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I am no longer hungover.

This bodes well.

Also Payne is due a visit so I am happy.

As for accuracy please to be sending me a map.


To prevent moar rain please to be sending me a Payne to do messiah stuff for my hangover and menstrual cramps.

I for example rant about stuff that pisses me off/stresses me out and makes me worse.

If not I just drown Rhode Island.

Hangover mek rain.

To ask for rain mek beer offerings.

This is all.

I am drunk on duvel

Expect unpredictable rain tommorrow.

Please to be sending me beer as offering.

I was saner and happier in Scotland with Payne. When I left and had to deal with family it drowned the Swamp Yankees.

I am so very not in Scotland. If I got souther, I would be in the English

It worked!

K recipie went-

One aubergine. Slice at about 4mm.

Plain flour 2 tablespoons ish
1 egg.
Teaspoon of chilli flakes
Water and beer.

Make a thin batter, adding the beer last, heat up oil and dip slices in batter and just fry it off. I had too much batter in the end so next time imma do 2 aubergines.

My mates liked em. Imma use moar chilli flakes next tiem.

There are no pics cos the girls ate em all!

I get ancient and classical Greek architecture rage in a similar fashion to Suu on this.

He can take offerings on my behalf, but I offer no guarantees being psychotic and all.

Prayers and requests go here.

Hehe, the Eddie Vedder soundtrack is always the one I listen to pulling in and out of whatever station I meet/leave Payne from.

Nurse is learning well. We should make a noob reading list of freads.

spongy veggies are good if you salt em to absorb the water. maybe some kind of aubergine fritter, and see if i can do the same to the courgettes.

it looks like I may have to bite the bullet and buy some flour, or get one of the girls to bring a little bit.

imma work on the chilli flakes and a touch of saffron in the batter, bit of garlic, maybe toast the pumpkin seeds and sprinkle on the top....

but I DO has parmigiana. (it is made from cow rennet, but veggie friend will probably not mind, she accidentally ate some bacon last time I was over after I dished up her portion, i added bacon to the dish, and she was like..."oops! that was not a vegetable, oh well you warned me when I went for the second portion...")

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