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Aneristic Illusions / Re: Jezebel magazine and Mean-Girl Feminism
« on: July 29, 2015, 12:33:06 am »
Via Cracked I came across this little gem regarding a Jezebel writer and tattoos:

tl:dr Jezebel writer wants neck tattoo, artist refuses (as they often do to people who aren't already covered in tats and want a face/neck tattoo), Jezebel writer decides to whip up the internet mob in revenge and mock other people who got tattoos from the artist in question, tattoo artist responds above.
Gotta love people who think they have the right to be OUTRAGED because an artist won't do what they want. ART FOR ME, ART MONKEY! ART NOW!




Stained blue.
Yeah I know, I needed to get the balloon higher.

Huh. Tapatalk seems to be using the high school e-mail address I used to sign up for it as my forum name.

Other side effects include Pop Tart.
You have to hand it to me, this is the longest poptart has gone without gleefully outing himself.


I have smoked occasional cigarettes for most of my adult life, ranging from one or two a night to less than one a week. For some reason, in the last few months, I have almost completely lost interest in them, except for occasionally at parties.

Was surprised with an impromptu weekend in Provincetown, which was lovely and wonderful.

Came back home, and the cat was dead.

Granted, she was 17.

Still, put a damper on things.

Death is awful.

The end.

I'm sorry, that sucks. :(

Whether or not a sex toy can be made sterile depends heavily on the material used. Glass dildos? Easy. Silicone? Not so much.

Somehow, I don't think they're limiting their stock to glass and steel.

I'll let my lab know that we have to stop using silicone because, contrary to decades of biomedical understanding, it's really hard to sterilize.

So, I'm almost done with this online psych class that I'm basically only taking to be done with my degree. I should have taken social psych, I hate this class for all the same reasons that I hated anthropology.

Is it less infuriating doing the class online?

I actually think this particular class would be a lot more fun if taken in person. It's the kind of class that would generate a lot of conversation in the classroom.

So, I'm almost done with this online psych class that I'm basically only taking to be done with my degree. I should have taken social psych, I hate this class for all the same reasons that I hated anthropology.

This is proof people with Apple Iphones are pieces of fucking shit and deserve to be fed to wolves.

Yeah. I'm sure random psychos never have Androids.

-Piece of fucking shit who (along with Little Orange) deserves to be fed to wolves

So, this most recent shooting in Lafayette.

The article I wrote for Rebel News on Dylann Roof hasn't been published yet, but when it is...well, I can't say I didn't call it.  I was speaking with one of the editors about it, and the recent shooting basically reconfirms the entire point I had been making.  The latest shooter shows sympathy with the Golden Dawn and David Duke, thinks the USA is being ruined by a conspiracy of Jews and Blacks and was radicalized online.

I'm really looking forward to reading that article, Cain

Please do.

In other news, I played drums for the first time in several weeks.

I'm still pretty good at it.

Good job!

In fact, I think I'm just going to take a moment to think back fondly on the shitty diseases that were still mysterious and/or incurable in my childhood, and then write a paean to the Good Old Days when you could still have the Confederate Battle flag on teevee.

Is it weird to write the week's role playing game's plot in your head while you slap someone around?

Because it seems weird.

Maybe it was weird in the 20th century.

I guess I'm just getting old.   :lulz:

I see shit from the 1970's and think, man, people were so primitive back then.

And then I realize that means I'm like one of those people who remembers polio.


So then, is the actual answer to my question "yes, go to your gym and tell them you want to lift weights"?

Yes.  Tell them "powerlifting, but no intent to compete in the foreseeable future".   

Is there any reading, prep, or other information that I might find helpful?

Not really, at least not that I've seen.  The real trick is finding a trainer that's worth a damn.  Many trainers are basically muscle heads.  What you want to do is find out what training they've had (A proper trainer will have a bag of anatomy courses under their belt), and then go slow.  If the trainer is crap, you'll know right away (and if it's questionable, talk to Waffle or myself).


Whoever will be there is most likely going to be a health student.

You'll be glad you did.  My gut is gone.  It has apparently migrated into my shoulders and arms.

XXXL shirt now, because the XXL gets pulled up into my armpits.  Seriously, the difference since I saw you last is pretty dramatic.

I can't wait to see you all muscled up.  TERROR HAS A NEW LOOK.


Now I just have to build it into my schedule.

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