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TrumpScript™ – Making Python Great Again!

 :lulz: :lulz:

-No floating point numbers, only integers. America never does anything halfway.
-All numbers must be strictly greater than 1 million. The small stuff is inconsequential to us.
-There are no import statements allowed. All code has to be home-grown and Amerian made.
-Instead of "True" and "False," we have "fact" and "lie"
-Only the most popular English words, Drumpf's favorite words, and current politician names can be used as variable names.
-Error messages are mostly quotes directly taken from Drumpf himself.
-All programs must end with "America is great."
-Our language will automatically correct Forbes' $4.5B to $10B
-In it's raw form, TrumpScript is not compatible with Windows, because Drumpf isn't the type of guy to believe in PC
-The language is completely case insensitive

Or Kill Me / Re: God told me to skin you alive[edit]
« on: March 29, 2016, 07:44:08 pm »
I missed you, Sepia.

You have a way of coalescing these ephemeral moments and emotions.. dreamlike. Then the last sentence sharpens the focus, like emerging from a daydream.

Propaganda Depository / Re: Found an old project
« on: March 29, 2016, 07:21:23 pm »
That's awesome - I love the style you were going for, with the -- what would you call it -- ransom-cut-up-style lettering? inconsistencies in type and alignment.. it has a certain Wabi-sabi


Huuurrrrrrk, yeah, that's the stuff

This was an extremely surreal thread for me.

Now that it's a few years out, I feel like I can talk straight about it.

I had developed this Pterodactyl Handler character as a way to poke the "gaptoothed barefooted mud fondlers" at It started off as this, like, comedy routine. And over the course of several years, he grew more and more fleshed out & real to me. (maybe more 'real' isn't the right word -- more coherent) Eventually I could feel the Pterodactyl Handler in the back of my head, going BIKAAAW, impatiently scraping the earth with this claw-feet.

And there came a recognition that Cramulus was a similar construct - a certain mix of ideas and attitudes I'd been brewing here for a long time. And these two personalities, Cram and the Pterodactyl Handler, had developed in reaction to one another, had become polarized.

It's kind of like - there's a certain (I don't know how to put it) trance you go into when you're playing a character - in acting, RPGs, whatever. You can feel that person inside your head. And in my case, these two people were in conflict.  For me, the 'trance states' of PD and were anathema to one another.

And when I made this thread, it was because people from TCC were coming to All of the sudden I was relating to them from the Cramulus headspace instead of the Pterodactyl Handler headspace. And it felt weird. Uncomfortable. It was the definition of cognitive dissonance.

And the third character, the OP, was kind of my attempt to step away from both of them. I guess I'm like half the people in this thread. Years later, this still sticks out to me as an extremely weird time.

Propaganda Depository / Re: Strange Times Pamphlet
« on: March 29, 2016, 04:37:30 pm »
Love it!

in other weird news, The Strange Times is being published/printed by a Turkish fashion magazine. I'm still not sure what to make of that.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm probably living in an information bubble. My facebook and tumblr feed are filled with progressive memes which make a silly caricature out of the conservatives and libertarians.

The other day, a libertarian friend* popped the bubble by posting a riff on the "Jesus is a socialist" meme...

*this guy is a small-gov libertarian who is employed by the TSA... wrap your head around that one

It made me curious to see some conservative/libertarian image-memes or political cartoons which are caricatures of great left-wing stuff I agree with.

What can you find?

I'm sorry I missed this.

But also, you fucks have completely ruined oranges for me, so fuck you. Even smelling an orange gives me this pavlovian response: nausea, disgust... loathing. They're horrible. Like planets of acid, floating in an infinite void of ... bullshit ... fuck you

as I get older, I find myself apologizing on behalf of the world as-is.

I used to get really upset about stuff like "all our choices are the lesser-of-two-evils", our endless consumer obsessions, our meager mental lives

I used to get upset that so much of the world felt like a flat gray monotone.

Now I'm 34 and I've had the daily news and the 9-5 lifestyle beaten into me by a guy that looks like Rowdy Roddy Piper. I can see why it makes sense.

Deep inside, there's a 16 year old kid who is pointing outside and saying listen: there's a hell
of a good universe next door; let's go
and I'm saying "shhhh, I've gotta get up for work in the morning"

so I feel it too

'pity this busy monster, manunkind'
      ee cummings
Code: [Select]
pity this busy monster, manunkind,

not. Progress is a comfortable disease:
your victim (death and life safely beyond)

plays with the bigness of his littleness
--- electrons deify one razorblade
into a mountainrange; lenses extend
unwish through curving wherewhen till unwish
returns on its unself.
                          A world of made
is not a world of born --- pity poor flesh

and trees, poor stars and stones, but never this
fine specimen of hypermagical

ultraomnipotence. We doctors know

a hopeless case if --- listen: there's a hell
of a good universe next door; let's go

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Steal my heart?
« on: March 29, 2016, 03:53:48 pm »
I like that a lot.

