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I finally got around to looking up something I've wondered about off and on and thought I would share:

Turns out the earth is a prograde planet (as opposed to retrograde).

This means that, if you orient the solar system so that the earth orbits the sun "clockwise" then the earth also rotates about it's own axis "clockwise"

The effect is that every day we spend a little extra time on the sunny side of the planet.

Another effect is that, at night, we are travelling through space at a higher rate of speed which is closer to the speed of light and time is a little slower.

thought I would share, cuz . . . the more you know and stuff.

Cool!  It's one of those things I just remembered I wanted to know, and good brain exercise.

So, just to recap, if it was a retrograde orbit, would every year get shorter?
*LuciferX's reach extends beyond his grasp *falls from monkey-bar*

Now I'm deliciouslyconfused, onto the second point, the relative increase in velocity is supposed to have a stronger effect on space/time curvature than distance from M1, because inverse square Law... 

Then I realize how I clearly do not remember gravitomagnetic time delay.
*Satelites fall from the sky* LuciferX cracks smile and sparks a joint for Eris*

thank you.

Regarding the Hades/Persephone story, we can probably shed some light on it by looking at its heritage (by which I mean the story of Ishtar in the underworld, which is substantially the same and predates it by a few thousand years).

Within this story, Inana quests into the land of the dead of her own accord to ask Ereshkigal, the lord of the dead, a favor. At this point she is already married to Dumuzid (who is a useless asshole person, and was actually a human -- no idea why she married him, because they don't really get along). Before she leaves, she gives instructions to a servant to tell all the major gods her plan, and to ensure that she can be brought back to life. (All of the gods ignore her request except Enki, despite the servant literally cutting herself in public to prove that she's serious.) The lord of the underworld strips her of her clothing and hangs her on a hook, but she was sort of expecting that kind of behavior, and avoids eating despite being down there for three days. Enki sends a couple servants down to give her a rejuvination potion. She then escapes (it's ambiguous whether or not she takes the rejuvenation potion; probably not), tearing demons from her flesh that are snatching at her, and when she finally arrives in the world of the living, the demons snatch her no-good husband (who was just hanging around where she happened to appear) and take him to the underworld instead. (

In other words, the agency that's completely dominant in Inana's story is completely absent in Persephone's. Even if Persephone was not raped, it's still a major regression -- and it's in line with the lower position of women in Greek society.

Now, to be fair, it is my understanding that Ancient Greek society was not know to overestimate the importance of personal agency.  Additionally, this subjugation of agency is not particular to gender.  The upshot seems to be some commentary on the relationship between will and freedom, as indicated by your interpolation via Inana.  I think perhaps there is a tradition of conflating agency with what we think of as freedom because we simply are getting our way.

A classic example would be to question if an addict is free if by exercising his freedom to obtain something he only reinforces his dependance.  In the end, agency is just like karma, or any response from a conditioned source:  a tie that binds without loosing.

I'm confused. Are you pro "that's fucking rape, dude" or against?
Me, generally against, although the myth does lend itself to a reading that articulates the nature of violation by way of abduction qua "enhanced extraordinary rendition".

But again, it seems also a little as if whothefuckisultron may have just been trolling, and if so I have to say that outraged radical misinterpretation of classical texts is a brilliant troll.


Reply from kata-cthonia:
I’m not sure whether I should laugh or cry.
Is OP aware that oh so many books exist on this subject?
And that almost universally the ones authored by people with doctorates in classicism and mythology disagree with OP?
Including the… epic hymn that first told this story? You know what’s in that original source material… right?
Abducted, yes.
Demeter mourned? Definitely.
Rape, no.

So here’s some info on Ancient Greek wedding traditions which (oh my stars and garters!!) included abducting the bride. With the father’s permission, which Hades got before he took her away.
Here’s a whole book on the subject of Ancient Greek wedding custom and its conflation with funeral rites. (Which sounds a bit like Hades and Persephone to anyone who’s ever dabbled in things like explication and context)
Here’s a link to another book that talks about Persephone’s rise to power as a result of her willingly eating the pomegranate seeds.
Oh shit!!
Here’s a whole bunch of myths and hymns that talk about her Queen of the Underworld badassery!!
Holy pug tacos Batman!!
Here’s another book about the myth focusing on the seasonal religious and liminal rites. WHICH TAKE PLACE IN THE DRY SUMMER (not the fucking winter), which you know if you read a book.Way to go, OP!
All these fucking books!  What could anyone possibly do with them all?!?!?!?! Do you eat books to absorb their powers instead of read them?

A better guess would be that you got into a moral panic over the name of a certain Renaissance statue and maybe after reading three pages of Edith Hamilton or the first paragraph of a Wikipedia article. And then used that to castigate and demean not only the people who actually take their limited time to create gorgeous art but also to denigrate modern day worshippers of Persephone and Hades?
Maybe next time, you stringy piece of over-boiled okra, you might want to take your own advice and pick up a book, instead of reducing the feared and respected Queen of the Underworld who held power equal to or in many interpretations GREATER than her husband into a meaningless pastiche of female disenfranchisement that you seemingly plucked from your own ass.

