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I mean, if they're getting paid to figure out how to cause enough of a ruckus to blackmail the IT guys into building them bodies in the next level out to get downloaded into, I could get behind that.

Interesting idea:  As we burn up each given Earth, we download ourselves into a new version.  Which gets burned up because everyone realizes at some level that the way we act is unsustainable.  Then one day on the original Earth, lack of maintenance causes the system to fail, and we all wake up in an unbreathable soup of overheated atmosphere.

That reminds me of the plot (well, really the sub-plot) of R Scott Bakker's Disciple of the Dog. In that, there's a cult which believes that it's really the year 5 billion and everyone on earth is actually hanging out in a simulation on a ruined planet, and the Sun is about to blow up. The rest of humanity is living it up off-world, presumably. The rat bastards.

Oh they could get rid of me if they really wanted to, I'm sure. But at this time I still have enough niche expertise that letting me go would be rather inconvenient for them. And I'm liked well enough on a personal level that being too cold-blooded would reflect badly on the person who pulled the trigger.

Still, I'll hit the "three years of experience" mark by the end of this winter. And that's if I don't fuck off before then.

Petty work shit is now affecting me, and perhaps I've just been exposed to too many TGRR Mind Lazors in my lifetime, but I have come to two conclusions in the past 24 hours:

1) They're all motherfuckers.
2) They're out to get me.

I was very ill from January until about this past August. During most of that time, my work performance got more shoddy than usual. I tried my level best to ensure that people knew exactly how much work they could get out of me, once I knew what the issue was. I believe that the time I spent being less useful annoyed enough people that the gears have now turned against me.

So now they have hired a fresh young recruit, probably two years younger than me, to replace me without actually replacing me. I was hired with the intention of being mostly a tech geek (GIS, specifically) with the option to do field grunt work when the schedule demanded it. This new guy is full-time GIS, and I have been "shifted" to do more field work. I can also tell that he knows he's here to replace me, and that he feels badly about it. He's not old, bitter, or treacherous enough yet to stick his thumb in my eye.

A majority of our clients are in the boroughs of NYC, and I live on the far eastern end of Long Island. For those unaware, Long Island is named such because it is very fucking long. Normally I would spend my time in the office on Long Island, which has not been a problem. A one-way trip into NYC for me is approximately 2 hours if I leave my house at about 4 AM. But I'm a good sport and willing to put in a little overtime. I get paid for drive time and reimbursed for mileage, after all, so it's not so bad as long as I can find time in the day to, yanno, sleep.

But now I've done all last week and been scheduled for all of this week to drive into Brooklyn for brain-draining oversight jobs. Instead of hiring a body from the city to do city jobs and keep me in my initial capacity, they've put me in a position where I am spending four hours a day on the road, minimum.

Considering the cost of paying me extra hours and mileage, I offered that they could buy me a cheap motel room close to the site. The response I got was a lot more, shall we say, crisp than I had anticipated. There was a lot more in that reply than just the reply. I have been scolded for my unsatisfactory performance.

It's time to put the spit-polish on that resume. Damn shame, really.

Techmology and Scientism / Re: Futurism up for discussion.
« on: October 03, 2016, 11:21:03 pm »
All absolute beliefs are stupid.

This sounds like a zenarchist's koan

Only if it's the kind of zen where you get to beat on fuckers with a stick.  Zazzen or some shit like that.

"The Stick of Compassion," as it is known.

Those Zen motherfuckers have a great sense of humor.

As long as they hid the skillet well enough your odds are over 30 %.

For 3rd degree burns.

Naw, but what DID happen is that I got a whole-leg cramp in my left leg that seems to have damaged muscle around my left knee and ankle.

You know that water chemistry problem I've been working on?  where it basically rains distilled water and there's no alkalinity?  well, I've been drinking that water this whole time and I seem to have washed out my electrolytes.  Took some mag and potassium, and the cramp evaporated.  But not the insanely sore muscles.  So now I'm stumping around like Igor.

Low-Sodium V8 is my preferred way to get potassium, once I'm sick of shoving bananas into my face. The only downside is, of course, that V8 tastes like a cold salt-marsh puree.

RPG Ghetto / Re: Unified Vidya Games thread
« on: September 28, 2016, 02:29:41 am »
Bethesda released their Creative Kills video for Dishonored 2 the other day as well.

Emily's Domino skill is so damn dirty.  When I saw the E3 gameplay demo, I have to say the potential of that power was pretty exciting to me.  Seems like there's almost no limit to the kind of status effects you can link onto people, push, stun grenades and kills with blades all seem to work just as well.

It appears they've also revamped non-lethal to make it a bit easier and more viable.  The talent trees will apparently have nonlethal options built into them.

I forget were I saw it, but somewhere I think it was stated that Emily has more crowd control abilities because she's royalty and such abilities are thematic for her. Which raises odd questions about why Corvo has the power to eat rats and also summon them to eat people.

RPG Ghetto / Re: Unified Vidya Games thread
« on: September 27, 2016, 08:07:40 pm »
Probably a DLC for Daud, if anything at all. Regardless, I am hyped for Dishonored 2. Not many games fill the same niche for me.

Richard Nixon's glittering half-life sarcophagus / Re: Um, Cramulus??
« on: September 27, 2016, 04:08:03 am »
I had to reset my Uncyclopedia password. That was my primary Internet haunt before PeeDee.

It is, indeed, as dead as I expected it to be.

Anyway, hi there PD. I'm here because I'm miserable, cranky, and tired, and according to the newsfeed I'm in the perfect mood for

Since getting my thyroid disease treated in August, my range of emotions has expended past "vague sense of dying" that defined the previous six months. I have added feeling sad, stupid, and lonely to the mix.

This too shall pass and all that, but fuck it. I feel like whuppin' on some motherfucker.

Hashimoto's or Grave's?

Welcome to the "My immune system is so fucking badass it's eating my thyroid alive" club.

Grave's. My mom had Hashimoto's, so it figures. My 4-hour iodine uptake rate was 89%, which I understand to be in the "really fucking high, how are you alive" range.

Anyway, hi there PD. I'm here because I'm miserable, cranky, and tired, and according to the newsfeed I'm in the perfect mood for

Since getting my thyroid disease treated in August, my range of emotions has expended past "vague sense of dying" that defined the previous six months. I have added feeling sad, stupid, and lonely to the mix.

This too shall pass and all that, but fuck it. I feel like whuppin' on some motherfucker.

I was confused by Freeky saying that sandwiches aren't all that filling or calorie-rich, but then I remembered not everyone lives in lower NY state. "Sandwiches" in NY are what most places in the world refer to as "what the fuck how is a human supposed to eat this much."

It's like you people don't know how to distend your jaws like snakes, or something.

I've never seen the appeal of a happy ending: I love massages, and it doesn't take much to put me into a deep relaxation coma. It's in that state of bliss that I have zero sexual interest in anything.

I know, right?

Totally arguable, yes. I'm finding that I don't feel particularly violated or done wrong by, more like I didn't communicate clearly in an awkward situation. And I think anyone in my situation would be well within their rights to consider it sexual assault.

I don't feel all that weird, and that itself is what feels weird. Like, I think I should feel more weird about it but I don't. The sheer clinical precision of it did feel weird though.

At least I'm not currently in a relationship. Then I would feel really bad about it.

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