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Or Kill Me / Re: oh not this bullshit again...
« on: March 26, 2010, 01:59:05 am »
this rant was supposed to be about bullshit of the world but im just a noobing around. i shall take the advice of smaller rants but the shift + 1 would have to stay.
Feel free to use shift + 1 where appropriate, but using it everywhere kind of defeats the point, IMO. It's not emphasis if you put it everywhere. I suggest reading over your entire rant before posting and making sure it has the tone you intend to give it. This one, to me, seemed very fast and very loud, almost as if you were hysterical in some places. While this may accurately convey the feelings you are trying to express, your point can get lost in a sea of shrieking, yelling and chaos.
Excessive use of methods to put this tone into your writing reduces the effectiveness of the language.

There's a different between ranting and raving.
Dr Paes' advice. Take it or leave it.

Or Kill Me / Re: oh not this bullshit again...
« on: March 26, 2010, 01:41:42 am »
Now that you've got that block of text out of your system, how about breaking it down into a series of smaller rants, giving more information about your position on each issue and proposed solutions to the problems you see?

Or Kill Me / Re: oh not this bullshit again...
« on: March 26, 2010, 01:29:46 am »
i have to deal with bitches that looove drama and dicks!!!
There are monkeys everywhere.

just love to pick on my friends and i.
Don't be a victim.  Fuck with them harder than they fuck with you.
Kill a motherfucker.

the people of china are going to die by the end of may cause they cant handle the fucking popullation there!!!

who exactly elected obama president?!

i can bet you that he is trying to make this country go communist!!
What do you dislike about communism and what are your political views?

the government basically controlling everything now, because of him.
The government is controlling everything because of you. Because you let them. Because the majority of the monkeys who share your living space want them to. Sorry, kid. You've been outvoted.

and the posers!! what is up with the music now a days? it sucks thats what!! i rarely find any of my favorite bands because its covered with miley cyrus and the jonas brothers bullshit. the jonas brothers can go suck dicks and miley can go of into her whore training like always. SO I CANT LISTEN TO MANY DAMN GOOD MUSIC ANYMORE!!!
Burn CDs with your favourite bands on them. Don't listen to bad music.

And whats up with that Osama guy anyway? "oh, im osama. im going to blow up your country with nuclear bomb and hide in a cave. DEATH TO AMERICA!!! LOOLOOLOOLOOLOO!!!" oh who gives a shit. this country is going to be fucked up by bombs and terroists anyway.

what happened to trust anyway? you make a new friend and they have to back stab you and treat you like chicken shit. comeon!!! you cant even trust any people anymore?!
No. You cannot trust most people.

love & rockets,
Love and Waffles, actually.

Oh, so that's where I left that. You clever monkeys found it!
Science step 1: Fuck your assumptions about how things should work.

Literate Chaotic / Re: Free Will
« on: March 26, 2010, 01:08:00 am »
This thread is mired in Cartesean Duality. 
True story: I was sitting in a room full of stoned hippies discussing philosophy (because I'm a masochist, or something) and something someone said was replied to with "Your argument assumes Cartesian duality." I spoke up for the first time during the mind-numbing discussion, adding only "Your Mom is mired in dicks" and a little chuckle. They didn't understand, but they all laughed anyway. Thanks, DK. The end.

Back to thread being saved.

Because I've tried to start many things people have not given a crap about, things I put a lot of effort into.

Maybe some people get others involved that way, but apparently, I'm not one of them.  I can put all the effort in the world into something, and I'll get a token pair of mittens and a "fuck yeah" or two. If that.  And that's probably only because of my status on the site.

So you'll forgive me if I think doing more of the same will achieve anything.
I wish I had the ability to reply to your posts with more than a "Fuck yeah. Mittens and shit." but I often have to go away and do some research and a whole lot of thinking afterwards. If there are some threads in particular you need some responsish energy put into, though, point me at them and I'll try and put something coherent and useful into it to help the discussion continue. It can be hard as OP to keep it going when all you're getting is congratulatory responses, as if the discussion is over. I tend to go through all the unread posts when I log in, so if there's something that I've missed it's unlikely because I didn't give a crap about it but probably because I didn't think I had anything useful to add at the time. I dunno. Maybe others haven't contributed much because they feel the same.

Apple Talk / Re: is sick.
« on: March 26, 2010, 12:32:19 am »
Paes characterized the genesis of the drama as posters being upset that there was too much fluff. I was taking issue with that characterization.
Yeah, I can see where you're coming from there.

