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Fighting proper labeling of GMOs is a dick move, and something I agree with the eco-spags about. I think it's sensible to be cautious about new foods being created, but the hysteria is uncalled for.

I do outright oppose the existence of one class of GMOs: the pesticide-resistant and pesticide-containing ones. Peak oil isn't going to not happen just because the only people whining about it are crazy, and right now all our pesticides are based on petroleum. Wasting time and money creating food that will be useless in the foreseeable future is just fucking stupid.

I don't know if you lump this in with the business practices, but the loss of biodiversity in our food supply is really worrying. We're down to single digits of corn species, there's a very real possibility when shit gets that narrow the entire population could be wiped out and there would be no more corn, ever.

I can see that pesticide resistance having to do with oil use, but pesticide containing? It's manufactured by the plant, and takes the place of synthetic pesticides. Not really an argument for or against, just asking for clarification.

I agree with your premise and add that wholesale rejection of GMOs is the problem. Individual transgenic lines may have problems, but to write off all of GMOs is some sort of technophobia.

Yoga Alliance.

Alliance against WHOM?   :lulz:

The unwashed?

No, I think it's the Pilates geeks.  Everyone hates those bastards.   :argh!:

Yoga, Feng Shooey, and the Tai Chi thugs.  Allied against the people with the huge balls.

As a member of the Tai Chi Independents, I take offense to your implication that I am aligned with such quackery!

Richard Nixon's glittering half-life sarcophagus / Re: Peeve of the day
« on: October 30, 2013, 12:19:33 pm »
When people talk about "Americans" but what they really mean is "White people".

Kind of like when people say "Christian" but mean "people who aren't assholes"?

One of many problems, actually, that I have with almost any time people start a sentence with "Humans evolved to...", including myself. Seriously, I will punch myself in the face.


WE'RE STILL DOING IT. It's an ongoing process.

Anyway. Peeve aired. Carry on.

Indeed. Furthermore, much of our digestive ability comes from epigenetic effects, namely, our gut microbiomes. Even /without/ that, lactase production in adults is a relatively recent adaptation. Nomadic herders who had this mutation reproduced more, and thus it became widespread.

If I have one more person tell me that grains are evil and that my diet should consist of artificially constructed food scenarios for 25 thousand year old paleolithic hunter gatherers, I am going to go all Green Revolution on their asses.

You guys should get LMNO on board. He wrote some truly horrendous Harry Potter horrorfic back in the day.

If I speak, I fear somone will attack me.

This is how I operate most of the time. Regretfully. What does it say that I was hesitant about posting even this?

Also, today has been exhausting. I cried for 20 minutes today about PD and though I am not ashamed, I am really tired.

Thanks, Hoopla. I appreciate that. I think it would benefit all of us if we speak up about those kinds of things... but be aware that when you do, you may get beat up on a little, and more or less treated like a race-traitor.

That's pretty much every conversation for me anyway.  I have a sort of disagreeable face and personality.
Filth and lies, I've seen your youtube videos and you are adorable.

He's just as adorable in person. Too bad we didn't get any pictures of him, Remmington, and me when we met up. That was about 4-5 years ago.

What is the ultimate goal here? Depression of badger populations, or elimination of badgers? If the former, I can get behind it, though if you really want to get rid of the problem vaccination is a much better method. If the latter, it seems no different than the attitude towards wolves in USA.

Apple Smack: We all Deserved It.

The Butthurt Bandwagon

Drug Thread Denouement

Drama Cycle Blues

What is an MRA?  :?

Male/Men's Rights Activist. Yes, they are exactly what they sound like.

Ohhh, those guys. Yeah I can see why people would take issue with them.

I'm curious how they link a-theism to male rights. Does it involve lots of "evolutionary psychology" ?

Always. Prime material for Pick-Up Artists (PUAs) as well.

Richard Nixon's glittering half-life sarcophagus / Re: DAMMIT, TWID!
« on: October 25, 2013, 04:14:31 am »

It's right near the end. Kind of crappy video, but you can see it splatter.

