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But we're extremely serious about having fun! Just look at Aneristic Illusions! Clearly this isnt your century!  :lulz:

"I troll u, LEL" in 3...2....1...

A full biography with multiple witnesses and testimonies is needed for this kind of shit, its complicated.


Were just easily manipulated pixels (at least to such MASTERMIND) that can be made to believe anything he desires. Either way its entertaining, but nobody with his profile does heel turns like this, if a character in fiction did this wed be like LOL shit writing.

But whatever.

If its just curiosity about the "validity" of the military it seems extremely specific and a horrible idea.

You can easily answer that by simply reading whatever about it.


Armchair-psychologist moment:

Why do you thrive on negative attention? Do you touch yourself with one hand while replying with the other?

19 and lonely, is my guess.

He's doing the inevitable attention-seeking spiral of shame.

Hopefully he'll eventually grow up enough to look back on this and be embarrassed. Most of them do. Not all of them, though. Remember that one Australian who got super into meth? That guy never really did. What was his name?

Dalekk was one of them, but he's Bulgarian. I dont remember Aussies here.


Armchair-psychologist moment:

Why do you thrive on negative attention? Do you touch yourself with one hand while replying with the other?

I am understanding that IT security is your primary talent and your others are inferior to it. So if we use your lecture on crypto as a baseline, you know less about most other things?

I want to see his arm-chair psychologist act though.

Nigel, your posts are getting edgier and edgier with every passing minute. Your apathy is obviously just a subconscious defense mechanism created by your delicate ego. Luckily, I have experience with such unfortunate predispositions.

If you ever want help with that, just let me know. I've studied megalomaniacs for years, now - Online and off. I'm quite in-tune with the little mind tricks they play on themselves.

Can we keep him?

Only if you pay for its shots, untick him and unparasite him. And clean his poopies. Walk him.

Its like a comedic attempt of a meltdown, its so bizarre.


As always, self-diagnosis is never a good idea and you should see a professional.

After saying that, I second what Dubya kind of says (phrasing though) - if your living and survival conditions are met, and your social and relationship needs are covered (having a fulfilling job and a nice partner always help a lot), then its:

1. Some underlying element or issue that is unresolved (Therapy)
2. It's something neuro-biological going on. (Medication or Exersice)

Not as depressing as I anticipated. "Nothing to do now but sit on our hands...and wait for the inevitable conservative backlash," was pretty on the nose.

I don't even know if it will be a conservative backlash, as he seems to be mistaking special snowflake syndrome for a phenomenon exclusive to liberal brats. Professors who teach at expensive private colleges have been complaining about it for a lot longer.

I think that's definitely a big part of it, and the move towards steadily more privatised education has led to the impression that schools are service providers not educators, and that the student as customer is always right.

However, I remember reading this guy's blog post from when he first put it up, and those by Freddie de Boer as well.  And I think their criticisms are a bit more subtle than that.  From what I can see, based on their writing, there are seperate problems which come together in particular in schools.  There is the liberal-rhetorical problem: most public liberals have incredibly weak rhetoric and verbal skills, and tend to rely on shutting down debate via the "I Win" button of accusations of sexism, homophobia, racism, "problematic", prejudicial etc.  And then there is the neoliberalisation of schools problem.  The two meet at a point because it's incredibly attractive for students to use discourse that originated in the academy, validates their complaints and allows little in way of dissent precisely because they are spoilt brats.  But they're spoilt brats operating within this particular discourse, at this particular time, because said discourse is very popular outside of the staid and traditional social conservative or libertarian conservative circles, and because they've learnt it works.

A guy in my class had a temper tantrum today because he doesn't like that 70 years ago, psychology researchers did really shitty things to cats.

Not kidding.

All of a sudden it was gone... FOREVER... my cat's penis. **sob**

Feelings have no place in the pursuit of knowledge (except in psychology where they may sometimes be appropriate as the subject of detached observation)

That's not exactly true, if it's true at all; there is plenty of room for feelings in academia. The very best academics and researchers are passionate about their work, and many of them come to it from a personal experience that motivates them, like the MS researcher whose college best friend had MS, or the AIDS vaccine developer whose adopted daughter was born with HIV. What there isn't room for is self-indulgent bullshit.

"Feelings" are an intricate part of the pursuit of knowledge... without passion or a love for a given craft... why delve deeper into it or innovate?

Without feelings comes indifference, and with indifference comes nothing.

I've noticed a bend away from what people are actually doing, and a shift to what's "Trending"

People stop talking about their lives and doings in favor of the latest funny meme, clickbait article, or point of outrage.  Facebook promotes these, and certainly slants posting order to them, because some make them advertising money.

Hence the plot is lost

Yes yes, the newsfeed has been corrupted, in that sense (of many) Myspace was better.

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