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The size of your headache will depend jointly on your ability to find a reliable source of information on your specific tablet and your ability to carefully read and follow the instructions given.  I've been doing this kind of thing for years and never bricked a device.

That said, the warning about hardware compatibility is accurate, much depends on your specific tablet and how "open" it is.  Some devices are fully supported and a breeze to do this with, others will produce the outcome Paes predicts.

On a tablet you possess the steps would depend on your specific tablet, but on many you can install Debian ARM edition directly or build a Gentoo system if you want to both learn more about linux and spend a week deciding exactly how you want each detail of your OS to work.

Or you can get a Pi 2 from for $40 and a touchscreen of whatever size, put them together whatever way you want, and run official Raspbian, desktop OS.  That's what I did plus two usb snes gamepads for emulation.

I agree that Android is shit.


The most interesting thing about this is that he is saying some very true things about the system we live in: "It's decades of racial disparity, and economic disparity"... which also include law enforcement disparity.

Not that I'm saying that the U.S. police force are one of the great Bad Guys of History, but when you think about it, have any of the Bad Guys of History ever thought of themselves as the bad guys. It seems they almost always see themselves as The Hero of the Story.

Yeah, pretty much, which is exactly why all of the really big evils of the world are perpetrated by idealists trying to create a perfect society.

Hence my axiom that Utopias are built on stacks of bones.  As are all of the other big-fucking plans primates make that never fucking work.


I find that I encounter an awful lot of Atheists who believe zealously that all the great evils of the world are caused by religion. They tend to be very resistant to the idea that all the great evils of the world are, for the most part, caused by zealotry.

Well, zealotry and natural disasters.

And in all cases of zealotry, the failure that follows is merely proof that they didn't do it enough.

I recently found out that there's a name for this actual phenomenon. I can't remember it now, though. Maybe if I dig through my homework...

Here it is. In systems science, it's a combination of two archetypes, escalation and fixes that fail.

I doubt it's the name you're looking for but, confirmation bias?

Also, not funny but incredible: (linked because you have to see it full size)


In the halloween spirit

I've considered getting into lifting but it's always so embarrassing to be struggling to lift the bar with no weights on it. 

That's sort of like saying you considered going to grad school, but you won't because you don't have a doctorate.   :lulz:

I am NOT trying to sell you on anything here, I am just having a laugh.

Yeah well, since I literally mean I need a spotter to bench the bar by itself, I'd say it's more like I considered going to grad school, but don't because it's embarrassing to ask for help multiplying whole numbers... in Calculus class.

Or Kill Me / Re: On Being Terrible
« on: October 26, 2014, 05:52:56 pm »

I like this so much!  Fucking seriously sick of people forgiving me for shit I did they barely even know about.  "Oh I'm sure it's not that bad, I know you're a good person."  FUCK YOU FUCKASS YOU WEREN'T THERE.  I've done some fucked up shit and goddamn DESERVE to feel like shit about it sometimes.  I've earned that shit.

THANK YOU for putting it better than I ever could have.  Massive respect for this.

 - trix

Or Kill Me / Re: 10-17-14
« on: October 18, 2014, 02:56:27 pm »
I am having difficulties interpreting all of this, but I do like it.  You seem to be saying multiple things, but in strange ways.

I think you are describing (/building) a perspective humans normally don't see, and either describing life in the terms of a CPU, or a CPU using metaphors of life, or both simultaneously. Or I'm way off and you're going for something entirely different.

Am I close?

LOL @ that gif.

Loki, I think your issue here is your attraction to pinealism. These boards often attract word salad lovers that fill up sections with inane bullshit we have to then sift through to find anything worth reading, which is never fun. Since it's difficult to get banned from here, sometimes we have to just deal with it for a long time before they get bored and wander off.

Not that you word salad, from what I can see you are communicating, just silly and pineal in a way that might trigger negative connotations in some that have had to weather incredible amounts of pinealists.

just a heads up.

I've considered getting into lifting but it's always so embarrassing to be struggling to lift the bar with no weights on it.  I wish they'd add Placebo weights, big ass hollow things that weigh almost nothing but look like big heavy weights, just for the wusses amongst us.

Or Kill Me / Re: Twas the night before Christmas.
« on: October 18, 2014, 02:10:45 pm »
The first one made me chuckle, but that second one!


Well done, sir!

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Also, did you know
« on: October 18, 2014, 02:02:42 pm »
Oh god damn it I just fell for it AGAIN.

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