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Or Kill Me / Leviathan pt2: the escapist
« on: October 23, 2009, 05:57:05 pm »
My delusional self inflicted wounds
bleed a stream of desperation to an ocean full of tombs
Opened up beneath the water spilling sickness and disease
into a hole that swallows everything and all hopes in between

I may act like I'm a martyr but I aint all that
I'm just a scared little kid wearing grown up hats
Trying to find a little freedom slip the noose and break the chain
shine a light against the darkness that is sucking on my brain

The machine roars like a sickly thunder
rolls across the world
In the end will swallow everything leaving emtyness and cold
and a hollow gnawing feeling that it could have been so different to this

There are places where the thunder hasn't reached yet
and I do my best to find them
Where the roots of the cities haven't pissed out their pollution
where the clocks don't tick and they won't sell you absolution by the dime bag

Cos I feel so much better when I can't smell cars
Where the ground beneath my feet aint a slick of cold tar
and the sunlight screams
like it's delighted it can touch my skin again

Eventually they'll run a fucking freeway through these places
tunnel through the mountains and fill in all the spaces
with cookie cutter picket fenced domestic blissful faces
vacant eyes that never look beyond the rats and races

So I cling to my oasis as the land around me falls
into grey and smokey nightmares that have everyone by the balls
I laugh because I'm one of the few that didn't heed it's call
and I found my sanctuary out beyond the city walls

Congratulations! This fread is now the second listing on google for COPROMESIS

Yes I had to google it.

Dear whining little ingrate,

We took all the drugs and drunk all the liquor so the doctors could measure the effects on our bodies and declare them badwrong to protect you from them. We spent all the money and used all the oil so now you don't have to worry yourselves about what to do with an over abundance of money and gas. We bought all the crappily produced inferior old music so the recording industry could afford to hone their act and now you get to listen to britney and mylie cyrus and you can actually hear the words! We thought to ourselves "thinking sucks" and we invented machines to do our thinking for us so you don't have to.

Just what the fuck are you complaining about exactly?


Old Cunt

Or Kill Me / Leviathan pt1: the pessimist
« on: October 20, 2009, 03:19:38 pm »
We shuffle listlessly from the sofa to the door
Nobody talks about desire anymore
Just keep your head down and stay between the lines
Anybody asks you tell them "everything's fine"

The human spirit suffocates in a corporate tomb
The will to live supplanted by the need to consume
Dissent is ring-fenced with meticulous efficiency
An insect crushed beneath the hellish weight of this machinery

In a world where clarity is both a blessing and a curse
Progressively each revelation simply makes it worse
Dig beneath the surface and you end up in a hole
Sooner or later we all miss the surrender of control

We tell ourselves that's just the old addiction trying to drag us back
and all the while seek targets and a foolproof plan for the attack
Clandestine meetings with like minds in the shadows of the fringe
where battle lines are decided on and a strategy bound to win

And how long do we amuse ourselves, distracted from our fate?
by our insubordination and our petty little hate?
And whatever we accomplish the machine will profit best
They'll hang our heads on bloody spikes as a warning to the rest

Ah, right. I seen a couple of these when I came back. Kinda wondered why they weren't in OKM. Come to think of it I'm still wondering.

WTF is this spider city bizness?? Link me nao goddamnit :argh!:

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: Intermittens #6
« on: October 20, 2009, 11:21:04 am »
I still have the work I've done so far and I plan on completing it at some point. I'm languishing in a creative funk atm but as soon as it passes I'll get back to work. The thing about the circles fits in well with a tarot card marginalia thing I'm doing.

Or Kill Me / Re: The Interregnum, Part 2
« on: October 19, 2009, 03:04:38 pm »
after listening to that whole NPR bit on REVOLUTION, and thoroughly reading this piece, I am all hot and bothered.

writing letters seems so effete
but I feel like I have to do something

what's best, Cain? Educating the public about these problems, giving them proper language to understand where their hate should be directed?

maybe it's all about starting 1000 revolutions
against the gov't, against big business, against the media, against new york city and the midwest
each signal being amplified by one another until it's cacophany?

should I shed my clothes and begin running through the streets shrieking and rambling incoherently?

I feel like it's almost time!

The kicker is they need us, not vice versa. Standards of living must continue to rise on aggregate. We can only take so much of this smoke and mirrors economic bullshit. Primates are greedy they want more, not less. Unless care is taken to feed and water us slaves the rich will very quickly find themselves kings of nothing with a hungry mob beating down the gates looking for someone to eat. If it gets too much for me then I'll quite happily take to the streets and start killing rich looking people for food and trinkets. And there's a lot more like me, just patiently waiting until the powers that be can no longer afford to use the police or the military against us. The day I wake up and find out I am the police and the military - that's the day those wealthy elite cocksuckers better watch their backs.  :evil:

May your cake be always rofl  :lulz:

Forth Valley in Scotland is the diseased, cancerous lungs of the country. Dominated by a city-sized petrochemical refinery complex that makes the night sky look like the start of Bladerunner. We chainsmoke here. All of us. Man, woman and child. We smoke because it clogs up our lungs and forms a protective barrier against the air. If you don't smoke at least 40 a day chances are you'll be dead inside a week. Allergies, asthma, eczema, birth deformities, childhood leukaemia ... all at least double the national average. Triple on some counts. Forth Valley - we breathe shit so the rest of the country can moan about the carbon monoxide levels in their neck of the woods. Ah carbon monoxide. To breathe pure CO1, even for just an hour would be bliss.

Or Kill Me / Re: TV and the Idea of Beauty
« on: October 16, 2009, 11:34:15 am »


can we maybe fucking agree to not post pictures of mutilated bodies except in the "tools for tools" thread?

i have a few friends that went through episodes like this (yes they looked like that) and I really don't like to be reminded of.

you wouldnt fucking post pain series or other disorders for shock value either. just fucking think before you post next time, ok

Fuck you! The assistant to my manicurist died from being reminded of episodes liek this  :argh!:

Or Kill Me / Re: I fell asleep again
« on: October 14, 2009, 05:46:44 pm »
I guess so. I'm just a sucker for things that splodey and burn and make loud noises. Little details are wasted on me.

Or Kill Me / Re: I fell asleep again
« on: October 14, 2009, 05:38:42 pm »
Hell yeah! Much more so than watching it gradually rot over a period of millenia.

Or Kill Me / Re: I fell asleep again
« on: October 14, 2009, 04:27:19 pm »
I'll miss a lot of things, including the last 30 years of my life but fuck it - the question is too big. It needs answered.

Or Kill Me / Re: I fell asleep again
« on: October 14, 2009, 04:10:09 pm »
... more like the aftermath of the Trojan war or the fall of the Roman Empire.  ...

Been thinking about Rome a lot lately. Can't help making the comparison. At the end rome had devoted about half the year to games (the ancient equivalent of teevee) Nowadays we don't devote whole months to it but every day we prolly take in 4 hours on average - soma sales are up. Borders are overextended, barbarian terrorists and insurgents are causing problems in the outlying provinces ... empire has to fall soon. Surely?

Then what? will it be the same as before? Operation landgrab? Birth of some new retarded superstition in a vain attempt to hold it all together with brute stupidity? I wonder about these things but the truth is it's all speculation. Fall empire, fall! I wanna see what happens next :evil:

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