Richard Nixon's glittering half-life sarcophagus / Re: DAMMIT, TWID!
« on: October 25, 2013, 04:10:11 am »
In this post: I deliver:

Members of the fathers' rights group Fathers 4 Justice stunned the United Kingdom Wednesday by pelting Tony Blair with condoms filled with colored flour while he spoke at the House of Commons. Fathers 4 Justice fights primarily for greater contact between fathers and children following parents' separations and divorce but holds interest in a broader range of institutionalized injustices against divorced fathers and children. Their attack prompted the immediate suspension of the session and was reported by television and newspaper journalists throughout the world.


Belief specifically in neptune might be dumb.

If he is understood to be some guy swimming around in the mediterranean causing earthquakes them that is a rather strange belief. Just as strange as the idea of jehovah having a literal cease and cloud throne.

I'll concede that a literal reading of, letís say, Homer probably isn't very representative of reality.  However, isnít it possible that Neptune does exist even if he doesnít have a beard and sea throne just like Jehovah not having a beard and cloud throne doesnít automatically discount the existence of God?  And ultimately isnít the idea of multiple gods just as possible as a single God?

I don't mean to single you out, Twid, but Iíve noticed that most people who believe in some form of deity (or a variation thereof) but donít subscribe to an established religion tend to believe in a monotheistic deity (or consciousness, spirit, being, etc).  Iím curious why that is. Is the idea that a single God created the universe, set it in motion, and then stepped back any more or less possible than a group of deities doing the same?  Is the idea that the universe as a whole is one massive organism any more or less possible than the idea that each individual galaxy is an organism, and the universe as a whole is simply a school of organisms swimming through the cosmic sea?

A lot of people throughout history, at least European and Near Eastern history, tend to gravitate towards monotheism.  I wonder why that is.  I wonder what about our human nature leads us towards the idea that a single deity is more logical or more possible than multiple deities.   But isnít there the same amount of evidence for polytheism as there is for monotheism?  I accept that God might exist because thereís no proof to the contrary.  But couldnít the same be said for multiple gods?  Or maybe some kind of infinite number of animistic spirits?  For all we know the Big Bang could be what happens when a celestial Mike fires up the misaligned cosmic ball mill.

Or maybe it just seems like our nature drives us towards monotheism because I live in a culture/hemisphere that has had a lot of contact with monotheism throughout history?

It was pretty much just one sun baked desert tribe that made the leap from "Our god is better than your god" to "Our god is perfect in ways we can't even describe. Your god just plain doesn't exist." The practice of telling people that their god(s) don't exist became extremely popular over the next couple millennia, to the point where people would seek out new territories on the off chance they could discover people and tell them their god(s) don't exist. Then said people got really good at sailing to new territories, and now the various empires of "Knock, knock, your god is fake" control most of Europe, Africa, the Americas, and dryer and colder parts of Asia.

The surviving major power bases of polytheism, pantheism, and functional atheism ("Gods are very real, but they play no part in salvation/enlightenment) are all in Asia. India traditionally hasn't been very evangelical, except for Buddhism. China recently went through a phase where it decided to disbelieve in gods, agriculture, and economics all at the same time, and it's taking some time for them and their neighbors to recover from the entirely predictable results of that.

Follow-up to add:
The new wave atheists who do nothing but go around telling people they're stupid for believing in g/God(s) can thus be thought of as the 4th Abrahamic religion, taking the seed idea of "{God} doesn't exist" from monotheism and extending it to its logical conclusion of no god existing.

Small a atheism: I hold no beliefs in deities.
Large A Atheism: I hold no beliefs in deities and that's the no-God's honest Truth.

Kai's Atheism: I hold no beliefs in deities, and discovered that there were more important things to care about after making that choice, namely the well being of other humans. And anyone who doesn't like my use of the word can wank off. That's the no-God's honest Truth.

You might consider saying something to the Atheists who like to bandy the word about as an umbrella that covers their bigotry. I'll explain why sometime. But not tonight, I have a pretty lady to meet for drinks.

I do. They don't like that very much. They like a strict dictionary definition, which is amoral and therefore allows them to be douchecanoes. This is contrary to the PZ Myers school of Atheism, which asks, "Okay, we're on board that there are no gods, now what?" and proceeds to be pretty much humanism from there on out. It's a huge fight right now, between the shitbags and people who want the shitbags to fuck off. I posted a link earlier in this thre...oh, I just realized: were you talking about people on here?

What is an MRA?  :?

Male/Men's Rights Activist. Yes, they are exactly what they sound like.

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