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Aneristic Illusions / Re: Analysis: The Tea Party
« on: June 05, 2010, 02:53:43 am »

The guys there are pretty alright, and ultimately it doesn't have a substantially different feel from #discord.


Corgi doesn't give a shit about your stupid dadaist neomelancholy masturbatory material, you pretentious fuck


Corgi thinks that's just your opinion, man.

Corgis don't give a shit about objectivism

The source material was some picture someone took of their dog that burns posted in IRC.

Feeling inspired, I made a template,

and things steamrolled from there.

Corgis just.  Don't.  Give.  A Shit.  About Salvia.

Corgis don't give a shit about the battle of Wolf-13.

Fucking corgis, how do they work?

Corgis don't give a shit about 2012

Corgis just don't care about space travel

Corgi could care less about unimaginable horrors

Corgi doesn't give a shit about LSD

Corgi doesn't mind giving tips to Bruce Lee

Corgi already crossed the Delaware

Corgi doesn't give a shit about abstinent vampires

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Antilibertarianism
« on: May 03, 2010, 03:22:50 pm »
It sounds like you are a liberal, if we are wanting to use labels.  I think libertarianism is liberalism, with the added caveat that the state should be minimized or abolished to support "free will," and other changes.  

As far as the solution, I don't know.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Can schools get more insane?
« on: April 23, 2010, 02:45:02 am »
I just thought they wouldn't want to be held accountable for kids after 3:15.  Would they be, anyway?

<+Idem> you could shoot BEES out of your ARMS
<+Freeky> lol
<+Burnsey> i didn't catch it, so it was new to bee
<+Idem> in that game\\
<+Idem> best game ever made
<+Freeky> Shaved beever
<+Burnsey> this is true
<+Idem> beecore
<+Idem> beecore and beebop
<+Idem> beegaze
<+Freeky> BEE PORN
<+Freeky> beeyeour
<+Freeky> Beeore
<+Burnsey> beelzeebee
<+Idem> messy
<+Burnsey> beetnik
<+Burnsey> god i must leave this slave driven work force !!
<+Idem> beetorrent
<+Burnsey> catch ya'll on the bee-side
<+Freeky> Sir, are you a drone?
<+Idem> the beerate bay
<+Burnsey> lol
* +Burnsey (Burns@6E90CD0E.5068887.DECEE6BC.IP) Quit (Client exited)
<+Idem> illegal bee sharing
<+Freeky> lol
<+Freeky> That one has potential for some great imaging.
<+Idem> yes
<+Idem> Like, if you could smuggle frugs that way
<+Idem> drugs*
<+Idem> in bees
<+Freeky> -cop searches dude-
<+Idem> and have them sting you for effects
<+Freeky> lol
<+Idem> what kind of cop would wanna mess with that shit
<+Freeky> I think it's funny with no context of why bees are illegal at all.
<+Idem> "yeah we need to check this place for meth bees"
<+Idem> yes
<+Freeky> The hive explodes.
<+Freeky> lol
<+Idem> honey is a highly narcotic substance
<+Freeky> Fun fact:
<+Freeky> Fun fact:
<+Idem> it's a class bee drug
<+Freeky> You can od on honey and have a massive allergic reaction.
<+Freeky> It's made of pollen, after all.
<+Idem> yes
<+Freeky> Class bee felony.
<+Freeky> LOL
<+Idem> *snort*
<+Idem> criminal beestice
<+Idem> criminally beesane
<+Freeky> child beeport
<+Freeky> Any port in a bee.
<+Freeky> Or hive?
<+Freeky> Or swarm, maybe.
<+Freeky> Yes, any port in a swarm.
<+Idem> you better get a beefense attorney if you don't want hivetime for illegal bee sharing
<+Idem> maybe bee off the judge
<+Freeky> But beeficer, I was just holding those bees for a friend.
<+Idem> *sodamonitor*
<+Idem> LSBEE
<+Freeky> Also referred to as "honey" on the street"
<+Idem> alternatively, the bees knees
<+Freeky> A den of LSBee users:
<+Freeky> Hive
<+Freeky> When they're high, they're "swarming"
<+Idem> some thing they have the makings of a communal beetopia
<+Idem> think*
<+Idem> the bee enforcement administration will swarm down on them soon
* EoC ( has joined #discord
<+Freeky> But generally its just a bunch of weak minded drones being pushed around by some drama queen.
<+Idem> further beed on by their "homebees"
<+Freeky> They frequently have honey forced on them to beep them docile and beeig.
<+Freeky> ing
<+Idem> they can't afford beehab
<+Freeky> Unless the start buzzing some honey themselves.
<EoC> this is what I get for beesiting #discord :(
<+Freeky> But by then, why would they WANT to? They're rolling in the wax.
<+Idem> It's a horrible twist of fate.  Either bee beset by honey or beset others with honey, or beset honey upon further honey, making a horrible beeradox
<+Idem> the bees of fate, i suppose
<+Freeky> A never ending larvae cycle.
* EoC ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
<+Idem> lol he left
<+Freeky> Aw.
<+Idem> you know, im in beeden so i can just order honey by UBS
<+Idem> on top of that i get bee shipping

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