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The Richard Nixon school of ballet and the arts / Re: Spagbook
« on: May 12, 2014, 02:58:44 am »

I'd rather dance with a bee.

Been doing that all day, too.

lives dangerously...and has a stingy thingy infested balcony.

I love bees, so the exterminator idea kinda rubs me the wrong way.  Given it might still be inevitable, there is perhaps something you could try during the interim, before administering any final solutions.

1). Choose relatively proximate neighbor - within throwing distance, just not directly adjacent  - one that does not always behave
2). Get bottle of wintergreen essential oil from local health food store.
3). Empty bottle on suitably porous yet integral medium (wadded-up PT)
4)  Launch projectile/carrier to target 1) - nighttime is preferable.
5) Cheers, welcome to the Biological Warfare Club

This can accomplish 3 tasks
A) Fuck with misbehaving neighbor
B) Move bees of their own accord.
C) Lots of fun!

Plus the oil has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects if it gets on you (DO NOT CONSUME).  It essentially is topical Aspirin: gets rid of pains.  I guess that's why they like it.  Handling instructions are similar to turpentine.  One fatality registered:  child overused topical application to knee for sport competition :horrormirth:


OR, boil the whole hive (with bees) in a pot of water to use for next batch of Mugwort Beer.  Although that might not be vey nice, for the bees. :lulz:
(ask me about other dancing critters, and I really couldn't say)

What she said.  My post was just a joke.  I'm a little off today.  My circadian's are all out of whack.

College is good, however I found some subjects calcify earlier than others.  Psychic driving experiments on late-term A-level students (in the UK) have much higher success rates. Of course infiltration remains nescesary and it can be hard to find operatives that look young enough for high-school. That's the only hard part.   Inducing age-blindness is sometimes irreversible, and it always leaves a trace.   Just saying, this is open bar, right?   Think 1/(21-Jump) .  Oh, the good ol' days. :lulz:

Techmology and Scientism / Re: Strife in your SpaceTimes
« on: May 11, 2014, 10:42:02 pm »
Posting here because
It's about as difficult to understand as why amplitudes alternate in a sine wave. In other words, though it's predicted and the observations seem to support it, no one understands it. And I mean, no one.
There is something very interesting about that question, and, given I have the monopoly on ALL of them,  I wanted to make sure it did not slip through the cracks.  Difficult, but not impossible?

She will be 60 in October.

Assuming that's your mom?

Much love.  Mine was happy with just a call, which can get complicated 270deg. out of phase (time zone).

Going to a get together tonight where everyone is encouraged to bring their art and writing and share it with folks.

I printed out a few pages of Necronomicoin - specifically the bit entering the Cathedral of Salt and ending with the first guardian.

I might be out a few friends by the end of the night.   :lulz:
That sounds like fun - more cool stuff like that :)

Not really relevant to anything here, but it finally dawned on me that friends who push me to go out when I say I'm tired or not feeling well really don't give a fuck about me, so I shouldn't bother being polite about it.
Very much yes.
Alternately, let them go out with your shadow.  Then next time team "bring-it" shows some respect for the rally they'll have from your boot that's still ultra-violently up their ass :lulz:

Or Kill Me / Re: A Curse
« on: May 10, 2014, 01:42:23 pm »
I dunno. I'd say you're pretty interesting.

You're here, right?
Thanks for that :)

Maybe it's just my perception of interesting is on the blink whenever I look at my life. Will work on that.
Then there's that Chinese inversion "may you live in interesting times".  So intermittently blinking alternate eyes is probably how we should be going forward on this.

The history of future beats spilled fire from his ears:


"Prime progressive plantain putrefaction protection"


So I'm playing in this tennis tournament - and the match today was the caricature of a Sardinian pantomime.  Not to coach the adversary in company trade craft, but that liability is only limited by clear demarcation between "wind-up" and "dissolution" periods.  Left washes right and...

I'm sure at least Mr. EraserHead noticed the Halliburton briefcase.  And, it should not take long for the doctor to realize his pound of flesh statement is on record.  Council was a little distracted, but it should sink in soon.

« on: May 08, 2014, 08:03:18 pm »

It was the day after, looking back on it now. It was the day after that things started going poorly for Mark.
Back in the old man’s apartment, Mark was calmer than he should have been. Johnson had been lost in the maw of the mattress and his partner, shortly after, lost his mind. Still, though, Mark kept it together. He just went over to Robowski’s, had a drink, and made vigorous love to his wife without mentioning the day’s peculiar events.

He was making coffee that morning, his wife already off to her nursing job, when he finally determined that he actually didn’t mind a world with Necronomicoin. When it really came down to it, it made as much sense as the dollar. More even, since it was backed by something tangible. It might even get those gold standard freaks to salivate with that kind of security.

Then there was the simple fact that, spiritually, Mark felt as though a puzzle piece long missing from the world were now back in place. In every man, so far as he could tell, there was a lost something that he attempted to fill with one thing or another. For some it was religion, for others sex or maybe music. For Mark it was Karen. He knew that from the day he met her. But that hole in your self has a slow leak. The alcohol, the love, the money, whatever you filed it with emptied out with time. If you were lucky it filled back up again, but it was never sealed shut.

The Great Veil, and everything beyond it, shut the hole in you for good. Everyone walked around knowing something was wrong, something was missing, and now Mark knew what it was. Finding out he was a part of that larger thing brought him peace, even with all the nightmares that came from the other side of it.

On the day it went bad he was contemplating this over his breakfast. He went to work, which was deserted. Half of the department was on mental health leave. The officers that saw Johnson disappear were pulled from duty en masse by the crisis counselor when they unanimously agreed that Johnson never existed. They had it easy compared to Sid.

Mike’s partner did stop screaming eventually, and it was at that point that Mike understood it was possible to choke on one’s own scream. Sid screamed until he choked and then he vomited fiercely and lay catatonic next to the puddle of it for some time, staring off at nothing. Or, Mike figured, staring through the Great Veil and into nothing. Just as suddenly, he stood up from the floor, wiped his mouth, and walked off without a word. Nobody had heard from him since.

Mike found all of this out that first day back at the office. Elmira called him into the conference room, briefed him on the sleepless night she’d just spent trying to hold her department together, and told Mike the news that marked where things started going poorly for him.
She told him that he was in charge of the case.
May I be so bold?
"In lieu of a bidet"
[and sources say that Mike blamed Sid of stealing his wallet, resulting, somehow, in that hole in the floor.  Now, I bet he told you how he got that watch?  The one with the cracked face?]

[ just vomiting to prime the pump, got more reading to do before some buffoonery todAy :kingmeh:]

It will not be permited by the governor, although he really appreciates your enthusiasm :p

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