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Overcome? No. Reprogram? Yes. It's all interconnected. Unless you've got some safe method of ripping out the entire limbic system, and still being alive at the end of it, you're pretty much stuck with the demented reptile. The neocortex can be employed to override most of the command impulses, tho.

I can see benefits to both sides... Personally, I don't tell most people as it isn't really a topic that comes up in conversation. I've actually only told one person I know about my personal philosophy, and it's only because she has a very similar philosophy. My inner circle of friends has a pretty limited grasp of my indifference, but that's only because they've known me for years and things sometimes come out inadvertently.

What about you guys? Does your family know? I'm sure it would make for a nice dinner conversation with some more conservative parents.

"Telling" people about your philosophy is pointless.  You might as well dance your sculpture.  You might as well sing your cooking.

The simple best advice for writing also applies to philosophy: show, don't tell.

Live your philosophy.  Be your philosophy.

If they are receptive, by your own actions, they will learn.

I agree wholeheartedly, given that my personal philosophy is entirely based on ridiculing other people's.

Daily "Jesus fucking christ" link:

More than 650 suspected paedophiles have been arrested as part of a six-month operation targeting people accessing child abuse images online.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) said the 660 arrested included doctors, teachers, scout leaders, care workers and former police officers.

More than 400 children have been protected as a result, the agency said.

Arrests were made across the UK and the majority of those held had no previous contact with police.

The NCA said 39 were of those arrested are registered sex offenders.

Charges already brought range from possessing indecent images of children to serious sexual assault.

The NCA stressed that none of those arrested is a serving or former MP or member of the Government.

Behold the final word in the argument in UK communications monitoring. That bill has already flown through the usual process and anyone who dares decry it will be directed to this and accused of sympathising with paedophiles.

It'd almost be funny if it wasn't tragic. Terrorists and drug dealers not scary enough for you? "Well if we don't have X we won't be able to properly protect your kids"

You can't help but wonder about the bold. It seems an odd thing to emphasise to me. Last week there was some discontent over a missing dossier which apparently implicated MP's and other such government figures. Making a point about how none of them are involved seems like a rather politically motivated statement.


the fact that it's an official announcement from the Ministry of Truth would make it seem like a rather politically motivated statement

Techmology and Scientism / Re: The Tech Forum
« on: July 17, 2014, 10:29:00 am »
The thought had crossed my mind. Along the same lines as the cardboard VR goggles Google was handing out at IO last month. All you need is something articulated you can stick an android device in and an app to drive it via bluetooth.

The hardware would take 5 minutes to source for anyone with basic electronics skills and knowledge of arduino or raspberry pi platforms and the housing could be knocked up in max and printed at shapeways.

The real kicker is the software platform. Best bet is leverage Watson or Google Voice API and have a look of open source methods of motion tracking, face recognition and the like but, even then, there's a lot of specific shit that's going to have to be hand coded. Nothing massive, tho.

Main problem for me would be the animation. They got an ex Disney guy working on that IIRC

Techmology and Scientism / Re: The Tech Forum
« on: July 17, 2014, 07:55:42 am »
Having used a Nexus 5 with Google Now voice command for the last couple of weeks, I'd say the AI in the video is pretty much what I'm using right now, plus some scripted personality traits. No way I'm shelling out half a grand for a less-mobile mobile device. I'll wait til the end of next year, start of 2017 and pick one up for a hundred or so.

The tracking cam alone would be worth more than that to me if I don't get a quad drone in the meantime. That reminds me - I'm supposed to be building one of those...

Techmology and Scientism / Re: The Tech Forum
« on: July 16, 2014, 08:00:01 pm »
They should rename kickstarter and indiegogo to "Shut up and take my money!"

I'm almost tempted to shell out for a devkit just to frontend an eyeball on there. Pretty sure it'll happen without my help, tho.

A-bomb was the (then) culmination of the arms race. Two factors at play - Humans like to kill other humans. Humans invent increasingly powerful tech.

These two factors began with picking up rocks, continued through attaching rocks to sticks to form axes, the invention of metal, ballistics, siege engines, gunpowder... every step of the way the desire to slaughter our fellow man and our ability to produce increasingly powerful technology made the creation of a-bombs inevitable.

Equally inevitable was the fact that, once we had one, we were always going to find a justification for playing with it. Sooner rather than later. Death Opera is not the most patient of headspaces.

I was looking into the possibility a couple of months back. Best info I got was "eat lots of plants" Ssrsly. Diet is much more plant filled now. Effects are slight but noticable. All positive.

EOC does exactly what it says on the tin - Don't expect any form of head unless you're at least wearing the red nose and (preferrably) full-body greasepainted.

