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I don't understand why Oregon is always the unhappiest and most depressed state on any of these lists. It's NICE here, FFS.  :lol:

Well, it's hard to make a living off of shitty poetry.

Or was he writing a novel?  I can never remember.

I think he had some really, really bad Youtube video philosophy scheme going on.

I don't see anything wrong with her career being the top priority, and if you won't or can't move then letting go of the relationship. I don't see anything wrong with saying that she would prefer if you came along and had all this commitment stuff with her there. Marriage is not about sacrificing your life for someone else.


So, apparently a couple months ago the complete piece of idiot shit Blue Christian Winterhawk sent my friend an apologetic email. 

:lulz:  Bets on him being broke and looking for a handout? Maybe he ran out of junkies to fleece.

Right, just need to write a cover letter, then I can send off this PhD application.


Aneristic Illusions / Re: EU Referendum 23rd June: In or Out?
« on: August 27, 2016, 04:55:38 pm »
Somebody's been working on their "screaming at the sun" game.  :lol:

Since neither has yet happened, it sounds like both are still on the table. Are you asking her to pick one or the other?

It's been back and forth here. Today it's too hot. I feel drained.

I'm slightly more than halfway through my list of people I have to email for work, though. So at least I've accomplished something.

I guess.

That cover art is AMAZE though.

Her supporters will bend over backwards and holler that she was taken out of context about vaccination, but they really don't have anything to say about her anti-GMO or "cell phones cause cancer" routines.

Im anti GMO, not because they are bad for people but because Glyphosate is and I really don't like intellectual property applying to DNA, especially in ways that have resulted in farmers being sued after their crops were pollinated by a GMO neighbor.  BT genes getting into wild crops is also a distinct possibility and would be a disaster or the environment.

WOW this post is so full of woo-type misinformation that I don't know where to start. Here, have some useful factual information.

The one thing you said that may have merit is lateral gene transfer from domestic crops to wild plants. However, the chances that THAT particular gene would transfer are similar to the chances that the gene would transfer from the soil bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis which already produces BT toxin everywhere in the world... smaller, actually, since the bacterium are universal and most "jumping genes" are transferred from microbes due to their ubiquity.

Oh, yeah.  Run The Jewels is pretty amazing. I even tend to overlook El-P's tough-guy misogyny/homophobia because of his talent.

Is that pronounced "ell pee", "ee ell pee", "ell dash pee", or some other variant?

Apropos of nothing, I have a question about Pokémon Go:

I've got like, more than 300 Rattata candies.  What the hell can I do with them other than power up my Raticate?  I've got tons more candy than stardust, and the Raticate isn't that interesting to power up.

Use them to evolve a bunch of Rattatas for the XP. Use a Lucky Egg first to make the most out of it!

I'm in Provincetown, Where Heterosexuals Are The MinorityTM, and guess who showed up yesterday?  Hillary Clinton and Cher.

I got the fuck out to the beach and let everything blow over -- but not before I saw the protesters.  Not Trump protesters, they probably believe their genitals would spontaneously combust if they approached such a large number of queers.  Stein/Bernie protesters.

But, as we might expect, they sounded EXACTLY like Trump protesters.  I shit you not, they even were using the "Crooked Hillary" moniker, and the "Jail her" chant.  Proof that a nutbag is a nutbag, regardless of political affinity.

There's a reason so many Bernie supporters are talking about voting for Trump or the Libertarian. A bunch of them are just looking for something to buy into, and they aren't too picky as long as it promises to ignore women and black people.

As a former-Bernie supporter (and now Hillary supporter), I don't understand the pull to Gary Johnson. You want to be edgy and vote for Trump, sure, whatever, it'll be hilarious to watch you cry when your friends are shipped to the concentration camps and you wonder why, but Johnson literally stands for everything Bernie was against. I think the only thing that is doing it is that Johnson wants to legalize weed, because, well, Libertarian, but the man is adamantly against social programs of any kind, and a supporter of the 1% under the guise of smaller government. He's a turdburglar. 

I guess it must be nice to be that fucking oblivious to how the system actually works under the pretense of "going against the establishment." Or more so, that fucking privileged to throw your vote to assholes who can ruin the lives of minorities.

Honestly, I think that a lot of people are willing to make that completely illogical jump because they never had any principles to begin with, and are just looking for someone to give them some. You see the same thing in people who abandon religion and become vehemently, rabidly Atheist, and then convert to some religion or another and are just as vehement and rabid, and then switch again, and so on. It's one reason I don't trust True Believers; they tend to be as fickle as they are fanatical, and to lack internal moral fiber.

Literate Chaotic / Re: Unofficial What are you Reading Thread?
« on: August 23, 2016, 02:16:59 am »
I don't know what to read now. I still have five weeks and I feel like I should be using it to read things that are 100% unrelated to science and academia during this brief window when I CAN. But what would those things even be?

I recommend The Black Company series by Glen Cook.

To everyone.  All the time.

Until they beg me to stop.

Pure entertainment though, in contrast to much of the... heavier stuff ITT.

I'll give it an eyeball!

I feel like I should stop buying books and start reading some of the piles I have backed up around here, but...

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