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I found it very unfocused. The abusive driven masturbation fantasy aspect could be funny in an extended gag sort of way if it wasn't played so straight. The protagonist, somehow, seems to win this confrontation, in that he doesn't learn anything (as evidenced by the apple-shaped ass comment) and appears to enjoy the beating and humiliation, which makes Eris essentially useless. She's objectified more through that than she is by being described as some statuesque stripper, because she is only actually there to serve.

If you want to go ahead and argue that Eris wouldn't bother changing her form for the protagonist, whatever, but here she lacks the power to affect even a self described loser. Why does it need to be Eris at all, if you're going to use none of her actual traits? She's just some self help dominatrix with no subtlety.

Will do!  I'm pretty sure they don't allow cameras, but I'll see if I can writes something up.

Incidentally, riding a train (splurged for first class) is a pretty awesome experience.  I feel so sophisticated.

You classy maniac.

My stepsister was deliberately vague about the show so as not to give anything away, but the one piece of advice I was given was:  If there is a candy store, you can eat the candy.

I'm on a train, heading to NYC, to visit some sort of immersive avant garde retelling of Macbeth called "Sleep No More". Should be very weird.

Oh shit! I've heard nothing but wonderful things about that show. Except for people with claustrophobia and anxiety. I've been wanting to see it for years now, but every show was sold out back when it was still at the ART in Boston.

My sister and I are getting tickets for one another as our Christmas presents. Have fun dude, and let me know how it is!


I think it's great as is. The only thing I could think of adding is his habit of dropping the hyperbole for that one short, poignant paragraph at the end.

Or Kill Me / Re: Conspiracy Theories
« on: December 28, 2014, 03:41:19 pm »
Quote from: Alan Moore
    The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory is that conspiracy theorists actually believe in a conspiracy because that is more comforting. The truth of the world is that it is chaotic. The truth is, that it is not the Jewish banking conspiracy or the grey aliens or the 12 foot reptiloids from another dimension that are in control. The truth is more frightening, nobody is in control. The world is rudderless.

I suspect that all of these things are factual about snails, and correct.

But are they really what is true about them?

What is true about snails?

I just don't know what is true about snails, Nigel. And I don't think the snails do either.  :sad:

I managed to get a kid to change lunch periods because he was scared of me.

Also, this might be the best quote in the history of Peedee.

Whoa. That is GOLD.




It's pretty badass. Unfortunately, right after I typed it my new filling broke, so I might be putting dental work on a credit card before the year is out.  :lol:


Today is a good day, because I just got child support, which means that I have money in my bank account now, which means that I just made it through my first year since starting school without accruing any debt whatsoever.


This was my favorite:

over half the population of the earth live in cities, though mostly not cities in the european sense

I don't understand this. What does it mean? What is a "city in the European sense"?

well spotted, the single most dangling end of a string in there

you see the piece was recycled from my blog, sans the rather long analysis of the hungarian situation in particular

and when i translated it, even though i saw it wasn't particularly connected to anything, i decided to leave it in, because i think this factette is somehow strangely relevant to the present-day human predicament

it just so happens, as of a few years ago, city-dwellers now outnumber country-folk

only, when musing about the implications, it is important to keep in mind that say the average of those cities is certainly closer to Xiamen, Mexico City or Kairo than New York, London or Berlin - no sanitation, no organised, clean public transport, no stifling regulations

networks, though, digital networks!

where that gets us, i'm not quite sure

 :lulz: :lulz: :lulz:

Hey Johnny, what's it like to live in a city with no sanitation, no organized, clean public transport, and no regulations? Oh I'm sorry, I mean "city", since it isn't a real city... you know, in a "European" sense. If you know what I mean.

Well ill tell you how my day was so you can infer for yourself...

After riding a donkey to the monte, i bartered nopales for a guajolote riding thru shit ridden streets full of leprose children... after a mere 10 hour round trip, i crushed the guajolotes head in my tortillero and fed said head to my girlfriend (such delicassy, ill have unprotected sex with her later so we have our 10th child) so the rest of the guajolote i threw into the furnace so i could get the steam engine rolling so i could charge the car battery so i could power up the phone with wifi (which costed me a months salary) but since i took so long to write this post the guajolote is cooked black so for the next three days im going to starve. Luckily, i eyeballed earlier some European Jehovas Witness which i can head hunt in the night and eat them raw (except the heart cause the soul is there, ill make an amulet out of their fingernails and wear their shrunken heads as a necklace)... and idk what u mean by country, we call this rancho.


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