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I used to think I was weird.  I used to amuse people with my weirdness by acting... weird.

Now I have to try really hard to act normal or people start to get afraid of me.

I used to think I was EDGY.  I used to say random controversial things to appear socially confident.

Now I avoid people who do this to be outlandish, and instead carefully watch the NORMALS for the one secretly replacing the Christian pamphlets with ones containing nude male models.

I used to think I was REBELLIOUS.  I used to shop at REBELLIOUS chain stores and watch REBELLIOUS TV and take all the REBELLIOUS PILLS they gave me and parrot the REBELLIOUS memes and opinions fed to me by the REBELLIOUS marketing campaigns.

Now I try my best to look straight edged, so that nobody looks at me when the customers come back asking why our marketing emails begin with "Dear Mr. or Mrs. Fuckwad," and get progressively worse from there.

I used to think I was ALIVE.

Now I die every few months just to laugh at the last jackass that used my name but hadn't learned SHIT.  That fucking moron.

In all honesty I sometimes wonder if I should have taken the BLUE pill.

I suppose I still could, but the effect would be watered down severely.  I will never be fully comfortable again.

You've all destroyed me.  The guy that came here ranting stupid bullshit under the name "trix" is DEAD.

Fucking dead.

They don't tell you the red pill will fucking kill you.

Now I'm walking around with the name "trix" and am both nostalgic for, and nauseated by, the dead guy formerly known as me.  That ignorant, blissful fuck.

On the bright side, the whole thing is pretty funny.


Ok, I know they talk a serious (or at least, hilarious) game.  I get that much of what they say can be very enticing.  This is the BAIT they are using to lure you in, you sucker.

What you are missing is that NONE OF THESE PEOPLE HAVE YOUR BEST INTEREST IN MIND.  NONE.  Even when they say they do.  Why would you ever believe a Discordian???

Think about it.  I've read hundreds upon hundreds of threads here over the last few years and have realized these folks at PD are a BIG FUCKING THREAT.  The more you read, the more you learn, the more you let them dose your mind with the literary LSD they carefully package in a deliciously spicy blend of hilarity and WTF, you LOSE PEICES OF YOURSELF.

Everything you are trying to accomplish in your life, ALL OF IT, is THREATENED by each word you read in this place.  They are KILLING YOU.  You work your fucking ass off ALL DAY LONG, day after day after DAY, to afford your comfortable place, your nice clothes, your big screen TV with 10,000 channels and Netflix, your XBOX420 and your virtual reality headset and your motion-activated plastic fish that sings and your collection of whatever-the-fuck-you-collect.  These are NICE THINGS.  You get to come home after a hard day and relax and turn off your brain (or keep it off, if you work the type of job that most of us do).  You get to watch your shows and put your feet up and relax for the short spurt before going to bed.  Nice.

But then one day while wasting some time online you come across something that's pretty funny, pretty interesting, and you look more into it.  You read more of it.  Over time, you start to find yourself agreeing with things you never thought you would.  You start to see the Truth in what they are saying and the Bullshit you are surrounded by.  The Bullshit you surround yourSELF with.  That you trick yourself with.

That's when they GOT YOU.

At first it's only a mild annoyance, in the back of your mind.  Something you read, in one of those many rants, sticks out in your mind a bit more than most.  You start seeing things a little differently.  Your priority shifts ever so slightly.  Your shows start to seem unusually boring, repetitive, and insidious.  You start to notice spiders.  Shadows and spiders.  You start to notice pills.  You start to notice all manner of uncomfortable realities that were always there but invisible.

One day you realize you are no longer comfortable.  No longer satisfied.  You feel abused, manipulated, and surrounded by cons.  CONS.  All sorts of them.  From low level stupid cons you really should have noticed before, to epic, masterful cons that had to have taken massive teams of amazingly skilled con-artists to create.  Suddenly, it's hard to breathe.

