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My folks made me mix them a drink using two different brands of fum, for a blind taste test.  I took two shots as payment. 

I remember now.  I hate rum soooo much. I hate the taste, I hate the burn going down, the burn as it sits there, the burn in mah face.  Hate.

But the test was uccesfel and now they know that pricer rum is smoother.  WHO COULD HAVE GUESSED.  (slowly raise hand)

eta Alos hate the grumpy I get from rumj.


This is adorable.


So like I think you got sexually assaulted dude?

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Apple and Haugheys legacy
« on: September 01, 2016, 04:20:35 pm »
Maybe if I apply early I can get into the iGulag. It'll at least be cleaner.

So like, not informing support that your av and computer equipment was struck by lightning is a thing.

They're powered by electricity. A lightning strike will surely just supercharge them.
I should grab cables during a storm, surely this will give me powers.

Well you'll stop aging to begin with....


New England has been a gorgeous, unparalleled paradise for the last week, of warm sun, cool breezes, striking sunsets, and a temporary ebbing of the inevitable grasp of misery that consumes us all.

So take that, ya fahckin queeahs.

Oh, yeah.  Run The Jewels is pretty amazing. I even tend to overlook El-P's tough-guy misogyny/homophobia because of his talent.

I put them on a Pandora station out of curiosity recently. It's gold. Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, MF Doom, old Wu-Tang. Finding some good new stuff on there as well.

This is the greatest thing I have seen all week:

Been listening to this track lately. "Flame your crew quicker than Trump fucks his youngest," is a nice reminder of how fucking fast hip hop turnaround is.

Richard Nixon's glittering half-life sarcophagus / Re: Pagan or Racist?
« on: August 23, 2016, 01:57:09 am »
Could someone make the white power people stop ruining norse gods for everyone?

Idris Elba maybe?

My department taking over inmate transportation has been...interesting.

We had to get an inmate up on Boston to bring him to a doctor's appointment, also in Boston. Trip to facility - 1 hour, to and from appointment - 1 hour 15 minutes, trip back from Boston - 1 hour.

The team gets to the Boston facility before routine inmate count. No entry or exit for half hour prior. Count takes an hour. Emergency follows count. Second count follows emergency. Inmate appointment rescheduled. Team coming back to home facility.

We just paid two guys to drive to and from Boston, allocated a vehicle, took up their entire 8 hour shift, and didn't even bring the fucking inmate in to be seen.   :lulz:

I got Rust, which is basically Minecraft for adults. But shitty Minecraft with hardly anything you can do and full of assholes that kill you as soon as you wake up. Or you starve to death and lose all your shit.

I already regret spending money on it, and am wondering whether to keep plugging away at it in the hope it eventually becomes fun, or to just bail and get another game.

Anyone have any suggestions? Prefer adventure/puzzle games, and I don't like graphic novels disguised as games. I'm poor so I can't justify spending more than $30, and it has to run on Mac.

If you haven't played Braid, it's a very pretty and clever puzzle game. Right now it's $15, but you only really get 4-6 hours of gameplay from that so wait for a sale for bang for your buck.

There's always Portal, of course, which is fun, funny, and comes with the benefit of near infinite user generated puzzle content. Valve just outright gives that one away on Steam sometimes.

Roger is lizard person. Lizards eat rocks to help digest. Roads in disrepair. Feed lizard person horrible coffee. Lizard person vomits rocks. Rock vomit paves roads.

And so it begins.


Is a part of this thing.

Exciting! Have office political shenannigans calmed down, too?

Somewhat.  Which is a cause for worry.  My boss relies on me for technical skills, analytical ability, and leadership, but hates me like I got caught fucking his dog.
I did warn you that the dog fucking would get you into trouble.

Enjoy California, Wizard Joseph.

EoC, did you install MGSO?  As I'm using OpenMW, I've not installed any as I want a complete vanilla playthrough before I start modding, but because the engine is better optimised, some of the textures and meshes display better.  Also MGSO doesn't work with OpenMW, so I'd need to do some research into textures that are compatible and that I like.

TBH I'm more interested in installing Tamriel Rebuilt once I'm done, and Skyrim: Home of the Nords once it's updated.  But I have to complete Tribunal and Bloodmoon first...

Yeah, I played about 10 minutes vanilla and decided I couldn't get past the graphics. I went with MGSO because I've never modded and it seemed like a pretty foolproof method. I just don't want to end up tinkering. I went with a pretty middle of the road setup, but everything is markedly better than before. It's now what I remember Morrowind being like. Memory is funny.

Things I miss:
constant sense of danger
overwhelming scale
general Morrowind weirdness

Things I didn't miss:
glitching into trees
follower one shot killing me with an AoE spell while I meleed a rat
god damn motherfucking cliff racers

Well, MMOs are a slightly different beast in my opinion.

Skyrim does have a similar question, No Stone Unturned.  It's made somewhat cheaper by the ability to fast travel from the map, but otherwise it's somewhat similar.  Throw in some other mods, like say Frostfall (to make travel harder) and Requiem (to make everything else harder) and it's actually something of an achievement. 

If you want a full list of differences between at least the last three games, look here, it should give you a rough idea.  IMO Skyrim was way too rushed to be considered a complete game anyway (civil war...unfinished, at least two faction questlines plots so flimsy as to not even be worth it, so many bugs...) but they did show they were following up on at least some of the problems highlighted in Oblivion (levelled loot and enemy lists).

Well, Morrowind was on sale over the weekend so I installed it with a full graphic overhaul suite.

You complete bastard.

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