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I usually like to keep my problems to myself, because usually its very clear to me what needs to be done, but it is not the case now... specially since i havent dated in ages out of lack of interest or time, im a bit out of touch not only in the general but also the specific sense, and ive seen a lot of you are experienced in multitude of dating scenarios.

I dont know where to start. Its about a specific girl named F.

I met F around 2006,  when i lived with my alcoholic bandmates when i was a bit of a druggie. She split from her home and cqme to live in the house, and we hit it off from day one, and we shared my room from day one... 4 months later she split to Cancun ot live with her ex gf from her teenage years, but she was not well received... came back to me, spent 2 more months together... then i got fucking done with life itself, took my things one night, left the band, quit drugs, lived in seclusion in the middle of nowhere, amd shortly after leaving for the cqpitol and started university.

Over the years she intermittently reached out to me thru email, and we sporadically went out, something like once a year, no bad blood, just myself having no interest other than school itself.

In january 2014 we had a chance encounter in the streets of her city, where my family lives, in vacations. Since then weve been in contact thru messages and since July, i think it was, weve gone out around 10 times. 3 times when i came to do some business inthe city. The rest of the times since i left the capitol to return to live to this city.

Idk, shes told me she dropped out of university after two years to watch over her mother which sometimes passes out, has a crappy job but with flexible schedules, and around 3 months ago she quit drugs, so im sure that feels pretty bad too.

And well, last tuesday when i asked her out she told me she felt bad, that she didnt feel like doing anything, and that she was going absentee for an (undetermined) while.

And i dont know how i should take it, i mean, i really enjoy her company, we have a lot of fun together and we have no trouble spending half a day togther justdoing whatever, were both not fond of large groups of people or peple in general and a lot of stuff regarding biography amd interests. Some days she has told me she feels bad and doesnt want to go out, but every time i go unnanounced im always well received.


You see the problem runs even deeper than that.... its not about should, or could or whatever, its READ THIS, its an imperative, the words are raping the reader.

It's Cosmo Logic, in which taking the single most destructive possible course of action in your relationship will keep you one step ahead of the enemy, who in  this case is your boyfriend.


For what it's worth, I have never seen Cosmo in a happy home.


I imagine this being a situation in which if she wins, she gets to harvest his gonads and store them under her mantle for future fertilizations, and will feast upon his corpse to feed her growing baby. If he wins, he tears the infant out of her abdomen and learns how to lactate.

 :eek: It occurs to me that nature has used these methods and probably much more that I am blissfully unaware of in the gentle dance of procreation. Humans are getting off light.. mostly.
Angler Fish.
Go on, google it.
Nevermind, got it here for you.


Also, Land snails!

Also bedbugs.

Don't forget octopodes; "Hi, nice sex arm! Mind if I rip it off and save it for later to stick in my facial sex-hole? THANKS! I'll just be over here for the next year guarding our eggs and starving myself to death... have fun growing your sex arm back!"

Now THATS romance.


I personally got suspicious when I found a news article that clearly seems entertainment or click baity purposed on a "respectable news outlet" rather than with an intent of informing on pressing issues... but all news outlets have that trend, so idk, just got a bit dissapointed in BBC.

Not that im complaining though, now i can get my daily political propaganda AND entertainment in the same place  :fap:

Is it normal for an employer to call you back for 3 separate interviews over the course of 2 months and then just tell you to fuck off?

The problem could be the recruiter(s).

Is it the same recruiter? Maybe they are having an unusual ammount of useless people fill that position that redo the same work, keep no history of activity, get fired and the next person repeats the cycle?


I really thought BBC was renowed for its quality content but omg


Among others... this aint April Fools nor dia de los inocentes, wtf? Ruskia jump the shark.

Is this a safe space to admit that the hamburger gag turns me on more than a little?

I could dress up like a Guantanamo Bay prison guard, have some foreplay like waterboarding... or if you are more into policemen, i could taser you and give you some "excessive force" in handcuffs... just think about it ;)

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Oh Dearism.
« on: January 07, 2015, 08:54:46 am »
I think it goes beyond that. It's the Brave New World method. If the onslaught of information is so saturated with not only contradictory and conflicting information, but with unrelated items, as well ("Movie star talks about butt plugs on Leno, then we'll hear from Tom who has been following the latest on the leaked nudes fiasco..."), you won't have the mental resources available to engage yourself on the matter long enough to for an opinion; let alone speak out in support of it. Postman refers to it as the "And now... this!" of our media.

And this is floating in a dingy amidst a piss ocean of entertainment media. I've never seen movies and TV shows shot out of the corn hole at such a rapid fire.

"I could explain to you why this Fox News bit is propaganda, bu not only will it take MUCH longer than the actual bit, it will take MUCH more effort, and require your WILLINGNESS to hear a different pov... in other words, im fucking done and you can keep thinking what you like."

Rhetorically sparring with most people gives you lowest denominator... cheap shots and a lot of flailing around... it takes a good opponent to learn something more than primitive representations and prejudices that support theircomfort zone and worldview.

Its probably a flawed comparison, but, it might be the diffrence between fighting with maces and fencing... brute force vs disciplined and trained "attacks".


lol, my interactions in OKC are never that long, its either a short workup to "where do we meet?" or silence cause i creeped them out... and at what point does one stop talking to a person that clearly has different views? is there hope to magically turn them around and into one's pants? Like, what's this guy's objective?...

since all of you are obsessed with tumblr...

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