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Maybe more like just liked the idea of who they thought we were.

The "someone who LIKED you" bit leads me to believe that this is


Someone.   :kingmeh:

I'm guessing they couldn't have ACTUALLY liked us, or they would have known who we were before posting and getting their feelings hurt.


It appears we have an infestation of kittens. Damn things are everywhere.



Yeah, and he's not my kitty.  :cry:

A friend of mine's taking care of a litter of kittens from a shelter, and that's one of them. Soon she'll be giving them all away. The one on my arm in that pic already has a home.

Those little kitten lips. I want to LICK them!

It is definitely not a situation that guns can help with though. :lol:

Unless you develop a taste for slower neighbors.

In any case, this is what a real survivalist looks like:

Odds are about 99.9% that you won't survive a year past a major collapse.

So you survive by making sure society doesn't collapse.  You don't do that by playing dress up with an assault rifle you most likely couldn't actually afford.  No, you do it by staying ahead of the curve.  Which means science and organization, no matter how much that chaps someone's "rugged individualist" ass.

You notice that the same freaks running around with high-priced toys are ALSO the freaks whining about taxes, etc?  They think a post-collapse world means not paying the bills.  They're right.  Bleached bones don't care about credit scores.

True, alla that.

Part of what science is all about is trying to figure out how we can survive -and the more of us as far from the edge as possible, the better- period. Especially right now, when the danger that is looming is a lot scarier and more terminal than Ebola or any other headline nonsense.

We're kind of at a critical point, here. And it's not that we haven't been, before, it's that we steamrollered right past previous critical points and now we might just be at (or past) the critical point of no return.


It appears we have an infestation of kittens. Damn things are everywhere.




I see Saints Ronny & Richard are still on the job.   :lulz:

Never a day goes by without their good advice.

Or at least, advice of some kind.

oh i fuckin
love it.

nearly nobody understands
the discordian society
said RAW dying sadly

and what could you do?

you laid down
and had nothing to say
to someone who LIKED you.

suck up that federal reserve scrip
church of self hating jerks.

This was refreshing and new.

Oh, wait. Cain got there first.

Damn his Manchester Ninjitsu.

You can't control me
I will tell you all what's what!
-Lamest troll ever.


This is possibly a powerful weapon, could be used to the good to be sure..
But what if,
this was worked into schleping prepper gardening kits?

Nice little safety box tighter than a Scandinavian seed vault?
Fertiliser pack 'sustainer' kits sold separately and a serious bulk discount?
70 year "stay sealed pledge"*

* Obnoxiously fine print about pledge being of no legal value

That's already being done. Thing is, a garden kit is of no use; if you don't already have a garden planted, you'll starve to death before harvest time anyway.

Also, my housemate gave me a Bukkake Tsunami T-shirt.


 :lol: I like the John Travolta reference.

Nicely done.

It occurred to me that you get more AP by building than destroying. Links and Fields give you much more than smashing resonators. That's probably on purpose.


Yes and no: I can rack up a stunning amount of AP in a short time by walking into a dense net of blue portals and just blasting at them for ten minutes, while setting up a field, especially a sizable one, can take half an hour or more of back-and-forth capturing keys.

So, we have exactly one "sovereign citizen" in Norway, who a couple of years ago left her passport and social security number at the local police office, and proclaimed her house a sovereign state called Niceland. She got thrown out on Monday.  I laughed.


The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Ingress
« on: Yesterday at 07:58:02 pm »

These Level 8 bursters are awesome.  I just took out a portal 125m away.

This is giving me incentive to get outside with the rest of the afternoon and see if I can make it to 1.1m AP today.

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