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Thank you, everyone. I'm okay, but I havent spent time with the rest of the family yet, specifically his sons (15 and 12). I'll probably be all messed up after that.

In better news, I learned that my resting heart rate is 53, down from 65-ish one year ago. Feeling pretty alive right now.

They are awfully young to lose a father. :(

The whole Duggar thing is fucked up beyond ALL belief, on so many levels. I won't even address it anywhere but this forum, because I've seen what happens if people get whiff that you might be taking anything other than the prescribed line on the subject; they go chicken on you, they think they see a red spot, and the next thing you know there's eighteen of them climbing over each other to try to pick all the meat off your facebones.

But I will say something here. I have actually tried really hard to avoid reading about it, because the last thing I need at the moment is to be horrified by nightmares that call up my own childhood. However, I did end up reading about it, because if I'm going to have to have this shit in my head, I want to know what actually happened because believe me, it's better than whatever my mind will invent in the absence of knowledge.

So basically, this kid who is perhaps 13-14 at the time when this started, is largely unsupervised in a family too big for parents to even start to spend adequate time with each child, in a repressive religion where sexuality isn't discussed other than as a shameful thing you don't do outside of marriage and procreation. So the little fuck starts groping the breasts of sleeping girls in his family, and also sometimes their crotches. He gets told on, and the dad tells their pastor, and instead of sending the kid to, say, a COUNSELOR or getting him any kind of actual help, they made him say he was sorry and send him to go spend the summer working on a deck with some asshole who is currently serving 56 years on a child porn possession conviction.

14-15 years later, it all comes to light, and everyone is supposed to hate the kid for being a pedophile. Because that's the right thing to do, right?

I would put money on him having been groped by someone higher up the chain. That doesn't excuse pedophilia, but I'm not at all convinced that a repressed 14-year-old is a pedophile.

Who's the villain, here? I would say that dad and pastor are the villains. Not to mention the creep they sent him to stay the summer with.

Or Kill Me / Re: How to Use a Toilet
« on: Yesterday at 01:48:42 am »
Enjoy your toilet adventures. And just so you know, there's always more wrong than meets the eye. :lulz:

Or Kill Me / Re: How to Use a Toilet
« on: Yesterday at 01:46:56 am »
Thing is, it is altogether easy to say "the person who installed it was an idiot" because the chain was too long (not necessarily the most likely scenario for a variety of reasons you will eventually discover if you continue doing maintenance). It is altogether too easy to say "the tenant is stupid" because it did not occur to the tenant to look inside her toilet to see what the hell was wrong with it.

Of course, you also mention that the tenant is perhaps from Africa. I don't know if you've ever traveled anywhere that wasn't up to Western standards for plumbing, but unless you meant a chichi part of South Africa, odds are where she came from the plumbing (if any) is ALWAYS fucked up. For that matter, even people who grow up in America don't always think to look inside a toilet to see what's wrong with it.

I dunno, I am as prone as anyone else is to dismiss all other human beings as stupid. I just think it's kind of a bad habit that comes from a personal insecurity that makes us want to go "At least I'm better than THAT idiot".

That is incredibly creepy.

My guess is that some kind of awful, sad accident happened, like he choked on something, and she went into full-fledged shock and denial. Like if she just kept on pushing the swing it wouldn't turn out to be true.

Or Kill Me / Re: How to Use a Toilet
« on: May 23, 2015, 07:09:30 pm »
That last bit was what got me. She wouldnt talk much to me, being as I represented Authority, but I get the feeling shes breaking the rules somehow. Late on her rent, extra people staying there, something, and didnt want Authority over there.

But its still stupid. I know next to nothing about plumbing and I had the thing fixed in minutes

I know quite a bit about plumbing, and I don't think I like you. You're too eager to find small, spurious excuses to feel superior to other people.

And then they would look at you, eyes all sad, and they would say "Man... that really hurt my feelings" and you would feel terrible.

Actually, my left eye would bug halfway out of my head, and my mouth would make noises.  Terrible noises.

Feel terrible, be terrible... six a one, half a dozen of the other.

And then they would look at you, eyes all sad, and they would say "Man... that really hurt my feelings" and you would feel terrible.

What happens if you say "that was the point".  Do their heads explode?

It is more likely that they would light a cigarette, look at the ground, and say mournfully, "I don't know why you gotta be that way".

Trust me, I've had a lot of dates end that way.

Or Kill Me / Re: How to Use a Toilet
« on: May 23, 2015, 06:01:27 am »
Also, it may initially look like stupidity, but the chain has to have a certain amount of slack in it, and if there is too much slack (ie. enough for it to somehow wrap under the flapper, leaving it stuck open) it can take months of flushing before the exact right current condition happens to eddy it under such that it actually does so.

My one question is, if the flapper was stuck open, then the tank would never fill, and if the tank never fills, the toilet won't flush. So what was the tenant doing? Using a neighbor's toilet?

Or Kill Me / Re: How to Use a Toilet
« on: May 23, 2015, 05:54:40 am »
I have made many a toilet repair in my time. If it's not one thing, it's something else.

Is it the best time of year again??

A Food Babe shirt. :crankey: He deserves what's coming to him. Not to even MENTION socks and sandals.

Yeah, he doesn't seem to be in pain. The only thing that's bumming me out right now is that he won't go in his doghouse and I think it might rain.

...after reading one too many shaming threads in a group of otherwise intelligent people.

Let's just face a few facts here. If you have kids, you are a breeder who is overpopulating the planet. If you don't have kids, you are selfish and you'll regret it when it's too late, and you'll start popping out damaged kids like Sarah Palin does.

If you like to have sex, you're a slut, and if you don't like to have sex you're a prude. If you're a woman, you're either a slut or you're a ball-buster who is out to oppress men. If you're a guy, you're either a rapist or a beta.

If you like to drink, you're a lush, and if you don't, you're a square and probably a crypto-theist. If you smoke pot you're a useless lop of shit, and if you don't, you've betrayed the cause and are no longer cool.

If you are fat, you're what's wrong with America. If you're skinny, you must be anorexic. If you're in between, don't worry, the skinny people will call you fat and the fat people will call you bulimic.

If you're poor, it's because you choose to live that way. If you're rich, you're a monster. If you're middle class, you don't exist at all.

If you're THIS, you reek of privilege, and if you're THAT you're a slactivist, and if you're DEAD, it's because you wore a hoodie and couldn't obey the police.

You can't win. You can't break even. You can't even quit the game.

 You should be ashamed of yourself, you awful person.

WELL FUCKING SAID SIR. I applaud this. I am so sick of all this fucking sanctimonious shaming bullshit in a society that gets off on making people feel bad about themselves.

I've said before that social shaming is a powerful tool. And indeed, it is. Which is why it's bullshit when people try to shame everyone around them for everything all the time.

Thamks, RR. I got nine hours of sleep and feel a little less frazzled.

Dog is still hanging in. I woke up to a friend pressuring me to have the dog euthanized. Thing is, I've thought about that, but I feel like it would be more for my convenience than his comfort.

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