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Refer to conspiracy theory above - video was deleted so we couldn't reverse engineer it to find a cure for the mind control virus. Virus will now propagate in benign form, from the people who saw it to the people they interact with. Eventually, everyone will be infected and an activation signal will be broadcast. :tinfoilhat:

They're saying it wrote the script but I'm guessing it wrote the dialogue. I've read tons of movie scripts and dialogue is probably about 10% of most of them, the lions share being scene and action description and even camera and lighting direction in some. There was a link to the PDF of the script in the article I found this on but it was 404ing last night. I'd be interested to see it, tho.

Never been near python so I couldn't really say. Been reading up on tensorflow but, tbh, it's kinda got me mystified for the time being. This AI shit is so different from programming I'm having a hard time getting my head around it. Apples and oranges doesn't even begin to describe it, more like comparing apples to talking jellyfish  :eek:

From the department of - what the fuck did I just not even - the platform which gave us deepdream psychedellic landscapes brings one of the most unintentionally funny shorts I've ever watched. Cudos to the maniacs who actually shot it :lulz:

ETA: There must be potential conspiracy lulz to be had if someone were able to "decode" the "obscure symbolism" and realise that it's a viral, hypnotic pacifier, paving the way for a terminator scenario  :evil:

We're fast approaching grid parity with wind and solar and storage is set to take off shortly, too. Germany famously ran for a whole day on 90% renewables. It got so bad that negative tariffs ran briefly - the energy providers were paying people to use the power. Portugal (although hardly a comparable industrial nation) went four days on 100% renewable.

It'll get to a point soon where price per watt is significantly less than the fossil fuel alternative. At that point the argument is moot. Market forces will take over when human self preservation failed miserably. Any business that insists on paying over the odds for power will very quickly cease to be a business. Of course it'll be too late. It's already too late. Failing some scientific solution to the problem, most indicators are imminent biosphere collapse.

Preservationists are just as bad. Why the fuck even try to preserve a system that evidently can't deal with 7billion-odd myopic apes, shitting up the walls of the domicile? A far more sensible option would be to engineer something that works better. Myopic apes, however, aren't predisposed to thinking big-picture like that.

The good news is that the big picture is the same, whether people want to look at it or not and the big picture strongly suggests that there won't be people for much longer. Problem is self-correcting.

Questioning shit that is apparent can yield future progress. Taking it at face value is what get's shit done right now. So yeah, maybe there is no tangible universe out there and, at some point in the future, this will be a really powerful paradigm. In the meantime I get to smash people in the face with barstools.

It's win/win  :lulz:

Or Kill Me / Re: Been Awhile
« on: May 20, 2016, 10:41:53 am »
That nagging feeling of 'why?' deep down inside? That's just intellect fucking with you. Forget it - there is no why

I consider free will to be one of those things that is either taken at face value or not. If we have it by default, I'm of the opinion it can be removed in varying degrees. Abdicated or taken, by circumstance, force or by subterfuge or a mixture of all three.

Those guys are going to look out the front door one morning and see the flesh melting off their toddler's pretty face cos she's caught in an acid rain storm. I'll be laughing so hard most of my mates wont speak to me for weeks.

One of the funniest things Bill Hicks ever did was died of cancer, slap bang in the middle of the "Smoker with Attitude" tour  :lulz:

I have no idea what to do about any of it

As with any other form of entertainment - you watch and laugh and try your best to steer clear of the exploding scenery :evil:

Caught  a new report about melting icecaps today - turns out it's ridiculously worse than any one imagined. Could be this year or next will approach biblical levels of hilarity

My contract is just about over and I don't have another job lined up.

In the eloquent words of Reggie Watts, "Ficketty fuck. Ficketty fuck. Ficketty fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck."

I can now design, develop, and deploy full stack web apps though. And I've got a few promising leads, but still....


I'm going to get into bots pretty soon, applied to my own company but it looks like that one's ripe pickings for consultancy if that's your bag. All the big players have bot projects in the pipeline and (unlike wi the internet) we have the infrastructure here already and everyone is already connected to so there's no technological barriers to adoption like last time round.

If I was looking to freelance, I'd be getting in early and trying to get a couple of projects under my belt, targeting businesses and hooking a bot into their booking/ordering/erp/whatever system. The use cases as far as I can see are damn near any scenario which currently benefits from having a computer system in the first place.

As Kevin Kelly said - "Take X and add AI"

That is the best thing you have ever written (/personal_opinion)

Thanks.   :lol:

I am reexamining my life and my values.

Welcome to my page. Well it's not mine exactly, I just draw dicks and tits all over it but we seem to be on the same one lately, to a degree I don't think we've ever quite been before.

F'kin troof. Wonder how much he had to do with the latest iteration, right enough. Few years since he left now. Still, the current team are definitely standing on a pretty big pair of shoulders, somewhere along some spectrum or other.

Doom is a refreshing change in gameplay. Oldschool - Run and gun. Switch the brain off and charge! Got little challenge missions for skills boosters. They're all different but the story on the one I just did is you have to perform 3 airborne "glory kills", on hellnights, in less than 20 seconds, with an additional 20secs added on for each successful kill. A glory kill, for the uninitiated is a finish move, once you've depleted most of the enemy health, they stand there, looking punchy and glowing blue. Get close enough and they glow orange, then you do your mortal combat thing. Airborne glory kills, as the name suggests, have to be approached from above.

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