So you go back to the place that did this to you and search for an explanation.  Instead, you realize they find it FUNNY.  They are LAUGHING AT YOU.

Eris likes it when you are uncomfortable.  Her Discordians like it too.  That's what you missed.  That's what you didn't see until it was TOO LATE.  But it IS too late.  Now there's only one direction left that you can really go... DEEPER.

So you read more and more, hoping for a weakness, an achilles heel to this insidious mind-control they've pulled on you with LAZ0RS and FNORDS.  You laugh at the jokes along the way, and the noobs that are starting down the path you are now too far down to turn back.  You laugh at the noobs that don't get it, and can't even see the path is there.  You even start to laugh at your own foolishness, in being so comfortable in the first place.  After all, you were surrounded by spiders and didn't even know it.

That's when they GOT YOU AGAIN.

You laugh, and you laugh.  You start making your own jokes.  You start making your own posts.  You even start showing some noobs the path markers they keep missing, all the while laughing at them too for being such utter fools.  Laughing WITH the other Discordians, because you are fully one of them now.

"NO WAY" you say, "I can see the joke, sure, but I'm NOTHING LIKE THE REST OF THEM."

Sure, numbnuts, you're not like them at all.  But neither are THEY.  That's what drew your attention to begin with!  That's how they GOT YOU.  A singular point of view gets BORING.  These are CHAOS people you are dealing with.  They destroy your LIFE, laugh at you for it, then keep laughing until you get the joke and laugh too.

Discordia is not a cult, nor a religion.

Discordia is a journey that comes in many stages.  How many exactly varies person to person.

It's a fucking hidden trap door in your COUCH, and while you sit there watching some corporate approved "rebellious" TV show suddenly the trap door springs open and you fall into an alternate dimension full of spiders and horrors and the couch is coated in SUPERGLUE and the TV only shows some hypnotic white noise that's DAMN hard to look away from and the snack you were mindlessly munching on is now MUD.

It's a fucking combination of every itchy as fuck sweater every grandma ever made into one lumpy fuck of a body suit and duct-taped around your entire naked body.  Every time you so much as turn your head to look at ANYTHING it's all ITCH ITCH ITCH BURN BURN BURN.

Doesn't sound fun or funny, does it?

That's because you're not yet ready to get the joke.

If you would rather stay in the Matrix and eat steak, this is your last chance.


You have been warned.

(This post has not been proof-read, re-read, or even read for the first time.)
(Yup, that means you didn't read it either.  Fucking LSD)

 - trix

:lulz: Dude, it's literally called Jacob's Ladder.

You really did sleep through Bible Studies.

If I had had Bible Studies, I certainly would have slept through them.

Anyway I only checked the link you posted.

I'm disappointed.  For an all-powerful God, I would expect the trip to heaven to be a bit more spectacular than a damned ladder.  Not even an escalator?  Shit, sign me up for the Human Catapult to Heaven.

Jacob's Catapult.

Then again, I would never be granted entrance anyway, if the Bible is to be believed.  Luckily, I'll have tons of great company in Hell.

That's because you didn't pay attention in Bible studies:

Hmm, some translations mention "though they climb up to heaven..." and others translate it as "though they ascend to heaven" but nowhere does it actually mention a ladder of any kind.

Perhaps they climb the monkey bars to heaven?  I've always been good at monkey bars, I'd probably have a decent shot.

Is that One Punch Man, trix?  A guy I watch on youtube makes references to that show, constantly.

Yes!  Saitama is one of my personal heroes.

The only fictional one, as it happens.

ETA: OPM is also the only anime I watch, the only Manga I read, and the only Webcomic I religiously follow.  I say this to express my obsession with this brilliant story.

Hay everbody!
Is everyone still kicking?

Not sure how I missed this thread but HELLO IPTUOUS!  I'm months late but I do miss your unfortunately agreeable nature.

Also, i was labelled poptart but I was NOT banned and I'm very immature.

I feel ripped off.

