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Aneristic Illusions / Re: The CIA What Now?
« on: April 14, 2014, 06:53:11 pm »
Caught your post on Facebook. Wow.

Oh, great. More shenanigans....

'Slush fund'? USAID under fire for paying Afghan, other governments to pass laws

Oh, so the same thing that the UN, World Bank and IMF have been doing for decades? FACE OF EVIL.


 :lulz: What the hell is that?

Apparently, Obama deciding he's put enough with enough shit for the day.

I mean what's it from? SNL? I want to see the whole thing!

I suspect that it's like that one where he kicks the door in after a press conference.  Just amateur video editing. Although I could be wrong.

heres some google-fu for yous


Why should we have to wear a uniform and a tag to identify ourselves, qnd cram ourselves into a box - while we can compartemantelize and shred ourselves into little pieces that we can put in a lot of little boxes?  :fnord: :fap:

(using more than three categories at least acknowledges th complexity of self, but then ruins it by pretending that catch words can synthetize properly that complexity to strangers that really dont care, and one just ends up looking like a crazy person... if someone actually cares, theyll get to know you and selfdetermine what categories are relevant to them, something as simple as what. music you like instead of if you are a cishet overlord, 23rd generation grandson of genghis khan or one twenthieth Siberian)


nevermind, thought i found some creepy NSA connection but it just ammounted to this:

Dedoose project data is also very secure as all protocols and policies meet U.S. National Security Agency standards and project administrators control the levels of access for all users linked to a project.

Techmology and Scientism / Re: The Internet Takes Away Religion
« on: April 07, 2014, 05:53:37 am »
Now now, we can always look at the bad side of things, because while it might sway neutral people in a favourable manner, the batshit people i assume go off the deep end:

"What is the correlation between the Internet and right wing fanaticism?"

I would like an USA person to answer and use as an example, i would think its exponentially easier for given person to explain than for me to research it.

Id speak of mexico, but im not old enough, internet accesability does not compare well to 1st world countries, and the use is by far, i would assume, more as leisure time dump into garbage like facebook rather than reading, because althought our population is alphabetized (presumably, we lie on a lot of statistics amd also lie by the compilers and analysts) we are for the most part an illiterate nation (2.8 books a year grand average).


Thanks y'all, most material in its pure form is non-distributable cause privacy of clinical material... but the idea is to first make an academic paper, and later a book regarding the effects of the dispositive and matters of exclusion and inclusion and life trajectories... delirium and clinics is strictly internal or therapeutical use.





RWHN leaves, and C.U. returns... THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!

Can't see the article.

Just guessing at the exact content, but note:
self-assembling is different from self-replicating.

Sand in a bag is weakly self-assembling: pour it slowly, and you get a roughly conical shape with a particular slope.



Boycott finance  :lulz:


Im sure every single company and brand have something worthy of being boycotted over.

How bout boycotting Facebook? Of course not, because its inconvenient, but switching browsers takes less than a dozen clicks to do.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: The CIA What Now?
« on: April 04, 2014, 07:18:21 am »
Improving lives with FREEDOMtm


Technically i could do this with a person's facebook wall, or with post history in a forum, but by fuck would i do it because of the difficulty in systematizing and formatting the text and doing the analysis itself. The ideal format is interviews, just mentioning what is possible.


I live and breathe qualitative analysis of discourse of schizophrenics while trying to not go insane.

Im not sure how that last part is working out though  :fnord:

Oh my, wow. :eek:

I mean, analyzing their speech patterns is certainly bound to be useful, but fuuuuck.

Missed that. Johnny, if you can/want to go into more detail there, I know I'd be interested to read it.

We have one 3 hour session every week with around 15ish people with "psychiatrical experience". Psychiatrical experience denotes someone who has included but not limited to: schizophrenia, bipolarity, depression, ADHD.

After everyone arrives, they propose subjects to talk about, then we make a general vote to see which ones will be talked about that day and then we start the 1st subject... the person that proposed the subject makes a long introduction of it and then the rest give their opinion on the matter. There is no limitations as to what is the subject to be discussed.

Everything is recorded and then transformed into text.

Since our objectives as a project revolve around social inclusion, de-stigmatization and possible redirection to treatment, our analytical categories are composed in a matter oriented in that manner. Since the team of the project does not choose the subjects, the analytical categories are created post-factum, which means that we create categories of important things besides the core ones which is exlusion, biography, delirium.

Any given paragraph can range between 0 to 13 markings related to a certain category, and a paragraph is not a totality, rather, sentences are the totality. The test run is being done by hand and pens with different colors, once we get the hang of it, im going to do the "marking" with a certain program which will, upon request, make a big compilation dump of everything marked in a certain way... for example: "person X" "biography" "2012" would dump all the markings pertaining to a specific person's biographical text from 2012, and finally, that is analyzed with a social sciences, qualitative analysis approach.

So yeah.

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