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Or Kill Me / Techno Will Save Your Soul
« on: July 08, 2006, 07:32:26 pm »
Quote from: Felix
Physics makes mistakes, yes.

And unscientific things don't?

Of course not. I just don't like physics because it's much less fun than unscientific things.

Bring and Brag / Weird semi-story
« on: July 08, 2006, 03:45:41 am »
Quote from: Felix
Mania is best taken in small quantities, I've found.

Bipolar often comes hand in hand with depression.

Alcohol and like chemicals are known to magnify symptoms.

have you checked with

Of all people, I disagree with you. Mania and depression do go hand in hand, but I feel I live best with both being the primary condition of my life. Mania teaches me all the beautiful parts of life and depression teaches me about the emptiness and hopelessness that coexists with the life and bright idealism of the world. If I'm not learning, I get bored and feel worse than I do when I'm depressed.

And alchohol/drugs aren't my thing. Maybe psychadelics, but nothing else.

Or Kill Me / Techno Will Save Your Soul
« on: July 08, 2006, 03:38:33 am »
[quote="The Commander]Cause =Effect.  Isn't that a law of physics or something?

I don't place much stock in physics. It has a tendency to keep being very wrong. Examples of ideas that flew in the face of old physics/mathematics: Non-Euclidean geometry, Theory of Relativity, Theory of Gravity, fractal dimensions, 4th dimensional theories, Quantum theory, the idea of atoms not being solid, and so on.

I adamantly stand that cause and effect relationships are as fictional as the Reagan administration and the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Or Kill Me / Techno Will Save Your Soul
« on: July 08, 2006, 03:31:25 am »
Quote from: The Commander

Ok.  I have no idea what you are saying.

Please explain it to me like I am a 4 yo because your ubermensch logic has me confused.

But I can say what I was saying about Karma has nothing to do with spiritual or metaphysical concepts.  It is grounded into reality and the consequences of ones decisions in the here and now, not in the afterlife or another life.

There is also no greater good than pie.
The Commander

I'm pretty sure the Hindu/Buddhist idea of karma is exactly the idea that your screwups and accomplishments will follow you into the next life and determine how things work in it, but even without reincarnation, the idea of karma is subject to abuse.
For example:
1. You believe in karma.
2. Nothing can be known with complete certainty.
3. You cannot know the entire consequences of your actions, in a butterfly effect kind of way.
4. I say that I have insider knowledge of the karmic consequences of certain actions of yours, and claim this is because of some spiritual revelation.
5. You believe at least to a small extent in the existence of spiritual revelation.
6. I say that if you eat pie, your face will be torn off by tigers.
7. There is no way of knowing if I am telling the truth.
8. You therefore must choose between eating pie with potential consequences of a tiger mauling, or not eating pie with near certainty of avoiding said tiger mauling.
9. You are a rational person.
10. Pie is not as important as not being mauled.
11. Therefore you choose not to eat pie to resist mauling, if there is enough supposed credibility in what I say (and not much is necessary.)

In that scenario, an effective banning of pie has taken place assuming I was charismatic enough to have a little credibility.
While that scenario is extreme, that sort of thing is completely possible and has occurred. Usually the person declaring karmic knowledge would find some way to make his claims impossible to prove or deny, either by saying "Oh, it'll come around in your next life" or "Sometimes mercy is granted upon you, but you also don't know when [higher power/nature/universal law] won't be so easy on you" most popularly.

By doing this, any rule that a charismatic few want to put on everyone else can be put into place under the pretenses of karma.

Though now that I think about it, I might choose pie over the fate of my tiger mauled face. *thoughtful face*

Or Kill Me / Oh say, can you see?
« on: July 07, 2006, 06:18:53 am »
Nice rant, and I agree with you a lot, particularly about the sort of foreigner mentality this country creates.

Except I've never really had any love or pride directed towards my nation.
Perhaps it's a product of being so young and not raised with the same level of nationalism (or perhaps being raised with an attention span too short to soak in any propaganda at a meaningful level.)

Happy belated Independence day.

Or Kill Me / Techno Will Save Your Soul
« on: July 06, 2006, 10:00:41 pm »
Quote from: The Commander
Ok...first of was a joke.

Second of all, you are all missing the point of karma.

Karma is merely a way to impress upon people that their actions have consequences.  Every little thing you do has an affect on the world somehow.  In most cases it is a matter of affecting people you come in contact with.  It's not about making the "right" decision, or even the decision that causes the least harm to everyone, it is about accepting responsibility for the consequences that your decisions have.  These consequences often affect you in return. You can make any decision you want, so long as you are prepared and willing to accept the consequences that result from it.

I always try to make decisions that result in me eating pie.

