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Driver just greeted me with "Oh My God, good. You speak English."


In Portland?

That kind of raises the question of how the HELL did you get a taxicab in Portland?

I've just realised now I'm moving back to London, I can far more effectively troll OKCupid and Craigslist, because I'll always have the potential to meet people in real time and do the same.

I am prepared for epic and terrible dating adventures.

Ohhhh my god.

I can't even imagine dating in London. It... just no.

I will say this though. Aside from Microbiology, Cell was my favorite, and I really, really liked my professor. I had a bit of a grade dip that corresponded with my friend's untimely death, but it was a really interesting course, and the professor was probably the most approachable one I've ever had, to the point where she said my coat was awesome, brought up Doctor Who because of my tee shirt, and mentioned the Necronomicon in passing during lecture while saying "looking over in that part of the room" to which I later responded, "Awesome HP Lovecraft reference" and she said, "Oh, you had to get all classy, I was talking about Evil Dead"

She sounds awesome, and Cell sounds awesome! What book did you use? I wish I'd taken lower-division Cell & Micro to help prep me for upper-division work, but I was out of electives. I think it would have REALLY helped though.

I hate public speaking, and the smaller the audience, the more I hate it.

And that's a bizarre thing. The smaller the audience, the worse it really is. Mathematically it doesn't work out.

It's because a large audience is an amorphous mass that will tend to respond as a single multicellular organism, kind of like a slime mold. With a large audience you're really only speaking to one entity: the blob named "Audience". With a small audience, you're talking to 6-35 individuals, most of whom know you personally and are hoping you do well. That's a lot of pressure.

Literate Chaotic / Re: Meet The Greyface
« on: Yesterday at 03:44:08 am »
It kind of reminded me of a book I just read, which I highly recommend for any Discordian, which is "Ha!". It talks a  lot about what humor has to do with learning, intelligence, and adaptability.

Literate Chaotic / Re: Meet The Greyface
« on: Yesterday at 03:10:37 am »
I don't recall ever reading this story, and I really like it.

I hate public speaking, and the smaller the audience, the more I hate it.

Took my Cell Bio final today. Felt pretty confident about that. There were a couple of enzymatic pathways that I was shaky on in the sense of what the enzymes and proteins were actually named, but I was able to describe what was happening.

Still no word on the physics grade. Which has me bummedcited, for lack of a better word. It's like the anticipation you feel with Christmas when you're a very young child and have no concept of time and December is very long, but with a sense of impending doom.

I hope it all ends up being good news!

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Spagbook
« on: December 18, 2014, 10:55:50 pm »
Awww!  :oops:

Or Kill Me / Re: I R STOOPID
« on: December 18, 2014, 07:35:01 pm »
Unless he hid it really really well, he wasn't like that ten years ago. Something along the line inflated his narcissism to hilarious proportions.

He founded a google group for other "preventionists", and they spent 6 years huffing each other's farts.  Think of it as tumblr for actual Nazis.
"friendly reminder": there are actual neo-Nazis on tumblr already.

He's talking about real-life grown-up policymakers and lobbyists, kiddo, not basement-dwelling racists.

Dying of flu means I get an extension on my essay, though.  I'm surprised, as I didn't expect to get one, under the current conditions, but my lecturer suggested I write in anyway.

Congrats on your results, by the way.

Yay extension!

Thanks. :) They aren't what I would normally have hoped them to be, but I think that the difficulty of the term makes me more pleased with them overall than I would have been with straight As I didn't fight for. I EARNED THE FUCK out of that B-.  :lol:

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Spagbook
« on: December 18, 2014, 07:12:47 pm »

Speaking of which, this now means you can chew vampires, werewolves and other unnatural, unliving abominations to death.

Assuming they didn't cheap out on the silver, that is.


I need to start a Tumblr account to make use of this.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Spagbook
« on: December 18, 2014, 06:53:40 pm »
Not exactly sure what's happening in this picture, but I'm assuming I was drunk.

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