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Literate Chaotic / Re: What do people use pet animals for
« on: April 01, 2015, 10:58:54 pm »

Last night I dreamt of being in a shopping cart that was slowly pushed through a large grey-alien intergalactic Kostco.  Greetings!  :lulz:

On a more practical level, though I am tired of knocking on my neighbors' doors to borrow a cup of sugar and having the entire facade collapse. Every fucking house in the city if a forgery, cleverly painted perspective pieces on cheap plywood.

My city is fallen Hollywood set pieces and druid prayer circles and I can't get any fucking sugar.

This needs to be taken out of context so badly.

It was a whole manic piece I had half crafted in my head before I threw it into two posts. I think I have the bug again but damn if it's been so long I have forgotten what to do with it. I thought of an ending to A New Currency while pooping the other day.
Oh 'tis all a "gimcrack world of facades". :lulz:

That a miracle/wonder may be a forgery/fabrication currently underwrites substantial US PSYOPS spending.  And, in case anyone's listening, yes, we did resolve an image for the Invisible Man Problem.

What Invisible Man Problem? I don't see any Invisible Man.
which is why we need to divert all funding to Project Masriel, it's our only hope for securing thought-freedom in the middle-east.

That a miracle/wonder may be a forgery/fabrication currently underwrites substantial US PSYOPS spending.  And, in case anyone's listening, yes, we did resolve an image for the Invisible Man Problem.

There's more:

All men at least above 15 (or younger if very asocial) should live separately from women and children, on their own in small huts or studios, isolated from one another and scattered around so that women can keep an eye on them (they should never be in groups or packs, that would be illegal). So it would also be illegal for male adults to impose their presence on females, girls and children. Men would have to care for themselves on their own: food, laundry, etc. No male above his age of puberty would be allowed to receive any kind of service from a female. Their life expectancy would probably drop to the age of 40, but thatís how things should be. Womenís life expectancy without men would rise to 130 years at least.

PIV would be illegal too of course, as well as the initiation of any verbal or physical contact to women and girls or boy children, unless solicited by a woman for specific matters. Iím not sure what to do about boy children. Obviously you know my opinion, but letís say thatís up to the mother to decide what she wants to do before he turns of age to leave the female family circle.

Solicitation specifically precludes PIV.  Problem solved.

I... I'm mostly disturbed by the 'like he would stuff a corpse' note.

I wouldn't do that.  :cry:

The prose makes me think author is using strong images to make a point, failing miserably :cry:
I want tenderly detailed illustrations of what love should look like, despite my penchant for exploitative Hitchcockian occult-amateur-porn propaganda. :lulz:

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: Source code
« on: March 26, 2015, 09:02:52 am »
Calling a daemon a service is a matter of semantics and is a naming choice made by Windows in particular, not by proprietary operating systems in general.

Mind as a computer metaphors are seriously fucking annoying because prats like you get too caught up in making a 1 to 1 mapping between elements of either system and stress the comparison to the point of uselessness.

If you don't STFU I'm going to astrally pastebin your root chakra passwords.
Bootstrap Maxwell Proximity backdoor with ENtropicKeY Daemon master logs.

In path integral summations for quantum gravity of non-globally-hyperbolic spacetimes, across all possible Lorentzian metrics, I cannot /a priori/ exclude the disk model due to isomophisms with Closed Time-like Curves.  This you will discover in 2028.

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: Source code
« on: March 25, 2015, 07:34:51 pm »
Actually, one of the things pissing me off recently is just how inconsiderate people's daemons or subconscious processes can be toward others.  Driving is very interesting because some operators can be seen as only taking notice of what is in front of them, disregarding entirely information from side/rear view mirrors.  Actually, they do take notice of what is behind them, however, they treat the information differently because it belongs to a category of possibility toward which they consider themselves not as legally/technically responsible.  For example, as the flow of traffic slows, said driver may brake in order to avoid front collision, however, without compensating for the proximity of the car behind them, they will still cause a collision.  Of course, they could have reduced their rate of deceleration, but they will convince themselves that there was no way they could have known, because, really, their minds are not under their control.

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