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Principia Discussion / Re: Chaos is Energy
« on: November 16, 2018, 05:56:14 pm »
Firstly, how do I get to know what creativity means to me? What's the advice for uncertainty about that?

Aren't you the Pope? Get Eris on the horn, ask her directly.

Yeah you know I do that, but I'm acutely aware she could be having me on!

Principia Discussion / Re: Chaos is Energy
« on: November 16, 2018, 04:40:50 pm »

It sounds like you're going down the a priori/a posteriori road with a large backpack of epistemology, hauling a wheelbarrow full of semiotics.

You might want to deal with that before even approaching the OP.

The OP? What I wrote? How could I have written it without approaching it? Long pencil?

Also, frankly, no. Must be some weird acousics.

Principia Discussion / Re: Chaos is Energy
« on: November 16, 2018, 03:32:32 pm »
:D Okay fair enough. But let me reframe it:

Firstly, how do I get to know what creativity means to me? What's the advice for uncertainty about that? I don't think it's all that rare.

Also, I think for people who are pretty sure about what creativity and and destructiveness mean to them, it might be bad advice.

Of course I don't really see how advising people in general is possible beyond the profoundly self-evident (which does come in handy at times).

Principia Discussion / Re: Chaos is Energy
« on: November 16, 2018, 06:14:26 am »
I kinda think that the original framers of the Principia1 did believe in a hierarchy between creative and destructive forces. While Order/Disorder are equal and up for interpretation, their advice is to embrace creative over destructive, whatever that means to you.

Whether this "creativity is better than destruction" hierarchy is moral, or cosmic, or comic, or spiritual, or arbitrary--is anybody's guess.

1 the OG Chairfuckers, you know who I mean

In a way, it seems self-aggrandizing to me. (And I should know about that shit!) As if I were ever in a position to know for sure. "I am part of that power which eternally wills evil and eternally works good." - Mephisto in Goethe's Faust

Principia Discussion / Re: Chaos is Energy
« on: November 15, 2018, 07:23:17 pm »
But seriously, Dildo quoted your response, so does he believe you used mind beams to change his quoted text?

Well, you know it would take considerably less than mind-beams ( :

But on the balance, I admit that by far the most likely explanation is simply that I was being a dozy fuck. Maybe some vague recollections about... never mind. dozy fuck. :D

Principia Discussion / Re: Chaos is Energy
« on: November 15, 2018, 07:19:26 pm »
I haven't read the whole discussion, most of the linked content is dead, sadly. I did read the post you linked to, and I liked your characterisations of the pairings (though I don't understand the Atlantean stuff).

The most halfassed thing that occured to me as I was reading was that this reminds me of the courtly cards in the tarot. Both the coins/cups/swords/sticks and the Princess/Queen/Prince/Knight sequences are supposed to be analogous to earth/water/air/fire, so the courtly cards form a matrix similar to the New Chart. But that's as far as that went...

The other thing I've been thinking about is whether the Order/Disorder and the Creation/Destruction dimensions are on the same level, and whether they are independent. I think order/disorder are qualities that tend to be ascribed to states of affairs, while creative/destructive are ascribed to processes. It even feels quite natural to describe creation as movement from disorder to order, and destruction as movement from order to disorder. Then I tried to think of a way of defining order and disorder in term of creation and destruction, and I could only come up with: order is the precondition of destruction and the result of creation, while disorder is the precondition of creation and the result of destruction - but that's saying the same thing. Also, where do I fit the static-dynamic duality into all this?

The "this smells like hippie shit, it's still dualistic, and we like breaking things" bit was very much after my own heart. But this is still dualistic, isn't it?

Also, all four appear to be perspective/ascriber-dependent. The very same thing is seen as beautious order by some and as atrocious disorder by others (industrial agriculture versus permaculture, regimented, Prussian-style schools and project-based learning, person-centered schools), and the very same acts are seen as creative and destructive (often in sequence).

That's as far as I got for now.

Principia Discussion / Re: Chaos is Energy
« on: November 15, 2018, 05:41:51 pm »
If it was edited, there would be italicized script underneath it, saying so.  But you know that.

Well perhaps I had known, but I forgot. It was a while back.

Principia Discussion / Re: Chaos is Energy
« on: November 15, 2018, 05:40:13 pm »
That sentence was a link to the page.

