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Techmology and Scientism / Re: HELP - Ive got some virus on my comp
« on: January 09, 2010, 06:07:37 pm »

I would had formated it by now, but they havent changed the power source and i dont have it back; I have a borrowed computer from a cyber-cafe the technician owns.

All work-related things around here shut down pretty much for 3 weeks, culminating with two days ago "the 3 Magus bring presents to Baby Jesus" holiday, so i should get it back soon. Its not a third world country for no reason after all.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Douglas Adams (hgttg excerpt) on politics
« on: January 09, 2010, 05:58:48 pm »

So you think politicians are highly evolved reptilians that shapeshift?

Or are you making some sort of StarGate fanfiction , with the subtext of a critique to modern democracy?

Techmology and Scientism / Re: HELP - Ive got some virus on my comp
« on: January 09, 2010, 05:35:44 pm »

Sorry, i dont take tech advice from racist redneck trash.

Besides, the ice cold bath fix didnt turn out as expected; i only had a hamster, so i think Moloch was not pleased.


I hope i didnt come out as a douchebag.

What i see is narcissism; and i think theres only two ways to overcome it:

1. Life kicking the shit out of your ego, and showing you what is real.
2. Going to psycho-analysis to get humbled.
3. Or being able to accept third-parties point of view, even if it hurts.

Unfortunately, if hes not willing, its 1.

You see, he's convinced these people are out to get him.  I mean, yes, they are, he's a rich a powerful guy, and people do hate him for that, as well as for some of the deals he has screwed them on (fairly or unfairly, he can be....unreasonable at times).  The thing is though, these people who are out to get him, they're not very dangerous.  In fact, they're mostly very weak and talk him down to avoid confronting their own problems.  If my friend had to get into a conflict with them, he'd win easily, and they know that.  He doesn't though.  I go along with it, mostly, though sometimes I try and point this out to him.  Whenever I do though, he stops listening to me, or starts on strange speeches about how everything has changed and we can't live in the past anymore, play by the old rules.

The state of “having people after you” is always associated with self-importance; its another way of expressing “I affect their lives so much”. Hes attributing importance to his enemies, so that by parallel, his importance is inflated too. Think of all the conspiracy nutjobs with paranoia “omg, the government is tapping my phone calls and monitoring all my activity” (which there is a truth behind it, but they aren’t watching you specifically, they are watching EVERYONE, which unfortunately for them, makes them less “special”.)

He's also got some real image problems.  He thinks he's still healthy and strong as he ever was and believe me, back in the day, this guy could keep up with the best of them.  But now, his muscle has gone to flab, and he eats unhealthilyHe's nowhere near as rich as he thinks either, in fact, lately, he lost a whole bunch of money on some very risky deals, money that wasn't even his in the first place.  The debtors are being good about it, but they don't have to be, not if they didn't want to, or they didn't respect the guy.  But anyway, health.  He's convinced his doctor is a genius, too.  And to be fair, he's not a quack, but he isn't exactly Gregory House either.  He also charges him way too much, like twice what any other healthcare plan would, but he just waves his hand and says "I'm willing to pay for quality".

He’s denying reality in order to be able to keep his self-esteem “if I don’t see the fatness in me, it does not exist”. Very much well too in respect to his money “if I pretend I didn’t lose money, I didn’t lose it after all”. With respect to his doctor “I pay for quality” translates to “hey man, if you don’t care about your health, keep going to your peasant doctors that will fuck you up, I can afford to spend money on my health, and so be it.”; he assumes the inflated price of the doctor is a measurement of his quality of practice, and that if he pays more, that makes him better as a person too. Paying more as status.

He also has an overinflated sense of machismo.  Like I said, we were a pair of lads, back in the day.  But now....he's convinced he's still the toughest guy on the block, despite some very small players managing to get a rise out of him whenever he wants.  These guys are nimble, too.  They goad and mock him, and then he lashes out - never managing to hurt them, but likely slugging some poor passerby who wasn't even involved - and then they mock him for his failure.  He broods over these guys, obssesses about getting pay back, one day.

Machismo is a form of over-compensation. If one didn’t fear the others “wreaking havoc in his territory” he wouldn’t respond so harshly.

He used to have some neat toys though.  He'd sometimes have things the rest of us didn't even know existed yet.  You know, state of the art hi-tech gadgets, top quality computers and the rest.  He's still convinced he does, of course, and doesn't seem to notice that everyone else around him is upgrading, while he's stuck in the past.  He's still better, but probably not for much longer, unless he takes his thumb out of his arse and starts doing the same.

Im not sure how to interpret this part; maybe this is just a personal jab. Anyhow, the part of him thinking he owns state of the art technology without updating it for years, is also denial of reality.

