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I was just about to complain about my personal life: Why is it that every time I'm asked for "permission to speak freely", someone manages to really piss me off?  It's strangely dissociative, like watching an infantile version of myself reacting automatically in a way that I would otherwise moderate.

Then I read the last two posts above this re: "not us, guv.  Freedom of Speech"

Then I :facepalm:

RPG Ghetto / Re: Running my own take on The Temple of Elemental Evil.
« on: July 25, 2015, 05:22:05 am »

When reading


The reason the noble is doing this is because the ballerina is an 11th level bard and is concerned that her looks are fading, so she has a plan to turn into a lich, using a bardic version of gentle repose to keep her looking young/non-rotten.  This will tie in with the Vecna cult.  The noble is infatuated with her, and she's promised to cure his deformities (lying), and turn him and all the other people assisting her into some form of intelligent undead (not lying, but they don't realize they'll be enslaved to her).  More about this later.

I immediately thought

Summary: Canto XXX

Beholding the Second Zone in the Tenth Pouch of the Eighth Circle of Hell, Dante recalls stories of antiquity in which great suffering caused humans to turn on each other like animals. But the viciousness portrayed in these stories pales in comparison with what he witnesses here, where the sinners tear at each other with their teeth; these are the Falsifiers of Others’ Persons. Dante sees a woman, Myrrha, who lusted after her father and disguised herself as another in order to gratify her lust. Some of the sinners of the Third Zone, the Falsifiers of Coins, mingle among these souls. Dante speaks with Master Adam, who counterfeited Florentine money; part of his punishment is to be racked with thirst. Adam points out two members of the Fourth Zone, the Falsifiers of Words, or Liars: one is the wife of Potiphar, who falsely accused Joseph of trying to seduce her, and the other is a Greek man, Sinon. The latter apparently knows Adam and comes over to pick a fight with him. Dante listens to them bicker for a while. Virgil harshly reprimands his companion, telling him that it is demeaning to listen to such a petty disagreement.

So, this most recent shooting in Lafayette.

The article I wrote for Rebel News on Dylann Roof hasn't been published yet, but when it is...well, I can't say I didn't call it.  I was speaking with one of the editors about it, and the recent shooting basically reconfirms the entire point I had been making.  The latest shooter shows sympathy with the Golden Dawn and David Duke, thinks the USA is being ruined by a conspiracy of Jews and Blacks and was radicalized online.

This basic "story" arc has been almost too consistent. I sometimes wonder about thresholds of indoctrination and the effects of information exposure on the mind. I suspect that it may be possible to "prep" a mind for violent intent on purpose. Just fill an already hurting mind with NEW reasons for the hurt, new things to blame, then new PEOPLE to blame. Once so deceived the mind snaps into a new state where it MUST all be true.

The phenomenon is horrifically real. My only major question is on whether it's an intentional processing or if the information its self is somehow toxic. I would prefer to think the former, because the latter might imply that "freedom of speech" might be something akin to not wearing PPE.

I know it's oversimplifying, but we're SO far beyond coincidence here and I struggle to grasp the root of the emergent pattern. Can thought be inherently toxic, or is it a matter of intentional "weaponization" of some sort? Is it perhaps neither and an unknown variable remains I have not seen?
I don't get any news in the box, so I can't comment w.r.t. specific event in question, however, I think the answer is yes and yes.  The unseen variable is the subject, directed against itself by intentionally repeated/retransmitted toxic thought patterns.  Tension builds as subject looks for escape, with a way to the latter provided by the Internet.  I would not be surprised if d/loading the Anarchist's Cookbook automatically signals more toxic traffic to be directed toward radicalizing recipient in question.

But I prefer not to focus on such things :horrormirth:

For those that can't handle the deep trip, digging of holes will be assigned. 

Literate Chaotic / Re: Five word horror
« on: July 25, 2015, 01:23:36 am »
Get them before they hatch

My favorite of above was the pallet/colors for new Mad Max poster.  At least there was something right about it.

It's the cinematic rendition of DD that lacks depth, IMHO
With a bit of luck, his life would be ruined forever.

Bring and Brag / Re: AGNOSIS! EP. 23 “The Great Escapism”
« on: July 21, 2015, 06:50:46 am »
Written by Bobby Campbell – Art by Marcelino Balao III
Continued from AGNOSIS! EP. 23X “The Grunch of Fnords”

So much awesome!

:lulz: :lulz:  :lulz:

We really only needed IX Lucifers and now the system is stretched thinner than Shandor's understanding of Ecclesiastes and international politics

Like the 10th commandment, it only seems superfluous and is actually the root of all evil (this would have been properly explained on the second (actually first) tablet if only Moses hadn't "dropped" it ;)

I got sent home because the heat is fucking with the cryoslicer.  :sad:

There's a joke in there, but I can't seem to find it.
Because God stopped cooking up serpents with biscuit reinforced butt joints.


And, the axe

Trump by Teisco, 1967

Our slicer is nothing like those slicers, FYI. It's some sort of two-million-dollar stove-sized contraption.

Me-me-me! got first dibs on using the slicer:  I propose using the slides to stack the images and feed it though some electron scanning & propagation software I wrote for project Oro-borrows.

I can use it, for science, without ever having to touch it, see?  Everyone wins!

I promise I wont use it for cooking like those "other" applicants.  My solution is renewable!

I think it is my contract, indubitably, right? :lulz:

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