I literally only saw "You're in luck!  We went through this about ten years ago." Which is not to say there wasn't anything else there, but if there was, I failed to notice it. I have noticed it now, and I will read up on it at the earliest opportunity.

Principia Discussion / Re: Chaos is Energy
« on: November 15, 2018, 02:21:41 pm »
So Dildo, did you read that post from 2008 (which, I now realize, was really from 2005); and did you have any thoughts or comments on it?  Because I assumed that was your intent for starting the OP.

Well I don't trust my memory the way I used to, but I swear when I first saw your comment, all I saw was the single sentence about this having been covered ten years ago. So either you changed it later, or I just overlooked it. I think you'll agree that both are quite possible. :D Any rate, I haven't, but I will, thanks for linking it and for asking.

Principia Discussion / Re: Chaos is Energy
« on: November 15, 2018, 05:22:24 am »
Look, this thing is my baby. That doesn't mean it's perfect or that I can't take criticism, but if you're gonna come in here and go HOLY NONSENSE HAS PROBLEMS and then quote one of the five sections pulled from the Principia and act like this is a Holy Nonsense problem IN PRINCIPIA DISCUSSION, I'm gonna get my hackles up.

When have you known him NOT to be a passive-aggressive shitbag?  :lulz:

Ow, don't be like that!!

Also, your two links are identical.

Quite right, I fucked up there, thanks for pointing it out.

I meant this one for the second one:

Lots of intelligent people have said great things while using coke. Freud is not one of them. He was a musty misogynistic trash fire, and has never been anything but. If you think his work has any value outside of mockery, you are beyond hope.

I agree he was a rather unsavoury character, misogynistic and authoritarian (his treatment of Reich, another interesting nutcase, is particularly hard to forgive) - and yet his contribution has shaped our culture so massively that he cannot be ignored. His notions of the mechanisms of the human psyche were crude and opinionated and often wrong, but he was onto something with the talking cure. I am not beyond hope.

Apple Talk / Re: Not Crazy
« on: November 14, 2018, 06:09:17 pm »
I hope I won't cause offence by responding with an angle on my own life, but this seems all too familiar to me. I'm of the bipolar persuasion with no hospitalisation events (so far). Right now, Im not feeling under the weather and I don't think I'm being manic, either. But I'm keenly aware that when I'm manic, I very rarely notice it. And I sleep less than I did two months ago, when I was still brooding over our house renovation and move, which I then considered a shameful failure. And I know that pretty much every time I have miraculously exited through the rear end of a depression, I thought I had finally cracked it and would not get into that terrible black pit of dejection, self-loating and emotional deadness again. Until I did. But still, right now it is good.

Perhaps this analysis is not nuanced enough. :)
His diverse fields of study include psychoanalysis (Freudian and other types, he claims to be a "card-carrying Lacanian") and Marxist thought (I think he primarily agrees with Marx's analysis of the malaise of capitalism, but seems to have no illusions about the 20th century state-corporatist capitalist dictatorships that paraded as attempts at communism, later socialism). But what he is saying here, namely that the three main directions of leftist criticism of capitalism are equally defunct and incapable of offering a workable alternative to the rampant corporatist, systemically corrupt, wealth-extracting, inequality-generating capitalism we seem to be riddled with, appears solid to me.

Also, I think this "X was fond of cocaine and hence everything X has said is worthless shit" type of reasoning is a bit rich.

I also offer for your consideration these two short articles:

I am leaning towards the view that there are viable alternatives to capitalism, only they are not political ones.

Principia Discussion / Re: Chaos is Energy
« on: November 14, 2018, 05:15:33 pm »
Completely my bad for failing to notice that the section I found a little less than perfect was actually a quote from the original Principia, and if this has caused you any discomfort, I apologize sincerely. I started with praise for your work, and I meant it, it is a beautiful book and I'm planning on printing a copy or two. I might give them away during the festive season! But that particular thing caught my eye (as it appears, ten year after it was discussed here, so it ought to be old hat, anyway, unless I was purposefully misinformed), so I thought Principia Discussion may be a good place to mention it... Despite the fact that most every time I opened my mouth here most people ended up professing I was an unreconstructed asshole, very probably with assburgers, I still don't think so. The reason I'm come back every now and then is simply that I can't get my head around always ending up that street with a bunch of people who profess to be fond of a way of thinking I also have had a massive soft spot for for decades. Also, the fun.

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