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Oh no, nothing like that.  Though they probably do approve...the outfit straddles the line between neoliberal and neocon, but that's the only game in town these days.  I don't alter my writing for them, but my positions may be far more nuanced and come with more caveats than they realise.

Anyway, this is to do with defence procurement and overall strategy for the next decade.  I've yet to look over the details themselves in full depth, because it's a couple of hundred pages long, but it looks like the team are going to write an assessment of it and present it to some subcommittee or another.

So yea, I'd hypothetically indulge the need to confirm their security concerns because proximity then enhances the persuasive power of subtlety.  Kudos.

Penny: it's true, though they may be correlated

Zackly:  I enjoyed the series, however, I can't say it left me with a sense of levity.  I think I wanted and/or was expecting it to be more uplifting in the long run.


Our experience of freedom has been masked and concealed to only reveal what our "masters" allow us to consider.  Then we take it personally when we do not perform according to our now internalized limitations.   Has me banging my head against the wall sometimes.  It's like a paradox in which I resign myself to getting out of my own way in order to actually approach myself.

An interesting documentary about that was made by a guy named Adam Curtis called "The Trap". It has three parts, with each one around an hour a piece but I would say it's worth a watch. Basically, it suggests in the first two parts that people have had limited conceptions of each other as simply "rational" beings, (which I would go so far as to say is hilariously misguided) that was caused in part due to game theory as an academic/economic discipline. I'm probably botching the synopsis, but the third part goes on to say that there is a split between "positive" and "negative" liberty. Positive liberty is the right to do things and "live up to your full potential" garbage while negative liberty is the freedom to NOT be restrained or constrained by the government. It goes on to suggest that positive liberty HAS to be suppressed because it inevitably leads to a revolution. I don't like his conclusion, because he says that it DOESN'T have to lead to revolution. I don't see why it shouldn't lead to a revolution, because "f**k the system!" and all dat jazz.

What I said in my other post, however, may very well negate any kind of depression "epidemic". Depression is just as subjective a phenomena as is self esteem, based on how a person says he or she feels most or all of the time. It's easy to see everyone on Facebook having a bias towards posting positive things that they don't hear about how sh*tty the rest of the other users' lives are.

Yea, I totally enjoyed that doc. even though it still suffered from the kind of thinking it was trying to overcome.

W.r.t. "epidemic" - I agree, self-esteem is not a good metric for a whole shit-ton of reasons.  At the root of it, the problem is not a measure of esteem.  The problem is how easily we are distracted from the understanding of ourselves existing prior to a definition of freedom that is either positive or negative (re. above).  A question of esteem is also only the result of having lost self-respect.  All signals of a systemic problem.

My think tank is submitting a report to Parliament, to do with our fancy defence strategy overhaul.

Hopefully, this means my name will be on something that gets given to MPs, which will help me find employment where I'm not stacking shelves and working tills, or writing for peanuts.

Please tell me the report was not entirely congratulatory of their new wardrobe.

It would seem "The Secret Vault" is also a veiled ref. to the "Grand Illusion".  Is playing the actual game any more fun than toying with those concepts?  Am I missing something?

I'm jumping in here, please don't misanthropically misappropriate misa me.

I think the OT correlation makes a point to question the causal direction b/t depression & intelligence, more pointed than obverse "ignorance is bliss".

Depression: 1st Order - causal inefficacy w.r.t. "locus of control" - general
                 2nd ||.    -            ||.         ||.       Depression itself - specific

As the disease turns against itself, it seems intelligence grows at the expense of praxis.  So for as smart as we get, it does not really end up doing anything, other than fortifying the illness.

At it's source, I think depression is actually caused by a tantalizing misconception of what it means to be having the human experience.  As long as we continue to force the idea that making a difference involves the causal efficacy to perform a specific task, we lose the deeper connection to the involvement in experience that occurs before any specific intention is even determinately known, let alone completed.

Our experience of freedom has been masked and concealed to only reveal what our "masters" allow us to consider.  Then we take it personally when we do not perform according to our now internalized limitations.   Has me banging my head against the wall sometimes.  It's like a paradox in which I resign myself to getting out of my own way in order to actually approach myself.


From what I've seen, voices depend upon biographical experience. But what is biographical experience after all? Family interactions, the oh-so-broad term "experiences", and yes, of course, local culture.

So, i dont know, its nice validation that the schizophrenic experience is something more than "bad biological/physiological functioning" dictating everything, other than that i dont see the value or use of this finding.

It's not exactly news, but it is confirmation that cultural attitudes shape the experience of the mentally ill, and that in the US we have a particularly harsh/negative (I might even say punitive) attitude toward mental illness. We are, after all, only about a generation away from an era when we simply locked them up in warehouse-like sanitariums where they were drugged, experimented on, and if difficult to control, chained to the wall and hosed down.

In this case, who knows, anthropological confirmation of what psychologists already know may help build that body of knowledge up to the point where it has enough weight to effect a cultural shift in how we perceive mental illness.

Ok, maybe I'm too much of a negative Sally and it is important in a "popular science" manner; after all, we have a bunch of people still thinking its demonic possession or divine punishment, et al.
Perhaps those not "confessing" the negative voices are afraid that otherwise they might be treated as possessed, instead of simply ill.  The culture might dictate self-censorship on such matters because they have not yet been liberated by science, instead of contaminated.  Mainly,  It's difficult to tell how accurate our interpretations are when dealing with an illness that is so radically at odds with reality in the first place.  Given a patients inability to accurately monitor/interpret reality, I wonder also how much more they would be susceptible to suggestion, vs. control, w.r.t the nature of their condition during survey.  Total mindfuck.   :aaa:

My sister is cosplaying at Tampa Bay Comic Con next week. This makes me think about warning my parents to have bail money at the ready, because I pity any pervert that is going to attempt to bother her.

I like you, so the one thing that pisses me off is how bondsman gets to keep that.

Note to self:  Fire-up Project Bail Dominion (NFP)

I like the soft approach.  It's like the mythos of life being a simulation is built into the game.  Powerful stuff.

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Awesome.  Found this to get the prop spinning:

And then the guard reference was from "The Trial".  Go figure, this fall guy is now going to a new screening of The Departed.   :lulz:

The shit I miss when I actually put in a full day's work. What the fuck crawled up LuciferX's ass to post such a thing?
It was from the Wikipedia racism page, discuss.

Farrah Fawcett :lulz:

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