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Or Kill Me / Re: 10-17-14
« on: October 19, 2014, 12:42:00 pm »
I like this a lot.

Or Kill Me / Re: Her Ladyship
« on: October 19, 2014, 12:41:34 pm »
Good stuff. Very enjoy.

Hi notloki. You seem all right.

I get your concern with anonymity and whatnot, but I prefer to hide in plain sight.

I wish work would make up their fucking minds.  They either want me pulling insanely long shifts (6am to 4pm yesterday) or none at all (ie; all of this week).

Is it too much to ask for reasonable workloads, every day?  I'd much prefer working 5 hours a day, every day of the week, than pulling three huge shifts which then require at least a day just to recover from.

Well, I suppose this is why I'm applying to go back to work in education.  Not Houseparenting...but still.  Teenagers.  Urgh.  On the other hand, stable working hours are pretty desirable right now...

That's shitty. I hope the pay rate makes it somewhat worth it.

My new corporate employers have been fairly reasonable if you don't factor in paying minimum wage. Looks like there may be a path to a well-paying position involving working with the interwebs backbone, so I'm going to suck it up for now.

It's just a toy you can buy in a hobby shop. Goggles and everything. And there is a guy who flies his in the park half a block away from my house because he's a filthy rich American capitalist pig who can afford to drop $1200 on an RC toy with VR goggles. He probably works for Intel or FEI or one of the god knows how many other tech companies that have campuses here.

I'm getting one of those little Mobius cameras that are mounted on them. They rival GoPros in video quality but are surprisingly affordable ($80) and have some wicked cool software/firmware support. But I'm mounting mine on my helmet so I have some legal recourse if someone pulls some shit in traffic. Had some close calls recently.

In tangentially related news, British cyclist altercations are hilarious:

Passwords are annoying.

Very true, until you get a password manager.

1Password was the best $35 I spent all year.

I'll go with Vista Ultimate and regular-ass Ubuntu.

Also, in the interest of giving me something interesting to do, do you mind if I custom-theme either (or both) operating system(s)?

Like, nifty Eris-themed startup images, auto-ddate, etc?  You would of course be able to change or undo anything you don't like, it's your computer, I just hate working on a computer with default themes =P. 

Also I want to waste a bunch of time making a custom cursor "busy" animation, from the regular hourglass to a spinning golden apple or something.  I've never made a cursor before and I kind of want to.  I wont remove the regular non-busy arrow though because cursors that are not an arrow annoy the crap out of me.

PS: Sorry for all the text.  Boring weekend.

I'd enjoy that! Also, COD works for me as I don't have any Bitcoin or a BC wallet.


I'd take Vista and Ubuntu. I know that doesn't leave a lot of space for stuff, but I have some external hard drives.

I'll look into shipping for the monitor/keyboard/manuals/etc, as I'm pretty sure it will fit into another one of those boxes I linked to. I can also help cover the cost of the shipping boxes.

I'll have to pay you in two installments over two weeks though, because I'm broke and stuff. Message me about payment details and we can get the ball rolling on that.

Literate Chaotic / Re: Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates
« on: October 12, 2014, 03:20:30 am »
However, I would STILL rather read this than anything on TDS.


Absolutely. I left TDS after the I'll rape your kids "joke". Such a waste of time.

Which has surprising relevance to Tom Robbins' book that is basically about whether Switters is just a latent pedo or an active pedo. Either way, the characters weren't sympathetic and the writing was trying too hard with every line. I've heard Tom Robbins wrote some good books, but after sitting through Fierce Invalids I haven't bothered.

Maybe I'm overly tired too and just not getting a clear picture here. Could you restate the dimensions and weight in the format listed below so I can get an accurate estimate of shipping costs?




There is no way to accurately calculate the shipping costs or order the right size shipping boxes without this information. Also, do you have shock absorbing materials or a way of packing the tower and monitor without damaging them? Or would buying packing foam, bubble wrap, and inflatable packing bags be part of the shipping costs?

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Weev now full blown white supremacist.
« on: October 11, 2014, 08:01:11 am »
I found this article, which at points seemed to be talking directly to me, to be quite good though a bit generalization-heavy:

The irony, of course, is that these same Kool-Aid vigilantes are usually great supporters of the hacker Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer – the world’s most famous internet troll, the man who originally drove Sierra off the internet with threats to her real-world safety. Sierra, in explaining why she has suddenly reappeared online, insists that if Weev wants to punish women for speaking out, then people who endorse him – however tacitly – are condoning the punishment of women.