The fluff/content discussion wasn't supposed to be the topic of this, but even a slight reference to it would have probably overpowered the rest of the message. I felt it was relevant, because the fluff/content discussion has been referred to in a large number of threads.
Following your "Roger, you were right all along" post, people got the impression that your issue was with fluff vs content. Or at least I got the impression that they got this impression, because reference to fluff vs content sprung up all over the board. Some people being upset that their content is ignored and their threads filled with fluff and some people feeling that their fluff was no longer welcome and that they were unable to contribute anything more substantial than they were.

To me, this was noticeable enough to refer to it, partially to see if in my responses it was acknowledged that others felt this way as well.
It's not really a large enough part of the point that I can be bothered digging up a whole lot of posts which gave me the impression, but here are a few posts where people were taking one side or the other in the non-existent fluff/content war.

Dok comparing members interest in fluff compared to content.

Remington feeling game threads were classed as "fluff" and therefore unwelcome.

And fuck it because I'm throwing 500 errors all over the place using search.
Maybe they're there or maybe I imagined them. I'll probably write something else later with the same topic and a different description, keeping the fluff/content argument out of it.

tl;dr of OP: The discussion of and reaction to any proposed "problem" with appears to be spagging up the boards and making everything worse. The discussion of and reaction to these discussions and reactions are even worse and this thread in reaction to the metatopics is just getting fucking silly.

« on: March 25, 2010, 08:36:38 pm »

Apple Talk / Re: is sick.
« on: March 25, 2010, 08:10:46 am »
Once again, everyone wants to open their mouth without having used their eyes properly beforehand.

could someone please point me to where anyone said that an overabundance of fluff/pinealism/whatever was the problem with PD?
It appears to Dr. Paes that you think this thread is specifically referring to the topics you created and the ensuing drama over what is apparently a misinterpretation of your point.

References to the suggestion that fluff vs content is the issue are all over the board. I use them as an example of whatever it is I was trying to describe with the OP*, not as the main focus. I'm not saying that you said that fluff/content was the issue.  You've made it clear enough that this wasn't your point. I'm not actually just referring to the problems identified or the issues recently raised in your topics, either. I'm not saying "ECH was right about what the problem is. Here is another way of looking at his point." nor am I saying "ECH is wrong, here is why."

Though reference is made to events which may have been caused by your "Roger, turns out you were right" thread, I am not actually replying to you personally or starting a thread to discuss what you think the problem is.
Maybe you understand that and I've missed your point, but... just sayin'.

*Probably something about how discussion of issues we're having explodes all over the board and makes a huge mess, rarely fixing the issue which goes away by itself after a while.

Or Kill Me / Re: In those days Pt. 7.
« on: March 25, 2010, 04:04:48 am »
I love this one.
Gives fantastic imagery. In my mind I see a scientist superimposed upon a wizard. Everything described in this way flickers back and forth between the two forms. A table covered in parchment, alchemical supplies and a crystal ball shifts seamlessly into a desk scattered with files, with lab equipment set up next to a laptop. It's beautiful.

Apple Talk / is sick.
« on: March 25, 2010, 03:45:04 am »
But don't worry. Dr Paes is here.
Say "ahhhh."
Alright, alright, you can stop now.
There's definitely nothing wrong with your ability to make noise.

Let's test your reflexes.
Well, fuck. That's the most intense knee-jerk reaction I've seen in a long time.

Your temperature is pretty normal.
You blood pressure is high, but no higher than it has been the in past.

My diagnosis? Hypochondriasis... or some form of extreme medical students disease.
It's really not surprising, considering all the sickness you're exposed to, that you started to see a little of it in yourself...

You've built up a sort of overactive immunity to pinealism, that you see it in the most innocent nonsense.
You've been so critical of other communities' modus operandi that any deviation from what you perceive to be the correct way to function is immediately attacked.
I'm afraid you've been so exposed to the concept of a REALLY REAL DISCORDIAN, that despite still denying the existence of such a thing, you've begun to believe it.

And after identifying these situations as issues, you've attacked them, of course.

But on further examination of the arguments you've made, you see the sickness in them as well. It's spreading.
You begin to battle the turncoats, with satirical representations of them. Take their power from them by turning them into jokes. A handful of "anti-fluff" threads pop up, the sickness is immediately identified and targetted wherever it appears.
Regions of the board which are not yet sick have been preemptively attacked... and still, the sickness spreads!

