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So you have anything to say or you content to keep wowing us with shit we already know?

Wrong. We were pretending not to be

I achieved Hall of Shame status in just a handful of hours posting?

This has to be a record.

Actually, no.  Not even close.

It might surprise you how many bags of douche there are exactly like you out there. It won't surprise anyone here, of course.

It doesn't surprise me one bit. I see them all the time.

I think you're unaware just how many fartsmellers there are just like you all over the place with your meta-meta-meta...humor and your counter-counter-counter...culture.

Honestly, just join the fucking Catholic clergy.

Wow, you're a mirror that reveals a side of us that we always knew about anyway and are strangely comfortable with. Whaddya know, we're just like all the other dumb hairless apes on the face of this dumb hairless planet. Congratulations 1999 called and wants its front page back :kingmeh:

I tried going outside last night.

Some guy tried to pee in the front door and a bunch of kids were throwing rocks at a car.

When did you get to scotland?  :?

Must admit I hardly even noticed this one. The ingress community seem big on "coins" which strike me as the same deal. I think it appeals to the collector mentality?

LOL! Way to find out there's only one 'm' in cumin  :lulz:

Cut them up and boil them big dash of cummin and a little bit of butter. Best mash evar!


What was it like? at a regular goth meeting type thing? The small little details.

Fishnets, PVC, spooky white foundation, cleopatra eyeliner and massive backcombed hair. Oh and Daniel Ash's echo pedal when you're tripping balls.

Goth ruled. I miss it  :cry:

Can't fault Dark Knight, right enough.

It was the gravity that was raising the water. Lifting two feet of water 200 feet in the air. Aside from the fact that there wasn't enough water on the planet to make a wave that big the gravitational force that was holding up a gazillion tons of water but, at the same time, wasn't affecting the characters , robot or spaceship would, presumably have cancelled out most of the friction effect caused by the sea bed.

Maybe I'm off here. Maybe it was totally realistic but everything about it just stuck me as - get the fuck out of here  :eek:


They made a huge deal about hiring a nobel prize winning physicist to consult on the physics then had a fucking breaking wave bearing down on them on a planet covered entirely in water. I was this close to standing up and screaming "What's it fucking breaking on?" in the middle of the cinema

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Ingress
« on: July 19, 2015, 09:21:17 am »
Last night's shenanigans. Operation: Dougie's Double Trouble. 9 layers, 3 covering Glasgow and 6 over Edinburgh. 5,716,888MU, two platinum illuminator badges. 20 agents. Biggest op I've been involved in yet. Totally stoked we got it done!

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Ingress
« on: July 17, 2015, 12:26:23 pm »
My default is looking like a complete fool in public or in private but it's the limitedness I'm against. Even MS 1st gen hololense aint going to cut it, with what amounts to a small screen sized window in the middle of your field of view. I want my digital imagery seamlessly overlaid on my IRL, 20/20 or GTFO.

I'd rather wait 5-10 years than make do with a half assed solution right now. I was like that with laptops and I was like that with mobiles. I'll make an exception with Oculus VR cos I've tried the prototype and it's good enough. 1st quarter 2016 is when I drop of the face of the earth for a couple of months

It's not really an either-or. I want to play fun games that have me running around outside now AND in 5-10 years.

Defo. I'm just as happy playing with older, more mature platforms while the new stuff is going through it's clunky/crappy phase. Something like Ingress but with some decent combat mechanics and base management would suit me fine in the short term. The non-ar bits of that Clandestine vid look great I could just do without the whole half arsed Ar display part.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Ingress
« on: July 16, 2015, 02:53:48 pm »
Defo. the good thing with AR/VR is the starting point is already based on current gen GPU's, so gfx wise we're talking 1280p per eye, full pixel shading aniostropic dof whatever the fuckery. The GFX rendering quality is state of the art. Cracks appear around the viewing angle which, in first gen iteration, is somewhere around the 100-120o mark. What this means is no peripheral vision, kinda like you're looking down a tube.

I've seen it. It's not pretty but, IMO, it's something I can live with. Same as I could live with 8 bit gfx back in manic miner days. The head tracking and the refresh are seamless. 90fps is enough to fool the clunky, 10 million year old gpu I have in my head. The billion year old reptilian modules are convinced they're actually there. I can have fun with this shit.

AR can wait. I dunno enough about how lightfield works other than - "something... something... it pings photons into your eyeballs exactly the same way IRL does..." so I dunno if it suffers from narrow FOV issues but I think it'll make more of a difference with AR because the effect is overlaid on 180o eyeball-vision. So you're seeing picure in picture which is a lot harder to believe than a little tunnel vision.

As a replacement mobile display, coupled with a decent NLP assistant, I'll be an early adopter but I can't see me playing many games on it. Basically just save me the hassle of taking my mobile out my pocket.

Am I the only one who's thinking - "I want to jam a clove of garlic through the cryoslicer then watch it liquidise in the pan, like in Goodfellas"?

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