The Commander

Then comes the parts where someone says "But if you do this, karma will kick into overdrive and (some desirable or undesirable outcome) will happen." Once the idea of Karma is accepted, a person who claims authority on the non apparent consequences of your actions can say that anything he/she doesn't like will result in a huge Karmic backlash, and the person listening is thrown into the "If I don't believe, they may be wrong and I'll have lived a full life, but it's also possible that they're right and I'll be damned for an eternity" problem. Suddenly an enforcement of the caste system like in India occurs, as the priests claim the poor were there because of their past fuckups, you'll be poor if you aren't "good" as well (which involves not helping the poor), and that the rulers had already proven themselves to be wonderful people in past lives. It's all the same BS.

Although I must admit, if plans for the karmic obtaining of pie were availible, I'd jump at the opportunity to blindly swallow dogma for the greater good of pie.

Bring and Brag / Weird semi-story
« on: July 06, 2006, 06:58:21 pm »
Quote from: Felix
Doing a bit of dream analysis, eh?  What are you postulating based on findings?  Think you're sane?

Not so much dream analysis, but I'm working my way through the oneirosphere and figuring out the nature of my masochistic imagination.
And, according to the state, I'm not sane, but a kid with Bipolar disorder.

All I've been finding out is that all the spirituality and abnormal thoughts will never go away with any pill they give me, even if they have to hide in my dreams. (Who knows, maybe the rash of bizarre dreams I've been having have been a sort of psychic backlash from my previous and preferred state of manic depression.)

Or Kill Me / Techno Will Save Your Soul
« on: July 04, 2006, 07:01:37 pm »
Quote from: The Good Reverend Roger

Karma is the biggest joke in the religious history of the world.

Will not lose any sleep over this.

I agree. Karma and all other ideas that say if you screw up now you'll pay for it after you die have got to be the biggest load of crap I've ever heard of. It's all a part of the fiction of all organized religion.

Bring and Brag / Weird semi-story
« on: July 02, 2006, 03:54:47 am »
(a bit of story loosely based on my experience with dreaming. includes Wikipedia articles)

My mom is shouting about the locked door.

Psychosis is considered by mainstream psychiatry to be a symptom of severe mental illness, but is not a diagnosis in itself. Although it is not exclusively linked to any particular psychological or physical state, it is particularly associated with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder (manic depression) and severe clinical depression. There are also detectable physical pathologies that can induce a psychotic state, including brain injury or other neurological disorder, drug intoxication and withdrawal (especially alcohol, barbiturates, and sometimes benzodiazepines), lupus, electrolyte disorder in the elderly (such as urinary tract infections) and pain syndromes.
The term psychosis should be distinguished from the concept of insanity, which is a legal term denoting that a person should not be criminally responsible for his actions. Similarly, it should be distinguished from psychopathy, a personality disorder often associated with violence, lack of empathy and socially manipulative behavior. Despite the fact that both are colloquially abbreviated to "psycho", psychosis bears little similarity to psychopathy's core features, particularly with regard to violence, which rarely occurs in psychosis, and the distortion of perceived reality, which rarely occurs in psychopathy.
Psychosis should also be distinguished from the state of delirium, in that a psychotic individual may be able to perform actions that require a high level of intellectual effort in clear consciousness. Finally, it should be distinguished from mental illness. Psychosis may be regarded as a symptom of other mental illnesses, but as a descriptive concept it is not considered an illness in its own right. For example, persons with schizophrenia can have long periods without psychosis, and persons with bipolar disorder and depression can have mood symptoms without psychosis. Conversely, psychosis can occur in persons without chronic mental illness, as a result of an adverse drug reaction or extreme stress

I think my mom's still at it.

Psychotic states occurring after drug use may be particularly linked to drug overdose, chronic use and drug withdrawal. Certain compounds may be more likely to induce psychosis and some individuals may show greater sensitivity than others. Certain "street" drugs, such as cocaine, amphetamines, PCP and hallucinogens are particularly linked to the development of psychosis. Anticholinergic drugs (atropine, scopolamine, Jimson weed), and many antihistamines can also induce psychosis in some people.
Intoxication with drugs that have general depressant effects on the central nervous system (especially alcohol and barbiturates) tend not to cause psychosis during use, and can actually decrease or lessen the impact of symptoms in some people. Withdrawal from barbiturates and alcohol can be particularly dangerous, however, leading to psychosis or delirium and other, potentially lethal, withdrawal effects.
Psychological stress is also known to contribute to and trigger psychotic states. Both a history of traumatic incidents experienced throughout the life-span, and the recent experience of a stressful event, is thought to contribute to the development of psychosis. Short-lived psychosis triggered by stress is known as brief reactive psychosis.
Sleep deprivation has been linked to psychosis, although there is little evidence to suggest that it is a major risk factor in the majority of people. Some people experience hypnagogic or hypnopompic hallucinations, where unusual sensory experiences or thoughts appear during waking or drifting off to sleep. These are normal sleep phenomena, however, and are not considered signs of psychosis.