Metatopics spread, attacking the functioning of this immune system, recognising it as the sickness also.
But, oh! The sickness exists in these also!
So much effort is put into destroying this foreign invader that the content being protected goes down as a casualty of war.
Nobody has any time to produce a solution, because they're too busy fighting the problem.

And there are no signs of improvement, just more and more stress about how ineffective this battle has been, leading to less thought going into how to battle the problems we are seeing.
Because worrying about the sickness is the cancer that is killing

My professional opinion?
Stop taking medicine for illnesses you don't have.

Trust me. I'm a doctor.

True. I still think the monitors are out to get me though, so I don't think I could DO anything that involves MISCHIEF without getting caught.
Everyone is out to get you. Not doing mischief is the incorrect response to this fact. The correct response is getting SNEAKY.

Sense being made, ITT.

Last 10 or so posts

Apple Talk / Re: ITT we argue about the merits of this topic existing
« on: March 24, 2010, 10:18:46 pm »
Sage. Please.

We've got threads full of comments about the pointlessness of the thread.
Now we've got meta-threads with comments about the pointlessness of the meta-thread and how little it helps the problems in the actual threads. If we just left the meta-thread alone it'd be pretty clear what we think of it.

Or should I start a topic to discuss the merits of meta-threads and how they only exacerbate the problem and make everyone negative and we can go and be negative in that.

I can't tell if people are complaining about the meta-thread because they dislike it or because it is a meta-thread about complaining about itself.


The foundation of this site is the desire to understand the processes that rule our environment well enough to be able to use them for our own ends (even if we have wildly differing ends amongst ourtselves), not the desire to know what you and your boyfriend did last night or what petty personal tribulations you are going through on a daily basis. I apologize if that's not what some of you want out of, but you are free to discuss all of those things amongst yourselves via PM, or IRC, or, you know, some other forum that's meant for that sort of thing.
You're not really driving this community. None of the mods are. You guys built it this way. So when it goes in a direction you don't like, (ie fluff threads or whatever) you're not in a position to "fix" it. I'm reminded of Kopyleft. To some extent, you have to accept that this thing has a life of its own, a cycle of its own, and that you don't have the authority to do anything about it. Whatever's wrong with the board, I don't think it's gonna be fixed by you and the other mods saying "Please stop this doubleplus ungood behavior." It's going to be fixed by doing what you want and then hoping people follow. In my experience, that's the major shaping force present on this board.
I'm just going to use Cramulus' post here because it sums up my feelings on this part quite nicely.

This community isn't going to change by any imposition of your will upon it. If you put the energy you want to feel when you're here into the board, others might respond to it positively and begin to behave similarly. Then again, they might respond with "FUCK YUO OPPRESSIN MAH UNLIMITED LOLCAT APPRECIATION" and there isn't actually anything you can do about that, unless you want to change how this place is run and likely see a lot of users walk out.

The "Let's take the balls somewhere else, somewhere that hasn't been corrupted yet" vibe that pops up occasionally, I think it's destined for failure. When somebody says it, without describing a specific site, a specific project that we'll move to, I just get the sense that they're all Sour Grapes about the state of the board and would rather move to a new house than clean up the kitchen.
This was the issue I found with the first time ECH brought this idea up.

I think we need to re-start the other site, and remind ourselves that no matter how far the screaming yahoos have penetrated into our inner sanctum, once we have found our resolve they will never be able to dig deep enough or fun far enough. In any such endeavor I will, of course, need Commander Ringmeat at my side, "inspiring" the troops in the usual way. This place may have run its course in terms of usefulness, but the ideas that started it are still good ones and I don't want to abandon them just yet.
This reads to me like "Roger, let's me and you leave these screaming yahoos behind and climb up into our treehouse to start a secret club. I get the impression that others interpreted it this way, also, by the comments on the elitist attitude.

It seems that what you meant by that was:

Keep PD as the "social interaction" site and have a separate but very tightly related site for "serious business", so that everyone can get whichever "fix" they are in need of at the time and both sites can more directly serve the needs of their users.

Which could work as an alternative to attempting to change the energy here. A different place, started up with the understanding that it has a specific purpose, because is up for any program, regardless of whether you have  expectations about what people are here for or not.

If you've got a specific location you'd like to gather those who are more interested in what you perceive to be the program, post teh linkz0rs and I'll certainly see you there.

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