Also also, +1 on the Big Words praise!

What.  CLIMB to heaven?  WTF!  I thought a big ray of light comes down and gives you an elevator ride to heaven!  What is this CLIMB shit??

What if I have a broken arm?  Do people with broken arms have to fall to hell?  Is there maybe a rope and harness system for the handicapped?


This is what The Stick looks like.

A hacker turned FBI informant, acting under the watchful eye of several government agencies, assembles a team of unwitting accomplices to break into a private security firm and sell information about their deals with the US government to a foreign national that has released mountains of data the state would rather see buried. When the data is extracted, one of the team members releases the data before it can be sold, removing any possibility of nailing that enemy of the state with a crime in the US (purchasing stolen goods). A journalist links to the data dump after it has already been reported on in national and international media outlets.

The person who released the data early just got sentenced to ten years in prison without the possibility of parole. The journalist is facing 105 years if convicted, and has already spent one year in jail awaiting trial.

An army intelligence officer witnesses multiple incidences of war crimes in Iraq, and is told to SHUT UP about it. She copies reams of data onto a disk labeled "Lady Gaga" and releases it to the public, including a video showing two journalists being murdered by trigger-happy helicopter gunmen, and two children injured for having the gall to be passing through on their way home from school. This is in addition, of course, to the other anonymous Iraqis who were caught in the crosshairs. The data released proves over and over how the US government has been using diplomatic channels to spy on their allies and enemies, in violation of international norms and in some cases laws.

The army private is serving 35 years in military prison. No one else is going to jail.

A bright young scholar, entrepreneur and activist devised a method to download thousands of files from a University network: files that were accessible to anyone who was on this deliberately open network to read, download, and print as they saw fit. He downloaded them faster than the company liked (though this was not in violation of their terms of service) and the company asked the University to look into the problem. When they discovered who was downloading the files, the secret service stepped in because of the young man's politics. Despite the company actively requesting that charges be dropped, and the University not requesting it, a criminal investigation went forward. All he wanted was to give the research back to the public who funded it.

The young man could not live with the knowledge that he would spend the rest of his life a convicted felon, and hanged himself instead.

A journalist who had already taken down a five star general with his investigative reporting told friends and colleagues he was on the verge of uncovering something even more explosive than his previous stories. His excitement turned to anxiety, and he warned others that he might need to "go dark" for a while as he continued his research. One night he went downstairs to ask his neighbor to borrow her car, as he was afraid his had been tampered with. She could not, because she needed the car later in the evening. He went out in his car.

It crashed into a tree at 100 mph, exploding in a fiery wreck. There were no skid marks.



It's not subtle and it's not discerning and it's not legal or moral or right. And we let it happen. We let it happen right in front of us day after day and they keep locking up literally anyone for any goddamn reason from "couldn't pay fines" to "participated in a protest" to petty possession of things that will be legal within the decade. There are over a hundred non-violent offenders in the US on life without parole. They arrest kids in school and bodily violate traffic offenders. They let off murderers and the architects of global financial catastrophes and shoot veterans in their homes.


This is what The Stick looks like.

Bumping this old thread due to its brilliance.

And because the above quoted post literally made me cry.

Especially knowing I'm far too chickenshit to get off my couch and go be FREE ALL OVER THE PLACE, like the amazing people described ITT.  When I do bother to get off my couch and throw a wrench into the gears, I do it like a coward.  Small, petty, dumb shit done under cover of darkness with absolutely minimal risk.

The existence of people like the above is one of few redeeming qualities of our fucked-in-the-brain species.

I don't know what to say, I just had to say SOMETHING due to how much this thread affected me.

Thank you, Q. G. Pennyworth.  I am utterly in love with 80%+ of the things you post on PD.  In fact, I found this thread by stalking your Previous Posts via your profile.  Since yesterday.