Her voice is getting muddled

. During the 1960s and 1970s, psychosis was of particular interest to counterculture critics of mainstream psychifishic practice, who argued that it may simply be another way of construeing reality and is not necessarily a signs signs sings signs of illness. For example, R. D. Laing argued that psychosis is a sbmolyic way of situations in concerns expressing where such views may be unwelcome or unsmockable to the cash price receipts. He went on to say that psosichy could be also seen as a transatlantic experience with heeling and distilled spirits aspects. Thomas Szasz focused on the social implications of labelling soup cans as psychotic; a label he argues unjustly melacidlises different views of reality so such undortohox people can be controlled by society.


I dont care mom! Im in my god damn room!

Her voice sounds like a mumble, but also like fire.
I can see her behind the door.
Im sure shes upset about that. (What with me knowing what she looks like and her being in the dark about me.) And her voice is on fire.

Call a god damn ambulance if youre on fire!

They tend to start talking about pills at this point in the conversation.
She keeps looking different. When her face expresses it seems to overdo things.
Her chin keeps hitting her knees while she shouts fire.

I keep having to be on the internet to find out what has been happening to me.

It may have started when they started giving me those pills.

They said they were concerned about my increasingly erratic behavior.

Well its not my god damn fault that I could hear your thoughts!

They cited examples of when I repeated their thoughts to them.
But they got angry because they felt my knowledge of them was threatening.

By that time I learned to control repeating the thoughts. They said the pills were working.
But they knew god damn well they were poison.

Sometimes things start melting without me asking.
Frequently the words melt. Sometimes there are new words, sometimes the letters just dance away from each other and come back when I look at them.
Perhaps their dancing is a secret ritual of sorts, which is why I never see it.

My mom keeps trying to pull things away from me.
She took away my Lovecraft when I pointed out my concern about the Great Old Ones and their schemes. She started calling people more when Cthulu kept using my voice for his thoughts.

I never took a god damn knife mom! It was all a mother****ing lie! I know how to keep away my enemies without weapons!

Ainw runway U diefwr rgGAR NT OIAURUIB UB IB RGW JWTBOARD is out of alignment.

And I cant turn lights on and off. I dont know why they had to do that to me.

My enemies are few and far between, despite the misconceptions held by my mother based on my admittedly excessive expressions of my concern about them.

My eyes often move back and forth quickly. I didnt ask them to.

Whenever I open the blinds the landscape keeps changing without asking.
And its always noon.

Why cant I let some ****ing light in!

Something keeps drifting away, and it might be anything. Things keep disappearing and they dont come back.

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For other uses, see Nightmare (disambiguation).
In common current usage, the term nightmare refers to dreams of particular intensity, with content that the sleeper finds disturbing, related either to physiological causes, such as a high fever, or to psychological ones, such as unusual trauma or stress in the sleeper's life. The occasional body movements seen in nightmares may have a use in awakening the sleeper, thus helping to avoid the frightening dream-situation.

What the hell? I wasnt on that article.

Reality testing
Reality testing is a common method that people use to determine whether or not they are dreaming. It involves performing an action with results that are difficult to re-create in a dream. By practicing these techniques during waking life, one will eventually dream of performing a reality checkwhich will usually failhelping the dreamer realize that they are dreaming. Examples of reality tests include:
Ģ   To read some text, look away, and read it again, or to look at your watch and remember the time, then look away and look back. Observers have found that, in a dream, the text or time will often have changed[11].
Ģ   Flipping a light switch or looking into a mirror. Light switches rarely work properly in dreams, and reflections from a mirror often appear to be blurred, distorted or incorrect[citation needed].
Ģ   Closing one eye and looking at your nose, seeing that it's not there[citation needed].
Ģ   Covering your nose and seeing if you can still breathe through it[citation needed].
Ģ   Pressing the index finger firmly into an area of the body such as the chest or leg. Since matter is usually plastic in the dream state and does not resist change, the finger will usually penetrate the dream body with little resistance and no pain[citation needed].
Ģ   Observe your hand in a dream, often you will find that your hand has the incorrect number of fingers[citation needed].
Ģ   Pinching oneself in a dream no pain will be felt[citation needed].
Another form of reality testing involves identifying one's dream signs, clues that one is dreaming. Dream signs are often categorized as follows:
Ģ   Action The dreamer, another dream character, or a thing does something unusual or impossible in waking life, such as photos in a magazine or newspaper becoming 3-dimensional with full movement.
Ģ   Context The place or situation in the dream is strange.
Ģ   Form The dreamer, another character, or a thing changes shape, or is oddly formed or transforms; this may include the presence of unusual clothing or hair, or a third person view of the dreamer.
Ģ   Awareness A peculiar thought, a strong emotion, an unusual sensation, or altered perceptions. In some cases when moving one's head from side to side, one may notice a strange stuttering or 'strobing' of the image.
Though occurrences like these may seem out of place in waking life, they may seem perfectly normal to a dreaming mind and learning to pick up on these dream signs will help in recognizing that one is dreaming.

