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Apple Talk / Re: ATTN PD.COM: I'm losing it
« on: December 09, 2009, 01:40:54 am »
I just woke up from the first sleep I've had in awhile. And there's a couple points I think I should address.

First off, RE: Da6s' comment of lack of malevolence, I have a feeling that won't last long. When we first got here it was just a slightly unnerving presence in the downstairs, quickly added to by weird black mists in the hallways if the light was dim. Then that was followed by screams and moans and weird smells, but it was still only a minor curiosity. It stayed at about that level for awhile, then the unnerving presence downstairs turned into a horror-machine. I immediately panic and go into runrunrunrgetthefuckoutofhere mode when I feel it now. It's no simple uneasiness, I feel like I am in very real danger. It's sort of the panic you'd feel if you walked downstairs to get a glass of water and a FUCKING BEAR CHARGED AT YOU.

Anyway, soon after that the first physical manifestations started. We've experienced doors slamming as well as the aforementioned doorknob rattling (which is very easy to physically feel if you hold the doorknob) and my mother has seen objects fly off of tables and across rooms. We've had sharp temperature increases (roughly 73->80) in the vicinity of the "hauntings", which goes against my normal understanding of ghosts. And then the first visual apparition appeared (faceless tuxedo guy) which everyone saw and it's been more common ever since. We've also been getting strange scratchings in the walls (plaster) but I'm more likely to dismiss those because my sister has a history of doing that shit. The other things, though, we've experienced while she's in the same room as us and staring in terror.

The progression strongly suggests (to me) that it's not over. And I really don't see where it can go after this except to openly malevolent acts.

Next, regarding the suggestions of music and etc from Nasturtiums -- that's not going to work. I know only because I've tried. Generally, if I'm playing certain music, the manifestations get more overt and threatening. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it, and the songs that have that effect change monthly (but always "work" within that month). I've learned to keep my music off if I feel threatened. Last night was the first time that failed to work. And FTR, music didn't help either.

Regarding the other suggestions, only one door in the house (bathroom) is usually open, and that's only because our hall would otherwise be pitch black at night and NO ONE wants that. The curtains are as cheery as you can get without having patterned curtains (worse for me, pareidolia running wild in the dark while I'm freaked out will lead to screams and begging for someone to get me the hell out of the house), being lavender. And my room is barren, except for a dresser, a fan, a table for my computer (and obviously the computer) and a bed. The last thing I need, period, is dolls of any sort. Creepy blank eyes and shit, fuck that.

About the nature-of-ghosts discussion, I NEVER took "paranormal" stuff seriously till this place. Despite having several classical hauntings in past locations. This place is the real deal because I'm not the only one noticing it and the stuff is TRYING to be seen. It has manifested in the day time, for example (but never the panic one unless I'm completely alone in the house).

I agree that it's natural, and I think it's got something to do with concentrations of "energy" (physics kind) in a given area as to whether or not something is "recorded" or "played back". (But I disagree that that's the only kind.) My reason for thinking so is because ghost reports have gotten more common over time, and before (to my knowledge) they were associated with marshes (full of marsh gas), rail roads (fires [lanterns and steam engines] and hardcore kinetic energy), house fires (obvious) and violent murders/accidents (kinetic energy and the like). Of course, this is all just a theory by someone who knows little of both "ghosts" and physics.

I don't know about "sentient" "ghosts", it all seems a bit farfetched, but in my current case there's more than simple playback. It seems targeted. My best idea to explain these is that maybe there's something to parapsychology and this is the effect of someone using such abilities (possibly including those affected). And that's making a lot of very big assumptions. I don't want to do that, so I'll just say I'm fucking confused.

And lastly, Nigel's idea of renovation: I can't. It's owned by the state, technically, we're just renting. I wish that wasn't the case.

Apple Talk / Re: ATTN PD.COM: I'm losing it
« on: December 08, 2009, 10:35:07 am »
I'd laugh, if only the light were on and maybe it were a bit closer to sunrise. And if the moaning and rattling would stop.

Apple Talk / ATTN PD.COM: I'm losing it
« on: December 08, 2009, 10:13:59 am »
I've not slept in 24 hours. At least. I'm not really sure when I stopped sleeping and just starting staring with blank eyes at my slightly cracked door. And the dimly lit hallway, full of horrific things.

I don't even know what those things are, but I see them and hear them. And at first I thought it was just me, but then my family saw them. And then I thought living with me had drove them mad.

Then the sister's case manager saw them too.

