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I find it entertaining that something called 'buckyballs' has serious scientific applications. I am also interested in seeing where the research goes with this stuff.

Well.. buckyballs is better name then Buckminsterfullerene or C60 fullerene. :) Research so far went into more industrial area and this stuff has tone of applications (to name some). Many people actually tried to digest C60 on regular bases because its not that hard to obtain and many of them claimed a significant improvement in their overall health. On the other hand its too soon to know exactly what is going on in the body. Most probably buckyballs serves as an anti-oxidant. Fun fact: buckyballs can occur in nature after lightning strikes and meteor impacts. One of the meteors in Russia created soil very rich for this kind of material. They called the soil shungite and as far as you can date, people keep saying that water from the area have some magical and healing properties. :D

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