Literate Chaotic / Re: Unofficial What are you Reading Thread?
« on: August 22, 2016, 06:14:47 am »
I don't know what to read now. I still have five weeks and I feel like I should be using it to read things that are 100% unrelated to science and academia during this brief window when I CAN. But what would those things even be?

I recommend The Black Company series by Glen Cook.

To everyone.  All the time.

Until they beg me to stop.

Pure entertainment though, in contrast to much of the... heavier stuff ITT.

There's also a large amount of great free open source games, like:
Xonotic (FPS) very modern game similar to Unreal Tournament
Kobo Deluxe (arcade) one of my favorite ways to waste a few minutes
Pipewalker (puzzle) great puzzle game
Briquolo (arcade) which is Brick Breaker in 3D
Emilia Pinball (pinball) which is... pinball.
Open Sonic (side-scroller) which is a very faithful Sonic the Hedgehog clone
Secret Maryo Chronicles (mario-clone) Super Mario Bros clone
SuperTux 2 (mario-clone) A Mario-like 2D sidescroller with a penguin twist
FreeDroidRPG (RPG) One of the best games I've played, but a steeper than normal learning curve (it has a unique twist) and it really needs a better GUI.

Free, open source games need all the rep they can get, and the ones listed here (and many more) are fantastic games that compare well to the commercial ones listed.  There are amazing racing games (TORCS, TuxKart, etc), MMORPG's (Daimonin, The Mana World, PlaneShift), and tons more.

None of these cost a dime, and some have so much DLC that you can play new content for years.

Yeah, I've wasted a lot of my life.

I should mention, Wurm Online is free to play.  The monthly fee is for Premium Access which allows your skills to rise above 20.  You wont need that for your first month, as your skills wont hit 20 yet and you'd need to learn the game.  It's a very steep, unforgiving, learning curve.

The game is more fun the longer you play it.  At the beginning with low skills it takes a very long time just to feed yourself and find basic shelter.  At higher skill levels you can go to a new area butt naked and a week later have a thriving cottage farm with large stocks of anything useful.  Unlike most games Wurm Online is at the highest difficulty when you first start, and gets easier and easier the farther you get.  This causes the vast majority of new players to join, wander around lost awhile, starve, get eaten by wolves, drown, get killed by a player for stealing his rowboat, then quit, frustrated, and never play again.  But if you can get past that point Wurm Online is one of the greatest games ever made and I don't say that lightly.

I got Rust, which is basically Minecraft for adults. But shitty Minecraft with hardly anything you can do and full of assholes that kill you as soon as you wake up. Or you starve to death and lose all your shit.

I already regret spending money on it, and am wondering whether to keep plugging away at it in the hope it eventually becomes fun, or to just bail and get another game.

Anyone have any suggestions? Prefer adventure/puzzle games, and I don't like graphic novels disguised as games. I'm poor so I can't justify spending more than $30, and it has to run on Mac.

If you like minecrafty games wurm is really good.  It's a mideval survival game with a player modified world.  wurm online is an MMO,  free to play but costs to progress past a certain point (subscription fee, about $10 a month game cash can be earned in game and used to pay it) wurm unlimited is a one time fee game (I dont remember the cost, about $30 I think) and I haven't played that version but you can set up your own world and play on ones other people have set up.  Designed by the guy who designed minecraft with another guy who still runs it, much prettier graphics than minecraft and a generally friendly community if you go on the PVE servers, the PVP ones are kind of empty and hostile.

Wurm Online sucked me in for several years.  I played on the Epic PvP servers and still have like a dozen very valuable characters.  If you play on MR Home Server it's mostly PvE with only very occasional PvP and I could give you one hell of a head start.  Enough to start paying the monthly fee using in-game currency immediately, and then some.

Wat mean
"I am the villain, someone be the hero. If I am to be Evil, then surely there must be someone who matches my Evil with Good to make me pay. Surely there will be justice."
most mofo no wan be caught

How do you know what most mofos want, deep down?  Are you most mofos?

Do you consider yourself to be Evil?

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