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Bring and Brag / Re: A short brag
« on: March 18, 2009, 12:37:28 pm »
explain "canon" in musical context pls. I always thought it was just the name of a tune but the way you used it there it's type of tune? Oh, and congrats for being the oldest child prodigy in existence  :D

Literate Chaotic / Re: LMNO-PI
« on: March 18, 2009, 11:03:13 am »
I thought this was meant to be fictional. Now IRL peoples will be able to identify me :argh!:

Discordian Recipes / Re: vowing to not eat like white trash
« on: March 17, 2009, 07:21:19 pm »

Can food be persuaded to splodey?  :evil:

Bring and Brag / Re: The Bodyjackers
« on: March 17, 2009, 02:27:24 pm »

At the risk of compromising my artistic integrity, I'll do you a deal...

Bring and Brag / Re: The Bodyjackers
« on: March 17, 2009, 02:05:18 pm »
I ran through the checklist once more for luck.

Pulse rifle - one of - check
backup mags - two flanchette and two exploding tip with tracers - check
shoulder mounted rocket launchers - check
cattleprod - check
harpoon gun and 700mtr monofilament zip line  - check
gasmask - check
gas  - check
nightvision and infra-red spectrum enhancement visor - check
repulse, frag and incendiary grenades  - check
personal forcefield  - check
biomace - check
big fucking knife - check
smaller backup knife - check

My list told me I was ready. Every nerve ending in my body disagreed. I was beginning to think I was losing my mind. I mean yeah, fifteen million credits. I'd do pretty much anything for fifteen mil but go outside? on the street? There were public access telepods in the foyer of every building in the city. Anyone wanted to go somewhere, all they had to do was step inside, punch in the destination and "kazzam" they stepped out the other side. Anywhere in the world was just a split-second podjump away. Well, almost anywhere.

There was one datacenter in the city with no pod-access. A place known to only a select handful of hackers and anyone who knew about it knew better than to go near the fucking place. The more I weighed this up the more it looked like a suicide mission. I was going to kill myself for fifteen mil that I'd never see on account of being permanently dead but, if I was going to take this contract, there was no other way. I had to go see Upload.

Pulse rifle - one of - check
backup mags - two flanchette and two exploding tip...

I made my way to the roof. There used to be doors on the groundfloor of some of the older buildings but they were sealed up a long time ago to meet safety regulations. The only way outside was via the roof and, from there, find a way down to the street level. Fucking street level. I still could hardly believe I was doing this. The steel blast doors, leading to the security corridor, slid open and an automated warning told me I was "about to enter an unprotected environment".

My body armour rattled as I tramped out the corridor and onto the roof. I flicked the safety off the pulse rifle and set the shoulder cannons to acquire and confirm. I now, effectively, had eyes in the back of my head. Eyes that cry heat seeking napalm tears. Upload's datacenter was half a klick northwest of here and I had the choice of travelling rooftop to rooftop, with the harpoon and zip-line, trying my best to avoid any flesh hunters on my way or heading down to ground level and taking my chances with the animals that they hunted.

I decided to hit the ground running, at least I had a technological advantage over the beasts and the scatter-paint on my armour should prevent the snipers on the roof getting a bead on me. I walked over to the parapet and looked over. All I could see was fog about 100mtrs down, I switched the image enhancer on my visor and scanned the street below for any sign of movement. All quiet but, lets face it, that wasn't going to last long. I climbed onto the fire escape and started my descent.

It took about 4 hours to reach the canopy, about 100feet above street level. Fatigue was getting the better of me so I took a shot of "regen", a mixture of caffeine amphetamine and steroid derivatives, and leaned against the wall of the tower for a couple of minutes to let the effect kick in. I could hear the jungle noises down below, birds, frogs, insects, fuck knows all what else. I felt the humidity, rising like sweat and permeating my clothes. My nostrils were being assaulted by the pungent reek of plants and fungus and animal shit.

Fucking nature, we should have wiped that motherfucker out when we had the chance.

Bring and Brag / Re: The Bodyjackers
« on: March 17, 2009, 08:11:25 am »
chapter 2 next couple of days

Bring and Brag / The Bodyjackers
« on: March 16, 2009, 11:24:29 pm »
"Gentlemen, I can do this from one cube. Right now I have backdoor access to six hundred and fifty fully beamed DNS servers. Fully beamed! That means that everything I trip is trusted and mirrored on every lightbox on the hypernet. For a nominal fee I will reroute every transaction of any major credit stream through the logger of your choice. I could provide loggers if you don't have your own but, quite frankly, if you don't have your own loggers you have no fucking business talking to me?"

"I can sandbox any corporate cluster you care to mention and, unlike the competition, I will guarantee downtime anywhere up to five days. That's a whole working week your company has the monopoly on trading. Nowadays there are only a handful of corporations that could survive more than forty eight hours offline."

"Give me three days and I'll set up passive surveillance on your target of choice, cctv feeds, credit transactions, cellular and voip channels. You'll experience more of your marks life than he will."

"So, gentlemen, what's your pleasure?"