There's several distinct ones. A faceless thing in a tuxedo that stands at the top of the stairs, half turned. A similar apparition in a dress that my sister has seen in her room. Something nameless that runs up and down the hallways, rattling the doorknobs only when everyone's doors are closed. A naked thing with nothing above the waist. A presence that exude pure, unadulterated panic downstairs. Black mists all through the halls but only when they're already sort of dark. And sounds all through the walls, all the time.

The one that gives off panic is in my room RIGHT NOW. My room is almost always safe. I can't sleep, I can't even lay down. I'm paralyzed with fear, back up against the wall, scared to turn my head too far to look at the computer screen in case I don't see SOMETHING IN FRONT OF THE DOOR that's only there for a split second. I can't even get up to open the window, even though I'm roasting in a poorly insulated house where the external temperature is approximately "frosty as Santa's balls". And the air here is so heavy I feel like I'm drinking it.

I can't stand this house. I have to sleep in the middle of the day, because when the lights are off and I can't beg someone to escort me around the house because they're all sleeping, I'm too scared to go down the stairs.

I'm frightened that my already tenuous grasp on sanity is slipping, and somehow I'm even hallucinating other people telling me this shit's happening. I don't want to believe in this sort of thing. I want to be coolly detached and say it's a track of the light or an overactive imagination or just the sleep deprivation getting to me. But I see it, and I hear it, and they tell me they see and hear it too. And right now, it's IN MY DAMN ROOM and there's another one rattling my doorknob like it wants in, and I hear yet another one moaning in the empty closet down the hall.

I don't know what to do. I don't even think I should be posting this here, but I'm panicking too much to not do it. I have to try and reach out and talk to living people, so I can imagine that this isn't real, or I really am going to lose my fucking mind.

Apple Talk / Re: Discordian Code
« on: December 08, 2009, 09:06:24 am »
D! c++ s-:- a--- Comp++ P++ E F- R* !tv b++ OM[7] SF[6] PHI[8] RAW? DC++ h! r- !zb K

Just noting that the DC++ is because after one reading I can read this stuff almost naturally. In fact, more naturally than I expected.

I think I might need to upgrade it to a DC+++ :horrormirth:

Apple Talk / Re: Discordian Code
« on: December 07, 2009, 11:09:54 pm »
I was hoping that this was about the next Dan Brown novel, where he tells the world the mysteries of the ancient discordia sect that is behind all the major corporations and governments.

I was hoping it was going to be like the discordian version of chivalry. That shit had so much potential.  :x

I want to get the willpower to live my life by the chivalric code, with minor updates for the modern day. Problem being that humans piss me off so much that I'd probably need to be so drugged to pull that shit off that Lys after a binge would look positively clean by comparison.

Apple Talk / Re: Retired bishop admits hell is made up to control people
« on: December 07, 2009, 02:32:11 pm »
Hold on a second---

TGRR, was that a sociological experiment?

Apple Talk / Re: <-<Link to a great fucking song>->
« on: December 06, 2009, 02:20:30 am »

Elliott Brood - Wolfgang

Fucking awesome song. Been stuck in my head for two days now.

Or Kill Me / Re: Why should I give a fuck about Tiger Woods?
« on: December 04, 2009, 10:39:01 pm »
Our gods are the only demons we need. Wrathful, vengeful, buck-passing, mental opt-outs. With creators like that who needs antichrists?

Nascent memebomb here.

Or Kill Me / Re: Discordianism as Perfect Nihilism
« on: December 02, 2009, 11:55:18 pm »
Oh, holy fucking cocksucking Christ.

Cain, this is an amazing piece.  I want to send it to everyone I know, especially the Bostonian Pinealists who keep bothering me.

The only reason I don't is the anticipation that you may edit the final paragraphs to your satisfaction.

Other than that, it is brilliant.

-hopes he isn't laying it on too thick - but it is really good.

I don't think you are. Way I see it this has the potential to annihilate pinealism once and for all. If we can collectively turn out a manuscript based on this then I'd be surprised if we couldn't lay the original PD to rest. This is the next step.

I agree whole heartedly.

Apple Talk / Re: ITT: I complain about my parents going to a parent meeting
« on: December 02, 2009, 07:10:57 pm »
I didn't go to school, and I did whatever I wanted all the time.

Which, quite frankly, isn't as awesome as it might sound. Most of the time what I wanted involved hiding in the woods, killing things and eating them raw. Adapting to civilized life took some doing.

I can't help but :lulz: at this. I'm so sorry.

Why not? It's pretty funny, in retrospect.

It's even funnier if you grew up in a town with a "wolf girl" in the woods.

Really. :lulz:

No shit?

Yeah. No one knew where she came from or really even talked about her much, but she lived in the woods of Butler, PA and practically everyone there saw her at least once. She must have been about 14, judging by how tall she was when I saw her.

And now everytime I see your username I'm going to think of that.

