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Wow.  You gave a black comedy a happy ending that WORKS. Willy S. Couldn't make that work like this does.


St. Vitus dance meets electric funk.  This is the best thing since the cops dancing along during the video for "Setting Sun".  Normal people being overcome and regressing to freaks.  BECAUSE.

Also - you were correct - ANY Yeti worth their salt ought to be able to break a brick with their crotch and keep dancing. 

Technically, it's an "organic castration".

No, really. That's what it was labeled.

But you're totally right, most people would be too flustered and embarrassed just by that to want to have to relay the incident enough times to get you fired over it.

I am going to go pour beer in my face until I forget this conversation has ever happened.

I'm going to accidentally the face with bourbon now. 

I told you guys what happens if you don't nail 20C into it's fucking casket.  I told you.

This is the 21C, like 20C but more shitty and we call it a "Reboot"

Don't forget trying to make it look more raw and gritty.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / So Roger...
« on: April 12, 2014, 01:42:22 am »
I am typing now, and I am puzzled by the odd feeling that every one of my beard follicles may have grown to the size of a mechanical pencil lead.  It is an odd sense, one of forboding mixed with a sick anticipation.  The records and notifications of that horrible squakbox that passes for my cellpohne tell me you have attempted calling.  I will assuredly answer / return calls when not pressed by the necessity of putting hernia repair survivors to the sword or running through decepit Fall rIver buildings wielding odd implements of brass and bone. (They won't let me build weapons sober anymore.  Something about them working TOO well)  These things never get over at a decent hour - hoping to ring you back Sunday.   

I am vexed.  We are all vexed, really.  I long with sick abandon for the prosaic beings I work with to know the TRUTH of who exactly is sitting next to them.  The manager got a whiff of it.  Got smart and swipped the cell phone left out on my desk, only to read a speculative chat about balls between me and Cram.  I got a full apology between his sobs.

Has anyone bothered to let EoC back into the country yet?  Not that that would be SAFE in teh common sense, but ethically we really ought not to leave him out there too long.  I keep envisioning him amassing a horde or machete waving fanatics and cutting a caper to cuban jazz as the inevitable junta places him in power. 

New Hampshire, for some reason, has SHUT UP.  I blame Suu.  The land of "Live free or Die", must be the land of "Quiet or she'll hit us again!"

Leln almost got to axe and emo vampire with a chair.  Really - I m not bullshitting that part.   

I cant get back out ther either  :sad:.  There will be more times to be around to support and help them.

Shit guy.  :sad:  It's not easy, especially with dogs.  Feeling bad for the loss of a companion like that is human.  Drop a line if you need to chat or just shoot the shit to keep your brain off stuff. 


EoC's spirit animal is the Cheshire Cat.  He has a pleasant affect, and smiles, but this in fact indicates hunger.

OH yes, he hungers.  For a steady stream of well hopped beer, mayhem, and places to be "Creative" with cars.  (his weapon of choice when cigars and ar-15's are not available, as he once showed an unfortunate karate tournament)

"You all won't touch that with a ten foot pole"

"for PORN."

I can't tell if she's ornery drunk or jsut LIKE THAT

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Spagbook
« on: March 26, 2014, 12:48:03 am »
I don't remember half of this shit, except the step dancing, I remember that. (See? I was wearing pance, but they got in the way.)

DOUR meets Uncle Caewlin.  Damn if I want to know how that went!




The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: The Pit, 5 parts
« on: March 19, 2014, 12:03:47 am »
The surreal scene-shifting is done perfectly.  That's always how I expect real madness to be, all perfectly reasonable one minute, then sideways

I think they're trying, jsut at something different than usual.

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