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...I suspect it'd hold up in court -we know nobody reads those things, but they're still legal agreements. If somebody asks you to sign an informed-consent document, and you don't read it but sign it anyway, you've still given informed consent.

Yes, it will hold up in court because its the NSA, CIA and FBI's playground...

And Cram, I constantly work with informed consent paperwork... for every single thing you want to take video or audio or whatever, you have to specifically craft the IC format for it to explicitly say what it is for... you want to make a documentary? ICF... you want to release a paper? another ICF... you also want to release sound bits? yet another ICF.

So no, its just being uninformed to say that a TOS is informed consent.


LOL oversight


If motherfucking Myspace had a chat application instead of just inbox or wall, this would had never happened.

A plague on both your houses.

It goes with the tendency of allowing to discriminate customerd due to religious beliefs... where was that?

Free contraception to me just sounded something from fantasy land, and here we are.  :|


I'm convinced there's a truly appalling evil dead pun here and I can't for the life of me put my finger on it. Help me out pls?
[the "t" is silent]

Kiss my lips, sugarboy!

Everyday i pass a billboard in the highway for fedoras... i froth at the mouth and must contain myself from not veering straight into the gas station and ending it all.


what is an SGITR¿

so good its the roach?

super grouchy in the ranch?


sexy groar is teh rogers?  :fap:


It's all cool, but knives on soapy water is a dick move =/

Some "trve metul grrl" recommended this to me. I still dont understand whyt its a holocaust of cannibals. Yellow print all over it.

.  In Holocaust you see natives eating monkey brains
Crazy thing is, were you ever to find yourself there, in all likelihood it would occasion a ceremonial feast where the most disrespectful thing would be to refuse the (offal) offering.

much bondings
very taste


"... in no way intentional..." cynical fucks  :lulz: :lulz: :lulz:


I see it is more of a pressure valve... if we didnt have the Great RWHN Drug Wars of 2009-2013 there might had been a great number of derailed threads that would still happen to this very day.


Oh, i dont know, ive lived under a rock for so long focusing on school and work that i havent seriously dated no one or gotten laid in like 5 years =/

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