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Aneristic Illusions / Re: Is anyone here an advocate for non-violence?
« on: October 12, 2017, 07:53:11 am »,38211.0.html

So you're telling me feelings about violence have changed around here?

So, this is an example of what I sometimes worry I look like.

See, I take all of this /very/ seriously. Deathly seriously, even. I do the research and put in the work and make sure I'm doing the /right thing/. I worry about ethics and morality more on a given day than the vast, vast majority of humans who have (who will EVER) live have in their entire lives. I worry, I get anxious, I stress, I drive myself /fucking batty/. Seriously.

And then I cackle like a methed up hooligan and start throwing rocks at cars because by fucking god if I don't do something stupid I'll be this nosy self-absorbed cunt over here, telling other people about my ethical conclusions and leaning on them to DO THE RIGHT THING OR ELSE THEY'RE FUCKING AWFUL. That shit? That's just another part of Them. That's the part of Them that They've automated, put in gear. The part They normally don't need to say out loud because pompous fuckmissiles will do it for Them and They can avoid direct blame. It's the part beaten into the heads of kids who do not, can not know any better -- not so they'll learn now but so they'll fall in with the jackboots when the Great Headstomp comes around.

Mithridates, you have missed the entire point of Discordia. Discordia has no room for people who can't dress up for the disco (yeah, the dead one) and no room for people who can't laugh themselves bloodshot and shitting themselves over all this fucking INJUSTICE. You have become the very Greyface the Principia Discordia warned about. There's a traditional response to it, but I just woke up and haven't really slept enough and you really just are not worth it. It's easier to give you a reply in as close to your language as I can manage and hope, potentially, you get the sudden urge to fuck off -- or maybe to laugh a little before you become one of Them.

Thank you for articulating your perspective


I'm still waiting to hear all about this theory of mind, among other things. Or should I just assume you're terminally dull?

Then satire harder. Same difference

Who told you to laugh at tragedy, destroy yourself, and condemn violence against the system? Was it your friend?

I commit more violence every time I take my morning dump than you've probably ever managed in your entire life and I'm barely in the middle of the pack around here in that respect. Some of these guys break out their own teeth when they get bored and there's nobody more deserving around.

"I laugh impotently while getting fucked and when I'm not doing that I destroy myself in response to violence"

Tell me more about the BIP

Your boy was laughed all the way into the presidential palace hahaha wow look at his tiny hands

The system is invincible to everything except laughter. I thought this was known

That's commendable. But I thought the sanctioned response was

"Oh so you're a tough guy now "

Just say violence is never acceptable or desirable and get it over with.

I don't think you get that the only thing that laughter gets you is to be put in the category of non-factor along with the audience of colbert, noah, the British nerd and the rest. You've become the laugh track of the big bang theory.

Jesus, I bet you're fun at parties.

You know, those things you'd get invited to if you weren't such a twatty killjoy.

Sorry your words are garbled over the self-aggrandizing meta-ironic autofellatio

When did that occur?

Explain what? Do what?  Laughter cures the situation, the people just aren't laughing hard enough.

My fees are more modest but Google is killing the industry these days.

> makes me a target

Do you have theory of mind? It's not about you.

No. You're helping by laughing. You've already transcended the entire situation of systemic institutional violence, corruption, and all of that.

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