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Disabled people are totes HILARIOUS.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Random News Stories
« on: July 15, 2014, 04:29:06 am »
No comment required files:

ROCK HILL Ś An ice cream truck was the getaway vehicle for a Rock Hill woman accused of stealing two pairs of underwear from the Dollar General store on Cherry Road.

Police say the 34-year-old shoplifting suspect put the undergarments in her purse Thursday afternoon and then walked out of the store without paying, according to a Rock Hill police report.

She then fled in a white ice cream truck.

 :lulz: I feel like if she really needs a couple pairs of dollar-store underwear, she should have them.

So, some reasons she's given thus far are she hates the snow, and shoveling, she hates relying on public transportation to get to work, she hates the cost of living, the people here are rude and unfriendly, the weather in general.


I'm not fucking joking, I'm not saying this is a biased manner because it's where I grew up, but you WILL find work there, and it doesn't snow. Did you see my post?

I don't think the kind of biology in Tampa is the kind of biology Twid is planning on doing.

He was looking for ideas, and I gave him one, that's it.

Right, it's just that botanical gardens, zoos, and aquariums are a completely different field. Botany and zoology both fall under the general heading of "biology" as well, but are a very different skill set.

FWIW the German plastinated people tour, Body Worlds, is less shady than the other (plastinates only volunteer donor bodies who sign up while they are still alive, no Chinese prisoners). It's one of the most surreally beautiful things I've ever seen. The competitor one, Bodies, is all Chinese prisoners who did not give consent.

Maybe the people who donated to him instead of to charities are dicks. Maybe we're all dicks because we all participate in a society that is brutally punitive toward the poor.

Basically, he made a joke kickstarter for $10.  He now has $50k that he didn't ask for.

There are literally hundreds of worthy causes that deserve funding, but don't get it, because a lot of people find it funnier to overfund the potato salad kickstarter.  To some foundations and charities, $50k would be a godsend.  In addition, publicly announcing the charity he donates it to would bring awareness to that charity, and maybe interest a few of the thousand or so people who are watching this go down.

Sure, he has every right to keep the money for himself, but I feel it would be selfish to do so; hence, I consider that option to be a dick move.

I suppose it would depend on where he is in life.  To me, $50k would be a godsend to myself, my family, and my friends.  I might actually be a dick but as much as I'd love to help those less fortunate than myself, my first concern is that my mother gets the medical care she needs, my bills and rent get paid so my gf and I can survive, and my friends have something to eat each day.  Beyond that, sure, helping out people worse off than myself is a good use of whatever is left.  It can also be difficult to find a charity that doesn't take excessive cuts for themselves, however.
Uhm dude, you just said the following: "I will heal the sick, house the (soon to be) homeless and feed the hungry."
If that is your definition of selfishness then you are doing just fine in the morality department, don't worry about it.

I suppose, but had I started that Kickstarter and gotten the $50k and used in the manner I described, probably quietly, it would be me that LMNO would be calling a dick.  :p
:lol: Your definition of "using it for yourself" is definitely not the same as mine.

Isn't taking care of one's self and loved ones kind of the default for most people? I mean, if they guy makes $100k per year and uses the money to buy himself a new car, that's kind of a dick move. But what are the odds of that, realistically speaking? Poor people are funny and creative too. God knows I come up with hundreds of random joke ideas a year. If I got that $50k it would change my life, it could be changing this guy's life, we really just don't know.

My former housemate took German while she was working on her PhD, she similarly obsessed over how adorbs it was.

FFS, what is this, a full-moon meltdown? Lecherous and his naughty words aren't worth a ban, a flounce, or two whole threads of their own. He's not even a funny troll, like Delcon. He's just rocking the suburbs, it's all he's got.

Still trying to understand how this guy outed his alt before it reached 2 posts, and still managed to cause so much drama. Surprised he hasnt started bragging yet about how this was ALL A PART OF THE PLAN.


Principia Discussion / Re: Historia Discordia
« on: July 15, 2014, 03:13:23 am »
That and he's one of those dudes who only seems to post to promote his book.

Principia Discussion / Re: Historia Discordia
« on: July 15, 2014, 03:12:51 am »
One thing I do know about Gorightly is that if he has a photograph, and doesn't know who owns the rights to it, he apparently thinks it makes it his to publish.

Which CAN be the case, but c'mon, man, due diligence.

Fucking hell.

Principia Discussion / Re: Historia Discordia
« on: July 14, 2014, 04:53:33 pm »
Can some one please link me to where this misogynistic thing is coming from because that's twice today I've seen it.

On his Facebook wall, and I doubt it's still there.

So yesterday I was complaining to my boyfriend that the girl housemate, who cheated rather spectacularly stupidly on boy housemate (who has been supporting her while she's in school) uses a fuckton of dishes and never cleans up after herself. Ever.
In what seems a nearly comical exaggeration of this fact, I cleaned the kitchen spotless at 3pm yesterday, right before boyfriend and housemate and I went out for the evening. Housemate then went to Salem, boyfriend and I came home and crashed.

This morning, I come downstairs, and there were SEVEN plates and a bowl in the sink, and a shit ton of silverware and glasses. Who the fuck dirties that many dishes in a single afternoon?

Someone who had company you don't know about, maybe?

Eh, this might in fact be the case. She has not been noted for her honesty.

Sure as hell flipped out when I told her housemate went to Salem, which was funny given the circumstances.

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