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Or Kill Me / Re: I R STOOPID
« on: Yesterday at 02:39:14 am »

One of millions of these things... i really personally hate puns, like, its a manner to be proud of oneselves vocabulary range and homophone usage thinking it makes oneself superior or SGITR sort of thing, gives me the heevy jeevies, we sohuld start a pention to ban puns in the world something about it slowly turning  grey matter in to liquid jelly


People have hated puns for over a century, as detailed in the Marvelous Land of Oz, where the kindly Tin Woodman threatens a giant bug with an axe for his constant use of them.

They're not going away.

Obviously they aren't going away, as there will always be simple people for whom puns are the best they can do.

I am particularly enamored of "This venereal disease of the soul".

I felt like throwing myself into the River out of sheer self disgust.

But there's no water in our river, so it would probably hurt.

You can actually swim in our river now, you know.

More importantly, have you guys seen the Tylenol ad that celebrates immigrants, gay-bi-poly families, and ambiguous maybe single parents/professional black mothers? That was a bit of a shocker to me, but way to take a stand, Tylenol.

OHMY GOD NIRVANA IN MAJOR KEY SOUNDS LIKE THE PIXIES. Like, holy fuck. I was a huge Pixies fan and I never noticed.

Techmology and Scientism / Re: Attn: LMNO
« on: Yesterday at 02:04:03 am »
Here, this seems to be it:

Techmology and Scientism / Re: Attn: LMNO
« on: Yesterday at 01:58:50 am »
Well, that's odd -- I was under the impression that this was already known.

And there's nothing complicated about quantum.  It literally is, by definition, completely normal.

It's humans that are complicated.

I read the article, and it seemed to just be reiterating known quantum physics, so I tried clicking the link to the article but it didn't work.

Or Kill Me / Re: I R STOOPID
« on: Yesterday at 01:39:47 am »

One of millions of these things... i really personally hate puns, like, its a manner to be proud of oneselves vocabulary range and homophone usage thinking it makes oneself superior or SGITR sort of thing, gives me the heevy jeevies, we sohuld start a pention to ban puns in the world something about it slowly turning  grey matter in to liquid jelly



I am with you 100%

Except for the fact that puns are really fun for children who are around four years old. They're just magic for preschoolers, so they do have some use in the world.

Or Kill Me / Re: I R STOOPID
« on: Yesterday at 01:36:23 am »
Also, fuck you guys' revisionist history.

RWHN was never that cool. I met him back when he hadn't been on the board that long and he was a weirdly breathy and pallid little shitburger even back then.

I thought he was OK, despite the fact that I loathe puns, especially bad puns. Unfortunately, he couldn't cope with my hatred of stupid puns and decided he was my enemy. Whatevs, bro.

But once he spiraled into his weird anti-pot "I AM A POLICYMAKER" power trip, he was just lost. Typical case of a person who feels powerless seeking control over their own lives by imposing control on others.

I like puns when they're well done but then delivered at the top of your voice.

I like puns when they're fucking awful and the person delivering them knows they're fucking awful.

Puns are generally considered the lowest form of humor because double-entendre is one of the earliest forms children learn, it's a very naive and undeveloped form of humor. Humor relies on surprise, and puns, by their nature, rarely deliver it. The more complex the thought processes must be to comprehend the humor, and the more the brain has to work to get it, the more rewarding it is.

Puns aren't inherently bad, they're just very, very simple and it is a simple mind which believes itself clever because it can pun.

I will say this though. Aside from Microbiology, Cell was my favorite, and I really, really liked my professor. I had a bit of a grade dip that corresponded with my friend's untimely death, but it was a really interesting course, and the professor was probably the most approachable one I've ever had, to the point where she said my coat was awesome, brought up Doctor Who because of my tee shirt, and mentioned the Necronomicon in passing during lecture while saying "looking over in that part of the room" to which I later responded, "Awesome HP Lovecraft reference" and she said, "Oh, you had to get all classy, I was talking about Evil Dead"

She sounds awesome, and Cell sounds awesome! What book did you use? I wish I'd taken lower-division Cell & Micro to help prep me for upper-division work, but I was out of electives. I think it would have REALLY helped though.

Essential Cell Biology, Third Edition, Alberts, Bray, Hopkin, Johnson, Lewis, Raff, Roberts, Walter

Not a bad book actually. Even came with a CD ROM. Which I never used because my CD drive crapped out permanently.

That's the same author as primaried my Mol Bio text, and as far as I know we're using that text for Cell in Spring term. Makes me REALLY wish I'd taken lower-division Micro & Cell! It probably would have made the upper-division work way easier.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Spagbook
« on: Yesterday at 01:16:00 am »
I blush!

Literate Chaotic / Re: ITT: Original Story Ideas
« on: Yesterday at 01:15:33 am »
Weapons manufacturer and all around cartoonishly evil Haliburton-esque corporation is developing strong AI despite warnings from respected members of the scientific community that it will lead to humanity's enslavement and/or destruction. Naturally, they are hoping this will happen because warfare got a whole lot less popular after cheap fusion came on the scene. The catch is that they have been completely successful in creating strong AI, but it just won't turn evil on them. Hijinks ensue as they resort to more and more obvious manipulations to attempt to turn their creating into the kind of world-threatening intelligence that would justify another world war.