It's become a euphemism. You see some girl in a wheelchair or a guy with an arm or leg missing. A dog with it's ear chewed off. "They've fucked Junkenstein" Y'know like "bought the farm" or "screwed the pooch" only with the kind of sinister undertones that can cause PTSD, just from hearing the tales that gave rise to those grim expressions. Spare a thought for the (thankfully) small minority of the global population who have actually survived the ordeal and held on to enough fragments of their mind to tell those tales.

No one's ever actually seen Junkenstein's penis, in the flesh as it were. Two reasons - One it's retractable and, two, he wears "the device" over the sheath opening, meaning the organ itself is never exposed to daylight. Daylight and garlic are believed to be the only things in existence capable of destroying Junkenstein's penis but this is based on speculation and a strong correlation with other, fictional, organisms popularly credited with the ability to suck the lifeblood from mammals.

There's another school of thought who believe Junkenstein's penis can never be destroyed and we are all, in fact, doomed. The truth of the matter may well be even more disturbing. The reason is closely related to recent developments in the quantum mathematics solving for Junkenstein's libido. If the work of Gibberlin and Tomaszewski is leading where many academic experts believe it could be, we may be on the verge of a strong and cohesive general theory of depravity which has the potential to negate Newtonian physics and unify General Relativity and Quantum Theory in one fell swoop, just not in a way that falls short of inducing a vomit reflex in anyone who understands the equations and the implications thereof.

When mating with Junkenstein, one is advised to maintain adequate situational awareness, be trained in at least three martial arts and possessed of a well practised ability to maintain breathing during extended periods of projectile vomiting. All the hairs on the back of one's neck MUST be shaved off and genitallia can be expected to be turned inside out during intercourse. Good luck in there and remember, no matter how great the temptation to look - don't open your eyes. It's not worth it.

Another one for the list then. Sinister forces is already on it but should really be moved up. Between that and the other thread here they're clearly worth a read.

From the second quote:
The victim must lodge a complaint within ‘thirty days’ of the crime. Failure to do so will mean the victim’s automatic excommunication. As the victim was often a young child, that particular directive beggars belief. The alleged perpetrator was able to ‘be transferred to another assignment unless the Ordinary of the place has forbidden it’. Both the perpetrator and the victim are ordered to observe ‘perpetual silence’, under pain of excommunication.

There's so much horror there it's difficult to quantify it. There's no logical way this makes sense unless you're trying to explicitly protect the accused over the victims. Adding the excommunication angle is just stunning for a variety of reasons. The first one that mainly comes to mind is how well ingrained the Catholic world view gets, well, beaten mainly, into folk so that carries serious heft.

As far as the numbers go, it seems 2% is rather optimistic, 4-6% would seem to be closer from what the other sources quoted indicate. I wonder if anyone's going to have the decency to give the Pope these facts and let him know the problem seems to be at least twice as bad as he thinks.

It doesn't look good for Lombardi either. If that "Promotion for avoidance" policy is accurate, the chances of these people being cardinals or holding a range of senior positions seems likely. At least we can be confident that any such people in such positions will obviously be fully co-operative with any investigation.

So, problems ahoy for the next decade at least.

Is it reasonable to expect that protecting the image and integrity of the church would be pretty much top of their list of priorities?

Given that (comparatively?) a whole bunch of servants ordained by God, to carry out his work on earth turn out to be kiddie fiddlers, how does this paint the church or, for that matter, god himself?

PD, let me ask you something.

What the bloody fuck has happened to you? You're being trolled, SUCCESSFULLY, by a guy who accidentally outed his own alt in 30 minutes. I HAVE HAD PIZZA DELIVERIES TAKE LONGER THAN THAT.


Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: Discipline
« on: July 03, 2014, 06:07:09 am »
We don't need to flay flesh from bones. Money = power. Take all their money or (even better) make it obsolete, redistribute the power.

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: Discipline
« on: July 02, 2014, 03:29:56 pm »
That time has passed. The current mode of power cannot be altered via beheadings like a sovereign power could. There will never be another guillotine style revolution in the west, and the reasons for that are buried in the French and American revolutions.

This! We know how power shifts nowadays - hostile takeovers. A business model that the established oligarchy cannot defend against. Buy them up, shut them down, strip their assets, lay off the staff and move on. Aggressive, disruptive business models bombarding the defenceless in a theatre of abstract wealth distribution. Take all the assets, you get the governments and the military thrown in as a job lot.

Open Source is coming. Plutocracy will be annihilated. If we play it right, very little blood will be spilled. All the power, financial, governmental and military is always up for grabs. All you need is a new kind of hand that's better at grabbing.

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