The meet had been set up by Southie so I knew these guys were legit or rather illegit which amounted to the same thing from my point of view. They weren't feds, I knew that but they didn't look corporate either. The suits didn't sit right for one thing. Whatever these guys usually wore to work it wasn't tailored by Armani. Military? Idealogues? In my line of work it doesn't matter, I'm quite happy to play either side of any conflict of interests as long as the credits are there and, whether they think they can get away with paying for it or not, the credits are always there.

Lesson 1 - never try to rip-off a hacker. It's fucking pointless.

My headset chirped in my ear, told me the three of them were kosher. I'd run retinal, voiceprint and DNA samples through Central Intelligence, National and international police and social security databases, when they'd first walked in the door. Nothing. These guys were ghosts. I relaxed a little. Cloaking a live surveillance warrant triples the price.

"We need someone who can hack Sensenet", the big guy told me.

"Then good luck finding someone," I spat back, "assassination aint my bag."

Sensenet - neural hypernet interface, full immersion surfing as if you were there. Taste, touch, smell... It was the porn channels who pioneered it. Fried a few brains in the early days using reverse engineered military targeting rigs. Found out that with a bit of duplexing they could send signals back into the brainstem, instead of just reading the output.

Of course it was banned, after the first couple of hundred masturbating cabbages returned from their in brain fuck movie, paralysed from the bollocks-up. Didn't make much difference, the porn sites had always operated in and around the edge of the law. There was too much demand to let a little legislation stand in the way of profit. They kept ploughing money into the technology and eventually perfected safe enough kit. Nowadays, with enough credits, you could experience anything you could imagine, firsthand, from a parking lot handjob to gang raping a four year old. From the kid's point of view.

Eventually it went mainstream. There were medical applications, telecoms, entertainment... pretty much anything you could do on the hypernet you could use a sensnet jack to do but the only thing you'd use a hacker for was a hit - overload the wetwall protections and send a garbage dataflood straight into the brainstem. Mark would have a seizure so bad his eyes would explode out his fucking head. I didn't need it. I might be a bastard but even bastards draw the line somewhere. I drew mine a ways short of murder.

"We don't want anybody killed," the woman said. She looked vaguely oriental but it's hard to tell these days. Anyway a smart player would be wearing active collegen - remould the features to whatever the hell you want to look like. I know I was. Doesn't pay to be recognised in my line of work. Being unrecognisable helps immensely. "We want someone stolen."

I was losing my patience with these freaks and almost ready to show them the door but curiosity got the better of me. "You got about ten seconds to explain yourself lady. This had better be fucking good." I was playing it cocky but then what the hell were they going to do? The two guys were packing enough firepower to level the building and the chick had a string laser and some kind of nano acid but, since I'd disabled the powerpacks and my sentry guns were ready to fill them with half a kilo of armour piercing slugs per second if they so much as blinked at me the wrong way I figured I had the upper hand.

"What we require, Mr Cross, is for you to hijack a Sensenet datastream and download the users consciousness to our server."

"Are you out of your fucking mind lady? Did Southie put you up to this? This is a joke right?"

"Mr Cross, this is no joke. We will provide the interface software you will gain access to the ..."

"Look bitch I've listened to about as much of this bullshit as I care to, now I suggest you take your sci-fi story asses the hell out of my building right now before I lose my sense of humour completely and turn the watchdogs on you."

I signalled the miniguns to spin up and acquire targets just to drive the point home. In their favour they never as much as flinched.

"We understand that you may or may not believe that what we are attempting to do is impossible, this is of no import, Mr Cross. What does concern you is fifteen million untraceable credits for getting our payload behind the wetwall."

Fifteen fucking mil? For fifteen mil I'd kill the bastard myself, principles or no fucking principles and she was right. I didn't need to believe what they were doing. What the fuck did I care if their hocus pocus worked or not?

"Untraceable you say?" I turned on the most charming smile I could manage with this face. "Okay. Show me the credit streams"

Actually that's two different versions and the installer for one of them. I'm a lazy fuck, I hardly even delete my install packages  :oops:

I don't look left :D

Or Kill Me / Re: Its all circling the drain.
« on: March 16, 2009, 08:48:32 pm »
If we ever crack star-trek style replicator technology then yeah but along with that will probably come things like ridiculously extended lifespans. At that point it's either take to the stars, population control (always a touchy issue) or standing room only.

Yay! I cn Haz 2 monitorses  :mrgreen:

Or Kill Me / Re: Its all circling the drain.
« on: March 16, 2009, 07:31:40 pm »
My theory is that, unless you leave the planet at some point, any sentient race will eventually break the fucking thing. With this level of intelligence comes the ability to multiply and survive way beyond the point of sustainability. We use up exponentially more of the ecosystem than any other comparably sized primate.

Or Kill Me / Re: Death for art is sick
« on: March 16, 2009, 06:32:27 pm »
Unfortunately, as soon as it's out there, your work is no longer yours to pidgeonhole.

Roll with it

Or Kill Me / Re: 2012
« on: March 16, 2009, 06:29:59 pm »
Trust me, I'm not going to run away screaming - True Story

I live for weird

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