Apple Talk / Re: ITT: I complain about my parents going to a parent meeting
« on: December 02, 2009, 02:06:24 pm »
I didn't go to school, and I did whatever I wanted all the time.

Which, quite frankly, isn't as awesome as it might sound. Most of the time what I wanted involved hiding in the woods, killing things and eating them raw. Adapting to civilized life took some doing.

I can't help but :lulz: at this. I'm so sorry.

Why not? It's pretty funny, in retrospect.

It's even funnier if you grew up in a town with a "wolf girl" in the woods.

Really. :lulz:

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Unlimited "Glenn Beck is a nutter" thread
« on: December 02, 2009, 02:39:05 am »
when you talk about the liberals, are you referring to the masses of people in the country that have truly liberal ideas?

lol wut


I found someone willing to defend this (someone who isn't a member of a neo-fascist party, anyway, naturally they're all overjoyed):


Six out of ten Swiss voters acted on facts that many in the western democracies still fail to recognize: The political warfare battle that Islamist extremists are waging against free societies.

Last weekend's referendum to ban the further construction of minarets in Switzerland was not against the religious aspects of Islam - it was specifically a defensive mechanism against the legal and political revolutions that Islamists are waging against secular democracies.

The surprise Swiss vote was a significant fightback against creeping sharia law that is corroding the free fabric of much of Europe and North America. We should be applauding the Swiss for their stand. They remain tolerant of the religious freedoms of hundreds of thousands of Muslims who live in their country, but draw the line on sharia practices that would undermine their democratic way of life.

Western liberals, Islamic leaders, the government Iran and, surprisingly, the Vatican, condemned the vote. But the critics miss the point: The vote was not against religion, but was a line against foreign political encroachment.

Proponents of the minaret ban "said from the outset that they were not seeking to prevent Muslims from practicing their religion," the Washington Post reports.

"We just want to stop further Islamisation in Switzerland, I mean political Islam. People may practice their religion, that is no problem," Swiss MP Walter Wobmann tells Reuters. "The minaret is the power symbol of political Islam and Sharia law."
The minaret is "a political symbol against integration; a symbol more of segregation, and first of all, a symbol to try to introduce sharia law parallel to Swiss rights," Swiss MP Ulrich Schlüer tells the Los Angeles Times.
"On one hand Islam is a religion. But on the other hand Islam grants its followers a certain social behaviour. Islam requires its followers to apply certain rules, a certain religious law that we call Sharia. And Sharia law is not at all compatible with our law as it stands today in this country, Switzerland. Our law and Sharia law are at odds with each other," Schlüer says in Euronews.
"The outcome of the vote is a reflection of the fears and uncertainties that exist among the population, and concerns that Islamic fundamentalist ideas could lead to the establishment of parallel societies," Swiss Justice Minister Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf says in Time magazine. The minister adds, "marginalization and exclusion on the basis of religious and cultural differences would be devastating for an open country such as Switzerland."

That's precisely the point. Islamist radicals for a decade have tried to silence their critics by branding them as racists and bigots, all the while imposing their political symbolism and demanding acceptance of their un-democratic ideology. They're doing it again right now. Indeed, the Swiss are facing a global backlash.

"Initiative sponsors said they wanted to prevent Islamic extremism from seeping across the borders from other European countries with large Muslim populations," according to the LA Times. "'When you look at the European Union, where are there extremists?' asks Schlüer, the member of parliament. 'In the suburbs and ghetto banlieues of Paris and London. . . . We don't want that in Switzerland.'

"He said Muslims were welcome in Switzerland but must assimilate into Swiss society."

And that's the point that practically all the critics - from the Muslim, Christian, "progressive" and business sectors - seem willfully to miss.

Yes, if only we had stopped minarets from being built, then the 7/7 bombings and Madrid attacks never would've happened.  Speaking as someone who had someone very close to me involved in the 7/7 bombings and who was in London directly after the attacks, I have to say that is an appalling piece of political sophistry.  Reading this is like having a burnt corpse dropped in my morning coffee

I'm really sorry.

Pointy mini-barns, FTW.

make it a brauhaus, selling beer and pork. piss off both parties at the same time!!


Apple Talk / Re: ITT: I complain about my parents going to a parent meeting
« on: December 02, 2009, 02:27:52 am »
I didn't go to school, and I did whatever I wanted all the time.

Which, quite frankly, isn't as awesome as it might sound. Most of the time what I wanted involved hiding in the woods, killing things and eating them raw. Adapting to civilized life took some doing.

I can't help but :lulz: at this. I'm so sorry.

There is no deeper meaning to what They do to eachother.
This is Reality and the screaming will never stop.

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