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« on: August 09, 2015, 01:44:13 am »

Apparently, once upon a time, Penthouse contained actual journalism? This seems like a *really strange* article lineup for a girlie mag.

It makes sense though.

Shitty sensationalist newspapers come from the motivation to entice readers.

If you entice your readers with pornography you have a captive audience, so no need to be sensationalistic.

OR something  :? :?

Apple Talk / Re: Was goth a thing?
« on: August 09, 2015, 01:37:02 am »
Yeah I get the whole subgenres thing. Happened to metal back in the 80's when it split up into speed and death and thrash and fuck knows all what. Thing is, that shit made at least a bit of sense. You listen to x-metal and there's a family resemblance. Like, yeah, that's metal but goth? What the fuck does the new goth have in common with the old stuff? Like put yourself back in the 80's and show someone marylin manson, britney spears and the london philharmonic orchestra and ask "which one is 21st century goth" I'll be fucked if I could call it.

The perceived transgressivenes and dark themes?

Apple Talk / Re: Acosmicist UNLIMITED fightin' the power thread
« on: August 03, 2015, 10:37:44 pm »

Life is the universe's latest innovation in entropic technology. We're here to help the universe commit suicide. Everything that happens was never going to happen any other way. The only way we will fail is to destroy ourselves. Politics is like a really intense, endless game of Dungeons and Dragons, and it's a pretty amusing analogy when identifying creatures and items. I identify as a Chaotic Neutral Cleric, with no weapons... I'll make sure to include that in my manifesto.

Newsfeed PLEASE

Apple Talk / Re: Acosmicist UNLIMITED fightin' the power thread
« on: July 29, 2015, 02:48:12 am »
Your troll-fu is weak, son. Try being less obvious, and use fewer cliches.
If you suspect your opponent is trolling you, then you have no choice but to take them seriously. It doesn't matter if they are trolling because it doesn't matter if they are serious.
Accusing your opponent of deliberately trying to rile you up is a poor debate tactic, and a sign that you are incapable of indulging them.
You think you win the argument because I must be trolling?
I win the argument because you're avoiding the argument.
Prove me wrong.

Arguing with sophists gets boring real fast, you know?

Apple Talk / Re: Acosmicist UNLIMITED fightin' the power thread
« on: July 28, 2015, 09:27:22 pm »
"So you fucking think fry cooks don't deserve a higher minimum wage?"
Yes. I do.
No one is entitled to anything.
"Rights" are the currency of implied threats.
They are not something that exists in nature.
I'm not saying this as some executive trying to justify why I'm much better than everyone else or deserve higher pay than a burger-flipper.
I'm saying this as a minimum wage-earning cashier at a gas station who takes advantage of welfare, well aware that it could disappear at any time and I could starve to death because I'm not entitled to anything everyone else insists they are entitled to.

You know what else doesnt exist in nature? THE INTERNET.

« on: July 27, 2015, 11:58:28 pm »

I dont know about lab-type silicone vs sex-toy silicone but what im inferring is that silicone is sanitizable thru the process of "recycling" it which implies breaking it down from its current form into the base material, sanitizing it and then making a new thing out of said material .

No  :? Or is silicone sanitizable by other means?

Apple Talk / Re: HAY THE JOHNNY
« on: July 27, 2015, 11:53:44 pm »

Depends on the zone that you will traverse thru, like, the city is not huge in terms of kilometrical size, but it is in terms of density of things, places and people; traffic and trasportation can become an issue, for example, travelling from southmost to northernmost usually takes 2 and a half hours because one needs to mix buses with metro and vans to get thru, while travelling from westmost to easternmost takes only 30-40 minutes because one only need to use the metro.

I'll be coming from the airport; I can't really tell what to expect of the area from maps. I need to do some reading!

Hows your research going? You can ask me whatever.

Apple Talk / Re: Was goth a thing?
« on: July 27, 2015, 10:42:40 pm »

I dont know about its origins, but ive been in contact with people of the scene for about 15 years, and the practical meaning i derive from it is 2 very polarized lifestyles:

1) "I dont give a fuck" nihilistic hedonism which has its respective paths and ends.

2) A commital to art or culture in different manners.

As one can easily expect, the prevalent is the 1st lifestyle.

Or Kill Me / Re: Swingers cucks and cheaters oh my.
« on: July 18, 2015, 02:09:38 am »
You still haven't answered my question. Other than stds and unplanned pregnancies, what else is there about sex that isn't totally harmless?