He also acts really irrationally, at times.  I mean, above and beyond all this.  I think there is something really wrong, inside his head.  He'll insist everything is fine, even when he should be in massive pain.  I mean, I've stuck a needle in him once, and he didn't even flinch.  Didn't feel a thing.  His now obese body doesn't seem to bother him, he doesn't get back pains and apparently doesn't notice when he is out of breath from the exertion of walking up the stairs.  He really thinks everything is fantastic and, apart from his very rich diet, which has contributed to his health problems, he isn't.  He'll make choices which do absolutely nothing good for him, which hurt himself even more, and he'll be totally convinced that not only is this the best course, but that everyone who says otherwise is acting out of jealousy, or some hidden motive.  Even his closest friends.  Even me.

Feeling pain and denying it is a big part of machismo. That’s why a lot of males in machismo prevalent societies (like Mexico), die of prostate cancer; because they refuse to acknowledge their pain and disease, because disease is for women and pussies.

You see now, why I think my friend has gone insane.  The problem is...I let him.  I saw the warning signs, but I didn't want to say anything.  At times, I even bought into his childish delusions.  We were the kings of the world, everything we touched turned to gold, and we had right and good on our side.  Only, we're not, it doesn't and they're not.  I think we need help, both of us.  But we've used up all our goodwill a long time ago.

If you think you have similar problems as his, a start would be not attributing his problems to your “I let him do it”, because not everything he does depends on you.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Bristol Palin is now a political consultant
« on: January 09, 2010, 04:25:24 pm »

I messed up my timeline; from 2,600 B.C. on.

Call them  pharaohs, tyrants, emperors, kings, politicians or transnational companies.

A group of people, associated by different means, hoarding privileges.

Or Kill Me / Re: Dysgenics: Our Future.
« on: January 09, 2010, 04:11:09 pm »

One wrong U-turn and they all go in the drink.



I want to participate on the discussion...

But this fuck at the printer messed up the first batch of 30 pages, i told him to fix them, and he said even do he wrecked them, he would have to charge me for them.

I properly told him to shove them.

So now i have to wait until monday, when the efficient and cheap printers by my school open.

High Weirdness / Re: Human sacrifice on the rise in Uganda....allegedly
« on: January 09, 2010, 04:26:40 am »

While I'm not the sort of person to deny horrible shit is going on in order to preserve my view of the world as a nice and fluffy place where bad things only happen to bad people, I would like to point out this is the same fundamentalist Christian government that is planning on putting HIV positive homosexuals to death, and therefore there may be an element of confirmation bias going on here.

Wait, are you saying that the African government is considering putting people who sleep with the same sex and have a HIV to death??

Holy shit-wtf?

I thought Africa was all about Kwanzaa and shit, and not Christian. (?)

As far as i know, at least 75% of Africa has been colonialized by Euros. And Euros are/were christian.


Aneristic Illusions / Re: Bristol Palin is now a political consultant
« on: January 09, 2010, 04:21:09 am »
You say that now, but wait until you see her pontificating on ABC news about foreign policy, and being taken seriously.

This.  Meghan McCain was bad enough, and she at least seems to be vaguely intelligent.

Is it just me, or is America becoming more and more an aristocracy by the day?  Media, PR, politics, intelligence, corporations...all seem to be recruiting based more on blood ties than ability.

Do you recall the WOMP Cramulus made some months back...

Some egyptian sphinx on the background and a pyramid, and on the "front" and lower part of the image, riot police with "VOTE" stickers on their shields, and i dont remember what else...

Aristocracies have always existed and will exist, only the form they incarnate in is what changes.

And no, things "aren't better" from what it was 20,000 years ago from the class-struggle perspective; our only solace is technology making everyones life better.

The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Electronic Music
« on: January 09, 2010, 04:08:57 am »

He was wise to include speedcore.

I could definitely kill a dog.  All you gotta do is grab a hold of their forearms and yank.  I could probably not kill a cow without a hand weapon because cows are huge and stompy.  Big cats are right out.  Manatee sounds easy, given time.  I could probably kill a dolphin too, but that would be, you know, wrong.  It would have to be a criminal dolphin.

As for the earlier claim about killing a giraffe, I call bullshit.  If you think being kicked by a mule is bad, imagine being kicked by something many times its size.  Your head would fly off.

If you tackled the giraffe right in the knee cap, im sure it would bust.

 knows the higher the ride, the harder the fall.
 (of course if it falls on top of you, it would be a tie, wouldnt it.)


Monthy python died like 200 years ago FFS  :roll:

Note that I never answered.

I'm a pacifist, and wouldn't kill anything you bloodthirsty bastards.

Its either you or them, you existential hippie  :argh!:

12 feet of acid? Is he dumb enough to talk into swimming down and having a look?

Of course not! Duh, we have to pour enough vinegar to neutralize the acid first!

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