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I don't think that condemning an entire field of study just because it produces many flawed theories is very productive, either. Economics is sort of a conglomeration of anthropology, psychology, history, and statistics, and the systems they're trying to work with are dynamic, complex, and incompletely understood. They aren't CREATING the systems, though; they're DESCRIBING the systems. Sometimes very badly. But still, getting rid of economists because they aren't very good at understanding economic systems is a bit like getting rid of psychologists in the 1930's because they weren't very good at understanding psychology; it wouldn't have made human psychology go away, it would have just impeded the accumulation of knowledge about it.
Economists lack the feedback required to make it a form of science.
They project and project but they never review.
They never even try to estimate the accuracy of their past projections.
And then, having bolstered their ego by ignoring reality, they project some more.
I stand by my point. Fuck 'em all with pointy sticks.

That seems... sweeping, shallow, and inaccurate. I don't have a tremendous amount of respect for the field of economics, particularly pop economics, but as an academic field it is still developing.

Can you cite some sources for those statements? If not, I'm going to just assume you're going through one of your all-hyperbole phases again and are (hopefully) temporarily incapable of contributing meaningfully to conversations.

He mad, sis.

I'd only like to offer the distinction between the more vocally wrong economists, which are the ones that are paid or lobbied to hold such opinions, like most if not all of the think-tank assholes, and the good economists no one has heard of because the powers that be arent interested in promoting them.

Ok, the US department of labor says that the studies they've reviewed indicate that increases to the minimum wage are not correlated with layoffs, so I was wrong about that. It also says that raising it is not in general bad for the economy. The idea that it may speed up inflation however is conspicuously absent from their list of common myths about the minimum wage

There's a billion excuses to lay off people, one of them has been the machinization of production, which isnt necesarrily a matter of cost-efficiency most of the time, but rather to break the power of unions and make factory workers/employeees a malleable mass that can be subdued.

How many cases are there where a working hand is replaced with a bot that requires a huge investment and it also requires specialized maintenance by a specially trained engineer that ends up costing more than the original working hand?

But im sure you are pre-rich, so does it even matter?


"I swear furry sex is the only good thing about western society, we should meet again next month. Can you dress up as Scooby Doo?"


I meant that that was one of the main arguments ive heard against minimum wage... since more people will have money, and buy more things with it, then money would be worth less because more demand for items. Or something, it never seemed that minimum wage has such a great impact on things of such great scale.


But increasing the minimum wage will create inflation.


But we're extremely serious about having fun! Just look at Aneristic Illusions! Clearly this isnt your century!  :lulz:

"I troll u, LEL" in 3...2....1...

A full biography with multiple witnesses and testimonies is needed for this kind of shit, its complicated.


Were just easily manipulated pixels (at least to such MASTERMIND) that can be made to believe anything he desires. Either way its entertaining, but nobody with his profile does heel turns like this, if a character in fiction did this wed be like LOL shit writing.

But whatever.

If its just curiosity about the "validity" of the military it seems extremely specific and a horrible idea.

You can easily answer that by simply reading whatever about it.


Armchair-psychologist moment:

Why do you thrive on negative attention? Do you touch yourself with one hand while replying with the other?

19 and lonely, is my guess.

He's doing the inevitable attention-seeking spiral of shame.

Hopefully he'll eventually grow up enough to look back on this and be embarrassed. Most of them do. Not all of them, though. Remember that one Australian who got super into meth? That guy never really did. What was his name?

Dalekk was one of them, but he's Bulgarian. I dont remember Aussies here.


Armchair-psychologist moment:

Why do you thrive on negative attention? Do you touch yourself with one hand while replying with the other?

I am understanding that IT security is your primary talent and your others are inferior to it. So if we use your lecture on crypto as a baseline, you know less about most other things?

I want to see his arm-chair psychologist act though.

Nigel, your posts are getting edgier and edgier with every passing minute. Your apathy is obviously just a subconscious defense mechanism created by your delicate ego. Luckily, I have experience with such unfortunate predispositions.

If you ever want help with that, just let me know. I've studied megalomaniacs for years, now - Online and off. I'm quite in-tune with the little mind tricks they play on themselves.

Can we keep him?

Only if you pay for its shots, untick him and unparasite him. And clean his poopies. Walk him.

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