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What I am hearing, here, is "I want a tablet that is also fully-functional computer but I only want to spend $150".

How nice that you have found something you can relate to!

Senator Sanders wins. Hillary Clinton falls down a flight a stairs while you watch across the street eating a hamburger. You have receptors for neutrinos and can taste them raining through your body when you close your eyes. I give you a hamburger. The flesh of racists and the unrepentant one percenters are served in bearnaise sauce at an international celebration. A small library in Tuscon ceases to exist. The structures of oppression and hegemony vibrate at a perfect E flat major as they dissolve from existence. I die and my soul starts a job at a small library in Tuscon.


Ayup.  And then they'll throw their weight behind Hillary, whom I have to say seems very dismissive of BLM.  I mean, she goes through the motions, but she also did the "all lives matter" nonsense and apparently didn't seem very engaged the last time she met with BLM activists.

It's going to be hillarious.

See what I did there? It's because I hate humanity.

I hate human beings today. I'm not sure how to even function, because I hate them so much.

Was it something specific that the humans did recently?

No, it's something they've been doing all along.

Prediction: Bernie Sanders will lose the nomination, and disgruntled supporters will blame it on Black Lives Matter, fomenting even more (of the already considerable) submerged racism within the Democratic party.

I hate human beings today. I'm not sure how to even function, because I hate them so much.

At this point he's a no brainer because he's not fucking running.

Ook ook, motherfuckers. Ook fucking ook.

I was kind of, albeit apparently futilely, hoping that people here would get the point and not run off with "things that make humans super special".

Cainad got it, at least. Cainad, let's you and me go start our own species.

Oh, shit. I'm sterile. Never mind. We're all going to die.

going to my uncles funeral tomorrow. In a related note, my anxiety and depression have taken this as an opportunity to come out swinging. I am now not only sad about my uncles passing but also moody about a dozen other unrelated things that have me muttering to myself like a madman around the house.

I'm sorry to hear that. :(

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