Ive heard of clinical cases in which individuals were sexually abused at a very young age, develop so called "sexual addiction" and consequently want to have sex with anyone, or everyone... at age 11.

Whats your opinion on, say, NAMBLA, for example?


Aneristic Illusions / Re: "El Chapo" escapes prison AGAIN.
« on: July 17, 2015, 08:51:13 am »

Theres allegations that no such tunnel exists and that he walked out the front door.

Theres also the coincidence with healthcare reforms passing.

Anything and everything is possible in Mexico.

It's all very well and good to say that people shouldn't treat us differently or that social status and opportunities shouldn't be based on these superficial traits, but we are living in the world as it is, not as it should be, and we are having the experiences that we do.


On top of that, even if the world were fair, why not enjoy the differences around you?

I spent the first 11 years of my life surrounded by people with almost identical appearances.  Everyone was Scots/Irish.  I am not joking when I say that as a small child, I thought Black and Hispanic people were make believe, because I only ever saw them on Sesame Street (which also gave me some interesting expectations, years later).  I can't describe how dreary that is...By which I mean, there was only one culture, and nothing local was feeding into it.  It was a culture that had only three meaningful interruptions in two centuries (WWI, WWII, the advent of television).

Just moving from Newfoundland to Ontario was a hell of a step up.  Moving to the states was like moving to another world.

Totally! I mean, one of the reasons I like white guys is the skin-in-skin contrast, which is also true of guys who are much darker than I am. Looking around and seeing a lot of people who look different is visually appealing. It's pretty. If appreciating that makes me shallow, then I guess I'm shallow.

Well ive heard stories that being attracted to "exotic people" (read: those different than yourself) has some basis on seeking to enrich the gene pool and explains why foreigners are more attractive when they are indeed foreigners than how attractive they were at their homeland. But this is pseudo-biology im talking about.

So besides the hypothetical gene enrichment, theres the cultural and intellectual enrichment... ive been to a lot of places with a lot of people, and after a while you start seeing how customs and ideas are just stupid inertia most of the time, opening a whole new perspective on things.

Id say than in general the more sensible option is hyperawareness rather than blindness...

 blindness to a trait is treated as innocence by purists but 90% of the time in real life its just callouness.

ill rephrase later if no sense it makes im waking up

It makes perfect sense.

I used to think that being "color-blind" was the moral course for dealing with race, gender, etc.  Nigel and Garbo1 set me straight on that, with some help from LMNO and a few others.

It was made clear to me that people are different.  And that this okay.  Not better or worse, just different.

1 This was, obviously, pre-tumblr Garbo, whom I miss terribly.

Yah like, i have quite a diverse group of aquaintances and friends, and given that each has its own language registry, humour and special characteristics, not everything flies with everyone.

I really dont want to offend anyone, but for example, when im playing videogames versus a friend, we have moments in which we devolve to call each others variations of pig or homosexual, because, even though its politically insensitive and incorrect in other contexts or in front of other people, used exclusively against each other is for the sole purpose of jabbing at each other with a clear message conveyed...

now, i also have obese friends, so i would never in the world mention pig or anything that could offend them because it might (or might not) be offended or sensitive about it...

 im also friends with a lesbian couple, so i would completely avoid any slur or trigger word around them...

or idk, i also have friends with suicidal tendencies, so saying a phrase after a hard day or a long week something like "omg im gonna kill myself, this week was horrible" is also out of the question.

TL;DR being hyper-aware of the differences and vulnerabilities of someone allows us to be emphatic and avoid hurtful comments and actions.

Id say than in general the more sensible option is hyperawareness rather than blindness...

 blindness to a trait is treated as innocence by purists but 90% of the time in real life its just callouness.

ill rephrase later if no sense it makes im waking up

Or Kill Me / Re: The Profit Motive
« on: July 14, 2015, 11:15:22 pm »

I'm by no means an expert on warfare, but, regardless if the argument of "WWII was won by nukes" is true or false, it doesnt have a direct translation to present day tactics and strategy.

1. Nowadays theres are dozens of countermeasures to nullify nuclear weapons, reducing their efficiency.

2. Tactics and Strategy doesnt seem to revolve around large concentrations of units and resources on a clearly defined battlefront, but rather large ammounts of small separated groups that are highly communicated and coordinated.

Theres tons of other reasons im sure, but why bother researching them if you force analogies and examples comparing ficticious scenarios to real life.

Apple Talk / Re: The Portland Airport Carpet Project
« on: July 14, 2015, 11:03:22 pm »


For reference for anyone else, the Leprechaun recursion and the Trippy ones are the more dog like distortions.

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