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Very much enjoyed this.  Rock-on!

HR manager has been trying to arrange my second meeting with the CEO for longer than I may be able to resist...  I have tried explaining to her the shit-show storm of toxicity that was my first encounter with him, nearly resulting in my permanently leaving the company;  and how my capacity to still work there is built on a very tenuous compartmentalization of ethical concerns that require me not having to tolerate any exposure to said perniciously harmful hypocrisy.

Essentially, I recognize that a bigger man than myself would be able to muster or cajole the compassion nescesary to forgive this CEO for the bad faith under which he operates.  The direct interference I first experienced is something I am now technically over, and, except for rank, our positions and operations have been completely independent for years.  It's like we don't exist to each other now.  That's been great, though not entirely free from effort as a fair amount of compartmentalization still occurs just to ensure that we don't cross paths.

HR insists that things could be better, for everyone, if all that could just magically disappear.  I agree yet have reservations about how much more compartmentalization would be required to get through that second meeting.  CEO has been good about acting as if he's ready to make some concessions, though I suspect the reality is that we won't see eye to eye.  It's then hard for me not to take it personally, because I'm a human being and KNOW my fucking rights...  Anyhow, I should get back to work now. :kingmeh:

Literate Chaotic / Re: Five word horror
« on: June 12, 2016, 03:21:49 am »
Void is the eternal Core.

Literate Chaotic / Re: Five word horror
« on: June 11, 2016, 08:10:27 pm »
It has integrated security measures.

Literate Chaotic / Re: ITT: Original Story Ideas
« on: June 11, 2016, 07:54:47 pm »
Advances in quantum spectrography reveal an entire animistic universe that lives at sub-atomic level.  Turns out that this world is actually a form of purgatory, at the end of which we can either go 'up or down'.  The difference is not so much as to whether we are relegated 'above or below', instead, it is a measure of scale.  Hell, in this case, was discovered during quantum imaging of NaSA's new synthetic quantum-motor oil, that showed the blackened souls of humans straining and wearing against each other to keep the engine's sub-atomic friction down.

I just dropped my lap loom. The one thing that's been keeping me fucking sane since I got here. I couldn't set it in the table vice right so I have no idea if the wood glue will catch. Ugh. I want my husband. Or my mom. Or a beer. Until then I guess a beer will suffice. I've been doing a lot of daydrinking since I moved here.

There's Newton's Yarn Country in Anaheim that would know what your best/local options are at the moment.  I have a cursory affiliation to FiberShed in CA and that Newton's joint is all the rage with them.

Much respect Cain!


Paes, sorry, first glance turned up this "latent" device re:
Definitely keeping an eye on sales, gave police serial numbers and will share those with relevant stores. Thinking of configuring a few of my devices to listen out for the MAC address of the missing device, in case it's still trying to pair with our WiFi access point when we drive past the house it's in, if it's local.

Maybe not ideal, but its encouraging, I mean if they can do it.

Thing is, the more I look, X is already underway but it's not going to work out how the futurists think it is. Not so much uploading as offloading. En masse, we're abanding critical thinking, in favour of a quick meme that looks shareable and sounds about right. No more investigation required. I have a suitable opinion. "Like". "Share"

FakeBook:  outsourcing minds to snatch booties since 1999

A friend of mine and I were discussing the possibilities of the cell phone boards from adafruit.  Most project ideas involved taxidermied squirrels.
  • most mustelidae
  • dildos
  • dentures/gold teeth
  • old cigarette packs
  • mobile pendants
  • swarovski charms
  • pre-Colombian clay figurines
  • Mexican tin art

The biggest drawback of the panopticon isn't being profiled and being aware of what I post, its the kind of discussions I am willing to have, and conversely, if people will engage with me honestly about those conversations. The obvious taboo illegal subjects are a no no for everyone, no one will engage on the topic of drugs etc.
But the more insidious ones are topics that are negative but need to be talked about.

Someone I know killed themselves in January and I was going to make a post about it on Facebook, I write it, delete it, rewrite it, delete it and finally give up, because "Its not right for Facebook" thatís when I kind of gave up on it as a platform for discussing Who We Are, with the people we know, to what articles we share with the people we know.
I'm sorry to hear about the passing, and your reticence.  Since the web started getting all spooky I haven't been able to personally solve the public/private dilemma, and it's a shame.  As a temporary patch, I was thinking, what about having a "closed" bar, members only, where personal and non-GASM stuff could be addressed under the premise that everything there discussed was sub-rosa?

The evaporative cooling of group beliefs
I was expecting more from this?


But the effect of observation is that it forces the person - the target of the discipline - to internalize a set of rules. They have to behave in a certain way to avoid reprimand, and eventually they internalize these rules. That's how you affect somebody's spirit, you make them build the laws inside of them, going through the motions with their body. Even if they're faking it, still thinking criminal thoughts, eventually this will be eroded by routine and discipline.

And, constantly second-guessing oneself, looking left and right for approoval, does not lend itself fully to moving forward.  This is true from sprinting/running to making art (The Lives of Others).  Biologically, in the long run, the over-application of this impediment is the evolutionary equivalent of a death knell.

The evaporative cooling of group beliefs
I was expecting more from this?

But it's really hard to measure the drawbacks - the reenforcement of norms, the bubble effect, the groupthink... a lot of the drawbacks are intangible, or are just levels of risk.
Of the "intangible" drawbacks to social media, one of the most insidious I think is how it reinforces the "society of the spectacle".  The depth of feeling inherent to direct IRL human interaction is covered and obstructed by the superficial visual constructs we first use to represent, identify and tragically seduce ourselves.  I suppose the cost of being the star in the movie of our lives is to become out of touch with what is not inside our bubble.  Now that's dangerous.

One of the drawbacks I find with not using social media is that it has become the de facto way of comminicating for an increasing number of people.  In the future we might not even have the capacity to recognize people that are not in our facebuuk in the first place.

Something about that What if there was a dub step song but the drop was theme from Seinfeld made me think about this - NSFW:

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