/here:/ links on request

Greetings, Khezef.  Please too remember exit also backwards if looking so, or we too also stone turn.  Thank you too enjoy responsibly please before reaching height.

I like this, though still trying to discern what [F5] means exactly.
It's the refresh key in web browsers on Windows (stemming from its earlier and more generic use in other programs as 'start from scratch' -- in Microsoft IDEs and various forms of Microsoft BASIC, F5 was used to run the program from an initial state, ignoring any currently paused program whose run could be resumed).

How fitting.  So it started like an interstitial "pause" and then became refresh. The poor function has no way to reconnect to it's past: its all repetition without recognition.  Nice trope for the human condition :lulz:


Was watching a piece of this yesterday and found it hurt me a little where my heart used to be.  Can't say why...  Something haunting about it, random snippet from a Bruce-Lee movie, Game of Death, that went a little heavy on the foreshadowing.  I wasn't even able to make it through the damn movie :confuzed:

Unrelated, here is a cat on a keyboard in space.

That cat knows it's on the trip of it's life, I mean, it has all the beginnings of the "OMG, are you f&<king kidding me expression". :lulz:

The only primate-pounding-on-keyboard gifs I could find are these:

I like this, though still trying to discern what [F5] means exactly.  What got me about my monkey is how she just looks like a disaffected version of an ancient Babylonian time-keeper, now running on click-bait instead of lunar cycles.

Discordian Recipes / Re: Are Hotdog Buns Still Forbidden?
« on: March 08, 2015, 02:44:10 am »
I'm sure 2012 will value the above two posts.
What?  It's technically not sausage, you long-count shamer!

Discordian Recipes / Re: Are Hotdog Buns Still Forbidden?
« on: March 07, 2015, 06:16:46 pm »
Traditionally, keeping Discordian meant observing the dietary commandments of The Principia Discordia.  Specifically no hotdog buns.  Is this dietary rule still practised?

Did you miss the part where a Discordian is forbidden to believe everything he reads?

Also, there's another part of the book that says that they're mandatory*

*As part of a fully garnished hotdog every friday. Perferably this should be increased to multiple fully garnished hotdogs on fridays during lent. You should also eat as many hotdog buns as possible during passover, a bacon double cheeseburger on yom-kippur, and as much black pudding** as you can eat for lunch (preferably at high noon) every day during ramadan. These last four rules aren't in the book, but they're just common sense.

**The pig-blood based sausage, not the slime monster which splits into additional monsters when struck by a weapon that deals slashing or piercing damage.

I must say frying up some black-pudding and toast can make a deceptively good breakfast.

So it seems they might be working an intern too hard.  I figure management must have concluded  his youth would permit him pull an all-nighter, or two?  Not really.  He just now repeatedly confused a series of teleconference calls for "voices in his head".  Like he admitted it, during the meeting, twice:lulz:
The audacity of kids these days, to even consider betraying such a lack [of] recognisance.  Granted, perhaps the incorporeal floating heads above the board table were partially to blame, however this should be no excuse to indulge a dangerous break in corporate circumspection and/or vigilance, I think.  My guess is that he'll immediatly get the death sentence and serve the remainder of his foreshortened life on draconian furlough, pending the effort and gratitude he expresses during his tenure as a competent and obedient little slave.

I think I'll float that to the marketing team as an idea for their next campaign.  I clearly have no business wasting my talents in HR.  Restocking canon fodder is simply not for me.  I mean, at work, I think everyone sees me eventually running the company.  And I can always fall back on National Geographic, marine biology, and corrupting the Peace Core.  Lastly, it just occurred to me how my favorite color has always been blue, so, like, maybe everyone at work should respect that and kindly choose another color, because I saw it first.  (coincidentally, the intern had worn blue for two days, consecutively)

I think I am starting to understand this.  My tendency is generally toward non-confrontation, though, some seems not only to provide an edifying public service, it also has a somewhat stimulating effect; safer than snakebite.  Now that I have professed to understand the phenomenon, I may just need to research it a little further.  Reminds me of trawling, only fun.:lulz:

Fuck the Aztecs, and the Mayans. Seriously fuck those savages. Sick and tired of you white liberal hippies trying to repaint them as noble savages before colonialism. The Aztecs in general were serious about having a good time paying blood tribute to the Corn God. Unlike those sissy Norse Gods Neo-Pagans won't shut the fuck about.
If it was up to me the majority of you privileged fucks would have had your heart fed to me already just because. In fact the only thing that would have killed me would have been either been a snake,jaguar,tainted water, or my brother because I took the big piece of chicken.
So come Easter start praying that I don't reincarnate into my final form. It's been forever since anyone has paid tribute to the Bear God, and I'm fucking pissed. It's ok I'm spraying Autism all over the Texas sky as Divine Wrath.
Good day jackasses good day.
Also somewhat how we all had been feeling yonder on this here left coast for some past three days or so.  I blame the incursion of gnostic deportificated [TM] [C] splinter cells, indeed, I do.

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