And in the last few weeks, as Weev himself has reemerged following his hacking trial, he has made it impossible to ignore his anti-Semitic and racist tendencies. The man has a giant swastika tattoo on his chest, and he willingly had a photo of it published as the main image atop the screed he published last week on a white supremacist website.

And yet many of Auernheimer’s friends and advocates have not deserted him. By all accounts, Weev has charisma – it even affected Sierra, she admits – and some of the things he stands for have objective value. His championing of the right to online freedom and privacy has won him a lot of support from the Aaron Swartz crowd. But he has been sneaking poison into the cups he handed out. And the tech world has been drinking them.

There is a Poison Kool-Aid Point, but it’s not where Sierra’s harassers and other trolls think it is. They see it at the point where other people start listening, or start caring, or start valuing the opinion of someone who they feel speaks for them. But it’s not there. It’s at the point where that person starts feeding followers poison, and they take it. It’s the point where people look at the hand that’s holding the cup, not at its contents. That hand too often belongs to a male demagogue, and it is never bitten.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Weev now full blown white supremacist.
« on: October 11, 2014, 07:55:13 am »
Note that I never even vaguely suggested that we should put up with his shit. Just that there's no point in trying to understand his logic.

Yeah, I give up. From what I've gathered, he's just another fairly intelligent, self-absorbed sociopath that happened to touch on a few topics that interest me (Internet/privacy ethics and free speech).

Ick, yeah that's a bit much just to get it there.  Sorry =(.

How about you, NET?  Still interested?

Too bad you guys are so far away, I've kind of become the local Free Computer Store and fix upgrade or work on people's computers for whatever random thing they want to offer, or nothing at all because I enjoy doing it and get leftover parts from it.

Oh I'm definitely still interested! Could you clarify what the dimensions and approximate weight would be for the tower, monitor, and keyboard for each one separately?

H: 16.3" W: 7.3" D: 17.3"
WEIGHT: 25.8 lbs. for tower only, 43.5lbs including all packaging materials

That's just for the tower itself, the monitor will add more.

It seems like you're saying 43.5 lbs for the tower, monitor, and keyboard, but then on the next line you say it's only for the tower. I'm having trouble imagining an added 17.7 lbs in packaging materials? But If that additional weight is indeed packaging, could you snap a picture or describe it so I get a better sense of this weighty "packaging"?

Maybe it would be cheaper to pack the tower in one box, and the monitor, keyboard, and cords in another....

It looks like the tower could be shipped for $45 if you can pack it into this box: Assuming you could use less than 5 pounds of old clothes (or something like that) as the shock absorbing element and it came out to a total packed weight of 30 lbs or less.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Weev now full blown white supremacist.
« on: October 11, 2014, 05:52:53 am »
I have a book on the sociology of mental illness that I snorched off someone years ago, and one of the key messages from it that's stuck with me is this:

When someone is ill (physically or mentally), we have this unspoken agreement with them as a society on a whole. We will put up with your diminished capacity to be a person as long as you are taking reasonable steps to address your illness.

Obviously this can go wrong. Some of that attitude is behind the relentless optimism pinkwashing that breast cancer patients have to put up with, and mental health care is always kinda difficult to navigate. I do find myself consistently falling back on this position, though, with no remorse. If you're taking the steps to get better, I will put up with any amount of bullshit resulting from your current condition. If you have decided that you like being sick and everyone else just needs to put up with your shit and you don't need to do anything to improve your lot, well you made your decision and I don't owe you dick.

Writing it out like this makes it seem a little harsher than it did in my head, so maybe I'm in the wrong here, but someone like Weev who exults in his persona as a giant asshole? He should have to deal with people treating him like a giant asshole, not like a victim of brain chemistry. He has access literally to the best resources in the world to get past whatever makes him want to be this way, and he chooses not to, and whether that's because of an underlying problem or not I do not feel obliged to give a shit.

I really like this position, in general.  Basically, if this is the person you decided to present to the world, then that's the person the world is going to respond to.  But if you are broken and trying to get fixed, leeway seems appropriate.

I had never thought of mental illness in this way but I have to wholeheartedly agree.  In fact, it almost seems like it belittles my own efforts to improve myself, if I put up with a giant asshole that has absolutely no interest in becoming a better person.

Yeah, me too. That outlook is a very elegant, healthy solution to a horribly complex problem.

Thanks QGP! I'm using that.

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