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The body builders and counting reminds me of when I worked with adults with Down's syndrome. In math class much of the day focused on addition and subtraction using a number line.

A student asked me why 1 + 1 doesn't = 11 and I kind of just flailed around with words for several minutes before we moved on to something else. What sort of black magic had this woman tapped into?

I am apparently too old to get student pricing for my airfare to Borneo, despite actually BEING a student.


Yeah. :meh: I'm going to call them this weekend and see if I can convince them that they need to give me the student pricing. 'Cause that's bullshit.

Complete and utter bullshit.

Tonight on my ride home from work some asshole in oncoming traffic rolled down his window and yelled some dumb shit at me. It was so idiotic I couldn't quite parse it. I thought I heard him right, but I decided to check my helmet cam recording just to be sure after I got home. I turned out to hear him just fine. He yelled, "Turn off your fucking light off!" At night. In the fog. My headlamp was on its lowest setting.

I'm stunned and amazed that people like that actually exist.  :eek: I mean, I've had random fuckwads yell stuff like, "Yew shouldn't be in the shtreet!" while I'm standing over a turn lane sensor made specifically for bicycles that has a bicycle graphic painted on the road underneath me, but never something so staggeringly asinine both in terms of grammar and basic fucking common sense.

I am apparently too old to get student pricing for my airfare to Borneo, despite actually BEING a student.



The smells instantly rushed back this week when London's water authority announced that it had discovered the biggest fatberg yet, a 15-ton mound about the size of a school bus. Thames Water, the public utility that manages the sewers, gave it the historic and oddly momentous title of being "the biggest berg in British history."


My first thought was maybe someone accidentally set a multi-ton fatberg on fire in Seattle a few days ago:

Or Kill Me / Re: I Forgot Why I Wrote this
« on: January 11, 2015, 09:02:37 am »
Another superb installment, RP. Thanks for posting it.

Yeah, I'm getting kinda (read: extremely) worried by contemporary liberalism's punishment fetish.  Of course, this could be because contemporary liberalism is dominated by upper class dweebs who have never seen the results of the carceral state in full swing or how the power of the state falls disproportionately on the poor, on ethnic minorities and on alternative sexualities. 

Throw in the dangerous attitudes towards free speech which have been made abundantly clear in the past few days, the complete inability to argue positions on their merits (instead relying on mockery, online mobs and character assassination), the insular tree club mentality of upper class brats, the reduction of liberalism from political ideology to social mores and the unabashed worship of state power so long as it is directed at the "right" people (suspected rapists, paedophiles, PUA douchebags, "hate preachers") or at the very least controlled by the right people (Obama drone striking the shit out of 8 different countries at once is pretty cool), and I'm this close to calling it a day for liberalism entirely.

I mean, either you believe in unalieable rights (which don't necessarily and, IMO, shouldn't be considered "natural rights") and aiding the weakest and most vulnerable in society, or you don't.  And I'm increasingly getting the impression that modern liberalism dont.

Well said.



The pockets really take it to the next level.

I think I'm kind of in love. Didn't really expect it, but what the hell.


Old man on the side.

I guess after two and a half years, why not?

If it's who I think it is, then I feel better about the whole thing.  For what it's worth.

Aw. :) Yeah, it's that guy.

Not that me and love are ever a good idea, but hell, he's about the nicest person there is. I think the main thing is that he's the first guy I think I've ever dated who just flat-out accepts me for who I am, and doesn't try to shoehorn me into being what he wishes I was.

He also seems to be resistant to the Nigel Effect.

I hadn't thought of that, but it's true!

You know the number of times we've had an argument or clashed over anything in the last 2.5 years? Zero times. He is not needy or clingy or a head-tripper. He doesn't whine or wish I spent more time with him.

Similar state of affairs with the lady I've been hanging out with. Seven months or so now, and nary a whisper of a grrr. No head trips. No weird emotional weirdness from either one of use. Hell...7 months in and we're still "hanging out," though feels are certainly beginning to develop.

I absolutely don't know how to navigate waters this calm (not that I know how to navigate stormy waters well...just more used to them). Confused as all hell. And by "confused" I mean, faced with a situation that is in no way conflicted, troublesome, or confusing in any way. Confused by my definition of confused, I think.

Calm water has powerful undercurrents that quietly pull you to the riverbed to gently drown among heaps of beer cans.

Just saying.

Principia Discussion / Re: What degree are you?
« on: December 18, 2014, 09:18:40 pm »
I'm, like, an English Comparative Literature and Theory major, but I'm also doing a minor in Doctor Who studies.


I immensely enjoyed your Portland series, Dok.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Spagbook
« on: December 18, 2014, 08:41:35 pm »
Not exactly sure what's happening in this picture, but I'm assuming I was drunk.

A lot of hotness is going on in that picture.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: COOKIES
« on: December 09, 2014, 08:13:49 am »
yes, those ones shaped like muffins with the peppermint patty inside were genius!

And how!

Principia Discussion / Re: What degree are you?
« on: December 06, 2014, 08:11:07 pm »
I'm Dry Spray™. The new way to get superior protection. Goes on instantly dry so you can start the day with a cleaner feel.

It's probably good to keep in mind that while the internet is a fantastic database of information both real and false, by no means is all information on the internet.


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