It brings to mind this moment from The Invisibles where Mad Tom touches Jack Frost, and Jack reacts violently, defensively... Jack's heart is protected. Behind a firewall, as you say. But then what happens when it's time to take it back out?

Mad Tom says

What'll you do? Set Jack Frost on me? Let him ice up your heart so it stops hurting? I'm not afraid of little robots like you, with your little robot threats. I'll burn him up. I'll make a puddle of him and that puddle I'll turn into vapor. I'll tear you out of your armor with white-hot claws. You're so tough. So tough and rigid and frozen that you can't even move out of the space you've been given. You think you're an outlaw but you just do what they want you to do; cause trouble for a little while, screw some tart, raise more robots, and on and on and on.

Five fiends have been in Poor Tom at once: of lust as Obidicut; Hobbididance, prince of dumbness; Mahu, of stealing; Moho, of murder. Flibbertigibbet, of mopping and mowing. So many giants and demons and always room for more in Poor Tom's head. Your head's like mine, like all our heads; big enough to contain every god and devil there ever was. Big enough to hold the weight of oceans and the turning stars. Whole UNIVERSES fit in there! But what do we choose to keep in this miraculous cabinet? Little broken things, sad trinkets that we play with over and over. The world turns our key and we play the same little tune again and again and we think that tune's all we are.

The violent rejection of truth is the part of the Plato's Cave allegory that speaks most to me.

Its something I've wrestled with as a larp writer. After you go check out the big european larps, and you sample the different styles and game types out there, you realize how deficient and diseased some parts of US Larp culture are. Like, larp games in New England (and most of the USA, actually) are very rules-heavy, don't allow alcohol, and have a lot of narration (ie, somebody tells you "You see an orc" and its just a kid with green grease on his face). In a lot of larps, you have to call out a number every time you swing, which makes combat sound like an argument about algebra rather than, say, a battle.

But you try to tell people around here about The Better Way of Doing Things, how when you drop a lot of the baggage we're carrying around, the experience itself feels different - more direct, more attention-grabbing, more engaging... and they will argue with you until the sun comes up. People have rationalized crappy stuff, and that's a wall they're chained to.


        "But nobody wants it! Everybody hates it."


This reminds me of that awesome fight scene from They Live. Rowdy Roddy Piper has the glasses that show the truth, and he tries to force them onto Keith Davis. And they slug it out until they're both fucked up.

It's not enough to show somebody the truth - they will fight you and resist you every step of the way. Nobody gets the Holy from an instruction book, they have to find it themselves or get it beaten into them.

Forgive the Zizek link, but he says it up better than I can:

By the way Rog, you look great with hair. I didn't know you had that capability--I figured all your follicles had been scoured off by scalpal volanic activity by now.

It's funny, in 2008, everybody was going "This place was better in 2006".

I'm in that IRC channel pretty much every week day from 9-5. It's a cool spot. Burns built this awesome bot which turns our chats into awful comics. You can also play word-jumble duck hunt. Come in and type !duck to see what I mean.

Anyway, back in 08, this forum had caught the "let's re-invent discordia" bug in a big way. And that's a hot topic - volatile, contentious, wild. There was a feeling that we were doing something together, building something together, becoming something together.

I don't know if Discordia changed or the Internet changed, probably both..

As for the Internet - the medium seems to move us towards more dense and fast communication, which lends itself to the "disco" crowd of Discordians. The Legion of Dynamic Discord. Often little more than surface level dickery, seems like more of a spin-out from #chan culture than anything else.

As for Discordia... have you read Illuminatus? One of the things that strikes me about it, reading it now, is that a lot of the topics its bringing up have been explored and evolved since the 1970s. Same with Zen Without Zen Masters.. there's like 1/3rd of that book which is about Free Love... which all feels a little weird now in the AIDS / Tinder era. No longer revolutionary. The traditional sex values and conservative sex culture that Camden was pushing against.. faded away.

Anyway, a lot of Discordian topics seem like that to me these days. The Pastafarians and satantists are doing a better job satirizing religion, for example. Absurdism starts to feel old, the endless procession of novelty starts to get worn out. The Internet doesn't surprise us like it used to. What's Discordianism got for us? What's left? What could it be? How do people wake up themselves and their neighbors? What's outside of the trance I'm in right now? These questions electrified me, and our collective interest in them kept me coming back.

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