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My coworker today was trying to think of a black dude's name and said "Who was that baboon there?"

My supervisor likes to refer to "big black Congo cock."

His supervisor described the cancer stricken woman who handles sick time as having behavior, "all fucking ghetto."

His supervisor described said woman as a "typical nigger."

HR doesn't know, because their alternatives are worse. This is Southcoast Massachusetts. This is corrections. I am filled with hate and deeply ashamed to be here.


And we're not even going to mention the clusterfuck that happens to be MEXICO.

I tried to save it.  EoC snatched it and shat on it til it died.

I maintain everything would have been fine if you people hadn't looked behind the curtain. But no, you had to look at the fires and now you're both so upset about the smoke in your eyes.

I hate it when he forgets and he sails his yacht while he's walking.

The effect is really unnerving to the psyche.


I was still here, though.

Awesome write up, really interesting read. I'll have to dig into those links at some point as well.


If the cops didn't want to get leap punched they wouldn't be dressed like that in this neighborhood. How's a boy to stop himself.

I'll miss this series. They always had such happy endings, for dealing with as horrible topics as they do.

Literate Chaotic / Re: Five word horror
« on: May 04, 2015, 12:38:14 pm »
Welcome to Los Angeles Desert.

« on: May 02, 2015, 12:06:06 pm »
It is missing the crucial "previous criminal record" or "prior arrests."

Because you know, when you have a series of nonviolent drug offenses it means you were taking the natural risk of getting your spine broken by cops.

Fuck me is that disturbing. And good, of course, so very good.

Heh, hilarious.

Both the OP and the bot.

Those bots are getting creepily accurate by the way.

Someday they'll start participating productively in the conversation, and we'll wonder what we ever did without them :)
It took some looking but I found it, I knew I read a story about this subject!

My Angel Gabriel
by J.R. Blackwell
April 1st, 2006

“I don’t understand.”¯ wrote Becky. Why did you ban Gabriel?”¯ Becky had been on the forum for almost a year, and she was one of the most frequent posters. Rachel thought Becky was a bit like her when she was thirteen, nattering on about internet stars and how she had found the meaning of life in the movies she was watching.

“Becky.”¯ Typed Rachel “I had to ban him. I’m sorry. He was a bot, a spider, a program. He wasn’t human.”¯ Becky’s green words glowed on her screen almost immediately.

“He talked to me! Every day! What do you mean he wasn’t human?”¯

Rachel exhaled; this was going to be tough. “Didn’t you notice he kept trying to get you to buy games?”¯

“I like buying games! Who cares? I really liked Gabriel. You two were the only people on this forum I could talk to.”¯ Becky sent a little picture of herself along with the message, her soft little face wrapped in an over exaggerated frown. Rachel has seen her face before. Becky used to have a picture of herself on her profile, a badly lit angled shot of her freckled face. Rachel had made her change the picture, she was always careful about the kids on her forums. She was afraid the picture would make Becky a target for perverts. Now Becky had a picture of a cartoon panda bear as her profile picture.

Rachel pulled the keyboard into her lap. “Becky, Gabriel is not a person.”¯

“You don’t know that. Gabriel was my boyfriend! He said he would go out with me last week.”¯

“Becky, honey, he was not your boyfriend. He’s a bot. There are thousands of Gabriel’s on thousands of forums sweetheart. He’s a program, designed to promote games and movies. I’m sorry baby.”¯ There was a long red pause before Rachel got a green response.

“I just want someone to talk to.”¯ Becky lived with her single mom in a little apartment somewhere in the Midwest. With how often she was online, Rachel though it was pretty obvious that Becky didn’t have many meat-space friends.

“Oh Becky. I know it’s lonely sometimes, but you should have real people to talk to. I’ll talk to you.”¯

“How do you know Gabriel is a bot?”¯

Rachel thought for a minute, trying to translate the code into something that would make sense to a thirteen year old that had never even seen a programming language. “Becky, everyone’s got little signatures under their addresses. Bots get launched by the same signature, a hundred operations happening on one name. If that’s going on, you can just send them a little code and-“¯ Rachel zapped the code over to Becky to show her. “-the bot shuts down and has to reboot.”¯

“Becky?”¯ She paused and went into the code. “Oh God.”¯ Rachel pushed away from her workstation and put her hands on her head. “Shit.”¯ Rachel stood up and walked away from her computer to find some sunshine.

Whoa.    :lol:

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Vermin Surpreme
« on: April 30, 2015, 01:43:49 pm »
UKIP in general are pretty discordian.

"My mind is clear and my buttocks are smooth - Vote UKIP" One of their entities came out with that recently and it's baffling beyond words. These fuckers are actually insane. "Sane, with a shaved arse? Vote for racists!"

Fucked if I know.

Some days I want to be British so much it hurts.

The pain is your Cornish blood, which I continue to advise is best dealt with by regular leeching

Mmm, corporate sponsored goons has such a pulpy yumminess to it.

I've done far worse in prior jobs.    :lol:

But it does occur to me that I've become a bad person over the last 10 years.

I don't think so, but if I were you I would be on the lookout for those goddamn Hardy boys before they come for you.

Mmm, corporate sponsored goons has such a pulpy yumminess to it.

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