Wow. I ended up blocking him. Jerd Guillame-Sam. Convinced that he has some deep truth that my mind is just not open enough to accept. Fucking nutbag.

Oh FFS, this nutjob:

Over the period of approximately 130, 80,000 B.C., (about 50,000 years)humans lived as they were made. Unfortunately, for most of them, what ended up becoming males were in one place, and those that ended up being female, were in a different place separated by the Mediterranean sea and the mountains of Europe. It wasn't until about 80,000 B.C., where they came together. When they came together and had sexual relations, they began to understand the process through which genetic engineering "could evolve". What evolved is EVILUTION, which basically means the taking away of the intended process of Creation and transferring it to a group of people who claimed the rights of Creation and called itself God, which is linked to the word Dog backwards(dogs and bitches).

They worked out the process between 80,000 B.C. and 60,000 B.C. by which they could make babies and understand what was happening and what role the male played and what role the female played. The babies born that were male went with the Neanderthalers and the babies born that were female went with the women who were later called Amazons from North Africa. Until they fought they were learning, but as they learned and developed archives, one group and then the other felt that they were the principal partner in the deal and they didn't need the other ones assistance if they in fact decided to genetically engineer their own.   

So, the males basically, sacrificed females to steal their eggs while the females gathered sperm from the males and put it in some kind of lab. Each one had some of each of the other and went back to doing their own thing for a period of a couple thousand years. At one stage of the game, the male side of things(neanderthalers) lost a large number of people in a landslide of snow called an avalanche.

So today:

Tried to buy candy canes at Safeway (one of the major grocery store chains in Portland). They didn't have any. Not sold out... just didn't have any. They DID have a Halloween candy display and Halloween costumes labeled "great stocking stuffers!" though.

Currently there is some guy on Facebook trying to engage me in a theological debate. I can tell he thinks he's brilliant. The conversation so far:

G: You have never shared your perspective on things with me? Why?

N: What perspective, on what things?
14 hours ago

in general, you know like life and stuff.

N: That's a good question. I mostly think about art and human behavior. Some people find that very boring.

G: I like art too. Social engineering too. What social engineering does is reenforce genetic engineering.

N: Hmmm I kinda think that social engineering, for the most part, is an  illusion.

G: what do you mean?

N: I mean, I definitely think that with the right leverage points it's possible to shift social behaviors, but I am skeptical of the impact on genetics, which are more complicated than  most people know. What do you mean by genetic engineering? My two primary areas of interest are decision-making and epigenetics.

G: I look at it like this Creator vs Creation.  So there's a natural concept and a factory concept. Creation is basically a process of genetic engineering in a very slow moderate way with evolution being punctuated by cataclysmic events, which bring about major changes. At one stage of the game Creation had made it clear that it was not acting as a dictator or master, but simply as a facilitator allowing human beings to evolve in a manner which we would call "free", which is linked to the word "tree". The first plant with ongoing memory.

The people responded at one stage of the game by demanding they be given out right control. That was probably done in the context of giving birth where it became clear that having children was beneficial and helpful to the existing population but the complaint was always that it came with a lot of pain. Especially during the birthing process. By asking for direct control, what occurred was a process of giving birth was orchestrated by religious people.

That would mean that families were given pre-packaged babies. Those babies were made in a factory called a monastery or convent. Deep within the convent because it was kept secret. Then handed over under the name "foundlings" to the families who were interested in growing their numbers and being assisted financially by the religious people. That way the religious people could genetically engineer babies who were very task specific in their life either to fit into the ranks of "the masters" or the ranks of "the slaves", was the majority of the activity that was done.

While other individuals were cast in the imagery of boogie men, such as mass murderers and serial rapists who could be used by the Media to scare the population by remaining within the ranks they were made to occupy.

Yeahh I know it's a lot of words

N: Sorry, just got home. We do the Solstice thing so it's busy this time of year. I don't believe in a Creator. And I'm a biologist. So mostly that read like a lot of theology, and I'm just not qualified to address it in any meaningful way.

G: What do you think I mean when I say Creator?

N: Something with a will. The whole dichotomy sets up competing wills. Creator/Creation.

G: The word Creator suggests  a person.

N: Well, a will, sure

G: Creation is a process, not a person.

N: Sure. You said "creator" and "creation", and set up a tension between the two. That's not my model, I can't speak to it.

G: yeah, creator hijacked creation and called itself(themselves) God

N: k. I don't get it, but it's your thing so that's cool.

G: Its very difficult for people to get because people aren't taught this. Its a different way of looking at things. It took me a years to comprehend it fully. and i'm still learning. Have you ever  read the story etidorpha?

N: Nope. So you seem to be saying that beings evolved and became self-aware, inventing themselves as God. Or something like that. Not exactly a novel concept

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