Or Kill Me / Techno Will Save Your Soul
« on: June 28, 2006, 06:06:54 pm »
Quote from: deet
The writing's good, but you might have a wire crossed in rationalizing drug use and partying all night as 'shamanism,'

There's a bit of ritual involved in the latter, and not in the first.

I do agree that some raves can have spirtual experiences attached to them, even among the people who are sober, but many of public raves are just parties.

I didn't necessarily rationalize the drug use going on. That tends to just be the domain of idiots who want to get high at a party (though they(the substances) can be used to great effect, even if that is uncommon.)

I think the most interesting part of the rave culture is how much of it really is something spiritual for the kids who are in it, even if that's not what they originally intended on being there for. A great documentary on the scene circa the late 90's is Better Living Through Circuitry. It's quite an eye opener (though it also shows the extremely stupid side of the scene as well.)[/u][/b]

Or Kill Me / Techno Will Save Your Soul
« on: June 28, 2006, 05:59:03 pm »
Quote from: LMNO
But I fucking hate rave music.

-If that's what it takes to make a shaman, I decline.

 :(  Sometimes I get the feeling a lot of people have yet to listen to actual rave music. Too much crap is being pushed (like the infinitely evil DJ Sammy, and all the disgusting pop him and his droogs produce. And Happy Hardcore has frequently been mutilated until it's uber repetitive and only good when you've taken three doses of Ecstasy.) Oh well, can't argue preference.

Or Kill Me / Techno Will Save Your Soul
« on: June 28, 2006, 03:01:45 am »
This is my first rant, and first post here, so tell me what you think.

   Look at the world around you, and can you say the normal, sane individual truly lives a fulfilled life? What has happened to these individuals stripped of their identity? They are a product of a world without spirituality!
   Not that any of this is to say bullshit claiming to be the word of some great patriarch pimp in the sky is spirituality, but the soul, the primal drive for some sort of untamed, unmolded, uninhibited growth, needs to be reclaimed by man. Over the millennia we have learned religion and organization offers no solace; indeed they have only told us to destroy ourselves in anticipation of an unnamed reward.  But from where can we retain this sort of raw spiritual energy man seeks for fulfillment? Certainly Discordianism has offered the laughing disorder that frees us from withering away in an organized, restrictive world, but it is not enough!
   In this I offer the next step, cultural devolution, moving to a time when the world was still untamed by us or our order, past the beginnings of a Theocratic society to those of a Theacratic society of spiritual leaders guiding others to fufillment! What I mean is a return to the original way, the way of shamanism! Not the bullshit spouted by New Ager sellouts of getting in touch with your totem animal and such marketing schemes, but the techniques of spiritual ecstasy through music, dance, communal ritual, and substance use that marked the tribal worlds of early society! For a while we tried meditation, the Buddhist attempts at quieting the mind to let in spirituality, but our generation will never truly be affected by settling down, sitting still, and forcing away our disquieting thoughts. We have gone far into what can be clich?d as the Information Age, where our youth must process huge amounts of knowledge to simply survive. We can see around us a desperate attempt at a return to life! Even those who are still sitting on their couches are filled with discontent at the system which restricts them so, though their frustration is being tapped by whatever power hungry organization (i.e. the Religious Right, the Democratic Party, almost any corporation). Meditation is nothing but the same extinguishing of life for entrance of a new one that religion is, and will never keep hold with our society.
   But how should we cause this return to shamanism in our society completely changed from the days of shamanism? Easy friends, we must embrace (and bear with me here) the rave movement. I know what many of you will say to yourself, those ravers are just a bunch of dumb teens on Ecstasy looking for a new scene to attach to. But thats not the case. Raves are like any other concert, and may be even cleaner. But the specific reason for the rave is that it is absolutely a shamanistic ritual in its entirety. Pulsing music drives the ravers in the same way the shamans of old were moved by the music of the tribe; the ravers dance out of a genuine spiritual ecstasy; they immerse themselves into an environment full of heat, motion, and powerful bass drums rattling through their body to create an energy that fills them entirely; and partake inso many other shamanistic action all leading to a mass spiritual cleansing and rebirth. And from this comes secretaries, deliverymen, and others who still hate their jobs and surroundings like everyone else, but have something to live for and know that some great spiritual need has been filled within them. Shamanism can be reborn, it is already being reborn, and it can be given unto a world that cries out for it.

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