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I'm not sure I've heard a better musical interpretation of US global hegemony:

Lyrics here:

edited to add: any of the tracks on the album are topical if you remotely subscribe to the classical interpretations of Eris.

To those who doubt - your wounds will never heal
To those who question my creation - I'm not real

Yep, pretty much. This.

Goldman Sachs have a new advert campaign, which has been leaked

Rumour has it this ad was inspired by actual conversations overheard in Lloyd Blankfein's office.

 :lulz: :lulz: :lulz:

Is there really no anonymous confessions sub here? Somehow I never realized. There should really be one.

I bought a truck.

A diesel that smokes like a... uh... It smokes a lot.

I think I figured out why but I'm stuck at work and can't work on it and it's driving me crazy.

the funny thing is that, i'm pretty sure the reason that my truck is smoking is because it is retarded, literally

What kind of truck?

--Nigel, fapping.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Dream Girl
« on: August 24, 2014, 08:55:55 pm »

Happy birthday to the old guy!

I'm still puffy. Spent the last couple of days ordering textbooks... I'm down to just the molecular bio one, an access code, and a model kit. Got about $1000 worth of books for roughly $300.

Had surgery yesterday. On my ass. There's now 6 inches worth of stitches. In my ass. Percocets galore but in tender/sore still.

Pilonidal cyst, or apparently "You're a 20s/30s white male that sits a lot for work? Congratulations, you've won a 3.5 week headache to treat this common affliction!". Apparently the lead affected demographic is truck drivers, with IT workers (me) being second.

Awyeah. Had a friend with one of those once. He said it ruptured at work and the smell was ungodly.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Duh Rugs
« on: August 23, 2014, 03:45:11 pm »
They're super nice guys, just fighting the good fight.

Yellowjackets are horrid. I was in the woods and I turned over a rock and under the rock there was a nest... oops! They swarmed me too fast for me to escape.

Apparently that much exposure to any bee venom can trigger an allergy, even across species. My hand is puffy and gross.

Is getting stung basically the only way to know of that allergy?  Insects are oddly nice to me.  Never been stung.  I've even run over a yellow jacket nest with a mower once.  Those were pissed, but I ran away before they realized what the heck I was.

Yeah. You have to be exposed once to develop the allergy, and I was, a lot. I was stung over 21 times by yellowjackets, and had to go to the hospital, many years ago. They told me that the exposure made it likely that I would be allergic the mext time, and I think that years later my current doctor confirmed it but i'v never had another exposure until now.

whatever i don't need a left hand anyway.

I gut stung by a mason bee today. It answered the age old question, am I really allergic to bees?

Yep. Turns out. Yep.

I am on a lot of drugs and will get an epi pen next time I go to the doctor.

Roasting goose is really only worth it for the fat and the carcass, IMO. Goose fat is one of the tastiest fats there is.

CANADIAN! It's like being a god.

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