and she just stopped even entertaining the idea of reading this shit from the beginning in case I had in fact overreacted,  which is highly possible becaue I do a volatile temper,  once I shared that wonderful bit about everyone disagreeing with or being outright pissed with nigel being labeled sexist for stepping away once big daddy white man Roger showed up. She got pissed.  my wife who doesn't get anywhere as angry as I do about anything got pissed at you shitnecks for that shitty tactic.

that ypu fucking went there just speaks volumes about who you are and what you think about other people. sure I don't deserve anything becaue I already said vehemently that I no longer value anything said b6 roger or nigel, to which I have to add stella for chiming in along with roger, which isn't surprising,  but there were other people still pissed who hadn't written off you shitheads.

I'm going to try to take  a break form this board, which is usually what I do when some shit head is being a shit head, or during the academic quarter.

I know my opinion doesn't have much weight around here anyways,  and that is going to be labeled attention seeking behavior because my precious feefees got hurt by the mean nigel for nigeling me.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Dear Coyote
« on: October 24, 2013, 05:54:13 am »
I hope this shit was entertainment for some people because evidently it wasn't enough for Roger to keep from bitching about f5ing right after I posted and then not posting

not ignoring what you have said Twid, but this is basically how I feel.

That is a candy coating. What she actually said was that anyone who chooses to have "atheist" as a defining characteristic is, automatically and without exception, an insecure asshole. I disagree with that assessment of the situation.

and then being told I have a position of privledge or have to have one in order to say "hey I don't worship gods" and then to have roger invalidate my fucking rage Obert this shit because I didn't get his back on pent being a dick about religion.
that is is also why I am furious.
I evidently only matter in so far as I support and defend certain people here and only if I always do so.
because it's not life I haven't ripped into people for being shits before.  But I guess it only matters if its special topics.
I've been so furious I almost cut class because I am shaking with rage. This is the kind of rage that were those two assholes members of my family i would have cut ties with them after screaming at them until my throat bled.
so fuck them
I've been having a shitty quarter already. I don't need some selectively moralistic shits call me I am a fucking nazi for not kowtowing to invisible sky dudes.
It's not life I already hate myself for being tpo cowardly to be combat arms and for even being a member of the fucking us military who may have probably had a hand in killing hundreds of people simply by doing his job.
I don't need some fucking whit privilege giilt trip fire being an atheist.

or withdrawal it make you fucks happy if I just stopped posting here for f I bkung 3v er.
becaue evidently what little content I have provided,  directly to riger, us just not enough.  u need to do when he wants it and gods ducky forbid I fucking write a paper instead of coming up with clever insults or goi g trolling.  or whatever the dunk else us what he wants.

seriously get fucked.  I had no fucking vine in this weird ass beef you have with atheists the  because fucking white boy pent shat all over religious folk. I defined myself as an atheist because I didn't give a fuck about the existence of a fucking diety,  but evidently this is a fucking "check your fucking privledge white boy" moment.  Thank you fucking condescending wannabe mother figure.  I fucking had this sneaking suspicion that was the root of your fucking issue. could you care to enlighten this poor ignorant white boy about how his fucking white privledge had some how blinded gin to the wondrous fucking position of privledge he had gained by rejecting the validity that he needs to pay homage to a fucking diety that regardless of its existence doesn't fucking matter to him?

I was fucking super religious, until I left basic.  Then I had a very very fucking brief religion is stupid phase that lasted die maybe a year.  Now I just don't fucking care.

Funny fucking thing two fucking days ago I publicly coving my support to a friend of mine regarding her faith and my vehement disdain for Atheists, and constantly point all the fucking awesome shit we have because certain religious faiths placed knowledge of the natural world on a pat with seeking the knowledge of the divine because they saw no difference between the two.
but because I don't fucking brag about how often I defend religion in my day to day life from Jack ass Atheists and don't fucking chew out the fucking jackass behavior of pent I am evidently the sane class as white supremacists. 
shit maybe I should have been talking shit to twid for gigs spiritual exploration,  or rofer die fits fucking sermons, or you for whatever Tybee duck thing your Jahr recently dinner towards some shrine.

that is why I am pissed.  not because I have suddenly had my white cishet male privledge shoved in my face. 
I've gotten shit from my family for not being Catholic so fuck off.

I've been dealing with a whole other level of shit beyond my bitching about school so again fuck off with your weird fucking agenda

well you have certainly shown me the errors of my sinful ways.


get fucked Nigel.
you chose to make a point in deliberately trollish wau and while I acknowledge the validity of your point you have lost my respect.  not that anyone actually gives a shit about my opinion or input or contributions here. 

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