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I'm supposed to be pretending to care about physics right now.

I have a compost pile, for the first time in my adult life.  I feel a bit like I have finally grown up.

Composting is definitely an irrefutable sign of adulthood.

Just got back from a week in Jamaica... I thought smoking an obscene amount of weed in one week might turn me off the stuff.  Turns out, that's not how it works.

 :lulz: I'm just trying to imagine you in Jamaica.



The Spring schedule came out, and of course biochemistry clashes with the recombinant DNA techniques lab. And technically I'm supposed to have taken a full year of Ochem before taking biochemistry, but I've only taken the first class.

According to the WSU graduate handbook, students admitted to the neuroscience graduate program are expected to have had biochemistry, or to take it in their first year of grad school. However, I am a molecular biology major, so I've had molecular and cell biology, which they may consider equivalent. Not only that, but WSU doesn't offer biochemistry. Furthermore, I think that recombinant DNA techniques will be WAY more practically useful in the lab I want to do my grad work in than biochemistry.

I'm seriously thinking about just going for it, and taking Earthquakes and Volcanoes to make up my last three "other science" credits.

It's almost like having a mini le typical redditeur following all my posts.  Atheist, who hates Muslims and SJWs and humanities but thinks of himself as a liberal?  All he needs is an engineering degree and he's set.

Is he working on an engineering degree? He certainly already has the contempt for humanity necessary for one!

Fucking Facebook.  :x

Also, that moment when your 8-year-old tells you he thinks segregation is okay, because everyone else he loves is a proud racist.


Anyone know if there's a way of making Facebook's timeline load chronologically rather than in the order that Facebook somehow decides I should see posts?

p.s. I have added a few of you under the name of Harry Celine. Hope you don't mind - I was feeling out of the loop.

EDIT: Found the setting. Stupid algorithms telling me what to read! I would much rather leave it to chance.

Oh! I saw you were friends with Cain so I accepted. Nice to know who you are!

I will probably promptly forget, forgive me. I have the hardest time mentally keeping FB handles connected to forum handles.

E-Prime in a nutshell:

 :lulz: That's definitely how I feel about it.

Techmology and Scientism / Re: Beef Cell Techmology
« on: February 03, 2016, 03:33:01 pm »
I'm curious about where this goes, but also deeply skeptical about the actual value of this particular application. I think the research is good because it can always be used for other applications yet undiscovered, but after much consideration, I doubt that vat-grown meat will ever succeed in addressing either environmental or food supply issues.

I'm going to wake up to another 200 comment shitfest on my Facebook, aren't I?

 :lulz: Yep.

Science demands sacrifice  :magick:

If only educated women in the humanities could understand that.  But they can't because they've been brainwashed by the SJW cult :(

 :lulz: I liked how at the end he flipped on whether Jezebel is to be taken seriously or not.

I'm going to wake up to another 200 comment shitfest on my Facebook, aren't I?

 :lulz: Yep.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Random News Stories
« on: February 02, 2016, 06:56:08 pm »
“Living near a pub makes you happier …”

I’ll drink to that!

It makes sense; a nearby community gathering area where people go to relax and socialize would tend to have a positive effect.

Gavriel: interpreting kopyleft as a business opportunity since 2008.

Bring and Brag / Re: WEIRDOVERSE
« on: February 02, 2016, 06:52:04 pm »
Good luck with your move!

Propaganda Depository / Re: Strange Times Pamphlet
« on: February 02, 2016, 05:02:16 am »

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